Moon Medicine

By Mike Blakely - Published 2001



Honore Greenwood, by his own admission a genius, fled France for America after slaying a man who raped the woman he loved. At ...Read Review

The Romantics

By Peter Brandvold - Published 2001



My assumption is that the title is intended to be ironic, at least in part, since there is very little that’s romantic ...Read Review

The Good Journey

By Micaela Gilchrist - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical FictionRomance

“Sixteen years ago, when I followed the General away, I had known him for only three days. I reconciled myself then to sleeping ...Read Review

Rose of Nancemellin

By Malcolm MacDonald - Published 2001



At the heart of this entertaining upstairs-downstairs tale is an effervescent, energetic working-class heroine who accepts her place in the world but is ...Read Review

The Witch from the Sea

By Lisa Jensen - Published 2001



In 1823, half-Indian Victoria “Tory” MacKenzie flees an unpromising future in Boston by disguising herself as a male and stowing away on a ship. ...Read Review

Grand Ambition

By Lisa Michaels - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical Fiction

In November 1928, with minimal supplies and a homemade boat, newlyweds Glen and Bessie Hyde left Green River, Utah with the goal of running ...Read Review

Badger Boy

By Elmer Kelton - Published 2001



The Texas frontier, spring, 1865. So begins this latest historical western novel by one of the long-time giants in the field, Elmer Kelton. This ...Read Review

The Buccaneers

By Iain Lawrence - Published 2001


AdventureChildren/Young AdultNautical

Bound for the West Indies, John Spencer sets sail aboard the Dragon in 1803. The day he sights a lifeboat with one passenger in ...Read Review

The White Company & Sir Nigel

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Published 2005



At the Abbey of Beaulieu in 1366, the abbot expels Brother John for a rash of bad behavior, and the brawny youth makes good ...Read Review

The Captain’s Wife

By Douglas Kelley - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical FictionNautical

In the summer of 1856 Mary Patten and her husband, Captain Joshua Patten, begin what would become an incredible voyage aboard the clipper ship ...Read Review