Wildwood Boys: A Novel

By James Carlos Blake - Published 2000



William (Bill) Anderson lived peacefully enough on his parents’ farm together with his brother and three sisters. They were a musical family, fond ...Read Review

The Battle

By Patrick Rimbaud - Published 2000



Anyone interested in the Napoleonic Era is blessed with a large and continually expanding list of books and journals, fiction and non-fiction. Popular ...Read Review

Righteous Warriors

By Meredith Campbell - Published 2000



Civil wars always provide a novelist with perfect, ready-made historical settings for drama and passion set against backgrounds of large scale suffering and ...Read Review

Gone for Soldiers

By Jeff Shaara - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMilitary

Gone for Soldiers does not echo Peter, Paul and Mary’s pacifism in the song which provides the title. Rather, it portrays General ...Read Review

Deus Lo Volt! Chronicle of the Crusades

By Evan S. Connell - Published 2000



We are transported by author Evan S. Connell to the two centuries of human existence – from 1095 to 1289 – more enmired in the blood of ...Read Review

Dark Eagle: A Novel of Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution

By John Ensor Harr - Published 1999


Biographical FictionMilitary

The name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with the word “traitor” in the American vocabulary. With this novel the author attempts to set the ...Read Review

American By Blood

By Andrew Huebner - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMilitaryWestern

First, the bad news about this first novel. Dealing with the aftermath of Custer’s disaster at the Little Big Horn, in 1876, and ...Read Review

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