HNR Issue 38 (November 2006)

The Blood Confession

By Alisa M. Libby - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

This disturbingly dark young adult novel is based on the life of Countess Erzsébet Báthory, the notorious female Dracula who holds ...Read Review

Right Royal Bastards

By Peter Beauclerk-Dewar - By Roger Powell - Published 2006



Since the English throne was taken by William the Bastard, aka the Conqueror, in 1066, the British monarchy has enjoyed an equivocal and colourful ...Read Review

When The Astors Owned New York: Blue Bloods and Grand Hotels in a Gilded Age

By Justin Kaplan - Published 2006



Telling the tale of New York’s famed Astor family, this book takes readers from the family’s humble beginnings in the German ...Read Review

She Went To The Field: Women Soldiers of the Civil War

By Bonnie Tsui - Published 2006



Until relatively recently, Clara Barton, Belle Boyd, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth van Lew, and a very few others were the only American women famous ...Read Review

Deborah’s Story

By Ann Burton - Published 2006


Like her mother before her, Deborah is slave to an abusive master. And like her mother, she has the gift of true dreaming, ...Read Review

Hood: Book One of the Raven Trilogy

By Stephen Lawhead - Published 2006



Lawhead’s take on the Robin Hood legend is original, engaging, and unorthodox, for this Robin Hood isn’t an Englishman in Sherwood ...Read Review

The Princess Of Denmark

By Edward Marston - Published 2006



Life is never a quiet river for Lord Westfield’s Men, an Elizabethan theatre company. A fire burns down the inn where they ...Read Review

Magic Man

By Patricia Rice - Published 2006



Magic Man is the finale for a series of books which began with Merely Magic in 2000. All take place in the mid-18th ...Read Review

Ticket To Tomorrow

By Carol Cox - Published 2006



This is Book One of a gentle new series set at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. The White City is a fabulous ...Read Review

The Perfect Stranger

By Anne Gracie - Published 2006



There must be an unofficial rule for writing Regency romances: start with a large family. Faith Merridew has already seen two of her ...Read Review