HNR Issue 37 (August 2006)

Bad Boys Ahoy!

By Sylvia Day - Published 2006


RomanceShort Stories

  In “Stolen Treasures,” nothing annoys a pirate more than stealing his bride. Married by proxy, Captain Phoenix, aka Sebastian Blake, Earl of ...Read Review

The Ragtime Kid

By Larry Karp - Published 2006



  In 1898, when Brun Campbell hears Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag,” the 15-year-old piano enthusiast has just one goal: to move to ...Read Review

The Soldier’s Lady

By Michael Phillips - Published 2006



In this heartwarming Christian novel, the second book in the Carolina Cousins series, a black, spiritual, wounded buffalo soldier happens upon Rosewood, a ...Read Review

The Hummingbird’s Daughter

By Luis Alberto Urrea - Published 2006



Luis Alberto Urrea had a “flying Yaqui aunt” in Tijuana, Mexico, a woman who was said to be the mystical guiding force behind ...Read Review

The Other Eden

By Sarah Bryant - Published 2005Published 2006



  In 1924 Eleanor Rose turns 21 and inherits her family estate in Louisiana, ‘Eden’s Meadow’. Left an orphan as a child and brought ...Read Review

Water for Elephants

By Sara Gruen - Published 2006



  “’Gritty” is the word on the cover, but “nasty,” perhaps, is nearer the mark. Jacob Jankowski knew some nasty characters back in 1931. ...Read Review

Family of Women

By Annie Murray - Published 2006



  Family of Women is set in Birmingham between the years 1926 and 1960 but spans more than half a century when returning to the ...Read Review

The Book of Secrets

By M.G. Vassanji - Published 2006



  The “Book of Secrets” represents the stolen diary of a British colonial administrator, Sir Alfred Corbin, who arrived in Mombasa in 1913. Many ...Read Review

Kitty and Mr Kipling

By Lenore Blegvad -


Children/Young Adult

  When Mr. Kipling and his wife come to the small Vermont town of Dummerston, Vermont, the town is thrown into chaos by ...Read Review

I Stay Near You : One Story in Three

By M.E.Kerr - Published 2006


Children/Young AdultSaga

  I Stay Near You, a reissue of a 1997 paperback, is a three-generation saga set in a small upstate New York town that ...Read Review