HNR Issue 40 (May 2007)

Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam

By Cynthia Kadohata - Published 2007


AdventureChildren/Young AdultMilitary

Cracker, a failed show dog, can no longer live with the family of her eleven-year-old master, Willie. Desperate to keep her alive, Willie ...Read Review

Montmorency and the Assassins

By Eleanor Updale - Published 2005Published 2006


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

1898, Italy. In this, the third of Montmorency’s adventures, Montmorency, the thief turned detective, and his friend Lord George Fox-Selwyn are on the ...Read Review

The Death of Glory

By Robin Neillands - Published 2006



1915 was a tough year for the British in France. The battles fought by the British army were either disasters or inconclusive; but the ...Read Review

John’s Story: The Last Eyewitness (Book One of the Jesus Chronicles)

By Jerry B. Jenkins - By Tim LaHaye - Published 2007



This latest novel from the authors of the “Left Behind” series floats an interesting premise: a novel about the writing of a book. ...Read Review

Sister Teresa

By Barbara Mujica - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Sister Teresa is the compelling story of a young woman of renowned beauty who became the beloved patron saint of Spain, St. Teresa ...Read Review

A Family of Strangers

By Sanchona - Published 2006



Young servant Kate O’Neal is transported to Botany Bay from England in 1793 after injuring her wealthy rapist. To survive the dangerous crossing ...Read Review

A Wicked Gentleman

By Jane Feather - Published 2007



This is the first book in Feather’s new Cavendish Square trilogy, which features three friends who come to London to escape the ...Read Review

Woman of Ill Fame

By Erika Mailman - Published 2007



Nora Simms, a prostitute, sails to San Francisco in 1849, hoping to do well for herself during the gold rush. Nora mostly enjoys her ...Read Review

Endure My Heart

By Joan Smith - Published 2006



When gently born Mab and Andrew Anderson’s father dies leaving them penniless, brother and sister are forced to sell the family home. ...Read Review

Skylark Farm

By Antonia Arslan - Published 2007



Skylark Farm is the Arslanian family’s country retreat. The life of this prosperous Armenian family is touchingly centered on the brothers, sisters, ...Read Review

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