HNR Issue 14 (November 2000)

Righteous Warriors

By Meredith Campbell - Published 2000



Civil wars always provide a novelist with perfect, ready-made historical settings for drama and passion set against backgrounds of large scale suffering and ...Read Review

Faded Coat of Blue (Abel Jones Mysteries)

By Owen Parry - Published 2000



In autumn 1861 a young man is found shot through the heart, his body lying near an encampment south of the Potomac. The murdered ...Read Review

When the Lilacs Bloom

By Linda Colwell - Published 2000



Linda Colwell has created a memorable villain in the person of Mother Langford. Her gothic vision of the mother-in-law from hell counterbalances the ...Read Review

Thunder on the Mountain: A Novel of 1936 (Hemlock County)

By David Poyer - Published 2000


The “Thunder” of the titles can be explained in at least different ways. (1) Thunder Oil of Pennsylvania, a family dynasty under the control ...Read Review

Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of the Boy-King

By Christine El Mahdy - Published 2000



Christine El Mahdy, an Egyptologist at Liverpool University, has written a chatty, engaging, and well-researched account covering the few known facts about Tutankhamen ...Read Review

island of ghosts

By Gillain Bradshaw - Published 1999



This is the story of Ariantes, a Prince of Sarmatia, land of nomadic tribes beyond the Danube. Newly conquered by Rome, their armies ...Read Review

Kill The Shogun: A Samurai Mystery

By Dale Furutani - Published 2000



This is the third in the trilogy that began with Death at the Crossroads and Jade Palace Vendetta, all set in 17th century ...Read Review

Song Of Innocence

By Margery Harkness Casares - Published 1999



  Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, this story follows the star-crossed, reasonably suspenseful although basically predictable story of lovers allied ...Read Review

Mollie Peer: Or the Underground Adventure of the Moosepath League

By Van Reid - Published 2000



The first book in this series of adventures of the Moosepath League, Cordelia Underwood, took place in the summer of 1896. This, the second, ...Read Review

Harry Gold

By Millicent Dillon - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

Who was Harry Gold? An American chemist who committed the “crime of the (20th) century” by passing information about the atomic bomb to ...Read Review