HNR Issue 79 (February 2017)


By Ashley Mace Havird - Published 2016


“It seemed as if the things I’d witnessed—Brad and Brenda, those bullies, trying to pick a fight at the drugstore sit-in, ...Read Review

A Piece of the World

By Christina Baker Kline - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

When young Andrew Wyeth first met Christina Olson at the door of her Maine farmhouse in 1939, she was a middle-aged spinster suffering from ...Read Review

The Paradise Ghetto

By Fergus O’Connell - Published 2016


This story starts in a rather shocking way with one of the central characters, Julia, and her unusual job. Betrayed by a fellow ...Read Review

The Murder of Willie Lincoln

By Burt Solomon - Published 2017



The winter of 1862 in Washington, DC is no time or place for the weak, certainly not for young John Hay, personal secretary to ...Read Review