HNR Issue 45 (August 2008)

Fallen Angels

By Valerie Wood - Published 2008


Lilly is a good mother, strong and loyal, but the day she married Billy Fowler to provide a home for her and her ...Read Review

She Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-Blind Pioneer

By Robert Alexander - By Sally Hobart Alexander - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultNonfiction

Left deaf and blind by scarlet fever in 1832 at the age of two, Laura Bridgman became an inspiration to others similarly afflicted. This ...Read Review

Stella Stands Alone

By A. LaFaye - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

This is an alternate history only in the sense that it posits a plantation run on utopian principles. Once the reader accepts this, ...Read Review


By Craig Simpson - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Trondheim, 1940. Norway is under German occupation. They want its iron ore, and its deep fjords to hide their battleships and U-boats from the ...Read Review

The Kit-Cat Club: Friends Who Imagined a Nation

By Ophelia Field - Published 2008



In the late 1690s, a bookseller named Jacob Tonson began a scheme of paying young writers by feeding them in return for the ...Read Review

Shadow of Colossus

By T.L. Higley - Published 2008



As the hetaera, or bound courtesan, of one of the most powerful men in Rhodes, Tessa has more respect and greater status than ...Read Review

A Knight’s Tale

By Edward John Crockett - Published 2007



There is an enormous equestrian painting of a 14th century knight, John Hawkwood, in Florence’s Duomo. One wonders why an English soldier ...Read Review

The King’s Favorite: A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles II

By Susan Holloway Scott - Published 2008


The story of the Oxford-born barmaid turned prostitute turned orange seller turned renowned actress – and, ultimately, the mistress and closest companion to Charles ...Read Review

Stealing Athena

By Karen Essex - Published 2008


In her highly anticipated follow up to Leonardo’s Swans, Karen Essex delves into the controversial heart of the origins of the Elgin ...Read Review

The Duke of Shadows

By Meredith Duran - Published 2008



In 1857 Delhi, survival from a shipwreck does not make a young, innocent English girl a heroine among her own people. Rather, it makes ...Read Review

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