HNR Issue 82 (November 2017)

The House by the River

By Gail Holst-Warhaft (trans.) - By Lena Manta - Published 2017



In the years before WWII, Theodora and Gerasimos live in a small house by a river, at the foot of Mount Olympus in ...Read Review

The Painted Queen

By Elizabeth Peters - By Joan Hess - Published 2017



It’s 1912, and Amelia Peabody, with her beloved archaeologist husband Emerson, has arrived in Egypt for another excavation season. However, their delight with ...Read Review

The Hiding Places

By Katherine Webb - Published 2017



In the sweltering summer of 1922, the sleepy, idyllic village of Slaughterford in Wiltshire, is shaken by a brutal murder, and the son of ...Read Review

The Walworth Beauty

By Michèle Roberts - Published 2017


This is a beautifully written dual-timeline novel with ghostly overtones. The two stories are linked primarily by location. In 2011 London, Madeleine, a retired ...Read Review


By Nicholas Bowling - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultFantasy

1577. Elizabeth I has returned England to a moderate Protestantism. However, some think that her cousin, the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots, should be ...Read Review

Emigrants: Why the English Sailed to the New World

By James Evans - Published 2017



Why did almost 400,000 people leave English shores for a daunting trip across the Atlantic to North American settlements throughout the 17th century? James ...Read Review


By Mark Thompson (trans.) - By Umberto Saba - Published (c1975)Published 2017


Biographical FictionLiterary

Ernesto is a thinly disguised memoir in which the Italian poet Umberto Saba describes a few months in his adolescence when he first ...Read Review

Death in St. Petersburg

By Tasha Alexander - Published 2017



Lady Emily accompanies her husband, Colin, to St Petersburg in the winter of 1900 as he undertakes a delicate but unspecified task for Queen ...Read Review

The Roman Quests: Death in the Arena

By Caroline Lawrence - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

95 A.D. Ursula, Juba and Fronto, who fled Rome and arrest by the tyrannical Emperor Domitian and sought sanctuary in Britain, have been ...Read Review

Hitler’s First Victims: And One Man’s Race for Justice

By Timothy W. Ryback - Published 2017



This is the account of the men who were the first to be incarcerated in the newly-built concentration camp at Dachau, near Munich. ...Read Review