HNR Issue 60 (May 2012)

The Académie

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Eliza Monroe, daughter of the future president of the United States, arrives at a French boarding school in 1799 ostensibly to learn conversation skills, ...Read Review

Dancing at the Chance

By DeAnna Cameron - Published 2012


Pepper MacClair, daughter of the seamstress, has grown up in the Chance Theater and is thrilled when she is given the opportunity to ...Read Review

A Parliament of Spies

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2012



1368, in the reign of Richard II. Richard has summoned Parliament, and all the nobles must attend him at Westminster which includes the Archbishop ...Read Review

The Book of Madness and Cures

By Regina O’Melveny - Published 2012


That this is a book of madness is immediately obvious; Doctor Ernesto Mondini has become unhinged. His final letter arrives in Venice from ...Read Review

The Luminist

By David Rocklin - Published 2011


When Catherine Colebrook goes to Ceylon to join her husband, a functionary with the East India Company, she’s already obsessed with finding ...Read Review

Code Name Verity

By Elizabeth Wein - Published 2012


Children/Young AdultMilitary

The first half of the story is told by ‘Verity’, who is being interrogated by the Gestapo. Writing is the small indulgence that ...Read Review

The Settlers of Catan

By Lee Chadeayne (trans.) - By Rebecca Gable - Published 2011



The people of Elasund love their homeland, but life is a struggle. Long winters make for a short growing season, and frequent raids ...Read Review