HNR Issue 60 (May 2012)


By Simon Mawer - Published 2012



Simon Mawer’s (The Glass Room) latest gift to his avid followers is the first of a projected two-volume novel about a familiar ...Read Review

The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov

By Paul Russell - Published 2011


Biographical FictionLiterary

This beautifully imagined and written novel, which feels more like a literary biography than a fiction, tells the story of Vladimir Nabokov’s ...Read Review

Girl Reading

By Katie Ward - Published 2012



Ward’s debut novel is a brave, original effort. The concept is irresistible: Seven girls/women read while living out a portion of ...Read Review

The Shadow Collector’s Apprentice

By Amy Gordon - Published 2012


Children/Young AdultHistorical FantasyMystery/Crime

This middle-grade novel is set in early 1960s small town America. Twelve-year-old Cully Pennyacre lives with his Aunt Incandescence, who studies moths, and ...Read Review

Glory Be

By Augusta Scattergood - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Gloriana Hemphill lives in the Mississippi Delta with her preacher father and teenage sister Jesslyn, supervised by their African-American maid Emma. It’s ...Read Review

The Copper Sign

By Katia Fox - By Lee Chadeayne (trans.) - Published 2012



When Ellen is forced to flee home, she must pretend to be a boy to pursue her life’s passion: to become a ...Read Review

Her Highness, The Traitor

By Susan Higginbotham - Published 2012


This is not the story of the nine-day Queen, Lady Jane Grey, but of her family, her husband Guildford Dudley’s family, and ...Read Review

The Constant Lovers

By Chris Nickson - Published 2012



The winter of 1732 saw too many violent crimes and deaths. Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, is looking forward to a peaceful summer. But ...Read Review

The Heart’s Frontier

By Lori Copeland - By Virginia Smith - Published 2012



Emma Switzer and her Amish family are traveling in 1881 Kansas when bandits steal their wagon and goods. They walk to the nearest town, ...Read Review

Heart of Gold

By Robin Lee Hatcher - Published 2012



In 1864, Shannon Adair dutifully accompanies her minister father to his new church in the gold rush town of Grand Coeur, in the Idaho ...Read Review