HNR Issue 35 (February 2006)

Flashman on the March

By George MacDonald Fraser - Published 2005 (US)Published 2006 (UK)



The impressionable (reprehensible?) Sir Harry Flashman, V.C., K.C.B., K.C.I.E. (none of them deserved) rides again to the ...Read Review

The Lawman said “I Do”

By Ana Leigh - Published 2006



After the American Civil War leaves his native Virginia devastated, Colt Fraser—the lawman of this novel’s title—decides to join family ...Read Review

Rasputin’s Daughter

By Robert Alexander - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

Rasputin, one of the most notorious and enigmatic figures in Russian history, is brought vividly to life from the point of view of ...Read Review

The Wild Girl

By Jim Fergus - Published 2007



Told as in the notebooks of Ned Giles, a teenage photographer in 1932, The Wild Girl tells of his fateful encounter with a captured ...Read Review

Voodoo Season

By Jewell Parker Rhodes - Published 2005



New Orleans in early 2005 is the setting for the mysterious string of deaths of young people—all women but one, all dead of ...Read Review

The Dream Thief

By Helen A. Rosburg - Published 2005



In 16th century Venice, a night stalker is seducing young women to death. Young Pina already has her hands full with her hidden ...Read Review

The King in the Window

By Adam Gopnik - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultFantasy

One January evening in modern-day Paris, eleven-year-old American Oliver Parker embarks upon an adventure that takes him on a journey far beyond his ...Read Review