Alternate History

Grant Comes East

By Newt Gingrich - By William R. Forstchen - Published 2004


Alternate HistoryMilitary

In this second of a series, General Ulysses S. Grant is recalled to Washington and ordered by Lincoln to take command of all ...Read Review

House of War

By Judith Tarr - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryFantasy

This is the second installment in Tarr’s historical fantasy series set in Jerusalem with Richard the Lionheart and his half-sister, Sioned, the ...Read Review

Chasing Shakespeares

By Sarah Smith - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryMystery/Crime

“God is a librarian.” This enchanting thought appears in Chasing Shakespeares when something fortuitous or serendipitous occurs related to books and manuscripts. Joe ...Read Review

The Painter

By Will Davenport - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryBiographical FictionMystery/Crime

This novel intertwines 17th century and present day plots. The 17th century story proposes a possible explanation for how Rembrandt might have come ...Read Review

Hot Chocolate at Hanselmann’s

By Rosetta Loy (trans. Gregory Conti) - Published 2003Published 2003 (c1995)


Alternate HistoryInspirationalMilitary

Although the “hot chocolate” arrives only in the final chapters, what come before are emotional and sometimes shocking events in an Italian family ...Read Review

A Scattering of Jades

By Alexander C. Irvine - Published 2002


Alternate HistoryFantasyMystery/Crime

Picture the movie set of Gangs of New York – Manhattan, 1843. Add the chacmool, a feather-clad reincarnation of a bloodthirsty Aztec god, stalking the ...Read Review

Hades’ Daughter

By Sara Douglass - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryFantasy

In the first book of an anticipated series named The Troy Game, Australian author Sara Douglass weaves a complex tale of historical fantasy ...Read Review

Zulu Heart

By Steven Barnes - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryMilitaryNautical

The creation of this alternative history world could do more for race relations than most politicians, ministers or teachers ever dreamed, if we ...Read Review

Where the River Narrows

By Aimée Laberge - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryInspirational

In the Mi’kmaq language, the name of the Canadian province of Québec translates as “where the river narrows.” It’s here, ...Read Review

Hannibal’s Children

By John Maddox Roberts - Published 2002


Alternate History

“What if the past had been different? What if one war had changed the world?” Such is the focus of this novel wherein ...Read Review