HNR Issue 72 (May 2015)

The Lord Bishop’s Clerk

By Sarah Hawkswood - Published 2014



On a summer’s day in June 1143, murder makes a visit to the Abbey of Pershore in Worcestershire, England. The abbey rests at ...Read Review

The Cheapside Corpse

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2015



London 1665, and the country is in turmoil. The plague is rife in the city, the Dutch are threatening to invade and the Goldsmiths, ...Read Review

The Duke’s Disaster

By Grace Burrowes - Published 2015



More than most Regency authors, Burrowes probes the darkness behind the glittering façade of wealth and privilege among the aristocracy. The Captive ...Read Review

The Abduction of Smith and Smith

By Rashad Harrison - Published 2015



Although the novel started out with an uneasy beginning, the author was able to hold my attention as I read the entire book ...Read Review

Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral

By Mary Doria Russell - Published 2015



One chapter in this novel begins: “Tombstone was glad to see the end of 1881. Hell of a year, everyone said, shaking their heads. ...Read Review

The Darkness Rolling

By Meredith Blevins - By Win Blevins - Published 2015



Seaman Yazzie Goldman comes home from service during World War II to Monument Valley, Utah, to find John Ford making another film near ...Read Review

At the Water’s Edge

By Sara Gruen - Published 2015


Maddie lives life to the fullest in 1945, partying continuously with her wealthy friends and getting herself involved in escapades with her husband, Ellis, ...Read Review

The Empire of the Senses

By Alexis Landau - Published 2015


The years leading up to World War II provide the setting for this powerful, engrossing debut novel exploring themes of duty and love, ...Read Review

Curtain Call, Or the Distinguished Thing

By Anthony Quinn - Published 2015



London 1936, and the UK is in the midst of concerns about a seemingly approaching war with Germany, allied to the threats of violence ...Read Review

A Pledge of Silence

By Flora J. Solomon - Published 2015


Excited to be stationed in the lush, beautiful Philippine Islands, Margie Bauer and the other American army nurses work hard in surgery by ...Read Review