HNR Issue 106 (November 2023)


By Amy Crider - Published 2023


The Book of Kells, the beautiful Gospel manuscript created by early Celtic Christian monks, serves as the tableau upon which this story unfolds. ...Read Review

Columba’s Bones: Darkland Tales

By David Greig - Published 2023


Iona, 825 AD, and a gang of Vikings raids a Celtic monastery. In one brutal day, a multitude of characters is reduced to three ...Read Review

The Dictionary People: The Unsung Heroes Who Created the Oxford English Dictionary

By Sarah Ogilvie - Published 2023



While browsing the Oxford University Press archives, academic Sarah Ogilvie came across the hitherto unknown black notebook of James Murray. Murray was the ...Read Review

Rosie Raja: Mission to Cairo

By Sufiya Ahmed - Published 2023


.Children/Young Adult

September 1941, and Rosie Raja and her father visit a WAAF training school in England. The drive there has been, she surmises, an excuse ...Read Review

Death and the Sisters (A Mary Shelley Mystery)

By Heather Redmond - Published 2023



Sixteen-year-old Mary, the daughter of famed authors Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, is a natural storyteller with a vivid imagination but feels her ...Read Review

Murder on the Celtic (Ocean Liner Mysteries, 8)

By Edward Marston - Published 2022



1910. Here we are for the eighth episode for the ocean detectives George Porter Dillman and his wife Genevieve, known professionally by her original ...Read Review

The Voice Upstairs

By Laura E. Weymouth - Published 2023


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

In 1920 England, Wilhelmina “Wil” Price’s deathsense—her ability to sense a person’s death hours to days before it happens—has made ...Read Review

A Writer’s Guide to Nineteenth-Century Murder by Arsenic (A Curiosity of Crime)

By K. K. Cathers - Published 2022



Intended as a writers’ guide, this book explores the methods and implications of arsenic poisoning in the 19th century. Cathers sifts out the ...Read Review

Scarlet Town (Laurence Jago)

By Leonora Nattrass - Published 2023


Research can be a tricky area for writers of historical fiction. Some authors use it to fill out their pages, thickening their text ...Read Review

The Ship’s Midwife

By Peta Miller - Published 2023



The “coffin ships” that crossed the Atlantic in the mid-1800s are well-known. Numerous impoverished Irish emigrants died before reaching their destination, the ...Read Review