HNR Issue 13 (August 2000)

Memoirs of Pontius Pilate

By James Mills - Published 2000


Alternate HistoryBiographical Fiction

Mills mixes the Roman historical genre with the early Christian form.The blurb stated that Mills started with what he, with no false ...Read Review

The Sun and the Moon

By Patricia Ryan - Published 2000



King Henry II of England suspects that his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, conspires against him. To ferret out the truth, he enlists ...Read Review

In the Name of Salome

By Julia Alvarez - Published 2000


Biographical FictionLiterary

Alvarez alternates between the story of Salome Urena, a poet in the politically turbulent Dominican Republic of the nineteenth century and that of ...Read Review

In the Fall

By Jeffrey Lent - Published 2000



In this masterfully written debut novel, Jeffrey Lent traces the story of three generations as they struggle to overcome the shadows of the ...Read Review

The Forest

By Edward Rutherfurd -



Edward Rutherfurd has given us the pageantry of Sarum, the teeming life of London and the vast exotic sweep of Russian history in ...Read Review

A Simple Shaker Murder

By Deborah Woodworth - Published 2000



This is the fourth entry in the Sister Rose Callahan series, set in the Shaker Village of North Homage, Kentucky during the 1930s. ...Read Review

Murder On St.Mark’s Place: A Gaslight Mystery (Gaslight Mysteries)

By Victoria Thompson - Published 2000



This novel is Victoria Thompson’s second book in the Gaslight Mystery series. Her midwife detective Sarah Brandt once again teams up with ...Read Review

Arthur, The Bear of Britain

By Edward Frankland - Published 1998


AdventureBiographical Fiction

The grim reality of sixth century Britain comes to life in Frankland’s novel of the legendary King Arthur. In this novel, originally ...Read Review

The Heretic

By Lewis Weinstein - Published 2000


Set in fifteenth-century Spain, The Heretic tells the story of a converso Christian who rediscovers his Jewish roots, with dire consequences. Steeped in ...Read Review

The Marplot Marriage

By Beth Andrews - Published 1999



Mischievous, fun-loving Phoebe Bridgerton and her stuffy cousin-in-law, Charles Hargood, are thrown into matrimony because of the inconvenient but extremely entertaining circumstance of ...Read Review