HNR Issue 17 (August 2001)

The Dragon’s Bride

By Jo Beverley - Published 2001



When Susan Kerslake and Con Somerford meet again after eleven long years apart, much has changed. Con is the battle-hardened new Earl of ...Read Review

The Captain’s Wife

By Douglas Kelley - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical FictionNautical

In the summer of 1856 Mary Patten and her husband, Captain Joshua Patten, begin what would become an incredible voyage aboard the clipper ship ...Read Review

The Tainted Snuff Box

By Rosemary Stevens - Published 2001



In the autumn of 1805, the Prince Regent receives threatening letters and hastily removes himself and his entourage — including his dear friend Beau Brummell, ...Read Review

Piano Music For Four Hands

By Roger Grenier (trans. Alice Kaplan) - Published 2001



Learning piano at age five from maestro Nicolau Arderiu, Michel Mailhoc seems bound for international stardom. Blocking Michel’s progress are World War ...Read Review

The Bonesetter’s Daughter

By Amy Tan - Published 2001



No writer navigates the emotional terrain of family relationships – particularly mother-daughter relationships – better than Amy Tan. She writes of mature relationships laden with ...Read Review

Historical Hauntings

By Jean Rabe ed. - By Martin H. Greenberg (ed.) - Published 2001


FantasyShort Stories

Eighteen science fiction and fantasy writers herein turn their pens to the creation of tales containing haunts drawn from the pages of history. ...Read Review

Warrior’s Song

By Catherine Coulter - Published 2001



In this rewritten and re-titled version of Catherine Coulter’s 1983 book, Chandra, we meet Chandra de Avenell, a medieval heroine who is tougher ...Read Review

The Maiden Of Mayfair (Tales of London, v. 1)

By Lawana Blackwell - Published 2001



This heartwarming work set in Victorian London tells of a young girl’s inspirational journey from abandonment to belonging. Sarah Matthews, raised in ...Read Review

The Ambitious Baronet

By April Kihlstrom - Published 2001



A woman living in the woods of a country estate rescues abused children and turns them over to Alexandra Barlow, the local baronet’...Read Review

The Crown and The Crucible

By Judith Pella - By Michael Phillips - Published 2001



Set in the last years of the 19th century, these four books (The Crown and the Crucible,  A House Divided, Travail and Triumph, ...Read Review