HNR Issue 45 (August 2008)

The Montmartre Investigation

By Claude Izner - By Isabel Reid (trans.) - By Lorenza Garcia (trans.) - Published 2008



This is the third in the series of crime novels featuring Parisian bookseller and amateur sleuth, Victor Legris. This time a series of ...Read Review

Buckingham Palace Gardens

By Anne Perry - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)



The Prince of Wales has invited some experts to Buckingham Palace to consider a project to build a Cape-to-Cairo railroad through the heart ...Read Review

Blood Alone

By James R. Benn - Published 2008



Billy Boyle, the one-time Boston police officer busily helping his Uncle Ike in intelligence work, is at it again in the author’s ...Read Review

The Spies at Warsaw

By Alan Furst - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)



In the autumn of 1937, Warsaw was still a city at peace, although wary eyes looked to the West with anxiety. Germany was firmly ...Read Review

Children of Freedom

By Marc Levy - Published 2008


This novel, based on true stories of the French Resistance, is an excellent read and will appeal to those like myself who have ...Read Review

The Woman Who Wouldn’t

By Gene Wilder - Published 2008


Jeremy Spencer Webb, a concert violinist who takes leave of his senses during a performance, finds himself at a spa somewhere in Bavaria ...Read Review

Don’t Talk to Me About the War

By David A. Adler - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

It is 1940. Thirteen-year-old Tommy would like to enjoy just being a kid. He is more interested in listening to Brooklyn Dodgers games on ...Read Review

On Rough Seas

By Nancy L. Hull - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

It’s 1940, and Alex Curtis is fourteen. He works at his parents’ hotel in Dover, England, but his heart already belongs to the ...Read Review

La Petite Four

By Regina Scott - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultRomance

Lady Emily Southwell, Miss Priscilla Tate and the Misses Ariadne and Daphne Cordebas have been inseparable friends at the Barnsley School for Young ...Read Review

Fatal Avenue: A Traveller’s Guide to the Battlefields of Northern France and Flanders 1346-1945

By Richard Holmes - Published 2008



This is the latest paperback edition of a book originally published in 1992, and which neatly combines both guidebook and military history. Professor Holmes ...Read Review