HNR Issue 37 (August 2006)

The Marriage Spell

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2006


Historical FantasyRomance

  Abigail is a wizard in early 19th-century England, a healer of great talent, but wizards are feared and despised. A chance encounter ...Read Review

Summer of Discovery

By Melody Herr - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

  Two teenagers living in the dustbowl that is Nebraska in 1939 meet a professional archaeologist, who takes them on as his assistants for ...Read Review

The Boys of San Joaquin

By D. James Smith - Published 2006


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

  Small-town California in 1951 is the setting for this young adult novel. Written with a strong eye to the “get-the-boys-reading” movement, hero Paulo ...Read Review

Children of War

By Susan Goodman - Published 2006



  During the Munich Crisis, my father, aged ten, joined his friends in digging trenches. On 3 September, 1939, he knew, on leaving the Liverpool ...Read Review

Honor Killing : Race, Rape, and Clarence Darrow’s Spectacular Last Case

By David E. Stannard - Published 2006



  Don’t let the racy title fool you; this is not a sensational rehash of the 1930s Hawaiian rape trial. It is ...Read Review