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Richard Lee

If you glance up to the top of this website you’ll see the familiar Twitter and Facebook links (and we’d be delighted if you clicked on these and followed us), but you’ll also see a less familiar blue and white ‘P’ icon. This stands for Paper li, which is a cunning bit of web technology that allows us to compile, with minimal work, a daily newspaper with all the historical fiction news.

It’s basically a time-saver. News comes first to Twitter, but you’d have to follow a huge number of accounts and watch them pretty constantly to keep up to date. Instead our news spotters do this for you, and all you need to do is click on the link.

Below is a ‘widget’ from the paper, which feeds in the latest headlines from Historical Fiction Daily. You can embed this in your own site if you wish – there is some simple code you can take from the paper if you click on the ’embed’ link. What they call the ‘nomad’ widget is the large page you see below. There is also a smaller headline widget you can use which we carry on this site on the Announcements page.

We’re always looking for more news spotters too – so if you like what you read here and want to contribute, let us know.

Posted by Richard Lee

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