HNR Issue 79 (February 2017)


By Min Jin Lee - Published 2017



An ambitious multigenerational family saga evocative of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, Lee’s second novel, Pachinko, is engaging, complex, and ...Read Review

The Lonely Hearts Hotel

By Heather O’Neill - Published 2016


Spanning from WWI to the start of WWII, The Lonely Hearts Hotel is the story of Rose and Pierrot, two orphans who meet ...Read Review

Do Not Say We Have Nothing

By Madeleine Thien - Published 2016



“In a single year, my father left us twice. The first time, to end his marriage, and the second, when he took his ...Read Review

On Sackville Street

By A. O’Connor - Published 2016


1869. Milandra Carter, a wealthy widow with a mysterious past, arrives in Dublin and instantly raises hackles. She won’t wear mourning, and she ...Read Review

How to Survive in the North

By Luke Healy - Published 2016


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Written in graphic novel format and based on the true story of Ada Blackjack—an Inuk woman who survived a disastrous expedition in ...Read Review

The Mystery of the Jeweled Moth

By Júlia Sardà (illus.) - By Katherine Woodfine - Published 2016



This is a whimsical middle-grade story involving mystery, theft, high society, and even murder, in which four friends attempt to find a missing ...Read Review

Caliburn: Merlin’s Tale

By Virgil Renzulli - Published 2015


Over the years, the story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone has been reworked in every facet of media—books, ...Read Review

My Enemy, My Heart

By Laurie Alice Eakes - Published 2016



The war of 1812 has begun, unbeknownst to the American crew of the Maid of Alexandria. Part of the Baltimore clipper’s crew, Deirdre ...Read Review

Guide Me Home

By Kim Vogel Sawyer - Published 2016



Rebekah’s story begins with her hearing and partially seeing a heartbreaking scene in which her father feebly attempts to comfort her mother. ...Read Review

Cloak of Ashes: The Women of Beowulf

By Donnita L. Rogers - Published 2015


Seventh-century Scandinavia: Freawaru, the daughter of a king and the lover of the renowned warrior Beowulf, is a seer in her own right ...Read Review

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