HNR Issue 104 (May 2023)

Jaguars and Other Game

By Brynn Barineau - Published 2022



In 1808, the royal family of Portugal fled the threat of Napoleon and established a royal household in Rio de Janeiro. In 1809, while trying ...Read Review

All Aboard the Schooltrain: A Little Story from the Great Migration

By Glenda Armand - By Keisha Morris (illus.) - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Third-grader Thelma grows up by the railroad tracks in the small town of Vacherie, Louisiana, in the 1930s. She loves watching the Sunset ...Read Review

All the Pretty Places: A Novel of the Gilded Age

By Joy Callaway - Published 2023


The enormous gaps in wealth we notice today have long been present in America’s culture. In 1893, in the Westchester region outside urban ...Read Review

The Big Sugar (A Brigid Reardon Mystery)

By Mary Logue - Published 2023



What is a “big sugar”? In Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1881, it’s a cattle baron—someone with enormous power and money, and control of ...Read Review

Letters to a Stranger

By Sarah Mitchell - Published 2023


This is a dual-time period epistolary novel that consists of conventional letters but also texts and emails. The contemporary story is set in ...Read Review

Hidden Cargo

By Robin Lloyd - Published 2023



Following up his blockade-running bonanza in Harbor of Spies, Lloyd returns with another authentic adventure with American Navy acting lieutenant Everett Townsend hot ...Read Review

Death of a Poet (Ancient Egypt Murder Mysteries)

By Keith Moray - Published 2022



This first mystery in a new series takes us on an immersive visit to third-century BCE Egypt, a place the author shows us ...Read Review

The Secret Shore

By Liz Fenwick - Published 2023



Liz Fenwick, ‘the queen of the contemporary Cornish novel’ according to The Guardian, goes back to the Second World War for her latest ...Read Review

The Lumberjills

By M. W. Arnold - Published 2023


The Lumberjills offers a look at the home front work done by British women during World War II. Restless after making no contribution ...Read Review

American Ending

By Mary Kay Zuravleff - Published 2023



Yelena is a first-generation immigrant to America. Life for her family in Russia was hard, and America represents a new future. A life ...Read Review