HNR Issue 13 (August 2000)

For California’s Gold

By JoAnn Levy - Published 2000



In April 1849, bitten by the gold bug and feeling that he has “never chosen or decided anything” for himself, Caleb Daniels dreams of ...Read Review

No Great Mischief

By Alistair MacLeod - Published 2000



On Cape Breton Island, the Gaelic stronghold of Nova Scotia — a land of windswept crags and rocky shores — memories of years long past ...Read Review

Red Grass River: A Legend

By James Carlos Blake - Published 2000



John Ashley’s gang was mostly a family affair, a notorious crew of moonshiners, bootleggers and natural-born outlaws, thriving in the Florida Everglades ...Read Review

Altar Music

By Christin Lore Weber - Published 2000



Three twentieth-century women experience crises of religious faith in this lyrical first novel, set in rural northern Minnesota between 1917 and 1965. For Megan and ...Read Review

Deus Lo Volt! Chronicle of the Crusades

By Evan S. Connell - Published 2000



We are transported by author Evan S. Connell to the two centuries of human existence – from 1095 to 1289 – more enmired in the blood of ...Read Review

Sor Juana’s Second Dream: A Novel

By Alicia Gaspar de Alba - Published 1999


Biographical FictionLiterary

This lovely novel can be read without any previous knowledge of the famous Mexican nun. The author evokes the feel of 17th century ...Read Review

The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War

By Howard Bahr - Published 2000



In November 1864, General John Bell Hood ordered the army of Tennessee to perform a frontal assault against a secure Union defensive position outside ...Read Review

Henry Plummer: A Novel

By Frank Bird Linderman - Published 2000


Biographical FictionWestern

Frank Bird Linderman was a best selling author at the turn of the last century. However, in the 1920s, publishers declined to publish ...Read Review

Death at Whitechapel

By Robin Paige - Published 2000



In this sixth book by husband-and-wife writing team Robin Paige, detectives Sir Charles Sheridan and his wife, Kate Ardleigh, are plunged into the ...Read Review

Been Here and Gone: A Memoir of the Blues

By David Dalton - Published 2000



In what has to be one of the more audacious undertakings of the year, David Dalton relates the entire history of the blues, ...Read Review