HNR Issue 72 (May 2015)

Coming Out Christian in the Roman World: How the Followers of Jesus Made a Place in Caesar’s Empire

By Douglas Ryan Boin - Published 2015



Everyone knows that the early Christians were mercilessly persecuted in the Roman world, simply because they wouldn’t worship pagan gods. Not so, ...Read Review

Leonardo da Vinci: The Resurrection of the Gods

By Dmitry Merezhkovsky - By Ignat Avsey (trans.) - Published 2014Published c1900


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a new translation of a vast, sprawling novel about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, written by a Russian novelist and ...Read Review

When a Rake Falls

By Sally Orr - Published 2015



1825: Lord Boyce Parker, called Piglet Parker by his “friends,” has a curious mind and a curious personal trait: he loves to sing. These ...Read Review

The Death’s Head Chess Club

By John Donoghue - Published 2015


After being injured on the Eastern Front, SS officer Paul Meissner is reassigned to administrative duties at Auschwitz, where he is put in ...Read Review

Desperate Glory: The First World War the Poets Knew

By Max Egremont - Published 2014



Max Egremont, eminent historian and author, has organized a compendium of the work of poets who fought in World War I by year, ...Read Review

The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings

By Carol Zaleski - By Philip Zaleski - Published 2015



In this book, writers/scholars Philip and Carol Zaleski explore the lives and minds of four of the most influential thinkers and writers ...Read Review

Total War Rome: Destroy Carthage

By David Gibbins - Published 2014



Carthago delenda est, Carthage must be destroyed. These words resound throughout this novel of Scipio Aemilianus, adopted grandson of the famous Scipio Africanus ...Read Review

Murder in the Queen’s Garden

By Amanda Carmack - Published 2015



Murder in the Queen’s Garden is the third book in the Elizabethan Mystery Series by Amanda Carmack. It is 1559, and Elizabeth has ...Read Review

The Creole Princess

By Beth White - Published 2015



Mobile, Alabama, 1776. Young Creole beauty Lyse Lanier meets handsome, foppish, Rafe Gonzalez. Rafe is Spanish, at a time when Spain’s political position ...Read Review

Flood of Fire

By Amitav Ghosh - Published 2015



The adjective which springs most readily to mind on reading this book is ‘vast’ – or perhaps I should spell it V – A – S – ...Read Review