HNR Issue 79 (February 2017)

Wild Wicked Scot

By Julia London - Published 2016



This novel’s title reveals its genre. A rough-around-the-edges Scottish laird marries a delicate English lady at the time of the Jacobite Rebellion. ...Read Review

A Treacherous Coast

By David Donachie - Published 2016



Our hero, John Pearce, is in the tradition of Sharpe and many other 19th-century military heroes: he has risen from the ranks by ...Read Review

Death Comes to the Fair

By Catherine Lloyd - Published 2016



Catherine Lloyd’s Death Comes to the Fair is a pseudo-historical detective story, a sort of ‘village Agatha Christie in costume.’ Bland and ...Read Review

The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds

By Selina Siak Chin Yoke - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

In 1878 in a small Malay village, little Chye Hoon, a Nyonya (Malaysian of Chinese descent), is visiting a temple. Chye tries to shake ...Read Review

The Scent of Lilacs

By Haydn Corper - Published 2016


During the last days of Berlin, 1945, we follow five different people, each with different loyalties and different roles in this tense story: Tanya, ...Read Review

Sleeping Above Chaos

By Ann Hite - Published 2016


Ann Hite’s fourth Black Mountain novel is one fine read. It takes place before, during and after WWII, and Hite addresses issues ...Read Review

In Our Time

By Paul Joseph Lederer - Published 2016



The living conditions in the Cherokee Nation are difficult for the Adair family during the summer of 1916. The future holds little hope for ...Read Review

Under the Udala Trees

By Chinelo Okparanta - Published 2016



This novel is a gorgeously written homage to love set against the background of Nigeria during a time of civil unrest in the ...Read Review

The Award

By Danielle Steel - Published 2016


On New Year’s Day in contemporary Paris, a Frenchwoman combs through pages of Le Figaro to find the name of her 95-year-old ...Read Review

The Lost Book of the Grail

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2017


Arthur Prescott’s life follows highly predictable rhythms: some irritating, some stimulating, some soothing. A junior lecturer at Barchester (yes, that Barchester) University, ...Read Review