HNR Issue 50 (November 2009)

Rashi’s Daughters, Book lll: Rachel

By Maggie Anton - Published 2009


Biographical FictionSaga

Rachel is the third daughter of the 11th century French Talmud scholar Salomon ben Isaac, better known today as Rashi. Rachel’s story ...Read Review

The Queen’s Mistake: In the Court of Henry Vlll

By Diane Haeger - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

Catherine Howard is living as a poor relation in her grandmother’s house, passing the dull days in dalliance with Francis Dereham, when ...Read Review

Blacksnake’s Path

By William Heath - Published 2009


AdventureBiographical FictionMilitary

“Blacksnake” is William Wells, a boy from a Kentucky settlement who was captured by the Miami in 1784. He underwent initiation among them, and ...Read Review

Goddess of the Hunt

By Tessa Dare - Published 2009



Lucy Waltham grew up as one of the boys, tagging along with her brother Henry and his friends, and she is as skilled ...Read Review

The House of Special Purpose

By John Boyne - Published 2009Published 2012



When Georgy Jachmenev inadvertently stops a bullet meant for the Tsar’s uncle, his life is changed forever. It is 1916 and the 17-year-old ...Read Review