In the Shadow of 1066: blogs for the 2011 anniversary

Part of the 1066 guide

1066 is the most iconic date in English history, but few of us know much about the characters involved beyond the bare facts: Harold lost, William won, and the Norman dynasty had its beginning.

For 2011’s anniversary, we drew together some resources from around the internet to help the non-specialists amongst us to find out more. Click here for full-length television shows, author interviews, a terrific 1066 game (featuring all three major battles), some links to the primary source material, and details of the spectacular re-enactment event held over 2 days at Battle Abbey by English Heritage.

2011 also saw some fantastic books about 1066, and we asked nine writers to take some time out to introduce some of the lesser-known protagonists in that watershed year.

Helen Hollick – author of Harold the King –  on Harold’s little-known Queen, Alditha.
Sarah Bower – author of Needle in the Blood –  on the Bayeux Tapestry and the Nazis.
Stewart Binns – author of Conquest – on the Great Survivor, Edgar the Aetheling.
Justin Hill – author of Shieldwall – on the Unknown Soldiers of 1066.
Carol McGrath – on Edith Swanneck, Harold’s mistress.
Tracy Borman – author of Matilda, Queen of the Conqueror – on Matilda’s Regency of Normandy.
James Wilde – author of Hereward – on Tostig Godwinson, Harold’s brother.
Elizabeth Chadwick – author of The Conquest – on Edward of Salisbury, great grandfather of William Marshal
James Aitcheson – author of Sworn Sword – on the Conqueror’s right-hand-man, William fitz Osbern.