HNR Issue 104 (May 2023)

The Mystery of Rufford Abbey

By Stephen Taylor - Published 2022



Most of this psychological thriller takes place in modern-day Nottinghamshire amid abductions of women. The novel follows a team of police detectives as ...Read Review

The Secret Service of Tea and Treason (Dangerous Damsels)

By India Holton - Published 2023



Alice Dearlove has been trained since childhood by the Agency of Undercover Note Takers (A.U.N.T.) in late Victorian England. As ...Read Review


By Jennifer Saint - Published 2023



Atalanta sets out the tale of the only female Argonaut, starting with the abandoned baby raised by bears, and growing up in the ...Read Review

Unlocked: A Paper Lantern Writers Anthology

By Ana Brazil - By Anne M. Beggs - By C.V. Lee - By Edie Cay - By Kathryn Pritchett - By Linda Ulleseit - By Mari Anne Christie - By Rebecca D'Harlingue - Published 2022


Short Stories

The eight stories in this anthology are linked by a wooden chest with a heart-shaped lock. The most recent story is presented first, ...Read Review

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen (The Doomsday Books, 1)

By K.J. Charles - Published 2023



Two men have an anonymous sexual encounter in London and do not expect to meet again. But when Gareth Inglis unexpectedly inherits a ...Read Review

Rules of Engagement

By Mary J. Carter - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Jane Austen satire is transplanted to the wilds of New Hampshire in this frothy family romp. The year is 1825. The village of Liberty ...Read Review

In This Moment (Timeless)

By Gabrielle Meyer - Published 2023


Inspirational RomanceTime-slip

Maggie’s life is unique. As a time-traveler, she inhabits three different time periods. In 1861, she is Miss Margaret Wakefield, daughter of a ...Read Review

The Red Bird Sings

By Aoife Fitzpatrick - Published 2023


1896, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA, and Zona Heaster writes to the child she gave up for adoption. The letter is typed by Zona’...Read Review

Mummy Darlings: A Glorious Guinness Girls Novel

By Emily Hourican - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

The second in the Glorious Guinness Girls series finds Aileen, Maureen and Oonagh greeting the new decade of the 1930s in various locations (...Read Review

A Girl Called Samson

By Amy Harmon - Published 2023


In 1770, 10-year-old Deborah Samson is bound out to a Puritan family in Middleborough, Massachusetts. The kindly Reverend Conant, charged with delivering her to ...Read Review