HNR 100 (May 2022)

Death and Hard Cider (A Benjamin January Mystery, 19)

By Barbara Hambly - Published 2022



Benjamin January, musician, surgeon, and free man of colour, lives in New Orleans in 1840. Political tensions run high when Henry Clay of the ...Read Review

The Language of Food (UK) / Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen (US)

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

It’s not often you find a book that’s a real feast, but this is one of them. Annabel Abbs’ novel is ...Read Review

A Relentless Rake (Lords of the Armory, 4)

By Anna Harrington - Published 2022



Harrington pours on the sizzle in a dashing tale where fighting an underground criminal group brings together a deceptive earl and a schoolmistress ...Read Review

My Queen, My Love: A Novel of Henrietta Maria

By Elena Maria Vidal - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Henrietta Maria in this book’s subtitle was the daughter of Henri IV (1553-1610), France’s first Bourbon king, and his wife Marie (1575...Read Review

Incomparable World (Black Britain: Writing Back, 1)

By S. I. Martin - Published 2021



First published by Quartet in 1996, this is a rollicking account of Black lives in London and Middlesex during a specific period in the ...Read Review

The Huntsman’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 3)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2017



Summer 1353. Oxford is empty of students, so Nicholas Elyot deems it the right time to return home to his family farm in the ...Read Review

Bride of the City Volume 1: Vaishali Ki Nagarvadhu

By A. K. Kulshreshth (trans.) - By Acharya Chatursen - By Pratibha Vinod Kumar (trans.) - Published 2021



Bride of the City, the first English translation of a novel published in 1949, explores the Nagarvadhu tradition of ancient India in which women ...Read Review

The Truth Keepers

By June Hall McCash - Published 2022



In January of 1793, the French king loses his head during the country’s revolution. For young Amelia Nicolau, this is just the beginning, ...Read Review

Fierce Poison (A Barker & Llewelyn Novel, 13)

By Will Thomas - Published 2022



London, 1893. Former barrister and now Member of Parliament Roland Fitzhugh suddenly dies while entering the offices of Private Enquiry partners Cyrus Barker and ...Read Review

Wild Labyrinth (Arrowsmith Trilogy)

By Kate Innes - Published 2021


Watching their son Christopher receive a knighthood along with the Prince of Wales is a solemn event for Sir Richard and Lady Illesa ...Read Review