Gin Lane Gazette – an unusual publishing project

Richard Lee

Meet Nathaniel Crowquill, editor of the Gin Lane Gazette – here seen down through the ages as the decades take their toll on his beaky fizzog.

Nathaniel is an invention of the amusing Adrian Teal, scribbler and much admired cartoonist in many journals, and the Gin Street Gazette is to be published by Unbound, one of the new breed of pledge-publishers. I won’t explain the deal here, because they have a natty little video for that (posted below Ade’s). But Unbound are unusual in the field because they are ‘serious’ people (John Mitchinson’s CV here), their set-up based on celebrity names. You’re not getting a garage production here, and there may even be a business plan. Successes to date are Terry Jones (yes, that Terry Jones), Tibor Fischer, Jonathan Meades, Kate Mosse (not in historical fiction mode here) – already pledged past the maximum, books written, published, and sold.

From a historical fiction perspective there are three interesting projects still in need of support. Top, for me, is Ade’s book, because I think historical fiction needs more cartoons and more humour. Dammit, those Frenchies Goscinny and Uderzo can’t have it all their own way! Have a look at the video, then see if you can pledge for Gin Lane Gazette. After all, the French have an Asterix theme-park based on their success: imagine the Gin Lane equivalent!

Other books of interest are Banks’s Game about an Elizabethan horse whisperer by Rupert Isaacson, and the Our Reigning Queens, by the History Girls (more History Girls?), a collaborative work to be written by Alison Weir, Kate Williams, Sarah Gristwood, Tracy Borman and Siobhan Clarke. Pledge £200 for this one and you also get to have ‘lunch with the girls’!

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