HNR Issue 68 (May 2014)

A Talent for Trouble

By Jen Turano - Published 2013



This inspirational romance takes place in New York City in 1881. Felicia Murdock has spent the last four years suppressing her natural taste for ...Read Review

The Vicar’s Wife

By Katherine Swartz - Published 2013


When New Yorker Jane Hatton’s British husband prompts their relocation to a small village on the Cumbrian coast of England, only her ...Read Review

Servants’ Hall: A Real-Life Upstairs, Downstairs Romance

By Margaret Powell - Published 2014



Servants’ Hall brings domestic service in 1920s England to life through the memoirs of Margaret Powell (1907-1984), author-narrator, and ‘below stairs’, kitchen maid ...Read Review

The Northmen’s Fury: A History of the Viking World

By Philip Parker - Published 2014



The author has achieved the subtitle’s description in 340 pages (excluding the extensive notes, etc). ‘The situation became very complicated,’ he writes on ...Read Review