HNR Issue 33 (August 2005)

Marie Blythe

By Howard Frank Mosher - Published 2005


Originally published in 1983, Marie Blythe is a captivating tale of the titular character’s life experiences, a modern Bildungsroman. Marie is a French ...Read Review

Wives at War

By Jessica Stirling - Published 2003Published 2005



The latest offering from Jessica Stirling follows the Glasgow-born Conway sisters first encountered in Prized Possessions. As the book opens, Glasgow is waiting ...Read Review

Impressionist Quartet

By Jeffrey Meyers - Published 2005



Meyers explores the lives and artistic careers of these four Impressionist painters working in Paris in the second half of the 19th century. ...Read Review

Wintering Well

By Lea Wait - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

Wintering Well tackles the issue of physical disability in rural Maine around 1820. Twelve-year-old Will Ames loses a leg in an accident just as ...Read Review