HNR Issue 69 (August 2014)


By Lily King - Published 2014



In the 1930s, in the heyday of anthropologists studying rapidly vanishing tribes, controversial American Nell Stone and her Australian husband, Fen, come out ...Read Review


By Rebecca Rasmussen - Published 2014


In a tiny cabin surrounded by forest in Evergreen, Minnesota, there’s a lot of life lived, secrets kept, and the past preserved ...Read Review

Mrs. Hemingway

By Naomi Wood - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Mrs. Hemingway follows the four wives of author Ernest Hemingway. As the book jacket says, “Each Mrs. Hemingway though their love would last ...Read Review

Here and Again

By Nicole R. Dickson - Published 2014



Why does a Confederate soldier, trying to get back home in 1863, keep on turning up in Ginger Martin’s orchard in 2012? The answer ...Read Review

Seventeen Coffins

By Philip Caveney - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young AdultTime-slip

Tom Affleck’s first time-slip adventure, Crow Boy, took him back to 1645, to an Edinburgh ravaged by bubonic plague, where he met the ...Read Review

Defy the Night

By Heather Munn - By Lydia Munn - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Magali Losier is a teenager in 1941 occupied France. While fighting back against the regime by helping her pastor work with refugees, she learns ...Read Review

Jefferson and Hamilton

By John Ferling - Published 2013



This history covers the lives of two founding fathers from the 1740s into the 19th century. When I saw that here “J” precedes “...Read Review

The Baron’s Honourable Daughter

By Lynn Morris - Published 2014



With the sudden death of her stepfather, the Earl of Maledon, young Valeria Segrave assumes responsibility for the family estate until her six-year-old ...Read Review

SOE: An Outline History of the Special Operations Executive 1940-1946

By MRD Foot - Published 2014Published c1984



We now know much more about The Special Operations Executive than its official historian, MRD Foot, could reveal in this book when first ...Read Review

Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims (Kingmaker Trilogy)

By Toby Clements - Published 2014Published 2014-04-10


At the beginning of the Wars of the Roses, we meet Sister Katherine, a nun from Lincoln Priory. On the other side of ...Read Review