HNR Issue 66 (November 2013)

Fin and Lady

By Cathleen Schine - Published 2013


In 1964, eleven-year-old Fin, called Finino by his estranged (and some say “strange”) half-sister Lady, loses his second parent. With no one left to ...Read Review

Prince of Legend

By Jack Ludlow - Published 2013



It is 1097 when the First Crusade besieges the powerful city of Antioch. The Crusaders and the motley crowd of pilgrims, preachers and camp-followers ...Read Review

The Kitchen House

By Kathleen Grissom - Published 2010 (US)Published 2013


1791: A traumatised seven-year-old Irish orphan, Lavinia, is indentured to the owner of a tobacco plantation in Virginia. She is white, but is set ...Read Review

Sometimes a Rogue

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2013



Sarah Clarke-Townsend, out for a drive with her pregnant twin, Mariah, the Duchess of Ashton, overhears men plotting to kidnap a duchess. Quick-thinking ...Read Review

Seven for a Secret

By Lyndsay Faye - Published 2013



Set in New York just before the Civil War, Seven for a Secret depicts a mystery involving the kidnapping of free Blacks for ...Read Review

Ride the Man Down

By Bill Brooks - Published 2013



In 1890, John Henry Cole is working as a deputy for Judge Roy Bean in Texas when he is asked to undertake an assignment ...Read Review

The Spirit Keeper

By K.B. Laugheed - Published 2013


Western Pennsylvania’s earliest frontier settlers know they are taking a risk. In 1747, tension is building between English colonists and French Canada, for ...Read Review

A Burden Shared

By Malcolm Archibald - Published 2013



This book, set in Dundee in 1849, is the second in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Mendick, following The Darkest Walk. Sergeant Mendick has ...Read Review

The Pursuit of Murieta

By Thomas D. Clagett - Published 2013



In 1853, Joaquin Murieta and his outlaw gang are terrorizing the state of California, killing and robbing the white (gringo) population. Three years earlier, ...Read Review

Valley of the Shadow

By Carola Dunn - Published 2013



Valley of the Shadow is the final part of the trilogy of Cornish mysteries written by Carola Dunn. The familiar characters of Eleanor ...Read Review