HNR Issue 51 (February 2010)

The Lacuna

By Barbara Kingsolver - Published 2009



Who was Harrison Shepherd? If we are to believe his journals, preserved for posterity by his loyal stenographer, he was a bestselling novelist ...Read Review

Grinding of the Soul

By Naum Prifti - By Peter R. Prifti (trans.) - Published 2009


Short Stories

Prifti’s book is a collection of short stories about life under strict Marxist-Leninist communism in the 20th century. The stories have a ...Read Review

Call Me Ahab

By Anne Finger - Published 2009


LiteraryShort Stories

These nine short stories mix fact and fiction, and most of them concern historical characters with physical disabilities. One of the best invites ...Read Review

The Pale Assassin

By Patricia Elliott - Published 2009


Children/Young Adult

Eugenie de Boncoeur is a typical 14-year-old aristocrat in France during its Revolution: unaware and frivolous. Although her portrayal is historically accurate, modern ...Read Review

1492: The Year the World Began

By Felipe Ferńandez-Armesto - Published 2009Published 2010



Felipe Ferńandez-Armesto’s contention in 1492: The Year the World Began is that in the titular year events occurred that shaped the global ...Read Review

Spies in the Garden

By Bob Bergin - Published 2009



  Just before America’s entry into World War II, young journalist Harry Ross is sent to Burma by Wild Bill Donovan of ...Read Review

The Greatest Knight

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2006Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

The life of William Marshal is remarkably well documented for a less-than-royal contemporary of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard Lionheart and John Lackland. Chadwick ...Read Review

Lady Notorious

By Jo Beverley - Published 2002Published 2009



The year is 1761. Captain Lord Cynric Malloren, on leave from the army recovering from a fever (not war wounds, as stated in the ...Read Review


By Sheramy Bundrick - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

“I’d heard about him but never seen him,” Rachel Courteau says in the opening line of Sheramy Bundrick’s debut novel, Sunflowers. ...Read Review

Roy Bean’s Gold

By W. R. Garwood - Published 2010



Before Roy Bean became the famous hanging judge, he had a passion for finding gold. This novel, set in California in the 1850s, ...Read Review