HNR Issue 37 (August 2006)


By DJ Taylor - Published 2006



  Set in 1860s England, this literary novel is very much in the style of well-known Victorian fiction, but it is more than ...Read Review

Walk Proud, Stand Tall

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2006



In 1913, legendary lawman Lin Garrett arrives in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he was the sheriff back in the 1880s. Seventy years old, Garrett had ...Read Review

Dancing Till Midnight

By Rosie Goodwin - Published 2006



  Orphaned Grace is brought up by her bigoted and devious Aunt Emily. When Barry Swan falls for her she responds, becomes pregnant, ...Read Review

The Birth House

By Ami McKay - Published 2006



  This novel, already and deservedly a best-seller in Canada, tells the story of Dora Rare and her struggles to maintain a holistic, ...Read Review

The Entre Rios Trilogy

By Perla Suez (trans. Rhonda Dahl Buchanan) - Published 2006


LiteraryShort Stories

  The Jewish experience in Europe and the United States has been a popular subject in both fiction and nonfiction. Yet the story ...Read Review

Camelot’s Sword

By Sarah Zettel -



  This romantic fantasy is set around Tintagel in Arthurian Cornwall. Lynet Carnbrea finds herself trying to restore calm to her father’s ...Read Review

At the Sign of the Sugared Plum

By Mary Hooper - Published 2003


Children/Young Adult

(1) London, June 1665. Country girl Hannah is thrilled to be coming to live in London with her sister Sarah, who runs a sweetmeats shop ...Read Review

Ice Drift

By Theodore Taylor - Published 2005


AdventureBiographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

  Ice Drift is based on a true story of survival from the 1860s. Two Inuit brothers, Alika and Sulu, are hunting seals ...Read Review

Among the Dead Cities : Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in WWll a Necessity or a Crime?

By A. C. Grayling - Published 2006



  During the course of WWII, the air forces of Britain and the United States carried out a massive offensive against the cities ...Read Review

The Divided Ground : Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution

By Alan Taylor - Published 2006



  Pulitzer Prize winning-author Taylor begins his scholarly yet accessible history with the French and Indian War and concludes with the early 19th ...Read Review