Star Path (People of Cahokia)

By Kathleen O'Neal Gear - By W. Michael Gear - Published 2019



Heeding the warning from the Spirit Beast Piasa, Night Shadow Star realizes that her brother, Walking Smoke, knows she will be making the ...Read Review

Breaking The Foals

By Maximilian Hawker - Published 2018



I struggled at first with the strange names and titles and an unfamiliar depiction of Troy. This is not like Homer’s tale. ...Read Review

Arise Crusader: Book I of the Lotharingian Chronicles

By Val Jensen II - Published 2018



1096 France: young ploughman Anseau of Valois’ rustic but comfortable life is ripped asunder when it becomes known that he loves a local Jewish ...Read Review

Athena’s Champion (Olympus Trilogy)

By Cath Mayo - By David Hair - Published 2018



In 1290 BC, twenty-year-old Odysseus has been cast out by his father after a prophecy unveils a devastating family secret. While on the run ...Read Review

Make Me a City: A Novel

By Jonathan Carr - Published 2019



In Carr’s sweeping epic, the city of Chicago, from its humble and swampy beginnings in 1800 to the day the swamp is finally ...Read Review

The Children of Jocasta

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2018



Another group of girls break their silence in this brilliant adaptation of the Oedipus myth, told from the perspective of its female protagonists. ...Read Review

The Splendor Before the Dark: A Novel of the Emperor Nero

By Margaret George - Published 2018Published 2018-11-15


Biographical FictionEpic

Margaret George’s epic novel, the second of two about the emperor Nero (after The Confessions of Young Nero), begins with Rome on ...Read Review

Maid of Baikal: An Alternative Historical Novel of the Russian Civil War

By Preston Fleming - Published 2018-05-11


Alternate HistoryEpic

Captain Edmund du Pont arrives in Siberia in November 1918 to establish wireless stations as part of the American Expeditionary Force’s aid to ...Read Review

The Siege and Fall of Troy

By Dan-El Padilla Peralta (intro.) - By Robert Graves - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultEpic

A re-issue of Robert Graves’ retelling of the Homeric myths is always welcome, and the new introduction by Dan-El Padilla Peralta makes the ...Read Review

For the Immortal

By Emily Hauser - Published 2018



The final novel in the Golden Apple trilogy from Emily Hauser is a triumphant finale. This story continues to draw from the many ...Read Review