HNR Issue 66 (November 2013)

Scent of Butterflies

By Dora Levy Mossanen - Published 2013


One need not dive far back into history to begin the story of Soraya, heroine of Scent of Butterflies. It is 1999 in Iran ...Read Review

The Secret Knowledge

By Andrew Crumey - Published 2013



Whether this qualifies as historical fiction is a moot point: it’s set in multiple pasts, multiverses, spanning the 20th century, from 1913 Paris ...Read Review

Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea

By Lisa Martin - By Valerie Martin - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In the time of sailing ships and pirates, two cats, brothers Anton and Cecil, live near the docks of Lunenburg. Anton is very ...Read Review

The Caged Graves

By Dianne K. Salerni - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Set in Catawissa, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1867, The Caged Graves opens as 17-year-old Verity Boone returns to her birthplace after an absence ...Read Review

The Faithful Executioner

By Joel F. Harrington - Published 2013



In the latter half of the 16th Century and the first years of the 17th, Meister Frantz Schmidt was the official executioner for ...Read Review

Queenship in Medieval Europe

By Theresa Earenfight - Published 2013



A survey of how queens acquired and used power and influence, and the changing nature of queenship is a topic needing more than ...Read Review

Rebel Angels

By Michele Lang - Published 2013



In October 1939, Hitler is possessed by the arch demon Asmodel. Hungarian Jewish witch Magdalena Lazarus, scion of a line dating back to the ...Read Review

The Hunting Ground

By J. Robert Janes - Published 2013



Best known for his St-Cyr and Kohler mysteries, Janes is on familiar Nazi-occupied French ground in this wartime thriller told by Lily de ...Read Review

A Home in the Country

By Sheelagh Mawe - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

This claims to be a true story and doubtless it is, but to classify it as non-fiction would be a disservice to the ...Read Review

The Astronaut Wives Club

By Lilly Koppel - Published 2013



There are plenty of books about the remarkable men of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs, but this is the first dedicated ...Read Review