HNR Issue 69 (August 2014)

Secrets of the Terra Cotta Soldier

By Vinson Compestine - By Ying Chang Compestine - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

A Chinese officer serving in 200 B.C.E. under Emperor Chu’u yearns for battle, but has long been assigned only to “boring” ...Read Review

The Lost King

By Alison Prince - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

1473, Ludlow Castle. Twelve-year-old Lisa becomes the maid and companion to the young Prince Edward Plantagenet, son and heir of King Edward IV, which ...Read Review

The Ark Before Noah

By Irving Finkel - Published 2014



The focus of this book is a small tablet Dr. Finkel stumbled upon recently that had been sitting unnoticed among the British Museum’...Read Review

The Masterful Mr Montague

By Stephanie Laurens - Published 2014



Confession time. Stephanie Laurens is my guilty pleasure. The romance is overblown, the heroines ‘spirited’ and the heroes – all in tightly fitting, Mr ...Read Review

The Last Torpedo Flyers

By Arthur Aldridge - By Mark Ryan - Published 2014



Shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, Arthur Aldridge left Oxford University to volunteer for the RAF at the age of ...Read Review