HNR Issue 70 (November 2014)


By Jerry Ludwig - Published 2014



This is the story of the aftermath of one of America’s most shameful political periods. The witch hunt created by Senator Joseph ...Read Review

When Shadows Fall

By Paul Reid - Published 2014


Lt. Adam Bowen of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers returns home from the war in 1918, wounded and uncertain about his future. His ...Read Review

Lisette’s List

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2014


Lisette’s List is a sojourn—a long stay—in the south of France, in the small village of Roussillon, and as such, ...Read Review

The Darkest Hour

By Tony Schumacher - Published 2014


Alternate History

The Darkest Hour is an alternative history in which Great Britain has lost the war and is occupied by the German army, the ...Read Review

The Rest Is Silence

By James R. Benn - Published 2014



An unidentified corpse is washed ashore, a great start to an exciting story. The setting of Slapton Sands, a beach on South West ...Read Review

Wayfaring Stranger

By James Lee Burke - Published 2014


James Lee Burke writes big, ravishing books that are both regional and about who we are as Americans. Wayfaring Stranger opens in 1930s ...Read Review

Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice

By Kathleen Benner Duble - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Shortly before the Reign of Terror breaks out during the French Revolution, Celie Rousseau loses her family to hunger. She is saved on ...Read Review

Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions

By Matthew Dennison - Published 2014



Although mountains of paper have been consumed in writing about Queen Victoria—biographies, family histories, and even novels in which she’s featured ...Read Review

The Woman Before Wallis

By Andrew Rose - Published 2013



King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson are familiar, but Wallis was not the first scandal in Edward’s life. Marguerite Alibert, a well-known ...Read Review

A Little in Love

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

In 1832, Paris is a city in turmoil. The blood of young men – idealists and revolutionaries who wish for a fairer society – seeps into ...Read Review