HNR Issue 60 (May 2012)

Zombie Island: A Shakespeare Undead Novel

By Lori Handeland - Published 2012


AdventureAlternate HistoryFantasy

Imagine that Shakespeare is a vampire, and that the Dark Lady he wrote about in his sonnets is a zombie-hunter named Kate, and ...Read Review

The Girl in the Mask

By Marie-Louise Jensen - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Sophia is an intelligent, energetic girl who reads Aphra Behn’s plays, rides horses and is a crack shot. She also has a ...Read Review

His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg

By Louise Borden - Published 2012



His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg is a non-fiction account about how Wallenberg, a Swedish businessman and humanitarian, rescued thousands of Jews from the ...Read Review

Love’s Sacred Song

By Mesu Andrews - Published 2012



King David, renowned Israeli king, is lying on his deathbed, comforted by Abishag, the woman taken from the Northern Tribe of Shunem to ...Read Review

True Highland Spirit

By Amanda Forester - Published 2012



A sealed missive orders Morrigan McNab’s brother to kill the bishop. In his absence, the task falls to her. If she fails, ...Read Review

The Borgia Mistress

By Sara Poole - Published 2012


Rome, 1593. Francesca Giordano, a young woman of dark passions and even darker talents, is the court poisoner to Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia. ...Read Review

My Ruthless Prince

By Gaelen Foley - Published 2012



In 1816, Drake, the Earl of Westwood has always fought for good as part of the Inferno Club. But then the evil Prometheus cult ...Read Review

The House of Silk

By Anthony Horowitz - Published 2011



To the delight of Sherlock fans everywhere, there’s been a definite surge of renewed interest in Sherlock Holmes in recent years thanks ...Read Review

The Seduction of Phaeton Black

By Jillian Stone - Published 2012



Phaeton Black, paranormal investigator, operates in Victorian London. He is charming, clever, playful, ruthless when he needs to be — and, above all, a ...Read Review

England’s Janissary

By Peter James Cottrell - Published 2012



Disillusioned by his experiences in the First World War, Kevin Flynn returns to his home in Ireland and takes a post in the ...Read Review