HNR Issue 13 (August 2000)

Wooden Fish Songs

By Ruthanne Lum McCunn - Published 2000



“It seemed to me the hollow bok-bok-bok of mallet on fish echoed the emptiness of Oi Ling’s heart.” These are words from ...Read Review

Jane Long of Texas: 1798-1880

By Neila Skinner Petrick - Published 2000


Biographical FictionWestern

Spanish Texas of the early nineteenth century was a strange, wild land. It took extraordinary men to settle this land. It took even ...Read Review

Christmas Stones and the Story Chair

By Justin Isherwood - Published 1999


Short Stories

Christmas Stones pays homage to a simpler time and place. Author Justin Isherwood recounts his family’s tradition of offering Christmas “stones” or ...Read Review

The Summoning God (Anasazi Mysteries)

By Kathleen O'Neal Gear - Published 2000


The Gears are well known for their award-winning novels about Native Americans and in their latest series have turned their attention to the ...Read Review

Queenmaker: A Novel of King David’s Queen

By India Edghill - Published 1999


Biographical Fiction

This Biblical historical focuses on a little known Queen: Michal, daughter of King Saul, wife to King David. At first we can empathize ...Read Review

A Far Better Rest

By Susanne Alleyn - Published 2000


“To-day they guillotined Danton; and with him died the fragile dream of Clemency, and all my hopes and prayers.” So opens Susanne Alleyn’...Read Review

[Jane and the Genius of the Place] [by: Stephanie Barron]

By Stephanie Barron - Published 2000



In August of 1805, sisters Jane and Cassandra Austen leave Bath to travel to their brother Edward’s estate in Kent in order to ...Read Review

Must the Maiden Die

By Miriam Grace Monfredo - Published 1999



Glynis Tryon, the librarian of Seneca Falls, New York, participates in the festivities of her niece’s wedding while solving a prominent businessman’...Read Review

Prairie Song

By Cheryl Anne Porter - Published 2000



Kate Chandler flees New York City for the wilds of Oklahoma and the Great Land Run, hoping to escape a dark and dangerous ...Read Review


By Nancy J. Jones - Published 2000



Friendship and families both provoke powerful emotions, particularly for women. Molly, the debut novel by Nancy J. Jones, explores how two young girls, ...Read Review