HNR Issue 72 (May 2015)

The Hourglass Factory

By Lucy Ribchester - Published 2015



My mother always told me that it was my duty to vote, and not just a civic duty: “Women suffered so you could ...Read Review

The Bookseller

By Cynthia Swanson - Published 2015


The Bookseller is advertised as reminiscent of the movie Sliding Doors, and the comparison is apt. Both explore how one brief moment can ...Read Review

The Mapmaker’s Children

By Sarah McCoy - Published 2015


This story takes place (most of the time) in New Charlestown, West Virginia during two different centuries tied together by a vintage doll’...Read Review

Sustenance: A St. Germain Novel

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Published 2015



Saint-Germain is back! Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has written another fascinating, well- researched novel, this one set in the McCarthy era. Living in Paris ...Read Review

Rugby Rebel

By Gerard Siggins - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Thirteen-year-old, rugby-mad Eoin Madden returns to Castlerock boarding school in Dublin to start the new school year. He meets with old friends and ...Read Review

The Crimson Cord: Rahab’s Story

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2015



Rahab’s captivity begins with her marriage to a gambler whose debts can only be paid by selling her into slavery. Her new ...Read Review

Death and the Cyprian Society

By Pamela Christie - Published 2015



Arabella Beaumont, a celebrated courtesan in Regency London and an erstwhile sleuth, needs funds to renovate and open her “Cyprian Society,” a club ...Read Review


By Jo McMillan - Published 2015


1978 is not long ago, but the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) is already history, so I have accepted this as an historical novel. ...Read Review

The Gauntlet

By Ronald Welch - Published 2015Published c1951


Children/Young Adult

In present-day Wales, Peter Staunton and his friend, Gwyn Evans, stumble across a large medieval gauntlet while lost in the mist in the ...Read Review

The Disinherited: A Story of Family, Love, and Betrayal

By Robert Sackville-West - Published 2015



This is the second book by Robert Sackville-West (aka Lord Sackville) about his family and the sprawling house (far too small a word ...Read Review