Forthcoming historical novels for 2023

The Historical Novel Society lists mainstream and small press historical titles for books set in eras up to the mid 1970s. Details are compiled by Fiona Sheppard (US, CAN, UK, AUS) and are based on publisher descriptions.

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Last update December 15, 2023

January 2023

Merryn Allingham, The Secrets of Summerhayes, Bookouture (WWII family saga in Summerhayes House series)

Gina Apostol, La Tercera, Soho Press (pieces together a century and a half of Philippine history through the story of the Delgados of Leyte — a clan of “madmen and collaborators” loving and feuding through generations of colonization, war and catastrophe)

Rose Archer, The Timber Girls, Quercus (saga series set during the Second World War)

J. D. Arnold, Rawhide Jake: Westward Ho!, Five Star (the life and times of detective Jonas V. Brighton, book 3)

Amanda Barratt, Within These Walls of Sorrow, Kregel (a look at a little-known pharmacy in the midst of the Kraków Ghetto and the bravery of its employees who save the lives of the Jewish community)

Marie Benedict, The Mitford Affair, Sourcebooks Landmark (novel of history’s most notorious sisters, one of whom will have to choose either her country or her sisters)

Anya Bergman, The Witches of Vardø, Manilla Press (three women fight for survival in Norway, 1662)

Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard, Sisters of Castle Leod, Black Rose (story of two sisters torn apart by jealousy and superstition, and the impossible leap of faith that could finally bring them together)

Peter Blauner, Picture in the Sand, Minotaur (intergenerational saga told through a grandfather’s eyes, illuminating the story of his political rebellion in 1950s Egypt)

Rita Bradshaw, After the First Frost, Macmillan UK (20th-century romance)

Simon Brett, Blotto, Twinks and the Conquistadors’ Gold, Constable (humorous historical fiction mystery series)

Julie Brooks, The Keepsake, Headline (dual-time novel, with a complex woman at its heart, and a wealth of twists, turns and secrets)

Irene Bennett Brown, Somebody’s Business, Five Star (frontier novel set in early 20th-century Kansas, part of the Nickel Hill series focusing on a female rancher)

Elizabeth Camden, Hearts of Steel, Bethany House (romance in which a successful businesswoman offends a corrupt banker, and unwittingly sets off a series of calamities that threaten to destroy her life’s work)

Joy Castro, One Brilliant Flame, Lake Union (against the backdrop of the Great Fire of Key West and inspired by actual events–a 19th-century utopia becomes a powder keg of political intrigue and betrayal)

Caroline Cauchi, Mrs Van Gogh, One More Chapter (novel gives voice to Vincent’s sister-in-law and keeper of his immense collection of paintings, sketches and letters, who has, until now, been written out of history)

Tim Chant, The War for Tripoli, Sapere (nautical adventure set during the Italo-Turkish War. Marcus Baxter Naval Thrillers, book 3)

Lauren Chater, The Lace Weaver, Allison & Busby (1941, Estonia; facing the threat of invasion by Hitler’s encroaching Third Reich, Katarina, Lydia and two idealistic young soldiers, find themselves in a fight for life, liberty and love)

Renato Cisneros (trans. Fionn Petch), You Shall Leave Your Land, Charco Press (the story of the Catholic priest’s progeny unfolds alongside key moments in the development of the Republic of Peru)

Rory Clements, The English Führer, Zaffre (spy thriller set in autumn 1945)

Siân Collins, Tiding, Honno Welsh Women’s Press (novel about memory and the power of the imagination set in 1963)

Vivian Conroy, Last Seen in Santorini, One More Chapter (Miss Ashford investigates in 1930s era Greece)

Armando Lucas Correa, The Night Travelers, Atria (four generations of women experience love, loss, war, and hope from the rise of Nazism to the Cuban Revolution and finally, the fall of the Berlin Wall)

Tad Crawford, On Wine-Dark Seas, Skyhorse (a continuation of the journey of Odysseus and his return home to his fatherless son Telemachus)

Tom Crewe, The New Life, Scribner (debut about two marriages, two forbidden love affairs, and the passionate search for social and sexual freedom in late 19th-century London)

John Cribb, The Rail Splitter, Republic (biographical fiction tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s remarkable journey from a log cabin to the threshold of the White House)

Orlando Davidson, Baseline Road, Artemesia (May 1970; murder mystery set n the turmoil following Nixon’s Cambodia invasion and the Kent State killings)

J. D. Davies, Sailor of Liberty, Canelo (1793 — Philippe Kermorvant, son of an English aristocrat and a French nobleman, arrives in Brittany, his father’s homeland, for the first time in his life. First in new navel adventure series)

Margaret DeRosia, Eight Strings, Simon & Schuster (coming-of-age debut novel about a young woman in late 19th-century Venice who becomes a man to join the male-dominated world of the theater as a puppeteer)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Independence, William Morrow (set during the partition of British India in 1947, novel brings to life the story of three sisters caught up in events beyond their control and their struggle against powerful odds)

Helena Dixon, Murder at the Charity Ball, Bookouture (Golden Age cosy murder mystery set in 1934)

Bella Ellis, A Gift of Poison, Hodder & Stoughton (fourth murder mystery with the Brontë sisters as amateur sleuths)

Elizabeth Everett, A Love by Design, Berkley (romance between a charming Earl and a woman who wants nothing to do with him since he broke her youthful heart)

Kimberly Olson Fakih, Little Miseries, Delphinium (biographical fiction set in Iowa and Minnesota in the 60s and 70s)

Jessica Fellowes, The Mitford Secret, Minotaur (book six of the Mitford Murder Mysteries set in 1941)

David Field, The Road to Runnymede, Sapere (sixth book in the Medieval Saga Series)

Katie Flynn, A Rose and a Promise, Century (WWII romantic saga)

Suzanne Fortin, The Dance Teacher of Paris, Embla (novel about the strength of the human spirit and the courage of ordinary people in the darkest days of war)

Laura Frantz, The Rose and the Thistle, Revell (amid the Jacobite uprising of 1715, an English heiress flees to the Scottish lowlands to stay with allies of her powerful family)

Craig Godfrey, The Vatican Ruby, Black Rose (mystery surrounding rare and valuable Vatican relics stolen in 1812)

Stephanie Graves, A Courage Undimmed, Kensington (British pigeoneer Olive Bright has hopes of becoming an agent herself one day …but first there is a baffling murder to solve)

Johana Gustawsson (trans. David Warriner), The Bleeding, Orenda (dark gothic thriller that swings from Belle Époque France to 21st-century Quebec)

Paul Harding, This Other Eden, W. W. Norton (novel inspired by the true story of the once racially integrated Malaga Island off the coast of Maine)

Anstey Harris, When I First Held You, Lake Union (novel set in 1960s Glasgow and present day)

Samantha Hastings, Secret of the Sonnets, Covenant (a debt-sunk lord and a history buff embark on the trail of a centuries-old mystery)

Sarah Hendess, Second Chances in Hollywood, Wild Rose (Hollywood, 1959; romance about two unlikely television co-stars whose relationship is threatened by a tabloid scandal)

Mimi Herman, The Kudzu Queen, Regal House (unravels a tangle of sexuality, power, race, and kudzu in North Carolina, 1941)

Aleksandar Hernon, The World and All That It Holds, MCD/Macmillan (a story spanning decades in which two men escape the trenches in WWI, survive near-certain death, and tangle with spies and Bolsheviks)

Polly Heron, New Beginnings for the Surplus Girls, Corvus (1923- a woman must prove she can run a home for old soldiers as well as any man)

Donna Hill, I am Ayah ― The Way Home, Sideways Books (more than a century later, the descendant of the one Amistad escapee must return to the home she fled if she ever hopes to reconcile the events of the past)

Catherine Hokin, The Girl in the Photo, Bookouture (WWII novel about love and courage in the face of terrible odds)

Ben Kane, King, Orion (third instalment in the Lionheart series set in 1192)

Brian Kaufman, A Shadow Melody, Black Rose (historical speculative fiction set in early 1900s)

Jaan Kross (trans. Merike Lepasaar Beecher), A Book of Falsehoods, Quercus (third part in an historical trilogy set in 1578)

Lizzie Lane, New Neighbours for Coronation Lane, Boldwood (new series saga set in the interwar period)

Natasha Lester, The Three Lives of Alix St. Pierre, Forever (story of an orphan turned WWII spy turned fashion icon in Paris)

Paula Lichtarowicz, The Snow Hare, Little, Brown (a woman dreams of becoming a doctor until World War II gets in the way)

Victoria MacKenzie, For Thy Great Pain Have Mercy On My Little Pain, Bloomsbury (two women who meet in Norwich, 1413 tell each other stories of girlhood, motherhood, sickness, loss, doubt and belief)

Carol MacLean, Elsie’s Wartime Wish, Hera Books (family saga set during WWII)

Dacia Maraini (trans. Jane Tylus), In Praise of Disobedience, Rutgers Univ. Press (part epistolary novel, part essay, part biography tells the life of Italian Saint Clare of Assisi)

Beezy Marsh, Queen of Thieves, William Morrow (1946 — historical adventure about a ring of resourceful women thieves in post-World War II London)

Alyssa Maxwell, A Fashionable Fatality, Kensington (a house party attended by fashion royalty becomes the backdrop for a murder that only Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid can untangle)

R. S. Maxwell, Through a Darkening Glass, Lake Union (World War II mystery about a Londoner who flees the city to write a novel and finds a truth stranger than fiction)

Frances McNamara, Molasses Murder in a Nutshell, Level Best (first in a series of fictional stories based on the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, various miniature crime scenes which were and are used to train police detectives)

Ellie Midwood, The Undercover Secretary, Bookouture (tells the true WWII story of Dora Schaul, one of history’s most courageous women)

Jamila Minnicks, Moonrise Over New Jessup, Algonquin (debut about a Black woman doing whatever it takes to protect all she loves at the beginning of the civil rights movement in Alabama)

Terri Nixon, The Secrets of Pencarrack Moor, Piatkus (spin-off from Fox Family saga, follows Bertie’s journey to become a pilot as she takes to the skies in Cornwall)

Joseph O’Connor, My Father’s House, Europa Editions (literary thriller based on the true story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, who risked his life to smuggle thousands of Jews and escaped Allied prisoners out of Italy under the nose of his Nazi nemesis)

Véronique Olmi (trans. Alison Anderson), Daughters Beyond Command, Europa Editions (takes us from the May 1968 protests to the 1981 elections; a chronicle of an era, where consciousnesses are awakening to the upheaval of the world)

Amita Parikh, The Circus Train, Little, Brown/Sphere (a two-decade journey across Europe and a travelling circus where nothing is as it seems)

Tracey Rose Peyton, Night Wherever We Go, Ecco (debut novel about a group of enslaved women staging a covert rebellion against their owners)

Hanna Pylväinen, The End of Drum-Time, Henry Holt (love story about a young reindeer herder and a minister’s daughter in the 19th century Arctic Circle)

C. S. Richardson, All the Colour in the World, Knopf Canada (story set against the sweep of the twentieth century—from Toronto in the ’20s and ’30s, through the killing fields of World War II, to 1960s Sicily)

Lalla Romano (trans. Brian Robert Moore), A Silence Shared, Pushkin (translated into English for the first time; a sharply modern novel of World War II)

Gordon L. Rottman, Hunters’ Island, Casemate (in WWII, two men will be caught on a rugged and brutal South Pacific island called Guadalcanal, known to both sides as Starvation Island)

Laura Joh Rowland, River of Fallen Angels, Crooked Lane (7th in Victorian mystery series in which Sarah Bain Barrett is pitted against a true-crime serial killer who may have ties to Jack the Ripper)

Gabriella Saab, Daughters of Victory, William Morrow (novel spanning from the Russian Revolution to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union and following two women)

Michelle Salter, Death At Crookham Hall, Boldwood (beginning of a new 1920s cozy mystery series)

Preeta Samarasan, Tale of the Dreamer’s Son, World Editions (view of Malaysia’s history and an investigation of the psychology of cults set in the 1970s, early 1980s and the present day)

Helen Scarlett, The Lodger, Quercus (Gothic tale which takes readers back to the aftermath of the Great War)

Simon Scarrow & T. J. Andrews, Brothers of the Sword, Headline (fourth ebook novella telling the story of Caratacus – barbarian enemy of Rome)

Selby Wynn Schwartz, After Sappho, Liveright (reimagines the lives of a brilliant group of feminists, sapphists, artists and writers in the late 19th and early 20th century)

Susan Holloway Scott, Martha, Kensington (novel about the life of Martha Dandridge Washington, who was a fierce and passionate beauty and an integral, intimate part of the founding of America)

Eleanor Shearer, River Sing Me Home, Berkley/Headline Review (redemptive story of a mother’s gripping journey across the Caribbean to find her stolen children in the aftermath of slavery)

Laura Shepperson, Phaedra (US), Alcove Press (in this is the age of heroes and the age of monsters, there are two sides to every story. Retelling of the trial of Phaedra)

James D. Shipman, Before the Storm, Kensington (inspired by a real-life husband and wife Nazi-hunting team, novel follows the harrowing search for a fugitive Nazi scientist across post-war Europe)

Jane Smiley, A Dangerous Business, Abacus (murder mystery set in Gold Rush California, as two young prostitutes follow a trail of missing girls)

Simon Smith, A Man of Honour, Bonnier Echo (reimagining of the life of Henry James O’Farrell’s, before and after the would-be assassination of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, son of Queen Victoria, in 1868 Sydney)

Matthew Speiser, Sons of Liberty, Black Rose (tale of romance and betrayal, set in the shadows of America’s defining war)

Wendell Steavenson, Margot, W. W. Norton (a story of the sexual revolution and a fictional portrayal of the challenges women have faced in gaining power and respect in the scientific community)

Katie Stewart Stone, Scotland’s Melody, Covenant (Regency Romance between a Scottish lord and an heiress disowned by her family)

Alison Stuart, The Homecoming, HQ Fiction (historical romance with a murder mystery at its core, set in Maiden’s Creek, Australia, 1892)

Maggie Sullivan, The Schoolmistress, One More Chapter (saga in the Our Street at War series which takes an ordinary street during wartime and peeps inside at the life of the residents)

Kai Thomas, In the Upper Country, Viking/John Murray (debut set in the Black communities of Ontario that were the last stop on the Underground Railroad)

Liz Tolsma, What I Would Tell You, Barbour (dual timeline inspirational Christian fiction)

Ann M. Trader, If Ever in Love, Wild Rose (romance between a colonial Captain and a biracial woman, set in South Carolina 1783)

M. J. Trow, Breaking the Circle, Severn House (Dr Margaret Murray, accomplished archaeologist and occasional sleuth, calls upon her police connections to investigate who may want to see the Edwardian mediums of London dead)

Simon Turney, Bellatrix, Head of Zeus — an Aries b00k (warrior and combat medic, Titus Cervianus, must fight the armies of the fabled Warrior Queen in a new Roman adventure)

Phillipa Vincent-Connolly, The Ring of Fate, Sapere (in book two it seems Beth’s time-slipping has had a disastrous affect. Anne Boleyn has been wiped from history and it looks like Beth has taken her place)

Shirley Russak Wachtel, A Castle in Brooklyn, Little A (spanning decades, a novel about reckoning with the past, the true nature of friendship, and the dream of finding home)

Marlie Parker Wasserman, Path of Peril, Level Best (imagines what the newspapers feared to report and what historians never discovered about Roosevelt’s risky trip to Panama in 1906)

Jeri Westerson, Courting Dragons, Severn House (introducing Will Somers, the king’s jester but nobody’s fool in this first in a new series set in Tudor England)

Roseanna M. White, Yesterday’s Tides, Bethany House (romantic dual timeline novel set on Ocracoke Island in 1942 and 1914)

Doris Wilbur, Checkers on the Hill, Milford House (set in 1968; Samuel and Josie relocate to Washington, D.C., where they must learn to work with others who have outspoken beliefs, and how to adapt to survive)

De’Shawn Charles Winslow, Decent People, Bloomsbury (novel of a Black community reeling from a triple homicide, and the secrets the killings reveal

Kimberley Woodhouse, A Mark of Grace, Bethany House (inspirational novel about the strength and beauty of friendship, family, and love)

Sarit Yishai-Levi (trans. Gilah Kahn-Hoffmann), The Woman Beyond the Sea, Amazon Crossing (novel about three generations of women who have lost each other—and the quest to weave them back into a family)

February 2023

Shana Abe, An American Beauty, Kensington (story of Arabella Huntington, who defied both her origins and the constraints of the era to become the wealthiest woman in America. Set in Manhattan, 1870s-1900)

Ahmet Altan (trans. Brendan Freely), Dying is Easier Than Loving, Europa Editions (centers on the story of Nizam’s love affair with a Russian pianist, told against the backdrop of the Ottoman Empire’s tumultuous history in the years leading up to WWI. Vol 3)

Rosanna Amaka, Rose and the Burma Sky, Doubleday (historical novel of a Black soldier’s experience in the Second World War)

Lyn Andrews, Goodbye, Mersey View, Headline (saga evokes the ups and downs of life in the back streets of 1930s Liverpool)

John Manuel Arias, Where There Was Fire, Flatiron (a Costa Rican family wrestles with the aftermath of neocolonialism, a deadly secret, and an all-consuming fire. Set between 1968 and mid 1990s)

Lucy Ashe, Clara and Olivia (UK) / The Dance of the Dolls (US), Magpie/Union Square (Sadler’s Wells, 1933 – thriller in which identical twins compete for the lead in the ballet Coppélia)

Elizabeth Bailey, Just Deserts, Sapere (romance between two people with a shared love of horses, set in England, 1786)

Kate Baker, Maid of Steel, The Book Guild (1911; Emma’s arrival in Ireland leads her to discover family secrets, become involved in the Irish Women’s Suffrage and a forbidden love affair)

Paul Bannister, Plague and Rage, Lume Books (a novel of a young man in an age of hardship, disease and resentment who works to improve the lives of the peasant class)

Kerry Barrett, The Missing Wife, HQ Digital (dual timeline mystery set in 1933 and present day)

Pepper Basham, The Cairo Curse, Barbour (sequel to The Mistletoe Countess; romance set in Egypt)

Alissa Baxter, The Baronet’s Lady Biologist, Vinspire (romance with a lady biologist and an entomologist)

Celia Bell, The Disenchantment, Serpent’s Tail (two women in seventeenth-century Paris are drawn into the volatile and mysterious Affair of the Poisons, after a bid to keep their passionate romance a secret, results in deadly violence)

Charlotte Betts, The Lost Daughter of Venice, Piatkus (1919; when Phoebe returns to Venice to find her aunt dead and the grand palazzo now hers, she begins to question who she can really trust and whether her aunt’s death was truly an accident after all)

Stuart Blackburn, All the Way to the Sea, The Book Guild (a war-time romance, long-held secrets and a suspicious death disturb life in a quiet corner of rural America)

Rick Bleiweiss, Murder in Haxford, Blackstone (second Pignon Scorbion mystery set in England, 1910)

Franck Bouysse (trans. Chris Clarke), Wind Drinkers, Other Press (charts a family’s struggle for freedom and justice in a hostile mountain community)

Diane Marie Brown, Black Candle Women, Graydon House (family drama with a magical twist about four generations of Black women, a family curse, and one very complicated year of heartache, miscommunication, and learning to let go)

Doug Burgess, A Legacy of Bones, Sourcebooks Landmark (a story of sacrifice, an abandoned temple, and a family torn apart by a legacy of shame that won’t stay buried)

Jessie Burton, Medusa, Bloomsbury (retelling of the Greek myth, illuminating the woman behind the legend)

Mary Calvi, If a Poem Could Live and Breathe, SMP (fact-based romantic speculative novel about Teddy Roosevelt’s first love)

Francesca Capaldi, A New Start at the Beach Hotel, Hera Books (WWII romantic saga)

Crystal Caudill, Counterfeit Hope, Kregel (second book in the Hidden Hearts of the Gilded Age series. Inspirational)

Megan Chance, A Dangerous Education, Lake Union (novel about secrets and redemption set in the shadows of McCarthy-era America)

Janie Chang, The Porcelain Moon, William Morrow (novel set in WWI France about two young women—one Chinese, one French—whose lives intersect with unexpected, potentially dangerous consequences)

Adrienne Chinn, The Paris Sister, One More Chapter (forever changed by their experiences during the Great War the Fry sisters come to realise that the most important bond is that of family)

Meagan Church, The Last Carolina Girl, Sourcebooks Landmark (set against the backdrop of 1935 North Carolina where a eugenics board was mandating forced sterilizations, novel sheds light on one young woman’s fight to control her future)

Rosie Clarke, Life and Love at Mulberry Lane, Boldwood (continuation of WWII saga as Mulberry Lane’s favourite pub undergoes renovation)

Elena Collins, The Lady of the Loch, Boldwood (romance set in dual time period, Scotland 1307 and present day)

Mary Connealy, Forged in Love, Bethany House (1870; after being left for dead and with no memory, a woman attempts to rebuild her life as she takes over her father’s blacksmith business)

James D. Crownover, Me An’ Gus, Five Star (coming-of-age adventure Western saga)

Dilly Court, Dolly’s Dream, HarperCollins (sixth and final book in The Rockwood Chronicles)

Lynn Cullen, The Woman with the Cure, Berkley (novel based on the true story of the woman who stopped the polio pandemic)

Sara Dahmen, Outcast 1883, Promontory Press (takes place in the Dakota town of Flats Junction, where a woman of mixed race owns the only general store)

Janet Dailey, A Calder at Heart, Kensington (1919 — with the Great War over and the country on the brink of Prohibition, the small town of Blue Moon, Montana, is about to undergo another seismic shift)

N. R. Daws, A Perfect Time to Murder, Thomas & Mercer (WW2 is raging in the skies over England. But for Kember and Hayes there is murder underground)

Patrick Dearen, Grizzly Moon, Five Star (Wash Baker has been haunted by the memory of a cattle drive, a grizzly bear and accidentally killing his young son  – and now he has a chance at redemption)

Jennifer Deibel, The Maid of Ballymacool, Revell (a Cinderella story, complete with a mystery, a romance, and a chance at redemption, set in 1930s Ireland)

Neil Denby, Legionary, Sapere (first book in the Quintus Roman Thrillers series set in Ancient Rome)

Kimberly Duffy, The Weight of Air, Bethany House (the lives of three circus performers become entangled beneath the glittering lights and flying trapeze of Madison Square Garden)

Kate Eastham, The Last Letter from Paris, Bookouture (story takes place in Nazi-occupied Paris as one woman searches for the truth about her birth mother)

Sarah M. Eden, Wyoming Wild, Shadow Mountain (Wyoming Territory, 1876 — hearts collide when a sheriff’s daughter asks a hardened US Marshal to join her fight for justice and rid a small town of her corrupt father)

Sharon Emmerichs, Shield Maiden, Head of Zeus (refocusing the narrative on a fierce young woman reclaiming her power, this novel will upend everything you think you know about Beowulf)

Elaine Everest, The Woolworths Girl’s Promise, Macmillan UK (eighth in series follows the turbulent life of a much-loved Woolworth girl)

Yuri Felsen (trans. Bryan Karentnyk), Deceit, Astra House (novel in the form of a diary tells of an obsessive love affair set in interwar Paris)

Heinz Insu Fenkl, Skull Water, Spiegel & Grau (set in South Korea in the 1950s and 1970s, a haunting inter-generational coming-of-age novel about identity and displacement)

Charles Fergus, Lay This Body Down, Arcade Crimewise (Gideon Stoltz #3 takes place in 1837 in pre-Civil War America, when both northern and southern states grew rich from slave labor)

Danny Gardner, A Negro and An Ofay, Bronzeville Books (1952, a disgraced Chicago Police Officer accepts a straight job as a process server and crosses paths with a powerful family from Chicago’s North Shore)

Jonathan Garfinkel, In a Land Without Dogs the Cats Learn to Bark, House of Anansi (Cold War revenge story unfolding over three decades)

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, The Promise of a Normal Life, Arcade (a journey of a quiet young woman finding her way in the changing landscape of the 1960s)

Elizabeth Gill, An Orphan’s Wish, Quercus (a story of familial strength and survival in the face of great loss)

Rosie Goodwin, A Lesson Learned, Zaffre (Nuneaton, 1850; Saffie is forced to place her dreams on hold as she steps up to look after her family)

Molly Greeley, Marvelous, William Morrow (novel set in the French royal court of Catherine de’ Medici during the Renaissance, which recreates the true story behind the Beauty and the Beast legend)

Ella Gyland, The Day the Germans Came, One More Chapter (Inspired by the true story of how the people of Denmark saved their Jewish neighbors during WWII)

Tessa Harris, The Paris Notebook, HQ Digital (the Nazi party will stop at nothing to destroy a notebook, highly damaging to Hitler, and silence those who know of the secret hidden inside)

Emilia Hart, Weyward, The Borough Press (weaving together the stories of three women across five centuries, this is a novel of female resilience and the transformative power of the natural world)

Anastasia Hastings, Of Manners and Murder, Minotaur (marauding husbands and murder are par for the course for the best-loved Agony Aunt in Britain)

Natalie Haynes, Stone Blind, Harper (based on the myth of Medusa and how she was never a monster at all)

Cheryl A. Head, Time’s Undoing, Dutton (a young contemporary Black journalist searches for answers to the unsolved murder of her great-grandfather in segregated Birmingham, 1929)

Jody Hedlund, The Last Chance Cowboy, Bethany House (romantic Western adventure set in Colorado)

Claire Heywood, The Shadow of Perseus, Dutton (reinterpretation of the myth of the great hero Perseus, told through the voices of three women)

Joanna Higgins, In the Fall They Leave, Regal House (a WWI story of moral courage, resilience, and endurance)

Tom Hindle, The Murder Game, Century (locked-room mystery set around a murder mystery party in a crumbling country house)

K. S. Hollenbeck, The Odyssey of Effie Frost, Five Star (stranded in San Francisco, a half-built city of almost all men, Effie devises a plan to find gold)

Kevin Jared Hosein, Hungry Ghosts, Ecco (story of two families colliding in 1940s Trinidad—and a chilling mystery that shows how interconnected their lives truly are)

B. M. Howard, Blood & Fireflies, Canelo (debut historical mystery set around Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests)

Lindsey Hutchinson, The Ragged Orphan, Boldwood (an Oliver-twist-type story with a 12-year-old boy who does what he has to to avoid the workhouse)

Alex Hyde, Violets, Granta (a story of women’s courage suffused with power, lyricism and beauty set in the closing days of the war)

Jac Jemc, Empty Theatre, MCD/Macmillan (social satire reimagining the mad misadventures of the iconic royal cousins King Ludwig and Empress Sisi)

Pam Jenoff, Code Name Sapphire, Park Row (a woman must rescue her cousin’s family from a train bound for Auschwitz)

Paulette Kennedy, The Witch of Tin Mountain, Lake Union (in Depression-era Arkansas, something wicked has come to a haunted mountain town in a novel of uncanny suspense)

Christina Koning, Murder in Dublin, Allison & Busby (Ireland, 1939; blind war veteran, Frederick Rowlands, seeks refuge in the neutral grounds of Ireland where his friend is accused of murder)

Richard Kurti, Omens of Death, Sapere (first book in the Basilica Diaries Medieval Mysteries series: historical thrillers set in fifteenth-century Rome and featuring a brother and sister investigative duo)

Brianna Labuskes, The Librarian of Burned Books, William Morrow (WWII-era novel about the intertwined fates of three women who believe in the power of books to triumph over the very darkest moments of war)

Lillie Lainoff, One For All, Titan Books (adventure in which Tania attends L’Académie des Mariées, a secret training ground for Musketeers: women who strap daggers under their skirts and protect France from downfall)

Caroline Lea, Prize Women, Harper Perennial (reimagines the story of one of the most controversial contests in history, the Great Stork Derby, in which a wealthy millionaire’s death spawns a furious competition for his inheritance)

Judy LeBlanc, The Broken Heart of Winter, Caitlin Press (debut in which three generations of Acadian women grapple with the impacts of dislocation, exile, and violence)

Pierre Lemaitre (trans. Frank Wynne), Mirror of Our Sorrows, MacLehose (final novel in the Paris between-the-wars trilogy chronicles the greatness and decline of a people crushed by circumstance)

Chris Lloyd, Paris Requiem, Orion/Pegasus (World War II murder mystery & portrait of Paris under occupation)

Katie Lumsden, The Secrets of Hartwood Hall, Dutton (1852 a young widow takes a position as governess to an only child, at an isolated country house & is soon embroiled in the house’s secrets)

Maja Lunde (trans. Diane Oatley), The Last Wild Horses, HarperVia (historical science fiction in which three families in three centuries discover the indestructible bonds that unite us all – set in 1881, 1992 and 2064)

J. C. Maetis, The Vienna Writers Circle, Mira (suspenseful tale of love, survival and redemption set against the backdrop of 1938 Vienna, as the newly arrived SS hunt down two writers from among Freud’s close circle of friends)

Heather Marshall, Looking for Jane, Atria (multi-period novel about three women whose lives are bound together by a long-lost letter, a mother’s love, and a secret network of women fighting for the right to choose)

Francesca May, Wild and Wicked Things, Orbit (in the aftermath of the First World War, a young woman gets swept into a glittering world filled with illicit magic, romance, blood debts and murder)

Rachel Scott McDaniel, In Spotlight and Shadow, Barbour (11th in series — dual-time romantic suspense set in Pittsburgh’s famous theater)

Fiona McFarlane, The Sun Walks Down, FSG / Sceptre (a child goes missing during a dust storm in Colonial Australia of 1883)

C.E. McGill, Our Hideous Progeny, Harper/Doubleday (revisits of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein that unfolds with a fresh, provocative, queer twist)

Sherif Meleka, (trans. Raymond Stock), Suleiman’s Ring, Hoopoe (an enchanted ring brings good fortune to an Egyptian oud player)

Toni Mount, The Colour of Bone, MadeGlobal (May 1480 in the City of London; book 11 in the Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery series)

Melinda Moustakis, Homestead, Flatiron (debut novel set in 1950s Alaska in the years leading up to statehood, about the turbulent marriage of two unlikely homesteaders)

Niklas Natt och Dag (trans. Ebba Segerberg), 1794: The City Between the Bridges, Atria (1794; second installment of historical noir trilogy featuring Jean Mickel Cardell, the one-armed watchman)

Blaise Ndala (trans. Amy B Reid), In the Belly of the Congo, Other Press (multigenerational novel that explores the history and human cost of colonialism in the Congo)

Gosia Nealon, The Polish Girl, Bookouture (a woman in the Polish resistance risks her life transporting ammunition for the underground network’s uprising against the Nazis)

Mary-Anne O’Connor, Never to Surrender, HQ Fiction (a young German-Australian soldier meets a passionate Cretan girl and together they are caught up in guerrilla warfare during the brutal Nazi invasion of Crete)

H. G. Parry, The Magician’s Daughter, Redhook/Orbit (a young woman raised on an isolated island by a magician discovers things aren’t as they seem and must venture into early 1900s England to return magic to the world)

William Seto Ping, Hollow Bamboo, HarperCollins (recounts with humour and sympathy the often-brutal struggles, and occasional successes, faced by some of the first Chinese immigrants in Newfoundland)

Bridget Pitt, Eye Brother Horn, Catalyst Press (tale of identity, kinship, and atonement, set in 1870s South Africa, a decade of ruthless colonial aggression against the nation’s indigenous people)

MJ Porter, King of Kings, Boldwood (in a story of kings and vassals, powerful men who wish to rule and not be ruled, plot their revenge against the upstart English king, Athelstan)

Richard Gid Powers, Secret Agent Gals, Livingston Press, Univ. West Alabama (humorous satire about a group of FBI gals who might have thwarted J. Edgar Hoover, Hitler, and Stalin and won WW II)

Laura Purcell, The Whispering Muse, Raven (gothic romance set at the Mercury Theatre in London’s West End)

Weina Dai Randel, Night Angels, Lake Union (novel about a diplomatic couple who risked their lives to help Viennese Jews escape the Nazis, based on the true story of Dr. Ho Fengshan)

Patricia Raybon, Double the Lies, Tyndale (amateur detective Annalee Spain races the clock to solve the murder of a young pilot before she is framed for the crime)

Sarah Rayne, Chalice of Darkness, Severn House (London, 1908; the Fitzglens are proud of their reputation as one of London’s leading theatre families and equally proud of their other profession — they are thieves!)

Shelley Read, Go As A River, Spiegel & Grau (set amid Colorado’s wild beauty, a coming-of-age story of a young woman whose life is changed forever by one chance encounter. Inspired by true events in the 1960s)

Brigitte Reimann (trans. Lucy Jones), Siblings, Penguin Classics (novel battles with the clash of idealism and suppression, familial loyalty, and desire in a story of three siblings, set in 1960s Germany)

Mandy Robotham, The War Pianist, Avon UK (1940 —bound together by the invisible wires of their radios, two women lead parallel lives in their home cities, as both are betrayed by those they trust the most)

M. J. Rose, The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams, Blue Box (a tale of two passionate women separated by decades but united by a shared vision)

Matt Ruff, The Destroyer of Worlds, Harper (historical fantasy set in summer, 1957, explores the meaning of death, the hold of the past on the present, and the power of hope in the face of uncertainty)

Salman Rushdie, Victory City, Jonathan Cape (in 14th-century southern India, a nine-year-old girl has a divine encounter that will change the course of history)

Shari J. Ryan, We Only Had Each Other, Bookouture (tells the story of identical twin sisters in Auschwitz)

Jill Santopolo, Stars in an Italian Sky, Putnam (story of two star-crossed lovers in post-World War II Italy, and a blossoming relationship generations later)

John Sayles, Jamie MacGillivray, Melville House (spanning 13 years, two continents, several wars, and many smoke-filled and bloody battlefields, novel begins in 1746 at the Battle of Culloden)

Morgan Shamy, The Dollmaker, Camcat (1920s; a serial killer targets beautiful women, creating “art” from the bodies he leaves behind, and it’s up to Dawn and her medical knowledge to find the murderer)

Laura Shepperson, The Heroines (UK), Sphere (in Athens, crowds flock to witness a trial. Phaedra, young bride of King Theseus, has accused her stepson, Hippolytus, of rape)

Kim Sherwood, A Wild & True Relation, Virago (set in 18th-century, novel challenges women’s writing and women’s roles throughout history)

Jill Eileen Smith, Daughter of Eden, Revell (imagines the life of the first woman to ever live, unspooling a story of love, loss, and the promise of redemption)

Sarah Sundin, The Sound of Light, Revell (WWII, Denmark; a story of ordinary people responding to extraordinary circumstances with faith, fortitude, and hope for a brighter future)

Linda Stratmann, Sherlock Holmes and the Persian Slipper, Sapere (Sherlock Holmes must pry the secrets from a dead man in London, 1877)

Herbert E. Stover, By Night the Strangers, Catamount Press (story of Luke Hanley who unwittingly finds himself on the station of the Underground Railroad and joins the valiant group of “Right People” in the lumber country of Pennsylvania)

Magda Szabó (trans. Len Rix), The Fawn, MacLehose (set against newly communist 1950s Hungary, novel embraces the lies and falsehoods people were obliged to live with)

Johhny Teague, The Lost Diary of George Washington, Addison & Highsmith (biographical fiction in which Washington describes the Revolutionary War Years with his own words and feelings)

Kate Thompson, The Little Wartime Library, Forever (novel based on the true story of a librarian who created an underground shelter during World War II)

Charles Todd, The Cliff’s Edge, William Morrow (in the aftermath of World War I, nurse Bess Crawford is caught in a deadly feud between two families)

June Trop, The Deadliest Deceptions, Level Best (first-century CE Roman Alexandria; narrates the perilous adventures of Miriam bat Isaac, budding alchemist and sleuth extraordinaire)

Jen Turano, A Match in the Making, Bethany House (tasked with finding the season’s most eligible bachelor a wife, a paid matchmaker’s assignment becomes increasingly difficult when she realizes his perfect match might be her)

Daniel H. Turtel, The Family Morfawitz, Blackstone (a retelling of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Greco-Roman myth as a multigenerational Jewish family saga)

Margaret Verble, Stealing, Mariner (novel about a Cherokee child removed from her family and sent to a Christian boarding school in the 1950s)

Betty Walker, A Mother’s Hope for the Cornish Girls, Avon UK (fourth installment of family saga, set in St. Ives, Cornwall, 1943)

Megan Walker, Miss Newbury’s List, Shadow Mountain (Regency romance set in England, 1820)

Olivia Wearne, The Woman Who Knew Too Little, HQ Fiction (novel about one of Australia’s great mysteries, and the life choices available to mid-century women)

Sheila Williams, Things Past Telling, Amistad (novel that charts a midwife’s journey across an ocean of years, surviving capture, enslavement, and a brief stint as a pirate’s ward where she is both a spy and a translator)

Jonathan Wilson, The Red Balcony, Schocken (based on actual events, a novel of sex, love, and justice in the tinderbox of British Mandatory Palestine, 1933)

Daisy Wood, The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris, Avon (dual timeline WWII tale of love and a betrayal that echoes through generations)

March 2023

Leila Aboulela, River Spirit, Grove Press (novel about an embattled young woman’s coming of age during the Mahdist War, in 19th century Sudan)

Cheryl Adnams, We’ll Meet Again, Mira (story of love, loss, ambition and family set in Australia and Hawaii in 1941)

César Aira (trans. Chris Andrews), Fulgentius, New Directions (holds a fun-house mirror up to the genre of historical fiction in this novel about an aging Roman general on what may be his last campaign into the provinces)

Larry Alexander, 76 Hours, Blackstone (a novel of the US Marines taking of the Pacific sland of Tarawa)

Ron Base, Prudence Emery, Scandal at the Savoy, Douglas & McIntyre (as the rich and famous converge on the Savoy Hotel in swinging ’60s London, a dark deed threatens to ruin the fun)

Vicki Beeby, Hopeful Hearts for the Wrens, Canelo (third in Wren saga about Sally, Iris and Mary at Scapa Flow, Orkney)

Kate Belli, Deception by Gaslight, Crooked Lane (mystery set in Gilded Age New York)

Joe Benevento, His Perfect Wife, Her Perfect Son, Addison & Highsmith (reimagines the Holy Family’s story through the very human voice of Joseph)

James R. Benn, The Refusal Camp, Soho (an eclectic mix of new and previously published mystery stories of wartime)

Patricia Bernstein, A Noble Cunning: The Countess and the Tower, History Through Fiction (based on a true story of one woman’s courage and wit in trying to rescue her husband from the Tower of London the night before he is to be executed)

Diana Biller, Hotel of Secrets, St Martin’s Griffin (historical romance set against the backdrop of Vienna’s ball season as a hotel manager tries to save her hotel with the help of a secret service agent)

Cara Black, Night Flight to Paris, Soho Crime (follow-up to Three Hours in Paris, it is up to American markswoman Kate Rees to take the shot that just might win—or lose—WW II)

Gary Born, The File, Addison & Highsmith (a graduate student stumbles upon a cache of WWII Nazi files in the wreck of a German bomber hidden in the jungle in Africa)

Rhys Bowen, Clare Broyles, All That is Hidden, Minotaur (New York, Autumn, 1907: former private detective Molly Murphy Sullivan tangles with Tammany Hall in second historical mystery series, after Wild Irish Rose)

Linda Broday, Winning Maura’s Heart, Severn House (romance between an outcast daughter of a hangman and one of twin brothers who are both shot and come under her care at a nearby mission)

Frances Brody, A Mansion for Murder, Crooked Lane (old bones speak from the grave as a curse descends on Saltaire in thirteenth Kate Shackleton mystery)

Diane Marie Brown, Black Candle Women, Graydon House (three women are set on a collision course dating back to a voodoo shop in 1950s New Orleans’s French Quarter)

Emily Brugman, The Islands, Allen & Unwin (in the mid-1950s, a small group of Finnish migrants set up camp on Little Rat, a tiny island in an archipelago off the coast of Western Australia)

Rachel Burton, The Last Party at Silverton Hall, Aria (dual timeline tale of family, duty and the secrets we keep from those we love most. Set in 1952 and 2019)

Amanda Cabot, After the Shadows, Revell (in 1880s Texas a young widow returns to her hometown never dreaming that the new schoolteacher holds the key both to the mystery surrounding her father’s death–and to her heart)

Christi Caldwell, The Heiress at Sea, Montlake (romance in which a seafaring journey is the second chance for a lady and the last chance for a marquess)

Jay Carmichael, Marlo, Scribe US (in the 1950s in conservative Australia, and Christopher, a young gay man, moves to “the City” to escape the repressive atmosphere of his tiny hometown)

Kerry Chaput, Daughter of the Shadows, Black Rose (follow up to Daughter of the King, a historical adventure where fierce, cunning women fight for freedom. 1667, Quebec and France)

KJ Charles, The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen, Sourcebooks Casablanca (Regency romance of smugglers, adventure, mystery, and life-changing love)

Meagan Church, The Last Carolina Girl, Sourcebooks Landmark (set in 1935 North Carolina, novel sheds light on a horrific era of injustice and one young woman’s fight to control her future)

Oliver Clements, All the Queen’s Spies, Atria/Leopoldo & Co. (thriller about Queen Elizabeth I’s advisor John Dee in a race to save the Empire)

Stephanie Clifford, The Farewell Tour, Harper (tells the story of one woman’s rise in country and western music, crisscrossing between the Depression, the Second World War, and the rise of Nashville)

Meg Clothier, The Book of Eve, Headline Wildfire (historical feminist tale – inspired by the undeciphered Voynich manuscript)

Sally Colin-James, One Illumined Thread, 4th Estate AU (historical novel spanning two thousand years, celebrates the power and creative spirit of the female heart, as each woman finds freedom)

Manda Collins, A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes, Forever (Victorian historical rom-com series)

Lorna Cook, The Hidden Letters, Avon UK (on the eve of a world war, a forbidden love will blossom in the garden of a stately home and one young woman will make a choice that will change her life forever)

Paul Cornell, illus. Valeria Burzo, The Witches of World War II, TKO studios (inspired by a true story, follows a coven of witches as they embark on a mission to help capture Adolf Hitler’s second-in-command, Rudolf Hess)

Constance Cosati, Clytemnestra, Sourcebooks Landmark (follows Clytemnestra, the most notorious heroine of the ancient world and the events that forged her into the legendary queen)

Mia Couto (trans. David Brookshaw), The Drinker of Horizons, FSG (conclusion of the historical saga: the Sands of the Emperor Trilogy)

Josephine Cox, The Letter, HarperCollins (family drama romance saga in which things take a troubling turn after an act of kindness by two sisters comes back to haunt them)

Barbara Davis, The Echo of Old Books, Lake Union (novel about the magical lure of books and summoning the courage to rewrite our stories)

Eugene J. DiCesaris, Clayton Sharp: Life or Death, Five Star (autumn 1867. In book two of the Clayton Sharp series, Clay, Annie, and Ward are bound for Utah)

Paul Doherty, Dark Queen Wary, Severn House (with an imposter prince claiming he is Henry Tudor, Margaret Beaufort must play the game of kings very carefully in this medieval mystery)

Hannah Dolby, No Life for a Lady, Aria (historical romcom set in 1896)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at Aldwych Station, Allison & Busby (murder mystery set in 1940)

Sarah Ferguson, A Most Intriguing Lady, Avon Books (saga about a Duke’s daughter who secretly moonlights as an amateur sleuth)

David Field, The Conscience of a King, Sapere (seventh book in the Medieval Saga series set in England, 1229)

Emily France, Daughter Dalloway, Blackstone (retelling of Virginia Woolf’s classic, following two rebellious young women through interwar London, whose paths are inextricably entwined as they search for the truth about the people they love)

Jackie French, Becoming Mrs Mulberry, HQ AU (a very wealthy woman is drawn to a mysterious child who cannot speak, and she and her shell-shocked husband work to untangle the mystery of the child’s origins)

Julie Gerstenblatt, Daughters of Nantucket, Mira (saga of the days leading up to Nantucket’s historic fire of 1846 and its dramatic aftermath)

Peter Gibbons, Storm of War, Boldwood (continues the Viking historical fiction saga series which began with Warrior & Protector)

Clair Gilbert, I, Julian, Hodder & Stoughton (fictional autobiography of Julian of Norwich, set in the 14th-century)

Chris Glatte, The Scars of Battle, Severn River (WWII historical fiction that brings the Pacific Theatre to life with authentic detail to tell a powerful tale of courage, hope, and survival)

Tamara Goranson, The Oath of Bjorn, One More Chapter (Bjorn must risk everything to save the woman he loves before she steps into the darkness and sets their world ablaze. Vinland Viking Saga, book 2)

Jocelyn Green, The Metropolitan Affair, Bethany House (1920s tale featuring one of New York City’s most esteemed museums, where a young woman discovers secrets, betrayal, and romance)

Barbara Hambly, One Extra Corpse, Severn House (enter the roaring twenties in this Silver Screen historical mystery)

Sarah Hardy, The Walled Garden, Manilla Press (debut novel about love, the trauma of war and the miracle of human resilience)

Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Dance Tree, HarperVia (Strasbourg, 1518 — story of lust, family secrets and women under the eye of the Church)

Carmel Harrington, The Girl from Donegal, HarperCollins (two women must each make a choice between their past and their present in this love story spanning two continents and three generations)

Liz Harris, Simla Mist, Heywood Press (tale of love and revenge set in Simla, the summer capital of the British Raj)

Cora Harrison, The Deadly Weed, Severn House (Reverend Mother’s investigative skills are called into action when a local tobacco factory burns down and fingers are pointed at one of her ex pupils)

Emilia Hart, Weyward, SMP (debut that explores witchcraft and female intuitive powers, told over five centuries through three connected women)

Alis Hawkins, A Bitter Remedy, Canelo (first installment of The Oxford Mysteries series set in 1881)

Sophie Haydock, The Flames, The Overlook Press (set in the Bohemian art world of early 20th century Vienna, the untold story of the four women who posed for and inspired the erotic art of controversial painter Egon Schiele)

Jane Healey, Goodnight from Paris, Lake Union (in Nazi-occupied France, an American film star takes on the most dangerous role of her life)

Rachel Heng, The Great Reclamation, Riverhead/Tinder Press (a love story and coming-of-age set in Singapore, that reckons with the legacy of British colonialism, the World War II Japanese occupation, and the pursuit of modernity)

Kate Hewitt, An Island Far From Home, Bookouture (fifth novel in the Amherst Island series, set during the Second World War in Canada and England)

Erik T. Hirschmann, Voyage of the Eclipse, Epicenter Press (naval adventure set in southeast Alaska in 1802)

Alan Hlad, The Book Spy, John Scognamiglio (inspired by true stories of the heroic librarian spies of WWII)

Elisabeth Hobbes, Daughters of Paris, One More Chapter (WWII novel about female friendships)

James T. Hogg, Assault, All Night Books (Girl With a Knife, Book One — a story of witchcraft and devil worship in Massachusetts Bay Colony in the late 1600s)

Emma Hornby, An Orphan’s Choice, Bantam (Victorian saga about an orphaned brother and sister)

Marjorie Hudson, Indigo Field, Regal House (multigenerational drama set in the deep South)

Sabrina Jeffries, What Happens in the Ballroom, Headline Eternal (book two of the Designing Debutantes, witty Regency romance series)

Sadeqa Johnson, The House of Eve, S&S (novel set in the 1950s about two Black women working to overcome the stumbling blocks that threaten to upend everything they worked so hard for)

Adele Jordan, The Lost Highlander, Sapere (book four of the Kit Scarlett Mystery series)

Sophie Jordan, The Scandalous Ladies of London, Avon (new series chronicles the lives of a group of affluent ladies reigning over Regency-era London, vying for position in the hierarchy of the ton)

Alka Joshi, The Perfumist of Paris, Mira (final chapter in Jaipur trilogy takes readers to 1970s Paris where Radha’s budding career as a perfumer must compete with the demands of her family and the secrets of her past)

Irena Karafilly, Arrested Song, Legend Press (historic look at Greek island life, spanning three decades & chronicling the story of one woman’s lifelong struggle against social and political tyranny)

David Keenan, Monument Maker, Europa Editions (novel ranges from the siege of Khartoum and the conquest of Africa in the 19th century through the Second World War and up to the present day)

Julia Kelly, The Lost English Girl, Gallery (saga of love, motherhood, and betrayal set against World War II)

John Keyse-Walker, Bert and Mamie Take a Cruise, Severn House (new historical mystery series, set in the months before the outbreak of the Second World War)

Owen King, The Curator, Scribner (Dickensian fantasy of illusion and charm where cats are revered as religious figures, thieves are noble, scholars are revolutionaries, and conjurers are the most wonderful criminals)

Lana Kortchik, The Countess of the Revolution, HQ Digital (novel of love, loss and sacrifice set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution)

Ann Hanigan Kotz, The Journey of Karoline Olsen, BookPress (1905: tale of a woman and a wife building the American Dream out of nothing but the dirt on which she stands)

Erik Kriek, The Exile, Diamond Books (a decades-spanning epic, equal parts action “Western” and family drama. Graphic novel format)

Caroline Lamond, Well Behaved Women, One More Chapter (story inspired by the real life of silent movie icon, Alla Nazimova)

Stephanie Landsem, Code Name Edelweiss, Tyndale (based on the true story of how a lone Jewish lawyer and a handful of amateur spies discovered and foiled Adolf Hitler’s plan to take over Hollywood)

Lizzie Lane, Her Father’s Daughter, Boldwood (a young girl’s tragic loss will shape her dreams and her future…1930 – Douro Valley, Portugal)
Also: Women in War (India, 1939; historical saga about a woman’s determination to beat the odds)

Soraya Lane, The Cuban Daughter, Bookouture (dual timeline novel about family secrets, lost loves and new beginnings, set in Havana 1950 and present-day London)

Patrick Larsimont, The Raiders and the Cross, Sapere (WWII adventure across the war-torn skies of Britain, France and Malta)

Victor Lavalle, Lone Women, One World (a cast of adventurers who find horror and sisterhood in a brutal landscape, and a portrait of early-twentieth-century America)

Kristen Loesch, The Last Russian Doll, Berkley (a haunting novel about betrayal, revenge, and redemption that follows three generations of Russian women, from the 1917 revolution to the last days of the Soviet Union)

Jonathan Lunn, The Flames of Heresy, Canelo (new instalment of the 100 Years War series which features medieval archer Martin Kemp)

Amulya Malladi, A Death in Denmark, William Morrow (new series detective Gabriel Præst, an ex-Copenhagen cop and relentless pursuer of truth, explores Denmark’s Nazi-collaborator past and anti-Muslim present)

Owen Matthews, White Fox, Doubleday/Bantam (thriller about two competing KGB operatives on a race against time to uncover the truth behind the assassination of JFK)

Fenella J. Miller, A Wartime Reunion at Goodwill House, Boldwood (next installment of the Goodwill House series set in 1940)

Liz Milliron, The Truth We Hide, Level Best/Historia (1940s; fourth book in the Homefront Murder Mystery series)

Sarah Mitchell, Letters to a Stranger, Bookouture (WWII story of wartime love and heartbreak)

Mary Monroe, Love, Honor, Betray, Dafina (Depression-era saga of a church-going lady and her upstanding husband racing to cover up their many sins)

Terry Mort, Convoy to Morocco, McBooks (a WWII military action naval thriller)

Benjamin Myers, Cuddy, Bloomsbury (story of love and loss that breaks free of realism, entering a space both hilarious and terrifying―unfolding over centuries and deploying a panoply of voices)

Harini Nagendra, Murder Under a Red Moon, Pegasus (amateur sleuth Kaveri Murthy uncovers a new murder during the blood moon eclipse)

Tobie Nathan (trans. Joyce Zonana), A Land Like You, Seagull Books (Cairo, 1925; tale of Egypt caught between tradition and modernity, oppression and freedom)

James Naughtie, The Spy Across the Water, Head of Zeus –an Aries book (third instalment in spy series, about three brothers whose lives are entwined with the intelligence service)

Gosia Nealon, The Polish Wife, Bookouture (fleeing her fanatical Nazi husband, Anna agrees to manage a network of spies behind the façade of a café for enemy soldiers, to aid the Polish resistance)

Alexander Nemerov, The Forest, Princeton Univ. Press (historical imagining of life in the early United States)

Erica Ruth Neubauer, Intrigue in Istanbul, Kensington (when Jane Wunderly arrives in 1920s Turkey in search of her father, she finds a country redefining itself after the fall of the Ottoman Empire)

Alison Mills Newman, Francisco, New Directions (literary evolution of a young Black woman in California and her intense relationship with an indie filmmaker)

Chris Nickson, The Dead Will Rise, Severn House (historical mystery set in Leeds in the early 19th century, where thief-taker Simon Westow is used to finding stolen goods …. not stolen bodies)

Billy O’Callaghan, The Paper Man, Jonathan Cape/Godine (story of twentieth-century Europe, the Holocaust, the cost of fame, and love against the odds)

Sharon Dodua Otoo (trans. Jon Cho-Polizzi), Ada’s Room, Riverhead (novel spanning generations and continents, that reveals the connections between four women in their struggle for survival)

Lizzie Page, The Children Left Behind, Bookouture (1951; novel set in an orphanage in the aftermath of WWII. Shilling Grange Children’s Home, book four)

Tracie Peterson, Remember Me, Bethany House (when she’s reunited with her lost love, a woman must decide to run or to face her wounds in order to embrace her life, her future, and her hope in God)

Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai, Dust Child, Algonquin (an American GI, two Vietnamese bargirls, and an Amerasian man are forced to make decisions during and after the Việt Nam War that will reverberate throughout each other’s lives)

Cecile Pin, Wandering Souls, Henry Holt/Fourth Estate (debut novel about three Vietnamese siblings who seek refuge in the UK at the end of the war)

Michael Raleigh, Poe Street, Level Best/Historia (1946; Ray Foley, just back from serving in WWII finds himself involved in a series of related killings)

Deanna Raybourn, A Sinister Revenge, Berkley (Veronica Speedwell must find and stop a devious killer when a group of old friends is targeted for death. Victorian murder mystery)

Jennifer Rosner, Once We Were Home, Flatiron (novel based on the true stories of children stolen in the wake of World War II)

Ian Ross, Battle Song, Hodder & Stoughton (1264; storm clouds are gathering as Simon de Montfort and the barons of the realm challenge the power of Henry III)

Maryanne Ross, Wylder Opal, The Wild Rose Press (Western romance between a gunslinger turned playwright and a prospector)

Aimie K. Runyan, J’nell Ciesielski, Rachel McMillan, The Castle Keepers, Harper Muse (a collection of stories that examines questions of healing and love against the backdrop of an historical castle and its adjoining poison garden)

Cathleen Schine, Künstlers in Paradise, Henry Holt (set between 1930s and 2020, weaves together the story of a family of Jewish émigrés just after they fled from Vienna to LA in the 1930s and life in the 2020 pandemic)

Isabelle Schuler, Lady MacBethad (UK) / Queen Hereafter (US), Raven (reimagines the life of Gruoch – the real-life Scottish Queen who inspired one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters)

Sophfronia Scott, Wild, Beautiful, and Free, Lake Union (story of one young woman’s bold journey to reclaim her birthright and carve out her own place in a world)

Lisa Scottoline, Loyalty, Putnam (novel set during the rise of the Mafia in Sicily)

Natasha Siegel, Solomon’s Crown, Dell (12th-century Europe; two destined rivals fall in love—but the fate of medieval Europe hangs in the balance)

Lauraine Snelling, Fields of Bounty, Bethany House (inspirational fiction in which a woman must learn to balance her new courtship with a young Reverend with her pursuit of another dream–the publication of her artwork)

A.L. Sowards, A Waltz with Traitors, Covenant (inspirational romance set in 1918)

Laura Spence-Ash, Beyond That, the Sea, Celadon (tells the story of two families living through World War II on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean)

John Spurling, Arcadian Days, Pegasus (five tales centre on male-female pairs – Prometheus and Pandora, Jason and the sorceress Medea, Oedipus and his daughter Antigone, Achilles and his mother Thetis, Odysseus and Penelope)

Sarah Steele, The Lost Song of Paris, Mobius (dual timeline story of courage and a love that will defy even the darkest days of World War Two)

David Stokes, King Alfred’s Daughter, The Book Guild (based on contemporary sources and archaeological evidence, a story rich in family conflict and historical achievement)

Susan Stokes-Chapman, Pandora, Harper Perennial (novel set in Georgian London, where the discovery of a mysterious ancient Greek vase sets in motion conspiracies, revelations and romance)

Anna Stuart, Code Name Elodie, Bookouture (inspired by the brave women of Bletchley Park, a World War Two novel of friendship, heartbreak and hope)

Sherry Thomas, A Tempest at Sea, Berkley (Charlotte Holmes investigates crimes in Victorian-era London)

Trisha R. Thomas, One True Wish, Lake Union (novel offers a glimpse into Diahann Carroll’s journey navigating the unpredictable terrain of love, fame, scandal, and family)

Stephanie Marie Thornton, Her Lost Words, Berkley (novel about feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and her visionary daughter, Mary Shelley, and the many ways their words transformed our world)

Teresa Trent, If I Had a Hammer, Level Best/Historia (1963; s swinging sixties mystery)

Marilyn Turk, The Escape Game, Barbour (series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII)

L.C. Tyler, Fire, Felony & Mayhem/Constable (4th John Grey historical mystery as he’s ordered by Lord Arlington to find a scapegoat for the 1666 fire of London)

Gabriel Valjan, Liar’s Dice, Level Best (thriller set in Boston with a former cop whose past in Vietnam comes to haunt him when the corpse of a veteran is found on Boston Common)

Fred Van Lente, Never Sleep, Blackstone (Pinkerton detective Kate Warn is enlisted with several other spy agents to infiltrate the groups heading up the assassination plot to kill president Lincoln)

J.M. Varese, The Company, Baskerville (set against the backdrop of the real-life arsenic wallpaper controversy of the late 19th century)

Andrew Varga, The Last Saxon King, Imbrifex Books (a time jumper, descended from a long line of secret heroes, protects the present by traveling to the past to fix breaks and glitches in the time stream)

Steven Veerapen, Of Judgement Fallen, Polygon (an Anthony Blank Tudor mystery set in the court of Henry VIII, 1523)

Jeanette Walls, Hang the Moon, Scribner (novel about an indomitable young woman in Virginia during Prohibition)

Mark Warren, A Last Serenade for Billy Bonney, Five Star (William H. Bonney became one of the best-known historical characters of our Western mythology. We know him as “Billy the Kid.”)

Heather Webb, Strangers in the Night, William Morrow (in the golden age of Hollywood, two of the brightest stars, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, define an era)

Josh Weiss, Sunset Empire, Grand Central (a Morris Baker adventure of deceit, intrigue, murder, and conspiracy where the safety of the entire world may hang in the balance. Set in 1959)

Sheena Wilkinson, Mrs Hart’s Marriage Bureau, HarperCollinsIreland (witty romantic comedy about friendship, loneliness, and the unexpected places where we find fulfilment, set in the tumult of 1930s Britain)

Pip Williams, The Bookbinder (US) / The Bookbinder of Jericho (UK), Ballantine (a story about knowledge – who gets to make it, who gets to access it, and what is lost when it is withheld. Set in 1914)

Lauren Willig, Two Wars and a Wedding, William Morrow (coming-of-age story with a dual timeline featuring a bold and adventurous young woman who finds herself caught up in two very different wars on both sides of the Atlantic)

Alice Winn, In Memoriam, Knopf/Viking (debut novel about two young men who fall in love during a time of war)

Jacqueline Winspear, The White Lady, Harper/Allison & Busby (adventure follows the coming of age and maturity of former wartime operative Elinor White, where she is drawn back into a world of violence she is desperate to leave behind)

Mary Winters, Murder in Postscript, Berkley (London 1861 — when one of her readers asks for advice following a suspected murder, Victorian countess and agony aunt Amelia has no choice but to investigate. First in new series)

John Winton, Polaris, Sapere (cold war naval thriller based on historical events)

James Wolf, No Good Day to Die, Riverfeet Press (saga of early America follows a cast of historical and fictional characters revealing human perseverance and the injustice humans will commit to fight for their way of life)

Anne Youngson, A Complicated Matter, Doubleday UK (a young woman’s journey of self-discovery and a meditation on what it takes to find our place in the world. Set in 1939)

April 2023

Meryl Ain, Shadows We Carry, SparkPress (sequel to The Takeaway Men, following Bronka and JoJo Lubinski as they find themselves on the cusp of momentous change for women in the late 1960s)

Libby Ashworth, The Runaway Daughter, Canelo (19th-centry northern family saga)

Jo Baker, The Midnight News, Phoenix (story of friendship, love and war, set in 1940)

Rachel Beanland, The House is on Fire, S&S (reimagining of the Richmond Theater Fire of 1811, told from the perspectives of four characters whose lives are irrevocably altered in the aftermath of the inferno)

Seamus Beirne, Kings Mountain, Fireship Press (in 1775, friends Michael Redferne and Isaac Malot break out of a penal colony in Barbados, go their separate ways, and later find themselves on opposite sides of a war)

Johanna Bell, The Blitz Girls, Hodder & Stoughton (three girls thrown together into an unlikely friendship, do their bit to protect their country its the darkest hour)

Christophe Bernard (trans. Lazer Lederhendler), The Hollow Beast, Biblioasis (slapstick epic about destiny, family demons, and revenge, beginning in 1911, in a hockey game in Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula)

Sian Ann Bessey, The Unassuming Curator, Covenant (romance between a bookworm and a colour-blind curator of natural history)

James D. Brewer, Blood on the Crossties, TouchPoint (railroad detective Choctaw Parker works to solve all manner of murder-most-foul in Florida during the Gilded Age)

Verity Bright, Death on Deck, Bookouture (even on her first luxury cruise Lady Swift can’t seem to escape from murder)

Thomas Brussig (trans. Jonathan Franzen, Jenny Watson), The Short End of the Sonnenallee, Picador (first time in English, a moving and comic story of life in East Berlin before the fall of the wall)

Paul Bryers, The Vatican Candidate, McBooks (an ex-Royal Marine follows a trail from the hidden bunkers of Berlin to the mountains of Italy to solve how a present-day murder and a plot to kill the Pope are connected)

Colleen Cambridge, Mastering the Art of French Murder, Kensington (new historical mystery series combines a fresh perspective on a fictional Julia Child’s years in post-WWII Paris with a mystery and a culinary twist)

Christian Cameron, The Treason of Sparta, Orion (Sparta 478 BCE; new book in the Long War series, set on the bloody battlefields of Ancient Greece)

Ella Carey, The Paris Maid, Bookouture (Louise, a housemaid at The Ritz in Paris, 1944, reports what she sees and hears to the Resistance)

Jill Caugherty, The View from Half Dome, Black Rose (1934; coming of age story about hope, forgiveness, nature’s healing power, and the courage to overcome societal boundaries)

Elizabeth Chadwick, The King’s Jewel, Mobius/Sphere (Wales, 1093 – story of Nesta, daughter of Prince Rhys of Deheubarth)

Yao-Chang Chen (trans. Pao-fang Hsu, Ian Maxwell, and Tung-jung Chen), Puppet Flower, Columbia Univ. Press (revisionist narrative of 1867 Formosa)

Alix Christie, The Shining Mountains, High Road Books (family saga set in 1838 reveals blended cultures seeking allies, trading furs for guns and steel, and a way of life in collision with westward colonial expansion)

Rosie Clarke, Changing Times at Harpers, Boldwood (new instalment in the Harpers Emporium series, set in London, Spring 1920)

Chanel Cleeton, The Cuban Heiress, Berkley (inspired by the true story of the tragedy of the SS Morro Castle — two women on board the luxury liner find their fates inextricably intertwined)

Rebecca Connolly, Under the Cover of Mercy, Shadow Mountain (account of one woman who defied an entire nation in order to heal those who needed her help the most – based on a true story)

Donovan Cook, Odin’s Betrayal, Boldwood (Francia AD853; two kingdoms are destined for war, and one boy is caught in the eye of the storm)

Vivian Conroy, A Fatal Encounter in Tuscany, One More Chapter (cosy crime series that captures the glamour of the 1930s. Miss Ashford Investigates, Book 3)

Angela K. Couch, Kelly J. Goshorn, Carolyn Miller, Cara Putman, Across the Shores, Barbour (an anthology of four romances set in New South Wales 1951, Baltimore 1877, Canada 1905 and Outer Banks, NC 1942)

Ben Creed, Man of Bones, Welbeck (political thriller set in Leningrad, winter of 1953. A Revol Rossel murder mystery)

Kjell Ola Dahl (trans. Don Bartlett), The Lazarus Solution, Orenda Books (summer, 1943. When a courier for Sweden’s Press & Military Office is killed on his final mission, the Norwegian government-in-exile appoints a writer to find  missing documents)

Sandra Dallas, Where Coyotes Howl, SMP (romantic ode to the early 20th century American West)

Siddhartha Deb, The Light At the End of the World, Soho Press (connecting India’s tumultuous 19th and 20th centuries to its potentially apocalyptic future, this tale of rebellion, courage, and brutality reinvents historical fiction for our time)

Liana de la Rosa, Ana Maria and the Fox, Berkley (a forbidden love between a Mexican heiress and a shrewd British politician in the Victorian era)

Jude Deveraux, My Heart Will Find You, Mira (dual timeline narrative where a young woman shelters at a home in the early days of the pandemic and finds a portal to the 1870s where she discovers her true love)

Danielle Devlin, Burnt Offerings, Polygon (1593; based on historical records, a retelling of the North Berwick Witch Trials)

Margaret Dickinson, The Poacher’s Daughter, Macmillan UK (romantic saga set in the Lincolnshire Wolds, beginning in 1910)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at Down Street Station, Allison & Busby (series explores crimes in derelict London Underground stations in World War Two)

A. J. Elwood, The Other Lives of Miss Emily White, Titan Books (a tale of young girls’ obsession and what happens when it grows out of hand. Set in 1894)

Mario Escobar, The Swiss Nurse, Harper Muse (true story of a brave woman who saved hundreds of mothers and their children during the Spanish Civil War and WWII)

Pamela Binnings Ewen, Émilienne, Blackstone ( novel of Belle Epoque Paris and the once most beautiful and sought-after woman and star of the Folies Bergère)

P. W. Finch, Usurper, Canelo (1066; coming-of-age adventure set in early medieval England)

Aoife Fitzpatrick, The Red Bird Sings, Virago (based on a real trial and novel delivers a feminist history whilst playing with the tropes of the Southern Gothic)

Kevin Flynn, Rock Creek, Bronzeville Books (combination of murder mystery and political thriller set in Washington, D.C., 1952)

Kate Foster, The Maiden, Mantle (Edinburgh, 1679; story with a feminist revisionist twist, giving a voice to women otherwise silenced by history)

Hester Fox, The Last Heir to Blackwood Library, Graydon House (novel in which a young woman inherits an old library on a remote estate, where not only have all the previous librarians have met untimely ends, but there may be something sinister about the library itself)

Anita Frank, After the War, HQ (1945 – as events of the past return to haunt them, Jack and Gwen find themselves facing their greatest battle yet)

Emily Franklin, The Lioness of Boston, David R. Godine (novel of the life of Isabella Stewart Gardner, a visionary who created a legacy in American art and transformed the city of Boston itself)

Charles Frazier, The Trackers, Ecco (novel paints a vivid portrait of life in the Great Depression)

Bruce Geddes, Chasing the Black Eagle, Dundurn (Against a backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia, a young man tails a man who is a possible threat to America)

Eva Glyn, The Collaborator’s Daughter, One More Chapter (in 1944 in war-torn Dubrobvnik, the arrival of the partisans brings new dangers for Branko, his wife Dragica and their new baby)

Elizabeth Graver, Kantika, Metropolitan Books (portrait of one family’s displacement across four countries, which follows the joys and losses of Rebecca Cohen, feisty daughter of the Sephardic elite of early 20th-century Istanbul)

Anissa Gray, Life and Other Love Songs, Berkley (a father’s sudden disappearance exposes the private fears, dreams, longings, and joys of a Black American family in the late decades of the 20th century)

Michelle Griep, The Bow Street Runners Trilogy, Barbour (mystery, intrigue, and high adventure from a fledgling police force in the 1800s known as the Bow Street Runners)

Dianne Haley, A Light to Guide Us Home, Bookouture (1943: resistance fighter Valérie is asked to find an orphan who has part of a top-secret Nazi document that could change history)

Amy Harmon, A Girl Called Samson, Lake Union (saga of a young woman who dares to chart her own destiny in life and love during the American Revolutionary War. Set in 1760)

C. S. Harris, Who Cries for the Lost, Berkley (historical mystery featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin set in 1814, London, England. Book 18 in series)

Monika Helfer (trans. Gillian Davidson), Last House Before the Mountain, Bloomsbury (multigenerational family saga set in a fractured rural village in WWI Austria)

Maria Hesselager (trans. Martin Aitken), First Comes Summer, Riverhead (set in a remote Viking settlement, story of a young woman’s dangerous passion as it plays out over the course of an eerie summer)

Caitlin Hicks, Kennedy Girl, Sunbury Press (coming-of-age adventure about love and justice in 1968)

Roccie Hill, The Blood of My Mother, Bloodhound Books (a woman fights for her life as a refugee, slave, mother, and farmer in a multi-layered saga)

Jenny Holmes, The Ballroom Girls, Penguin (new WWII saga series about the ballroom dancing scene in wartime Blackpool)

Emily Hourican, Mummy Darlings, Grand Central (set in early 1930s, novel follows the three enigmatic Guinness sisters as they take on married life and motherhood)

Charlie N. Holmberg, Heir of Uncertain Magic, 47North (one man is on a journey to unravel his magical lineage in the next novel of the Whimbrel House series. Historical fantasy)

Anna Lee Huber, A Fatal Illusion, Berkley (artistic sleuth Lady Kiera Darby uses her talent for the macabre to bring murderers to justice in nineteenth-century Scotland. Book 11 in series)

Damion Hunter, Empire’s Edge, Canelo (tale of love, family and warfare in the age of Rome. Borderlands, book 2)

Liz Hyder, The Gifts, Sourcebooks Landmark (set against the backdrop of 19th century London, novel explores science, nature and enlightenment, the role of women in society and the dark danger of ambition)

Brenda Janowitz, The Audrey Hepburn Estate, Graydon House (with the estate set to be demolished, Emma, who grew up there, finds herself caught between two worlds and two loves and a shattering secret)

Paterson Joseph, The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho, Henry Holt (tale of adventure, artistry, romance, and freedom set in eighteenth-century London and inspired by a true story)

Ellen Keith, The Dutch Orphan, Park Row (novel set during World War II about a woman who offers shelter to a Jewish baby, and her sister, who must choose between family loyalty and her own safety)

Martha Hall Kelly, The Golden Doves, Ballantine (two former female spies, bound together by their past, risk everything to hunt down an infamous Nazi doctor in the aftermath of World War II)

Aline Kiner (trans. Susan Emanuel), The Mirror of Simple Souls, Pushkin Press (story of love, jealousy and faith, set amid a community of independent women in medieval Paris)

Gregory Koop, The Donkey Cutter, Guernica Editions (Canadian Prairies, 1910; with the looming arrival of Halley’s Comet, the local Bishop becomes obsessed with an adolescent girl, planning to save her from a charismatic Doomsday preacher & her atheist father)

Richard Kurti, Palette of Blood, Sapere (1503; second book in the Basilica Diaries Medieval Mysteries series: historical thrillers set in fifteenth-century Rome and featuring a brother and sister investigative duo)

Jake Lamar, Viper’s Dream, No Exit (hard-boiled crime novel set in the jazz world of Harlem between 1936 and 1961)

Catherine Law, The Officer’s Wife, Boldwood (WWII; Nathan returns from the war carrying a secret which his wife suspects is linked to the mysterious evacuee at the secluded house in the woods on his Kent estate)

Denis Lehane, Small Mercies, Abacus (thriller set against the tumultuous months in 1974, Boston, when the city’s desegregation of its public schools exploded in violence)

Hannah Linder, When Tomorrow Came, Barbour (the life siblings Nan and Heath have managed to eke out for themselves since their father abandoned them when they were young, is upended when he suddenly returns)

Elvira Lindo (trans. Adrian Nathan West), Open Heart, Other Press (a tribute to the generation that struggled to survive in Spain after the Civil War, beginning in 1939)

Erin Litteken, The Lost Daughters of Ukraine, Boldwood (four daughters of Ukraine will face devastation and loss as they fight to survive and protect the ones they love in WWII)

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, The American Wife, Bookouture (a story about finding love, resilience and friendship in the midst of the darkness of World War 2)

Dominic Luke, Reminders of Home, Joffe Books (1916; one family’s struggle to remain united in the face of loss and heartbreak)

Sophie Mackintosh, Cursed Bread, Doubleday (novel of obsession that centers on the real unsolved mystery of the 1951 mass poisoning of a French village)

Robert Macomber, Full Naval Honors, Naval Institute Press (final volume finds the admiral dealing with European and Japanese spies and assassins in the Pacific while on a “diplomatic” recon mission ahead of the Great White Fleet’s epic 1907-09 voyage around the world)

K. J. Maitland, Rivers of Treason, Headline Review (1607; from the stark Yorkshire landscape to the underbelly of Jacobean London, Daniel Pursglove’s new mission sees him fall prey to a ruthless copycat killer in book three in series)

Andreï Makine (trans. Geoffrey Strachan), My Armenian Friend, Arcade (an indelible portrait of friendship, a coming-of-age tale, and a dive into the memory of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire)

Marco Malvaldi (trans. Howard Curtis), Foul Deeds & Fine Dying, MacLehose (a locked room mystery set in 1900)

Amy Maroney, The Queen’s Scribe, Artelan Press (1458, Cyprus; a story of courage, loyalty, and the sustaining power of love, brings a forgotten world to vivid life)

Laura Martin, Death of a Lady, Sapere (Regency murder mystery featuring Jane Austen as an amateur detective. Jane Austen Investigations, book 1))

Edward Marston, Death at the Terminus, Allison & Busby (Railway Detective Series, book #21, set in York 1865)

Maggie Mason, The Fortune Tellers, Sphere (new family wartime saga series set in Blackpool, 1918)

Anna Mazzola, The House of Whispers, Orion (Rome, 1938; outside the forces of Fascism are rising but in her new home, Eva fears that something else is at work, whispering in the walls)

C.E. McGill, Our Hideous Progeny, Doubleday (revisits of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein that unfolds with a fresh, provocative, queer twist)

Claire McGlasson, The Misadventures of Margaret Finch, Faber and Faber (Blackpool, 1938; Margaret Finch has just begun work in a position that relies on her discretion and powers of observation, when she crosses paths with the disgraced Rector of Stiffkey, the subject of a national scandal)

Juliet E. McKenna, The Cleaving, Angry Robot (an Arthurian retelling that follows the tangled stories of four women: Nimue, Ygraine, Morgana, and Guinevere, as they fight to control their own destinies)

Susan Meissner, Only the Beautiful, Berkley (story about a young mother’s fight to keep her daughter. Set in California 1938 and Austria 1947)

Carolyn Miller, Dawn’s Untrodden Green, Kregel (an accident and a scandal lead Theo and Daniel to discover that their best-laid plans may not have been what God designed for them after all)

Akira Mizubayashi (trans. Alison Anderson), Fractured Soul, HarperVia (1938 — story of compassion that reminds us of the power of art and love to combat nationalistic fury, redress the loss of human dignity, and heal deep psychic wounds)

Susanna Moore, The Lost Wife, Knopf (novel set in the mid 1800s about a devastating Native American revolt, and a woman caught in the middle of the conflict)

Cindy Morgan, The Year of Jubilee, Tyndale (coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the turbulent South in the early 1960s)

Robbie Morrison, Cast a Cold Eye, Macmillan (dark historical crime novel set in Glasgow, 1933)

Kate Morton, Homecoming, Mariner/Mantle (saga with a mystery at its heart tracing a shocking crime whose effects echo across continents and generation)

Donald S. Murray, The Call of the Cormorant, Saraband (an outlandish tale of island claustrophobia, of those who leave and those who stay behind, and the many dangers of delusions, deceit, and false identities)

Gosia Nealon, The Polish Daughter, Bookouture (WWII – a girl searches for her father by joining the resistance, but when she’s trapped in the ghetto, her childhood sweetheart saves her life)

David O’Donnell, The Berlin Gambit, Polygon (Police Chief Investigator Rolf Schneider exposes a web of corruption and secrecy involving the highest-ranking figures in the Reich)

Emma Orchard, The Second Lady Silverwood, Allison & Busby (a Regency Romance set in 1814)

Henry Oster and Dexter Ford, The Stable Boy of Auschwitz, Grand Central (in the darkest moment of history, one child found the courage and strength to survive the unimaginable. This is Henry’s true story)

Sharon Dodua Otoo, Ada’s Realm, MacLehose (debut novel paints a picture of femininity, resilience and struggle)

Catherine Palmer, The Bachelor’s Bargain, Tyndale (an amusing Regency marriage of convenience story)

Philip Paris, The Last Witch of Scotland, Black & White (1727; a story of love, loyalty and sacrifice, inspired by the true story of the last person to be executed for witchcraft in Britain)

Phillip Parotti, Through Bitter Seas, Casemate (World War II naval action adventure in the Mediterranean Sea)

Sarah Penner, The London Séance Society, Legend/Park Row (gothic whodunit set in Victorian London, where a female medium and her understudy join forces with a league of male spiritualists to solve a high-profile murder)

Stef Penney, The Beasts of Paris, Pegasus/Quercus (novel of love and survival set during the Siege of Paris in 1870)

Anne Perry, The Fourth Enemy, Ballantine (Daniel Pitt is under pressure to prosecute a beloved philanthropist whose good deeds may hide dark and dangerous secrets)

Angela Petch, The Girl Who Escaped, Bookouture (WWII story of a family who escape from an internment camp helped by a friend who may not be who he seems)

Victoria Purman, A Woman’s Work, HQ Fiction (the lucrative prize of the 1956 Australian Women’s Weekly cookery competition offers two women the possibility of a new kind of future)

Roberta Rich, The Jazz Club Spy, Gallery (follows a Jewish woman attempting to bring justice to her family on the eve of World War II)

Jennifer Robson, Coronation Year, William Morrow (the lives of three very different residents of London’s historic Blue Lion hotel converge in a potentially explosive climax on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation)

Renée Rosen, Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl, Berkley (a novel beginning in 1938, about Estée Lauder, as she’s about to take the world by storm)

Rebecca Rosenberg, Madam Pommery, Lion Heart (Champagne, France, 1860. Madame Pommery, an etiquette teacher and orphanage founder, loses her husband and is forced to support her family by making champagne)

Phoebe Rowe, Swan Light, Lake Union (weaves together the stories of two people separated by a century but connected by family, purpose, and one extraordinary lighthouse. Dual timeline set in 1913 & 2014)

Rosemary Rowe, The Rewards of Treachery, Severn House (a stolen valuable is the beginning of a trail of strange events Junio has to uncover in this mystery set in 2nd century Britain)

Laura Rupper, The Sergeant and the Girl Next Door, Covenant (post WWII inspirational romance)

Sheldon Russell, Listen, Cynren Press (educated Liam takes a low-paying job with the Federal Writers’ Project, assigned to collect stories of rural life, then he meets a woman who upends all his carefully laid plans)

Kim Vogel Sawyer, The Tapestry of Grace, Waterbrook (romance in which a group of Kansas women start a benevolent society devoted to aiding widows and orphans)

Bryan Thomas Schmidt (edit.) Henry Herz (edit.), The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie, Blackstone (anthology of fictional short stories that imagine dark events in the life of Marie Curie as a teenager)

Katherine A. Sherbrooke, The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly, Pegasus (a runway model in 1940s Hollywood makes a split-second decision and triggers a cascade of secrets that threaten to upend her daughter’s life decades later)

Brendan Slocumb, Symphony of Secrets, Anchor (dual timeline novel about a professor who uncovers a secret about a famous American composer—that his music was stolen from a young Black composer in 1920s Manhattan)

Katy Simpson Smith, The Weeds, FSG (two women, connected across time, edge toward transgression in pursuit of their desires. Present day and 1855)

Angie Spoto, The Grief Nurse, Sandstone (novel of a grief nurse, kept by the wealthy Aster family to ensure they’re never troubled by negative emotions)

Sally Tarpey, The Country Girl, Joffe Books (First World War story of hardship and hope, beginning in 1912)

Craig Thomas, Winter Hawk, Canelo (thriller set against a background of Cold War tension and nuclear threat)

Will Thomas, Heart of the Nile, Minotaur (London, 1893 – private enquiry agents Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn have to unravel a mystery involving a mummy, a giant ruby and a murder)

Victoria Thompson, Murder on Bedford Street, Berkley (book 26 in the Gaslight Mystery series set in Victorian era New York)

Annabelle Thorpe, The Enemy of Love, Aria (WWII drama set in Mussolini’s Italy in 1943)

Mark W. Tiedemann, Granger’s Crossing, Blank Slate (after the Battle of St. Louis in 1780, Ulysses Granger tracks his missing friend to a homestead where a mystery unfolds surrounding the Spaniard who owns the property)

Liz Trenow, The Secret Sister, Bookouture (story of a sister’s sacrifice which shines a light on the forgotten heroes of World War Two)

Éric Vuillard (trans. Mark Polizzotti), An Honourable Exit, Picador/Other Press (an account of a conflict that dealt a fatal blow to French colonialism; set in 1950)

Alexandra Walsh, The Forgotten Palace, Boldwood (three women divided by time but connected by the long-hidden secrets of the past. Dual timeline novel set in London, 1900 and present day)

Alan Warner, Nothing Left to Fear from Hell, Polygon (novel set in the aftermath of Culloden with the escape of Charles Edward Stuart)

Sharon Sochil Washington, The Blue is Where God Lives, The Overlook Press (dual timeline work of Afro-magic realism that interrogates the legacy of slavery and roots of poverty & witnesses the beauty and power in survival)

Martha Waters, To Swoon and to Spar, Atria (story about a viscount and his irascible new wife who hopes to chase her husband from their shared home so that she can finally get some peace and quiet)

Daisy Waugh, Old School Ties, Piatkus (next in the Tode Hall series: a witty tale of toffs and terror)

Betty Webb, Lost in Paris, Poisoned Pen Press (explores a young woman’s journey to redeem herself from the heartaches of her past)

Marian O’Shea Wernicke, Out of Ireland, She Writes (coming-of-age story of a brother and sister in an Ireland still under the harsh rule of the British)

Wiz Wharton, Ghost Girl, Banana, HarperVia (between 1966 and 1997, a mysterious inheritance sees a young woman from London uncovering buried secrets in her late mother’s homeland)

Jen Wheeler, The Light on Farallon Island, Lake Union (tale about the dangers a nineteenth-century woman encounters as she flees a tragic past to the menacing Farallon Islands)

Iona Whishaw, To Track a Traitor, Touchwood (with events spanning both world wars, the tenth in series is a transatlantic tale of sibling rivalry, infidelity, and espionage)

Patricia Wilson, An Island Promise, Zaffre (WWII dual timeline novel set during the Nazi occupation of Athens and in Liverpool 2023)

Jaime Jo Wright, The Vanishing at Castle Moreau, Bethany House (in 1865, orphaned Daisy Francois takes a housemaid position and finds that the eccentric Gothic authoress inside hides more than the harrowing tales in her novels)

Zhang Ling, Where Waters Meet, Amazon Crossing (a daughter discovers the dramatic history that shaped her mother’s secret life)

Larry Zuckerman, Lonely Are the Brave, Cynren Press (in 1919, a war hero upends his small town by turning at-home father and trading wartime secrets with the wife of his former lieutenant)

May 2023

Mesu Andrews, In Feast or Famine, Waterbrook (inspirational novel in which the daughter of ancient Egypt’s high priest plays a pivotal role in Joseph’s biblical narrative)

Viola Ardone (trans. Clarissa Botsford), The Unbreakable Heart of Olivia Denaro, HarperVia (set in 1960s Sicily and based on a true story, of how a young Sicilian girl defied centuries old tradition to win the right to control her own life)

Kelley Armstrong, The Poisoner’s Ring, Minotaur (time slip novel in which a modern-day homicide detective is working as an undertaker’s assistant in Victorian Scotland. Second in Rip Through Time series)

Steve Arnick, You Shall See the Beautiful Things, Acre Books (literary novel about 3 men in a fishing village in 1889, who secretly launch an unorthodox fishing vessel, departing from a long tradition of massive boats and large crews)

Jenny Ashcroft, The Officer and the Spy, HQ Fiction (WWII tale of secrets, love, loyalty, family and a love letter to Crete)

Lucy Atkins, Windmill Hill, Quercus (witty novel set in the 1970s, in a Sussex windmill)

D. R. Bailey, Dawn of Hope, Sapere (a war in the skies adventure set in England, 1940)

Jo Baker, The Midnight News, Knopf (novel of one young woman’s unraveling during the Blitz—a story of World War II intrigue, love, and danger)

John Banville, The Lock-Up, Hanover Square (crime novel set in 1950s Dublin brings two detectives together to solve a globe-spanning mystery)

Joanna Barker, A Heart Worth Stealing, Shadow Mountain (Regency Romance set in Sowerby, England, 1802, between a magistrate’s daughter and a former Bow Street officer)

Amy Barry, Marrying off Morgan Mcbride, Berkley (humorous historical romance)

Celia Bell, The Disenchantment, Pantheon (17th-century Paris — follows a love affair between two noblewomen who wish to free themselves from their repressive society)

Ann Bennett, The Forgotten Children, Bookouture (dual timeline story of courage, hope and secrets, set in 1939 and 1990)

Anne Berest (trans. Tina Kover), The Postcard, Europa Editions (a woman embarks on a journey to uncover the fate of the Rabinovitch family: their flight from Russia following the revolution, to Latvia, Palestine, and Paris, the war and its aftermath)

H. W. “Buzz” Bernard, Down a Dark Road, Severn River (fourth book in the When Heroes Flew series)

Moniquill Blackgoose, To Shape a Dragon’s Breath, Random House (historical fantasy set in an alternate 1840s New England where a young Indigenous woman enters a colonizer-run dragon academy–and finds herself at odds with the “approved” way of doing things)

Samara Breger, A Long Time Dead, Bywater Books (1830 — Victorian romance, drenched in blood and drama, about the lengths two women will go to secure a love that cannot die)

Marcus Brotherton, Tosca Lee, The Long March Home, Revell (set in WWII, story follows three friends from Mobile, Alabama, as they struggle to survive the Bataan Death March)

Donnaldson Brown, Because I Loved You, She Writes (dual timeline family story of love and secrets, set in 1972 and 1986)

Fiona Buckley, The Net of Steel, Severn House (April, 1590; series featuring Ursula Stannard, the queen’s half-sister and occasional secret agent)

Robyn Cadwallader, The Fire and the Rose, HarperCollins AU (novel about how language, words and books have the power to change and shape lives; set in 13th-century England)

Tara Calaby, House of Longing, Text (LGBTQ romance set in an unforgiving Melbourne of the 1890s)

Joy Callaway, All the Pretty Places, Harper Muse (examines the life-changing effects of the beauty of nature and how that splendor is restricted to the rich and privileged in the Gilded Age)

Melodie Campbell, The Merry Widow Murders, Cormorant (it’s the latter half of the Roaring Twenties and Lady Lucy Revelstoke finds a dead body in her stateroom aboard an ocean liner in 1928)

Jan Casey, The Letter Reader, Aria (in 1967 a woman posted, by the WRNS as a letter censor during the war is plagued by memories of what she read and sets out to track down the authors)

Crystal Caudill, Counterfeit Faith, Kregel (inspirational romance between a woman who’s lost her faith in mankind and a man who’s lost his faith in God)

Brinda Charry, The East Indian, Scribner (debut novel about the first native of the Indian subcontinent to arrive in Colonial America)

Alys Clare, The Cargo from Neira, Severn House (physician-sleuth Dr Gabriel Taverner has to connect the dots before time runs out in mystery set in 1605)

Georgina Clarke, The Dazzle of the Light, Verve Books (novel set in the 1920s, inspired by the notorious all-female crime syndicate who operated out of the slums of south London)

Genevieve Cogman, Scarlet, Tor / Ace (reinvention of the tale of The Scarlet Pimpernel with the addition of magic and mayhem)

Vivian Conroy, Mystery in Tuscany, One More Chapter (a chance meeting on the Orient Express with Italian heiress Catharina Lanetti leads to a party invitation for Atalanta Ashford. Book five in series)

Emily Critchley, One Puzzling Afternoon, Sourcebooks/Zaffre (dual timeline mystery set in 1941 and 2018 England)

Polly Crosby, Vita and the Birds, HQ (dual timeline mystery set in 1938 and 1997)

Edward Cuddy, 1777, The Year of Destiny, Fireship (a novel of those who participated in the victories of the continental army and patriot militia in Saratoga, New York, September and October 1777)

Katie Daysh, Leeward, Canelo (tale of naval warfare, political intrigue and a love between two men set in 1798)

Helena Dixon, Murder at the Beauty Pageant, Bookouture (A Miss Underhay Mystery book 12, set in the 1930s))

Hannah Dolby, No Life for a Lady, Head of Zeus (in 1896, Violet does not want to marry. She wants to make her own way in the world and find her mother Lily, who disappeared from Hastings Pier 10 years earlier)

Anton Du Beke, The Ballroom Blitz, Orion (Buckingham mystery series set in 1930s London at a glamorous Mayfair hotel)

Lesley Eames, Land Girls at the Wartime Bookshop, Bantam (story of three unlikely friends finding solace in books during the turbulence of WWII. Book two)

Debra Magpie Earling, The Lost Journals of Sacajewea, Milkweed Editions (biographical fiction recentering Sacajewea as the arbiter of her own history)

Emily J. Edwards, Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River, Crooked Lane (murder mystery set in the gritty, noir world of 1950s New York City)

Martin Edwards, Sepulchre Street, Head of Zeus — an Aries book (Rachel Savernake faces her most puzzling murder yet in this gothic mystery set in 1930s London)

Jessica Ellicott, Murder on the Home Front, Severn House (series featuring WPC Billie Harkness, a pioneering female police officer in WWII Britain)

Liz Fenwick, The Secret Shore, HQ (WWII story tale of intrigue and romance, set in Cornwall)

Fiona Ford, Hope for the Good Time Girls, Embla Books (wartime saga about the power of love and friendship)

Mario Fortunato (trans. Julia Macgibbon), South, Other Press (through the loves and losses of a middle-class family from Calabria, saga retraces the history of twentieth-century Italy)

Jean Fullerton, A Stepney Girl’s Secret, Atlantic Books (saga fiction charting the loves, hopes and heartaches of three women who move into a rectory in Stepney, East London during WW2)

Ann H. Gabhart, In the Shadow of the River, Revell (in 1881, Jacci Reed is an actress aboard the Kingston Floating Palace when someone tries to kill her)

Bruce Geddes, Chasing the Black Eagle, Dundurn (spy thriller set against a backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia)

Matthew Gibson, Mr Stoker and the Vampires of the Lyceum, The Book Guild (mystery thriller set in Victorian London)

C. P. Giuliani, Death in Rheims, Sapere (espionage thriller set in France, 1585, with Tom Walsingham, cousin to Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Sir Francis. Book 3)

Chris Glatte, The Scars of Battle, Severn River (the third book in A Time to Serve series is WWII historical fiction that brings the Pacific Theatre to life)

Tim Glister, A Game of Deceit, Oneworld (a Richard Knox Cold War spy thriller)

Alison Goodman, The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies, Berkley (a high society amateur detective at the heart of Regency London uses her wits and invisibility as an ‘old maid’ to protect other women)

J. Lawrence Graham, Charlotte’s War, Greenleaf (follows one American woman as she grieves and triumphs through the realities of three wars that threaten the men she loves)

Claudia Gray, The Late Mrs. Willoughby, Vintage (sequel to The Murder of Mr. Wickham sees Jonathan Darcy and Juliet Tilney reunited with another mystery to solve)

Stephen Greco, Such Good Friends, John Scognamiglio (recreation of the tumultuous friendship between Truman Capote and his most elegant yet unconventional swan: Her Serene Royal Highness Lee Radziwell)

Kate Griffin, Fyneshade, Viper (historical gothic novel in house full of secrets where the young governess finds herself drawn to the son and heir, despite the warnings of the housekeeper that he is a danger to everyone)

M. B. Guel, They Ain’t Proper, Bella Books (adventure romance set in 1880s Wild West)

Cole Haddon, Psalms for the End of the World, Headline (1962 –finding herself on the run across America’s Southwest, the discoveries awaiting physics student, Gracie, will undermine everything she knows about the universe)

Jasmin Iolani Hakes, Hula, HarperVia (told in part by the tribal We, narrative connects Hawaii’s tortured history to its fractured present through the story of the Naupaka family)

Aaron Hamburger, Hotel Cuba, Harper Perennial (novel about two sheltered Russian Jewish sisters, desperate to get to America to make a new life, who find themselves trapped in the sultry, hedonistic world of 1920s Havana)

Tom Hanks, illus. R. Sikoryak, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, Knopf (dual timeline graphic novel set in 1947 and 1970, capturing the changes in America and American culture since World War II)

JB Harris, The Immigrant’s Wife, Milford House (a story of love and perseverance set when consumption ravaged America)

Sammy Harkham, Blood of the Virgin, Pantheon Graphic (conjures up the grindhouse movie-making scene in 1970s Los Angeles and tracks a young man’s flailing attempts to build a family and a career)

J. C. Harvey, The Dead Men, Allen & Unwin (sequel to The Silver Wolf – picks up Jack Fiskardo’s story as he returns to Germany in 1630 with the invading Swedish army)

JJA Harwood, The Thorns Remain, Magpie (historical fantasy set in 1919 that fuses fairy tale bargains, Highland charm and dark romance)

Sarah Hawkswood, Too Good to Hang, Allison & Busby (Hugh Bradecote and Serjeant Catchpoll murder mystery in 12th-century Worcester)

Amy Hill Hearth, Silent Came the Monster, Blackstone (the story of the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks)

Patti Callahan Henry, The Secret Book of Flora Lea, Atria (when a woman stumbles across a mysterious children’s book, long-held secrets about her missing sister and World War II are revealed)

Adriana Herrera, An Island Princess Starts a Scandal, Canary Street (Victorian romance series takes us to Paris…and into a love affair between a visiting artist and an older, pleasure-seeking duchess)

James T. Hogg, Defense, All Night Books (Girl With a Knife, Book Two — accused by the townspeople of witchcraft and incestual rape, a father is caught up in a trial reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials)

Catherine Hokin, Her Last Promise, Bookouture (a WWII novel of redemption and the endurance of the human spirit)

Mike Hollow, The Campden Murder, Allison & Busby (DI John Jago sets off on a murky trail of deceit, corruption and murder in 1940)

M.J. Hollows, The German Messenger, HQ Digital (WWII historical novel about an English woman who is forced to spy for the Nazis after her son is kidnapped)

James Hynes, Sparrow, HarperCollins (recreates a lost world of the last of old pagan Rome as its codes and morals give way before the new religion of Christianity)

Buzzy Jackson, The Girl with the Red Hair (UK) / To Die Beautiful (US), Michael Joseph / Dutton (based on the unsung true story of Hannie Schaft, a young-woman-turned-Dutch-Resistance-fighter in Nazi-occupied Netherlands)

Eloisa James, Not That Duke, Avon (new enemies-to-lovers Regency romance)

Nicole Jarvis, A Portrait In Shadow, Titan Books (a novel of art and magic in 17th-century Florence as Artemisia Gentileschi fights to make her mark as a painter)

Rebecca F. John, Vulcana, Honno Welsh Women’s Press (1892, Kate Williams leaves Wales for London, where strong man William reinvents Kate as ‘Vulcana – Most Beautiful Woman on Earth’, and himself as ‘Atlas’)

Neil Jordan, The Ballad of Lord Edward and Citizen Small, Pegasus/Apollo (reimagining of an extraordinary friendship spanning the revolutionary tumult of the eighteenth century)

Barbara Josselsohn, Secrets of the Italian Island, Bookouture (Italy, 1943; a castle once full of love and laughter is left in ruins by the Nazis, as three sisters are torn apart by one terrible mistake)

Ben Kane, Napoleon’s Spy, Orion (Matthew enlists in Napoleon’s army, is coerced into turning spy for the British Government and witnesses the ultimate destruction of Napoleon’s army in the harsh Russian winter)

Abraham Kawa, The Red Death, Sapere (2nd in the DI Chris Bates and Helen Briant murder mysteries set in Rome, 1970)

Bruce Kemp, Ladies of the Press, Tidewater Press (Mel McLeod is an aspiring journalist determined to make it to the front during the Great War, despite the odds of acceptance as a woman)

Natalie Kleinman, The Wishing Well, Sapere (a historical romantic tale set in Regency England, with a spirited and courageous heroine at its heart)

Matthew Kneale, The Cameraman, Atlantic Fiction (road trip through a rapidly changing Europe in the 1930s)

Andrew Krivak, Like the Appearance of Horses, Bellevue Literary Press (last in Dardan Trilogy, after The Sojourn and The Signal Flame – story about borders drawn within families and around nations, and redrawn by ethnicity, prejudice, and war)

Samantha Larsen, A Novel Disguise, Crooked Lane (1784– when Miss Tiffany Woodall assumes the identity of her half-brother after his death, she realizes she isn’t the only one with a secret to hide)

Edward J. Leahy, Enemies of All, Black Rose (a thriller about the investigation of a series of anti-Semitic assaults in the early 1940s)

Judy LeBlanc, The Broken Heart of Winter, Caitlin Press (three generations of Acadian women grapple with the impacts of dislocation, exile, and violence)

Dana LeCheminant, What Dreams May Come, Covenant (a romance forms between a woman and her supposedly betrothed’s older brother)

Lee Geum-yi (trans. An Seonjae), Can’t I Go Instead, Forge (follows the lives of the daughter of a Korean nobleman and her maidservant in the early 20th century)

Amanda Lees, The Midwife’s Child, Bookouture (Auschwitz, January 1945: after a death march from the concentration camp, Maggie learns Dr Mengele has escaped – and she may be the only person strong enough to track him down)

Robin Lloyd, Hidden Cargo, Lyons Press (five months after the end of the Civil War, Acting Navy Lieutenant Everett Townsend finds himself facing a mystery that takes him from the backwaters of Florida to the interior of Cuba)

Mary Logue, The Big Sugar, Univ. of Minnesota Press (a grisly death near her new homestead draws Brigid Reardon into a complicated mystery soon after her arrival in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1881)

Elizabeth Loudon, A Stranger in Baghdad, Hoopoe (intergenerational drama set against a background of political tension and intrigue)

Sofia Lundberg, Alyson Richman, M.J. Rose, The Friday Night Club, Berkley (novel of artist Hilma af Klint and her creative circle; dual timeline narrative set in early 1900s and present day)

Susie Luo, Paper Names, Hanover Square (story about the long shadows of our parents, the ripple effect of our decisions and the ways in which our love transcends difference)

Sally Magnusson, Music in the Dark, John Murray (novel looks at love at an older age – its cost and its beauties – whilst shedding light on female resistance during the Highland Clearances)

Kirsty Manning, The Paris Mystery, Vintage (reporter Charlotte “Charlie” James arrives in Paris in 1938 eager to make a fresh start, little knowing the trouble that awaits her)

Tim Mason, The Nightingale Affair, Algonquin (Inspector Charles Field hunts a serial killer targeting Florence Nightingale’s nurses in Crimea)

Sujata Massey, The Mistress of Bhatia House, Soho Crime (Bombay’s only female solicitor, Perveen Mistry, grapples with class divisions, sexism, and complex family dynamics as she seeks justice for a mistreated young woman)

Constance Hays Matsumoto & Kent Matsumoto, Of White Ashes, Loyola College/Apprentice House (the bombing of Pearl Harbor propels America into WWII and two Japanese Americans into chaos)

Beryl Matthews, An Onerous Duty, Allison & Busby (1802; romance in which Harry uncovers a web of treachery in which it seems that someone is supplying secrets to Napoleon, and that his brother’s death was no accident)

Catherine McCullagh, Resistance and Revenge, Big Sky Publishing (the story of a village in the grip of occupation and of those who have the courage to fight back)

Stephenia H. McGee, The Swindler’s Daughter, Revell (when Lillian tries to take possession of her inheritance, she finds the dilapidated structure already occupied by another woman who claims it was promised to her son)

Carol McGrath, The Stolen Crown, Headline Accent (when Henry I dies, Princess Matilda, de facto heir to the throne, must race across England, evading capture until she can demand the crown)

Gabrielle Meyer, In This Moment, Bethany House (the daughter of an influential senator at the outbreak of the Civil War inherits a gift that allows her to live three separate lives in 1861, 1941, and 2001)

Michael Moorcock, The Whispering Swarm, Tor (in post-war London young writer Moorcock’s chance encounter with a monk leads to a secret hidden world inhabited by great heroes of both history and fiction)

Rachael Moorthy, River Meets the Sea, House of Anansi Press (traces the dual timelines of a white-passing Indigenous foster child in 1940s Vancouver and a teenage immigrant in the suburbs of Nanaimo in the 1970s)

Eliza Morton, The Orphans from Liverpool Lane, Macmillan (saga set in Liverpool in the 1940s)

Ginny Kubitz Moyer, The Seeing Garden, She Writes (1910; explores what it takes for a woman to discern her most authentic life)

Nathan Munday, Whaling, Seren (in 1790 Wales, as two cultures rub against each other, and distrust grows driven by the local preacher, this story explores the boundary between faith and superstition)

Amita Murray, Unladylike Lessons in Love, Avon (a journey from the pleasure gardens of society to the dangerous streets of 19th century London)

Cynthia G. Neale, Catharine, Queen of the Tumbling Waters, Bedazzled Ink (a fact-based story which spans two wars and makes visible some unwritten truths of early American history)

Kent Michael Nerburn, Lone Dog Road, Polished Stone (tale of compassion and redemption played out against the haunting backdrop of the American high plains during the drought-stricken summer of 1950)

Sheila Newberry, The Nursemaid’s Journey, Zaffre (1906; Molly Sparkes is leaving her convent school to accompany Mrs. Alexa Nagel on a tour of Australia)

Shelley Noble, The Tiffany Girls, Wm. Morrow (novel about the real-life “Tiffany Girls,” a largely unknown group of women artists behind Tiffany’s most legendary glassworks)

Billy O’Callaghan, The Paper Man, David R. Godine (interwar romance set between 1930s Austria and 1980s Ireland, based on a real-life unsolved mystery)

Jacqueline O’Mahony, Sing, Wild Bird, Sing, Lake Union (a courageous woman journeys from nineteenth-century Ireland to the American West))

Janika Oza, A History of Burning, McClelland & Stewart/Grand Central/Chatto & Windus (novel spanning India, Uganda, England, and Canada, about how one act of survival reverberates across four generations of a family and their search for a place of their own)

Sigrún Pálsdóttir (trans. Lytton Smith), Embroidery, Open Letter (tragicomic tale about the preservation of cultural treasure set at the turn of the twentieth century)

Helen Parusel, A Mother’s War, Boldwood (1940s Norway; when Laila finds out she is pregnant, she turns to a home for women which promises to care for her, but finds herself caught in a system of evil beyond anything she thought possible)

Susan Paterson, Where Light Meets Water, S&S AU (novel of love and art, and one man’s journey to find his place in the world, traversing 19th-century London, Melbourne and New Zealand’s rugged South Island)

Candice Sue Patterson, The Keys to Gramercy Park, Barbour (a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure)

Crystal Smith Paul, Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?, Henry Holt (multigenerational saga that traverses the Jim Crow South, the glamour of old Hollywood, and the seductive draw of present-day showbiz)

Jonathan Payne, Citizen Orlov, CamCat (an unassuming fishmonger and upstanding citizen is catapulted into a web of espionage and political maneuvering at the end of the Great War)

AJ Pearce, Mrs Porter Calling, Picador/Scribner (Emmy Lake is the agony aunt at Woman’s Friend magazine, relied upon by readers across the country as they face the challenges of life on the Home Front during WWII)

Tom Piazza, The Auburn Conference, Univ. of Iowa Press (in 1883, an idealist professor convinces Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman and others to participate in a public discussion about the future of the nation)

Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse, The Heart’s Choice, Bethany House (romantic adventure between a female court reporter in Montana and a librarian)

MJ Porter, Eagle of Mercia, Boldwood (Tamworth AD 831; a mission in the heart of Wessex is beset with danger)

Mona Susan Power, A Council of Dolls, Mariner (indigenous novel spanning three generations of Yanktonai Dakota women from the 19th century to the present day)

Amanda Quick, The Bride Wore White, Piatkus/Berkley (returns to the 1930’s glamour of Burning Cove, California, where everyone has a secret they would kill to hide)

Julia Quinn, Shonda Rhimes, Queen Charlotte, Avon (1761; romance novel about the love affair between German Princess, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and the young George III)

Matthew Richardson, The Scarlet Papers, Michael Joseph (multi timeline novel set in Vienna, 1946; in Moscow, 1964 and in Riga in 1992)

Anthony Riches, Storm of War: Empire XIII, Hodder & Stoughton (with the emperor Pertinax’s murder, Marcus and his protector Scaurus have escaped Rome, seeking sanctuary for their familia in the East)

David L. Robbins, The Shortest Road, Wicked Son (novel of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, depicting with human scope and historical scale the struggle for Israel’s existence. The Promised wars, book two)

Toby Roberts, The Beast in the Labyrinth, The Book Guild (historical thriller set during the time of Hannibal’s war with Rome, following the life of Dion of Syracuse)

Terence Robertson, Full Speed to Heaven, Sapere (naval thriller set in WWII, inspired by true events)

Mandy Robotham, The War Pianist, Avon (set between London in the midst of the Blitz and a war-torn Amsterdam, novel shines a light on the darkest corners of WWII)

Linda Rosen, The Emerald Necklace, Black Rose (a novel about friendship and trust set in the late 1960s)

Jane Loeb Rubin, In the Hands of Women, Level Best (centered on the life of Hannah Isaacson, an obstetrician in training who was determined to improve medical safety for women in a time when women had few choices)

L. V. Russell, The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses, Quill and Crow (Theodora takes the job as governess to young Ottoline Thorne, and travels far north to Broken Oak Manor, where she finds a house filled with secrets)

Jennifer Saint, Atalanta, Flatiron (a reimagining of the myth of Atalanta, a fierce huntress raised by bears and the only woman in the world’s most famous band of heroes, the Argonauts)

Carly Schabowski, The Airman’s Girl, Bookouture (WWII romance wherein a German pilot crash-lands his plane, claiming to be trying to defect from the Nazis)

Siôn Scott-Wilson, What We Leave Behind, Deixis Press (tale of redemption and the power of love set against the backdrop of an 18th-century crime-ridden London)

Rani Selvarajah, Savage Beasts, One More Chapter (retelling of the Greek myth of Medea)

Jeff Shaara, The Old Lion, St. Martin’s (novel tracing the life of one of the consequential presidents, Theodore Roosevelt)

A. J. Sidransky, Incident at San Miguel, Black Opal Books (Havana, Cuba. December 1958. Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of Castro’s revolution)

J. David Simons, An Exquisite Sense of What is Beautiful, Saraband (in the 1950s, a British writer pens a novel questioning the ethics of the nuclear destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

Douglas Skelton, A Thief’s Justice, Canelo (crime thriller set in London, 1716)

Alexander McCall Smith, The Private Life of Spies and The Exquisite Art of Getting Even, Pantheon (short story collection: — spy stories and tales of revenge, highlight the gentler side of espionage and retribution)

Minerva Spencer, The Dueling Duchess, Kensington (Regency era romance – Wicked Women of Whitechapel series, book #2)

Domenico Starnone (trans. Oonagh Stransky), The House on Via Gemito, Europa Editions (told against the backdrop of Naples in the 1960s, a city that becomes a vivid character in a novel steeped in Neapolitan lore)

Logan Steiner, After Anne, William Morrow (an unexpected portrait of Lucy Maud Montgomery, creator of one of literature’s most prized heroines, whose personal demons were at odds with her most enduring legacy)

Harper St. George, The Duchess Takes a Husband, Berkley (a scandalous arrangement between a London rogue and an American duchess leads to lavish stakes)

Karen Swan, The Stolen Hours, Pan Macmillan (an engaged woman falls in love with another man. Romance set on St. Kilda, 1929)

Deborah Swift, The Silk Code, HQ Digital (based on the true story of ‘Englandspiel’, one woman must race against the clock to uncover a traitor)

Lydia Travers, Murder in the Scottish Hills, Bookouture (historical whodunnit set in Edinburgh, 1911)

Bryn Turnbull, The Paris Deception, Mira/Headline Review (novel about two brave women who risk their lives rescuing looted masterpieces of modern art from the Nazis and replacing them with forgeries)

Kerri Turner, The Magpie’s Sister, Bonnier Echo (Sydney, Australia, 1911; novel about a traveling circus full of secrets and lies)

Luis Alberto Urrea, Good Night, Irene, Little, Brown (novel delivers an overlooked story of women’s heroism in World War II)

Juan Gabriel Vasquez (trans. Anne McLean), Retrospective, Riverhead (family saga stretching from the Spanish Civil War to exile to Latin America, and from the Cultural Revolution in China to the guerrilla movements of 1960s Colombia)

Ana Veciana-Suarez, Dulcinea, Blackstone (the mistress, muse, and lifelong love of Miguel de Cervantes de Cortinas, paints her story against the rich backdrop of Spain)

Abraham Verghese, The Covenant of Water, Grove (spanning 1900 to 1977, novel set in India follows three generations of a family that suffers a peculiar affliction: in every generation, at least one person dies by drowning)

Bridget Walsh, The Tumbling Girl, Gallic (1876, Victorian London. Murder mystery in which a friend of Minnie Ward, the feisty scriptwriter for the Variety Palace Music Hall, is found murdered)

Chrissie Walsh, Hard Times on Weaver Street, Boldwood (saga about a close-knit community in Liverpool during the Great Depression)

Susan Wands, Magician and Fool, SparkPress (a magical adventure in Victorian London in which two actors of the Lyceum are used as muses to create a powerful new tarot deck with living incarnations of magician and fool)

Ashley Weaver, Playing it Safe, Minotaur (third in the Electra McDonnell series—World War II mystery filled with spies, murder, romance, and wit)

Alison Weir, Henry VIII: The Heart & the Crown (UK) / The King’s Pleasure (US), Headline Review/Ballantine (reveals the story of a man who was by turns brilliant, romantic, and ruthless: the king who changed England forever)

Mathew West, The Water Child, HarperCollins (supernatural novel set in Portugal, 1754)

Karen Witemeyer, Fairest of Heart, Bethany House (a romantic Western take on the classic Snow White fairy tale)

Olga Wojtas, Miss Blain’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters, Felony & Mayhem/Saraband (2022) (a time-travelling librarian heads to 11th-century Scotland to cozy up to Macbeth and Lady M & prevent them from murdering Duncan)

Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, Glassworks, Bloomsbury (generational saga about the Novaks, a family connected across time by their work in glass and by a single fragile crystalline bee)

Marion Womack, On the Nature of Magic, Titan Books (spanning London’s occult seances to the Parisian catacombs, a Gothic supernatural mystery set in 1902)

Mary Wood, The Orphanage Girls Come Home, Pan (inspirational tales set in London, 1910 and Canada 1919)

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, JAJ, Douglas & McIntyre (visually brings to life the history of first contact between Europeans and Indigenous peoples & the early colonization by the Europeans of the northern West Coast)

June 2023

Anna Abney, The Messenger of Measham Hall, Duckworth (tale of espionage and intrigue in the years leading up to the Glorious Revolution of 1688)

Isabel Allende (trans. Frances Riddle), The Wind Knows My Name, Bloomsbury/Ballantine (intertwining past and present, novel tells the tale of two unforgettable characters, both in search of family and home)

Aharon Appelfeld, Poland, A Green Land, Schocken (a Tel Aviv shopkeeper visits his parents’ Polish birthplace in an attempt to come to terms with their complex legacy)

Lucy Helen Barker, The Other Side of Mrs. Wood, Harper/Fourth Estate (witty historical debut about the fiery rivalry between two female mediums at the height of Victorian London’s obsession with Spiritualism)

Phil Batman, Our Ethel, The Book Guild (set in 1950s York, novel follows a young woman who is accused of the murder of her newborn baby, following his birth out of wedlock)

Misty M. Beller, Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, Bethany House (combination of adventure, inspiring faith, and sweet romance set in 1837)

Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray, The First Ladies, Berkley (about the extraordinary partnership between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune)

Freya Berry, The Birdcage Library, Headline Review (story of long-buried secrets and dark obsession)

Katharine Beutner, Killingly, Soho Crime (based on the unsolved real-life disappearance of a Mount Holyoke student in 1897)

Neil Blackmore, Radical Love, Hutchinson Heinemann (London, 1809; a queer love story about how desire can take us to the edge of madness and beyond)

Kelly Bowen, The Garden of Lost Secrets, Forever (two sisters discover the fairy tales written by their great-grandmother during WWII)

AnneMarie Brear, The Waterfront Lass, Boldwood (family saga set in Wakefield 1870 follows a working-class family and a man tired of the greed of his wealthy family)

Verity Bright, Murder in Manhattan, Bookouture (twisty Golden Age cozy mystery set in New York, with Lady Eleanor Swift)

Tracey D. Buchanan, Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace, History Through Fiction (1952, western Kentucky; with the help of the living and the dead, a woman discovers the power of forgiveness)

Jeremy P. Bushnell, Relentless, Melville House (supernatural detective thriller that introduces Artie Quick, a sales assistant at Filene’s in Boston, who moonlights as an amateur detective)

Susanna Calkins, Death Among the Ruins, Severn House (printer’s apprentice Lucy Campion investigates a puzzling death)

Rita Chang-Eppig, Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea, Bloomsbury (adventure novel about a legendary Chinese pirate queen, her fight to save her fleet, and the dangerous price of power)

A.Y. Chao, Shanghai Immortal, Hodder & Stoughton (fantasy debut teeming with Chinese deities and demons cavorting in jazz age Shanghai)

Kerry Chaput, Chasing Eleanor, Black Rose Writing (a story of loss and survival set in America’s Great Depression, paying tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt)

Monica Chenault-Kilgore, Long Gone, Come Home, Graydon House (debut set in small-town Kentucky in the 1930s featuring a young Black woman working through love and loss while discovering the jazz scene in Cincinnati and Chicago)

Christos Chomenidis (trans. Patricia Felisa Barbeito), Niki, Other Press (a resilient Greek woman recounts her family’s story at the end of her life, marked by the great historical events of the twentieth century)

Joanne Clague, The Watchman’s Widow, Canelo (Victorian saga about a factory worker struggling to make ends meet and a middle-class newspaperman’s wife who devotes her time to lobbying for better working conditions)

Alan Robert Clark, The Redemption of Isobell Farrar, Fairlight Books (England, 1926; literary novel of a mother and son who are finally reunited, after the son was given up for adoption as a child)

Cassandra Clark, The Night of the Wolf, Severn House (the ruthless reign of Henry IV and the clerical tyranny of Archbishop Arundel keep Brother Chandler and his friends under constant threat)

Rosie Clarke, A Sister’s Destiny, Boldwood (standalone saga set during World War One)

Fliss Chester, Death in the Highlands, Bookouture (Scotland, 1926; there’s a dangerous killer lurking by the loch… and only Cressida Fawcett can track them down in book 3)

Rachel Cochran, The Gulf, Harper (literary thriller, set in the 1970s at the height of the women’s liberation movement, a closeted young woman attempts to solve her surrogate mother’s murder in a tight-knit, religious small town)

Daniel Colter, Brotherhood of Wolves, Sapere (a Templar thriller set in Jerusalem, 1177)

Mary Connealy, The Laws of Attraction, Bethany House (19th-century Wyoming Western adventure with a romance, witty banter, and a mystery)

Roma Cordon, Bewitching a Highlander, CamCat (a healer with witchery in her blood and a future Highlander clan chief risk everything for family and a forbidden romance)

Stephanie Cowell, The Boy in the Rain, Regal House (LGBTQ romance, set in England, 1903, between an art student and a young man running from a failed marriage)

Claudia Cravens, Lucky Red, The Dial Press (debut set in the American West about a scrappy orphan who finds friendship, romance, and her true calling as a revenge-seeking gunslinger)

Kathryn Crawley, Walking on Fire, She Writes (a romance involving choices between politics and love set in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1974)

Andrew Crumey, Beethoven’s Assassins, Dedalus (a meditation on art and science, and a primer on Beethoven’s life and work, novel weaves history, music, erudition and humour in an historical mystery)

Siobhan Daiko, The Girl From Venice, Boldwood (dual timeline novel of love, betrayal, and finding where you truly belong)

Fiona Davis, The Spectacular, Dutton (1950s Manhattan and Radio City Music Hall feature in this novel about a talented young Rockette and a mysterious bomber terrorizing New York City)

J. R. Dawson, The First Bright Thing, Tor (with the scars of WWI in the past, Rin and the Fantasticals enchant a Big Top packed full with audiences who need to see the impossible. LGBTQIA fantasy)

Emma Deards, Wild With All Regrets, She Writes (LGBTQ romance in which a man grieves over the loss of his lover in WWI and sees and hears his ghost)

Debra Magpie Earling, The Lost Journals of Sacajewea, Milkweed Editions (novel that challenges prevailing historical narratives of Sacajewea recentering her as the arbiter of her own history)

Sarah M. Eden, Fleur de Lis, Covenant (inspirational Regency romance)

Mary Anna Evans, The Traitor Beside Her, Poisoned Pen (story of a young woman who spends every day locked in a room of people working on the most sensitive secrets of WWII)

David Field, Pirates and Patriots, Sapere (first Tudor novel in The New World Nautical Saga Series – historical adventure featuring a young Francis Drake in 1554)

Julia Fine, Maddalena and the Dark, Flatiron (novel set in 18th-century Venice at a prestigious music school, about two girls drawn together by a dangerous wager)

Russell Franklin, The Broken Places, Phoenix (debut dual timeline novel inspired by the life of Hemingway’s favourite child)

Dianne Freeman, A Newlywed’s Guide to Fortune and Murder, Kensington (Countess of Harleigh series)

Elizabeth Fremantle, Disobedient, Pegasus (based on the life of Artemisia Gentileschi—the greatest female painter of the Renaissance—as she forges her own destiny in a world dominated by the will of men)

Lynne Francis, The Smuggler’s Secret, Piatkus (saga of love and betrayal with a time slip narrative between 1813 and 1913)

Anita Frank, The Good Liars, HQ (story of crime, deceit, and murder, set in the early 1920s)

V. V. Ganeshananthan, Brotherless Night, Viking (exploration of a family fractured by civil war)

Hazel Gaynor, The Last Lifeboat, Berkley (inspired by a true story, a young teacher evacuates children to safety across perilous waters)

Amanda Geard, The Moon Gate, Headline Review (story of love, war, and a mystery that ensnares three generations, sweeping the reader from London to Tasmania and to Ireland)

Craig Godfrey, Cap’n Jonathon Bourke, Black Rose Writing (adventure thriller on the high seas)

Paul Goldberg, The Dissident, FSG (Cold War mystery about a ragtag group of Jewish refuseniks in Moscow)

Nathan Go, Forgiving Imelda Marcos, FSG (a novel of alternative history that explores power and powerlessness, the nature of guilt, and what we owe to those we love)

Alex Gough, Caesar’s Soldier, Canelo (first of a new four book series brings to life the world of one of history’s greatest warriors)

Michelle Griep, Man of Shadow and Mist, Barbour (England, 1890; when Rosa sets out to prove the dark local gossip about a cursed resident is wrong, she discovers more questions than answers)

Kathleen Grissom, Crow Mary, Atria (saga inspired by the true story of Crow Mary—an indigenous woman torn between two worlds in 19th-century North America)

Alexis Hall, Mortal Follies, Orion/Gollancz (1814; a Regency queer romance)

Jeffrey Hantover, The Forenoon Bride, Severn House (novel set in Elizabethan England and the Ottoman Empire of the late 16th century)

Louise Hare, Harlem After Midnight, Berkley/HQ (1936 – leaving memories of murder and mayhem behind her, Lena Aldridge sets out to discover her father’s hidden past by exploring Harlem’s music scene)

Kristin Harmel, The Paris Daughter, Gallery/Welbeck (novel about two mothers who must make unthinkable choices in the face of the Nazi occupation)

Nicola Harrison, Hotel Laguna, St. Martin’s/History Through Fiction (post-war novel of love and hidden secrets on sun-kissed Laguna Beach)

Arlem Hawks, Along a Breton Shore, Shadow Mountain (a soldier must choose between his heart’s desire or his duty to country in a novel of friendship and survival. French Revolution era romance)

Kate Hewitt, The Last Orphan, Bookouture (sixth novel in the Amherst Island series, set after the Second World War in England)

Tim Hodkinson, Blood Eagle, Head of Zeus — an Aries book (Einar and the Wolf Coats undertake a dangerous mission to war-torn Northern France)

Nancy Horan, The House of Lincoln, Sourcebooks Landmark (in the Lincoln home Ana finds employment as household help, and a front-row seat to societal changes that will reshape an entire country)

Sue Hubbard, Flatlands, Pushkin Press ONE (tale of unlikely friendship and the beauty of nature, set in the wild wetland landscape of the English Fens during World War II)

Liz Hyder, The Illusions, Manilla Press (Bristol, 1896 — at a time of extraordinary change, two women must harness their talents to take control of their own destiny)

Conn Iggulden, Empire, Pegasus (a Golden Age novel of Pericles, the lion of Athens, on his journey to secure the fate of the Athenian empire)

Douglas Jackson, The Barbarian, Bantam (AD406; a story of treacheries, betrayals and bloody confrontations during the twilight years of Rome’s once all-powerful empire)

Tania James, Loot, Knopf (18th-century; a hero’s quest, a love story, a young artist coming of age, and an exuberant heist adventure that traces the bloody legacy of colonialism across two continents and fifty years)

Luisa A. Jones, The Gilded Cage, Storm Publishing (romance in which Rosamund finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets and lies after her marriage to a cruel man in 1897)

Adele Jordan, The Traitor Queen, Sapere (fifth book in the Kit Scarlett Tudor Mysteries Series; a historical espionage adventure set in Elizabethan London)

Dietrich Kalteis, The Get, ECW Press (mid-’60s, Toronto; Lenny’s days are spent with his partner, Gabe, terrorizing the locals into paying protection on their shops and their lives)

M.R.C. Kasasian, The Horror of Haglin House, Canelo (new Victorian crime series featuring jilted thriller writer Lady Violet Thorn)

Sophie Keetch, Morgan is My Name, Magpie/Random House Canada (feminist retelling of the early life of Morgan le Fay, set against the chivalric backdrop of Arthurian legend)

Lee Kelly, Jennifer Thorne, The Antiquity Affair, Harper Muse (1907 — two estranged sisters must band together to solve a puzzle three millennia in the making)

Naomi Kelsey, The Burnings, HarperNorth (true story set in 16th-century Scotland and Denmark)

Christopher Kerr, Fission, The Book Guild (story of the dangerous race to obtain the ultimate deterrent, with hidden roots in Nazi Germany. Based on real events)

Kate Khavari, A Botanist’s Guide to Flowers and Fatality, Crooked Lane (second mystery featuring botanist Saffron Everleigh)

Victoria Kielland (trans. Damion Searls), My Men, Astra House (based on the true story of Norwegian maid Belle Gunness, 19th-century America’s most notorious serial killer)

Stephen P. Kiernan, The Glass Château, William Morrow (a novel of hope, healing, and the redemptive power of art, set against the turmoil of post-World War II France and inspired by the life of Marc Chagall)

Eliza Knight, Starring Adele Astaire, William Morrow (the life of Adele Astaire, a spirited and talented woman who served up smiles and love both on and off the stage—with and without her famous brother Fred Astaire)

Lizzie Lane, Trouble for the Boat Girl, Boldwood (story of two girls, from opposite backgrounds and their search for freedom and happiness. Set in 1925 – The Midland Canals)

Antoine Laurain (trans. Louise Rogers Lalaurie, Megan Jones), An Astronomer in Love, Gallic Books (a story of two men, 250 years apart, who find themselves on separate quests to see the transit of Venus across the Sun. Set in 1760 & 2012)

Sue Lawrence, The Unreliable Death of Lady Grange, Contraband (based on the 18th-century story of a Scottish noblewoman whose own husband faked her death and exiled her to a remote island)

Debby Lee, Beneath a Peaceful Moon, Barbour (inspirational romance between two people damaged by war)

Venetia Hobson Lewis, Changing Woman, Univ. of Nebraska Press Bison Books (abducted amid the massacre of 150 Apache women, a young woman grieves for her lost heritage)

Liz Locke, Follow the Sun, Random House Canada (paints a portrait of the 1960s International Jet Set Era through the eyes of an aspiring singer-songwriter)

Harriet Alida Lye, Let It Destroy You, McClelland & Stewart (inspired by the true story of a dangerous atomic weapon and the man who designed it)

H.B. Lyle, Spy Hunter, Mobius/Hodder & Stoughton (Secret Service Agent Wiggins returns for a new adventure – and meets with his old mentor, Sherlock Holmes in a story of intrigue, danger and violence)

Christina Lynch, Sally Brady’s Italian Adventure, St. Martin’s (with war engulfing Europe, an effervescent young American party girl leaves behind her glamorous life in Rome and uses her wiles and humor to save her imperiled friends)

Sharon Maas, The Children of Berlin, Bookouture (Berlin 1933; WWII story in which two avowed best friends part ways as one joins the Hitler Youth and the other is from a Jewish family whose home is raided by the Nazis)

Siobhan MacGowan, The Graces, Welbeck Fiction (science and faith collide against tumultuous 20th-century Ireland)

A. J. MacKenzie, By Treason We Perish, Canelo (one lone detective faces down a twisted medieval web of spies and intrigue; England, October, 1338)

Shirley Mann, Bridget’s War, Zaffre (inspirational saga of a female police office during World War II)

Luna McNamara, Psyche and Eros, William Morrow (retelling of Greek mythology in which the god of desire is cursed to fall for a spirited young mortal woman. Historical fantasy)

Rachael Mead, The Art of Breaking Ice, Affirm Press (1960; reimagining of the life of Nel Law, the wife of expedition leader Phillip Law, of the icebreaker Magga Dan, reveals a ground-breaking artist searching for freedom in a man’s world)

Elizabeth Millane, Sixty Blades of Grass, Bloodhound Books (the bond between a Dutch teenager and her father is tested as the Resistance wages its secret war against the Nazis)

Fenella J. Miller, Wedding Bells at Goodwill House, Boldwood (at a time when the war is getting ever closer, love and happiness should be grabbed with both hands)

Miranda Miller, Angelica, Paintress of Minds, Barbican (biographical fiction of a woman who battled misogyny to become one of the greatest artists of the 18th-c Enlightenment Period)

Peta Miller, The Ship’s Midwife, HQ Fiction AU (a story of survival and love, inspired by true events. Set in 1850)

Simon Mockler, The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep, Pegasus (winter, 1967; a psychiatrist is tasked with unraveling a mystery at a top-secret military base)

Laura Morelli, The Last Masterpiece, William Morrow (in a race across Nazi-occupied Italy a German photographer and an American stenographer hunt for priceless masterpieces looted from the Florentine art collections)

Michael Moorcock, The Woods of Arcady, Tor (writer of genre fiction, Moorcock, find himself drinking with heroes of history & next day awakens aboard a sailing ship, kidnapped into another reality by a French highwayman and the four Musketeers)

Marty Neumeier, Octavo, Story Plant (historical mystery, a modern thriller, and a strong evocation of Leonardo’s times)

Terri Nixon, The Secrets of Pencarrack Moor, Piatkus (saga set against the dramatic Cornish coastline)

Anne O’Brien, A Marriage of Fortune, Orion (England, 1469; in the midst of civil war, three women must decide between love and duty)

Sheila O’Flanagan, The Woman on the Bridge, Headline (story of a young woman caught up in the drama of Ireland’s fight for freedom)

B.K. Oldre, Caravans in the Dark, She Writes (coming-of-age story set in WWII as Jana and her friends strive to find love in the world—even as they fight the Nazi occupation of their country)

Mat Osman, The Ghost Theatre, The Overlook Press/Bloomsbury (1601 — set amid Elizabethan London’s fabled underground children’s theatre scene, novel follows an androgynous, bird-worshipping fortune teller & the troupe’s enigmatic leader)

Ambrose Parry, Voices of the Dead, Canongate (Edinburgh, 1853; in a city still haunted by the crimes of Burke and Hare, Dr. Will Raven is tasked with heading off a scandal)

Anna Pitoniak, Our American Friend, No Exit (Cold War-era spy thriller crossed with a fictional biography of a First Lady)

Christine Purkis, Betrayal, Y Lolfa (novel based around a headstrong working-class girl in late 18th-century Wales)

Katherine Quarmby, The Low Road, Unbound (tale of two women, destitute, and in love in 19th century London)

Nilima Rao, A Disappearance in Fiji, Soho Crime (debut mystery featuring a young Indian police sergeant investigating a missing persons case in colonial Fiji)

Katherine Reay, A Shadow in Moscow, Harper Muse (two courageous female spies, one with MI6 and the other with CIA during the Cold War in Moscow, must work together before the KGB closes in and destroys them both)

Willa Reece, Wildwood Magic, Redhook (novel of magic and self-discovery when a woman escapes her abusive husband and finds shelter in a magical orchard. Set in Virginia, 1969)

Craig Russell, The Devil’s Playground, Constable/Doubleday (a dark thriller set in 1920s Hollywood about “the greatest horror movie ever made”, the curse, and the search for the single copy rumoured still to exist. Dual timeline)

Daniela Sacerdoti, The Bookseller’s Daughter, Bookouture (Francesca and Thiago uncover the secrets of the story of Helèna, a young girl who lived on Santa Caterina, and who risked everything to protect the island from the Nazi invasion)

Susan E. Sage, Dancing in the Ring, Black Rose Writing (follows two law school students for whom dancing is a passion which leads to courtship and marriage which is irrevocably changed by the Great Depression)

Riley Sager, The Only One Left, Dutton (dual timeline gothic thriller about a massacre in late 1920s and the home health aide assigned in 1983, help with end life care to the accused)

Brandon Sanderson, The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England, Tor (fantasy in which an amnesiac wizard’s only hope of survival in medieval England lies in recovering his missing memories)

Katharine Schellman, The Last Drop of Hemlock, Minotaur (second in the Nightingale series invites readers to join protagonist Vivian Kelly in a nighttime world where anything goes, and any drink could be your last)

Julia Seales, A Most Agreeable Murder, Random House (when a wealthy bachelor drops dead at a ball, a young lady takes on the decidedly improper role of detective)

Cat Sebastian, We Could Be So Good, Avon (1950s romance about the son of a New York City newspaper mogul who falls for the local reporter who keeps saving his neck)

Lisa See, Lady Tan’s Circle of Women, Scribner (inspired by the true story of a woman physician from 15th-century China)

Laura Shepherd-Robinson, The Square of Sevens, Mantle/Atria (the daughter of a Cornish fortune-teller travels with her father making a living predicting fortunes, but when he dies, her quest is to discover her past who her father’s enemies were)

Leïla Slimani (trans. Sam Taylor), Watch Us Dance, Faber & Faber (Morocco, 1968; a family deals with a new chapter of Moroccan history and learns how life can take wild and unexpected turns)

Dominic Smith, Return to Valetto, FSG (a journey into one family’s dark history, and an excavation of the ruins of history and our commitment to justice in a fragile world)

Cindy K. Sproles, This Is Where It Ends, Revell (now 94, Minerva is nearing the end of a lonely life, keeping a secret of hidden gold owned by her husband, but now a reporter has come calling)

Hwang Sok-yong (trans. Sora Kim-Russell and Youngjae Josephine Bae), Mater 2-10, Scribe UK (multi-generational tale that threads together a century of Korean history)

Wilbur Smith, Nemesis, Zaffre (three strands of the Courtney family converge in a bloodthirsty bid for revenge. Story set in Paris, 1794 & Cape Town, 1806)

Linda Stratmann, Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of the Great Auk, Sapere (fifth Victorian crime thriller in the Early Casebook of Sherlock Holmes series)

Laraine Stephens, A Deadly Game, Level Best (mystery which infiltrates the illegal gambling dens and social clubs of 1920s Melbourne)

Qin Sun Stubis, Once Our Lives, Guernica World Editions (four generations of Chinese women & how their lives were threatened by powerful and cruel ancient traditions and historic upheavals)

Amanda Taylor, An Uncharted Devotion, Covenant (romance in which a man, returning from war a very different man, and tortured by an unresolved past, must decide whether to save his friend or reclaim his lost love for his wife)

Thao Thai, Banyan Moon, Mariner (from 1960s Vietnam to the wild swamplands of the Florida coast, novel tells a story of mothers and daughters, the things we inherit, and the lives we choose to make out of that inheritance)

Julia Bryan Thomas, The Radcliffe Ladies’ Reading Club, Sourcebooks Landmark (Boston, 1954. Alice Campbell transforms a derelict building into a bookshop, on a mission to help other women reconsider their traditional roles)

Gail Tsukiyama, The Brightest Star, HarperVia (based on the life of the actress Anna May Wong—the first and only Asian American woman to gain movie stardom in the early days of Hollywood)

Lisa Tuttle, The Missing Mummies, Jo Fletcher (Jesperson and Lane murder mystery set in 1890 Victorian London)

Linda Ulleseit, The River Remembers, She Writes (1835; three women from different cultural backgrounds must find a way to direct their own future and leave a legacy for their children)

Itamar Vieira Júnior, (trans. Johnny Lorenz), Crooked Plow, Verso Books (deep in Brazil’s neglected Bahia hinterland, two sisters find an ancient knife and, mystified by its power, decide to taste its metal)

Pim Wangtechawat, The Moon Represents My Heart, Magpie (weaving through decades and across continents, a novel about one family, the gift that threatens to tear them apart and the love that binds them together)

Ruth P. Watson, A Right Worthy Woman, Atria (story of Maggie Lena Walker, the daughter of a formerly enslaved woman who became the first Black woman to establish and preside over a bank in the United States)

Jeri Westerson, The Isolated Séance, Severn House (Sherlock Holmes’s protégés Tim Badger and Benjamin Watson are catapulted into a tricky first case when a man is murdered during a séance)

Merial Wiles, Where Ivy Dares to Grow, Kensington (timeslip gothic novel where a crumbling cliffside house brings Saoirse from her own time to the past and into a romance with the house’s 19th-century owner)

T. A. Willberg, Marion Lane and the Raven’s Revenge, Park Row (third and final book in the Marion Lane mystery series)

Beatriz Williams, The Beach at Summerly, William Morrow (takes readers back to a mid-century New England rich with secrets and Cold War intrigue)

Ovidia Yu, The Yellow Rambutan Tree Mystery, Constable (next in the Chen Su Lin series set in 1930s Singapore)

Mary Kay Zuravleff, American Ending, Blair (a woman growing up in a family of Russian immigrants in the 1910s seeks a thoroughly American life)

July 2023

Anita Abriel, The Life She Wanted, Lake Union (New York in the 1920s—a time when fortunes are made and a woman’s dreams are challenged)

Jane A. Adams, The Room with Eight Windows, Severn House (1930; Henry Johnstone has retired from the police, but when he suddenly disappears his old colleague and friend, Inspector Mickey Hitchens, investigates)

Jamila Ahmed, Every Rising Sun, Henry Holt/John Murray (Shaherazade must entertain her dangerous new husband, the Malik, and navigate court intrigue as her homeland teeters on brink of destruction in this new take on the classic)

Rebecca Alexander, Coming Home to the Cottage by the Sea, Bookouture (family drama in which a house renovation uncovers a story dating back to WWII)

Diane Allen, The Yorkshire Farm Girl, Macmillan (novel of a family dreaming of a better life when war looms on the horizon)

Ann Aptaker, A Crime of Secrets, Bywater Books (NYC, 1899 — introducing readers to the crime-fighting duo of Fin Donner and Devorah Longstreet – lovers, investigators, women ahead of their time. LGBTQ+)

Jasmin Attia, The Oud Player of Cairo, Schaffner Press (tells the story of a young Egyptian woman who breaks from the traditional mores of her time to follow her true, independent and creative spirit. Set mid-20th century, Egypt)

Ola Awonubi, A Nurse’s Tale, One More Chapter (born Nigerian royalty, Princess Adenrele Ademola trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital in London and stepped up to serve the people of Britain when war broke out)

Ethan Bale, The Lost Prince, Canelo (Nov 1485; Hawker and his men are charged with rescuing a prisoner, who was supposed to have died in 1476, from a remote Wallachian mountain fortress)

Stela Brinzeanu, Set in Stone, Legend Press US (in medieval Moldova, two women from opposing backgrounds fall in love)

Karen Brooks, The Escapades of Tribulation Johnson, HQ (recreation of the optimistic but politically treacherous world of London’s Restoration theatre. Set in 1679)

Louella Bryant, Sheltering Angel, Black Rose Writing (follows the true story of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912)

James Lee Burke, Flags on the Bayou, Atlantic Monthly (Civil War-era Louisiana as the South transforms and enslaved & free women, plantation gentry, and battle-weary Confederate & Union soldiers are caught in the maelstrom)

Rachel Cantor, Half-Life of a Stolen Sister, Soho Press (reimagines the lives of the Brontë siblings from precocious childhood, through the writings of their great novels, to their early deaths)

Francesca Capaldi, All Change at the Beach Hotel, Hera Books (employed at the Beach Hotel in Sussex during WWI, Lili is forced to return to family in Wales and must decide whether to follow her dreams to make her own life)

C. J. Carey, Queen Wallis, Sourcebooks Landmark (alternative history sequel to Widowland, set in June 1955)

Mary Chamberlain, The Lie, Magpie (dangerous secrets entwine the lives of two sisters)

Jennifer Chiaverini, Canary Girls, William Morrow (novel about the “munitionettes” who built bombs in Britain’s arsenals during World War I)

Wendy Chin-Tanner, King of the Armadillos, Flatiron (debut novel about family, love, and belonging, set against the backdrops of New York City and a historical leprosarium in 1950s Louisiana)

James Clarke, Sanderson’s Isle, Serpent’s Tail (1960s-set noir in which a man infiltrates a hippie cult in search of a missing child)

Alyssa Cole, An Unconditional Freedom, Kensington (a man ravaged by the horrors of slavery works with a Cuban woman to aid the Union cause – 3rd in series exploring the untold role of people of color in the fight to end slavery)

Deryn Collier, A Real Somebody, Lake Union (Montreal, 1947; postwar historical novel based on the true story of an aspiring writer who dares to dream big)

Kate Collins, A Good House for Children, Mariner (feminist gothic tale combines a mystery with themes of motherhood, madness, and the value of a woman’s work)

Joanna Courtney, Cleopatra & Julius, Piatkus (novel about the legendary Cleopatra and her lover where, in a choice between love and duty, only one can win)

Siobhan Curham, The Storyteller of Auschwitz, Bookouture (a WWII novel about finding something to live for when all seems lost)

Ellie Curzon, The Ration Book Baby, Bookouture (WWII novel of a nurse who finds a newborn on her doorstep along with the mother’s ration book)

Siobhan Daiko, The Girl from Portofino, Boldwood (a story of loss, courage, and secrets untold, set on the Italian Riviera)

Lindsey Davis, Fatal Legacy, Minotaur (in first century Rome, Flavia Albia takes on an easy case that soon proves to be anything but)

Tetyana Denford, The Soldier’s Child, Bookouture (based on true events of the author’s family, novel is a story of family, struggle, and the strength of hope, set in Ukraine 1941 and present)

Kat Devereaux, Escape to Florence (US) / Escape to Tuscany (UK), Harper/Aria (debut novel about two women, decades apart, whose fates converge in Florence, Italy)

Matthew Di Paoli, Holliday, Milford House (follows the infamous 1880s gambler, dentist, and gunslinger, Doc Holliday)

D. L. Douglas, Dr. Spilsbury and the Camden Town Killer, Orion (new historical mystery series, featuring forensic pathologist Sir Bernard Henry Spilsbury)

Louise Douglas, The Secret of Villa Alba, Boldwood (dual timeline tale of betrayal, love, jealousy set in 1968 and present-day Sicily)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at the Tower of London, Allison & Busby (London, 1899. Daniel Wilson and Abigail Fenton, the museum detectives, are called upon to investigate a bizarre murder at the White Tower)

Jessica Ellicott, Murder at a London Finishing School, Kensington (Beryl and Edwina team up as enquiry agents to solve a mystery at their alma mater in this English village mystery set just after World War I –book 7)

Jennifer Cody Epstein, The Madwomen of Paris, Ballantine (in the 19th-century two women fall under the influence of a powerful doctor in Paris’s notorious women’s asylum)

Kathleen Ernst, The Solace of Stars, Level Best (Hanneke Bauer investigates the death of a friend’s husband, revealing cultural rifts and family secrets)

Jess Everlee, A Rulebook for Restless Rogues, Carina Adores (London, 1885 — two lifelong best friends find romance as they join forces to save an illegal gay club and the one place where they can truly be themselves)

David Field, Beyond the Setting Sun, Sapere (second book in the New World Nautical saga series)

Susie Finkbeiner, The All-American, Revell (in this 1950s coming-of-age story, two sisters are left reeling when their father is accused of being a member of the Communist party)

Suzanne Fortin, The Lost Dressmaker of Paris, Embla Books (wartime story of the bravery of ordinary women and the enduring power of love)

Felicity George, A Courtesan’s Worth, Orion Dash (Kitty, the most sought-after courtesan in London, falls in love with her long time and loyal friend, Reverend Sidney Wakefield)

Nina George, The Little Village of Book Lovers, Ballantine (set in 1960s south of France, a young woman with the power to bring soulmates together searches for her own true love)

Amiee Gibbs, The Carnivale of Curiosities, Grand Central (a gothic tale of Faustian bargains, jealousy, and murder set in a circus, where star-crossed lovers’ destinies are forged at an unexpected price)

Cathy Gohlke, Ladies of the Lake, Tyndale (novel about the wonder and complexities of friendship, love, and belonging beginning before WWI)

Leonard Goldberg, The Wayward Prince, Minotaur (the fate of Prince Harry and the British throne lies in the hands of Joanna and the Watsons)

Genevieve Gornichec, The Weaver and the Witch Queen, Ace/Titan (the lives of two women—one desperate only to save her missing sister, the other a witch destined to become queen of Norway—intertwine in a story of Viking history and myth)

Eliza Graham, The Girl in Lifeboat Six, Storm Publishing (1914; in a world at war, a young woman must face her darkest fears)

Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Promise, Random House/John Murray (two Black sisters growing up in small-town New England fight to protect their home, their bodies, and their dreams as the civil rights movement sweeps the nation)

Alex Hay, The Housekeepers, Graydon House/Headline Review (novel about a housekeeper at a stately home who recruits an eclectic group of women from the fringes of society to launch an audacious revenge heist)

A. W. Hammond, The Berlin Traitor, Bonnier Echo (post WWII thriller, where Auguste Duchene finds himself involved in a race against the Soviet military – among them his estranged wife – to retrieve a set of nuclear plans)

Kate Heartfield, The Chatelaine, HarperVoyager (1328 and Hell has overrun Bruges. Demons stalk the streets and revenants swarm the walls. The city’s men have fallen and only widows remain)

James T. Hogg, Devastation, All Night Books (Girl With a Knife, Book Three –the trial from book two commences but yields no justice as the accused is driven into action leading to chaos and violence)

Verity M. Holloway, The Others of Edenwell, Titan Books (gothic tale of a demon stalking the grounds of the Edenwell Hydropathic wellness retreat in Norfolk, 1917)

Emma Hornby, An Orphan’s Choice, Bantam (romantic saga of family, friendship and love)

Angela Hunt, The Woman From Lydia, Bethany House (novel dives into the perilous days of the early church as Christians struggle to remain true to their faith amid the highest of risks in a hostile pagan culture)

Nick Hunt, Red Smoking Mirror, Swift Press (reimagining of an alternate history set 1521 in the Mexican city of Tenochtitlan)

Graham Hurley, The Blood of Others, Head of Zeus – an Aries book (thriller shows the horrors of World War Two in Northern France)

Kevin Ikenberry, The Crossing, Baen (a squad of ROTC cadets training at Fort Dix, in November 2008 find themselves transported to December 1776 in the days before the Battle of Trenton)

Sophie Irwin, A Lady’s Guide to Scandal, Penguin (escapist historical romance, led by an audacious heroine who has suddenly inherited a fortune)

Kelsey James, The Woman in the Castello, John Scognamaglio (blend of modern gothic and historical fiction, set against the backdrop of a movie set in 1960s Rome)

Michel Jean (trans. Susan Ouriou), Kukum, Arachnide Editions (unfolding over a century, novel details the end of traditional ways of life for the Innu, the loss of their land and confinement to reserves, and the enduring violence of residential schools)

Annette Kane, Dolly Butler’s Eight Day Week, The Book Guild (June 1908; cross-dressing Dolly Butler is starting a new career as a detective with her very own Soho agency)

Ariel Kaplan, The Pomegranate Gate, Erewhon/Rebellion (first in a Jewish fantasy trilogy set in a mythical 15th century Spain)

Christine Gallagher Kearney, What We Leave Behind, She Writes (1947; one woman learns to survive and to reconcile her dream of motherhood with an America that is very different from what she imagined)

Richard T. Kelly, The Black Eden, Faber and Faber (1956, Scottish Highlands; for five boys the discovery of oil under the North Sea can make their dreams come true, but it can also overthrow relationships and turn friends into foes)

Karen Kirsten, Irena’s Gift, Mardle Books (weaves together a mystery, history and memoir to tell the story of a family torn apart by war)

Natalie Kleinman, Some Day My Prince Will Come, Sapere (romantic tale set in Regency England, with a spirited female lead and a mystery at its heart)

Khaled Khalifa (trans. Leri Price), No One Prayed Over Their Graves, FSG (the story of two friends whose lives are altered by a 1907 flood that devastates their Syrian village)

Sarah E. Ladd, In the Shelter of Hollythorne House, Thomas Nelson (a young widow flees the estate of her loveless marriage and reunites with the man who once broke her heart)

Callie Langridge, A Time to Change, Storm Publishing (a gothic timeslip novel set in present day and one hundred years in the past)

Elizabeth Langston, The Measure of Silence, Lake Union (dual timeline 1963 & 1993; two sisters fulfilling their grandfather’s dying wish uncover decades of secrets in a novel about family, truth, and forgiveness)

Mirinae Lee, 8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster, Harper/Virago (genre-bending debut of love and survival, set in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea)

Pierre Lemaitre, The Great World, Little, Brown (saga of one prominent French family against the backdrop of post-war Paris, Beirut, and Saigon)

Catherine Lloyd, Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder, Kensington (drastic circumstances compel Lady Caroline Morton to make an upstairs downstairs switch to become a lady’s companion, whose duties will soon entail solving a murder)

Norman Lock, The Ice Harp, Bellevue Literary Press (Ralph Waldo Emerson battles dementia while debating whether to intercede in a Black soldier’s unjust arrest)

Zelda Lockhart, Trinity, Amistad (explores three generations of a family trying to overcome trials and trauma and free themselves from the darkness of the past)

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, An American Wife in Paris, Bookouture (Kitty will stop at nothing to play her part in bringing the war to a close, until her undercover Nazi husband goes missing)

Lindsay Lynch, Do Tell, Doubleday (maps the intricate networks of power that manufacture the magic of the movies in the golden age of Hollywood, and interrogates who actually gets to tell women’s stories)

Annie Lyons, The Air Raid Book Club, William Morrow/Headline Review (story of making connections through books set against the bombing of London during WWII)

Sarah Maine, The Forgotten Shore, Hodder & Stoughton (story of family secrets, love and redemption set in 1940, 1965 and 1980)

Edward Marston, Murder at the Arizona Biltmore, Allison & Busby (Merlin Richards sets off from the Welsh valleys to the Arizona desert to launch his architectural career, but finds himself prime suspect in a murder)

Laura Martin, Last Impressions, Sapere (second book in the Jane Austen Investigation series ― Regency-era murder mysteries with a literary heroine working as a female sleuth)

Michael McGarrity, The Long Ago, W. W. Norton (in the early 1960s, Ray Lansdale returns from Vietnam to his Montana home to search for his missing sister)

Claire McMillan, Alchemy of a Blackbird, Atria (a mystical novel based on the true story of the 20th-century painters and occultists Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington)

Shannon McNear, Rebecca, Barbour (novel about the “what if” questions relating to the Lost Colony of Roanoke, when a native princess meets an English widower)

Tom Mead, The Murder Wheel, Mysterious Press/Head of Zeus — an Aries Book (follow-up to Death and the Conjuror, in which former stage magician Joseph Spector is back to help Scotland Yard with yet another baffling case)

Rosie Meddon, A Wartime Welcome, Canelo (war time saga about a volunteer who sets up one of the British Welcome Clubs aimed at easing American troops’ integration into English life)

Margaret Meyer, The Witching Tide, Orion Phoenix (East Anglia, 1645. Martha Hallybread, a mute midwife, healer and servant, becomes a silent witness to a witch hunt)

Maddison Michaels, The Heiress Swap, Entangled: Amara (not every American heiress wants to be a dollar princess, nor does every duke wish to marry one. Victorian romance)

Stacy Lynn Miller, Devil’s Slide, Bella Books (two high school friends meet again after nine years and try to find a way to be together in 1930s California. LGBTQ romance)

Denise Mina, Three Fires, Pegasus (re-imagines the “Bonfire of the Vanities,” a series of fires lit throughout Florence at the end of the fifteenth century—inspired by the fanatical Girolamo Savonarola)

Allison Montclair, The Lady from Burma, Minotaur (murder once again stalks Sparks and Bainbridge of The Right Sort Marriage Bureau in the surprisingly dangerous landscape of post-WWII London)

Santa Montefiore, Wait for Me, S&S UK (novel of enduring love and devastating secrets, sweeping across England during WWII to Australia five decades later, based on a true story)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Silver Nitrate, Del Rey (a meld of Mexican horror movies and Nazi occultism: a dark thriller about the curse that haunts a legendary lost film—and awakens one woman’s hidden powers)

Kate Mosse, The Ghost Ship, Minotaur/Mantle (third in The Burning Chambers series—continues the story of the Joubert family and their descendants in an adventure story of piracy and revenge, lost treasure and family secrets)

Gretta Mulrooney, Death at Larch Bridge, Joffe Books (historical mystery whodunnit set in Oxfordshire, 1946)

Linda Joy Myers, The Forger of Marseille, She Writes (1939; as a Jew or anti-fascist, the only way to avoid being imprisoned or murdered is to assume a new identity. For that, people need papers. And for that, the underground needs forgers)

Ben Okri, The Last Gift of the Master Artists, Head of Zeus — an Apollo book (a magical look at Africa before the arrival of the Atlantic slave ships)

S. J. Parris, Alchemy, HarperCollins UK (historical thriller set in the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Prague 1588)

S. W. Perry, The Sinner’s Mark, Corvus (1600; with a dying queen on the throne, England is on the brink of chaos and in London’s dark alleyways, a conspiracy is brewing)

Tracie Peterson, Finding Us, Bethany House (a journey of faith, trust, and hope wrapped up in a historical romance)

MJ Porter, Kings of War, Boldwood (a story of kingship that will result in the pivotal, bloody Battle of Brunanburh in 937 AD)

Nicola Pryce, The Cornish Rebel, Corvus (Aunt Harriet’s school for young women is facing imminent closure after a series of sinister events but Pandora and her Aunt Harriet must do everything in their power to save the school)

A. D. Rhine, Horses of Fire, Dutton (epic in which Troy’s strong, yet misunderstood women take center stage in the most famous war in history)

Vanessa Riley, Queen of Exiles, William Morrow (novel based on the life of Haiti’s Queen Marie-Louise Coidavid, who escaped a coup in Haiti to set up her own royal court in Italy during the Regency era)

Kelly Rimmer, The Paris Agent, Graydon House/Piatkus (follows three female SOE operatives as their lives intersect in occupied France, and the double agent who controls their fate)

Debbie Rix, The German Mother, Bookouture (novel about mothers fighting for the survival of their children in the depths of World War Two

Monique Roffey, The Mermaid of Black Conch, Knopf (mid-1970s tale of a cursed mythical creature and the lonely fisherman who falls in love with her)

Delphine Ross, The Poetics of Passion, Muse Publications (in 1870 London, a love poetess and a children’s book illustrator are set at odds)

Josh Rountree, The Legend of Charlie Fish, Tachyon (debut is the juxtaposition of a strange found-family, a fish man yearning to return to his home, and the legendary Galveston, Texas hurricane of 1900)

Joshunda Sanders, Women of the Post, Park Row (novel gives voice to the pioneering Black women of the Six Triple Eight Battalion who made history by sorting over one million pieces of mail overseas for the US Army)

E. Saxey, Unquiet, Titan Books (London, 1893; a woman searches for clues to the drowning death of her brother-in-law)

Amanda Schiavo, In Her Own Right, Black Rose Writing (a novel of Lady Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII)

Anika Scott, Sinners of Starlight City, William Morrow/Duckworth (historical drama about a woman determined to avenge the crimes against her family, set at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair)

Elizabeth L. Silver, The Majority, Riverhead (a novel of love and friendship, motherhood and ambition, and one woman’s fight to be a Supreme Court justice)

Mona Simpson, Commitment, Corsair UK (novel about a single mother’s collapse and the fate of her family after she enters a California state hospital in the 1970s)

Rachel Kelley Stones, Love Unseen, Covenant (despite their rocky introduction, an almost-spinster and a man with a social black mark against him, find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another)

Karin Tanabe, The Sunset Crowd, St. Martin’s (an enigmatic young woman meets a group of glamorous friends in Los Angeles and upends their lives as she chases the blinding lights of fame)

Andrew Taylor, The Shadows of London, HarperCollins (when a man’s brutally disfigured body is discovered in the ruins of an ancient almshouse, architect Cat Hakesby and Whitehall secretary James Marwood are ordered to investigate)

Stacey Thomas, The Revels, HQ (England, 1645; in a country torn apart by civil war, & rumours of witchcraft, Nicholas hides a secret, but will he find the courage to speak up to save innocent lives)

Linda Travers, Mystery in the Highlands, Bookouture (when members of a choir start dropping dead in the Highlands, Maud McIntyre and her lady’s maid Daisy go undercover)

Simon Turney, Para Bellum, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (novel set in the fourth-century Roman Empire)

Fiona Valpy, The Cypress Maze, Lake Union (dual timeline story of a secret kept to protect the innocent, set in Tuscany, 1943 and 2015)

Kim van Alkemade, Counting Lost Stars, William Morrow (saga in which an unmarried college student who’s given up her baby for adoption helps a Dutch Holocaust survivor search for his lost mother)

Anneka R. Walker, An Unwitting Alliance, Covenant (Regency Romance about debutantes and arranged marriages)

Sasha Wasley, Snapshots from Home, Pantera (1917, Australia; a teacher at Miss Raison’s School for Girls agrees to take part in a comfort scheme sending photos of home to the troops)

Pam Weaver, The Lost Orphan, Avon (saga of the bond between three sisters in the darkest days of WWII)

Colson Whitehead, Crook Manifesto, Doubleday (continues the Harlem saga with novel that summons 1970s New York in all its seedy glory)

Pamela R. Winnick, The Spymaster’s Mistress, She Writes (at the height of the American Revolution, 17-year-old Rachel flees her home in NYC, to Philadelphia, where she is recruited as an American Spy)

Dias Novita Wuri, Birth Canal, Scribe UK (novella that explores what it means to be a woman — whoever you are, wherever you are, and whenever it is in history and time)

Megan Wykes, Back to the Garden, At Bay Press (Toronto, summer 1971; novel tells of four strangers who take a chance on a new psychological treatment: group therapy)

August 2023

Nigar Alam, Under the Tamarind Tree, Putnam/Bedford Square (debut novel about the echoes of Partition and four friends whose dark secrets lead to a life-changing night that comes back to haunt them decades later)

Rochelle Alers, Take the Long Way Home, Kensington (chronicles one woman’s journey through some of history’s most turbulent eras—and the four men who challenge her along the way)

Rose Alexander, The Lost Diary, Bookouture (dual timeline tale about bravery in the face of terror and how a woman pushed to the brink is forced to make a terrible choice)

Amanda Allen, Death Comes to Santa Fe, Severn House (amateur sleuth Madeline Vaughn-Alwin is thrown into a deadly web of secrets and lies)

Rebecca Anderson, The Art of Love and Lies, Shadow Mountain (a free-spirited artist teams up with a no-nonsense detective to capture a thief who has stolen a priceless Michelangelo painting – set in Manchester, England, 1857)

Rosie Archer, Dream a Little Dream, Quercus (continuing the saga of The Timber Girls)

Anne Armistead, A Tryst in Paris, Soul Mate (first in The Carousel Time Traveler series, set in 1900s Paris)

D. R. Bailey, A Fool’s Errand, Sapere (aviation adventure set during WWII and featuring a team of vigilante pilots. Book 2 in series)

Megan Barnard, Jezebel, Penguin (a reimagining of the story of a fierce princess from Tyre and her infamous legacy)

Jan Baynham, The Secret Sister, Joffe Books (family saga set in WW II Wales and 1960s Sicily)

Lauren J. A. Bear, Medusa’s Sisters, Ace/Titan (Stheno and Euryale step into the light to tell the story of how all three sisters lived and were changed by each other. Historical fantasy)

Melanie Benjamin, California Golden, Ballantine (two sisters navigate the early days of California surf culture in a saga of ambition, sacrifice, and the tangled ties)

Nancy Bilyeau, The Orchid Hour, Lume Books (novel about one woman caught up in a secret nightclub that one can only be reached through a certain florist on a cobblestone street)

D. V. Bishop, Ritual of Fire, Macmillan (historical crime novel set in 1530s Renaissance Florence)

Johnny D. Boggs, Longhorns East, Kensington (story of the biggest, longest, wildest cattle drive in America’s history)

Rhys Bowen, The Paris Assignment, Lake Union (a courageous wife, mother, and resister confronts the devastation of World War II)

William Boyd, The Romantic, Knopf/Penguin (a novel about the adventures and misadventures of a nineteenth-century everyman)

Graham Brack, Murder in Maastricht, Sapere (book 7 in the Master Mercurius series set in the Netherlands, 1686)

Emily Brightwell, Mrs. Jeffries Aims to Win, Berkley /Penguin (Mrs. Jeffries must help Inspector Witherspoon crack a new case and catch a killer in this Victorian Mystery series)

Fiona Britton, Violet Kelly and the Jade Owl, Allen & Unwin (Sydney, 1930; Phryne Fisher is determined to find out the truth about a centuries-old curse and a house full of secrets)

David Buzan, In the Lair of Legends, Black Rose (a highly decorated Native American Civil War veteran embarks on a wagon trip across miles of dangerous wilderness)

Diane Byington, Louise and Vincent, Red Adept (a love story and a chronicle of a woman’s awakening, which portrays the last months of one of the most iconic artists in history)

Jane Cable, The Lost Heir, Sapere (a time-shift romance set in Cornwall between Regency era, 1810 and modern day, 2020)

Isabel Cañas, Vampires of El Norte, Berkley (vampires and vaqueros face off on the Texas-Mexico border in this historical fantasy set in the 1840s)

Jerome Charyn, Ravage & Son, Bellevue Literary Press (a novel of crime, corruption, and antisemitism in early 20th-century Manhattan)

J’nell Ciesielski, To Free the Stars, Thomas Nelson(historical adventure novel set during the roaring ’20s – second book in the Jack and Ivy duology)

Sara Goodman Confino, Don’t Forget to Write, Lake Union (in 1960, a young woman discovers a freedom she never knew existed)

Connilyn Cossette, Voice of the Ancient, Bethany House (brings to life the first years of King Saul’s reign)

Lesley Crewe, Recipe for a Good Life, Vagrant Press (novel follows a mystery author with writer’s block from 1950s Montreal to rural Cape Breton, in search of much more than her next big story)

Siobhan Daiko, The Girl from Bologna, Boldwood (dual timeline WWII story set in 1944 and 1981 Bologna, Italy)

Vanessa de Haan, A Time to Live, HarperCollins UK (moving from the battlefields of France to Devon, from Suffragettes to political extremists; a story of legacy and the price of family)

Sara DiVello, Broadway Butterfly, Thomas & Mercer (1923– true-crime novel, based on one of the most notorious unsolved murders of the era, where power, politics, and secrets conspire to bury the truth)

Emma Donoghue, Learned by Heart, Little, Brown/Picador (based on the true story of two girls who fall secretly, deeply, and dangerously in love at boarding school in 19th century York)

Martin Edwards, The Puzzle of Blackstone Lodge (US) / Blackstone Fell (UK) (c2022), Poisoned Pen Press / Head of Zeus – an Aries Book  (a locked gatehouse, potential corruption at a sanatorium, and a fraudulent medium. Story set in 1606 and 1930)

Charles Finch, The Hidden City, Minotaur (aristocratic sleuth Charles Lenox makes a triumphant return to London to unlock a mystery hidden in the architecture of the city itself)

Jacqueline Friedland, The Stockwell Letters, SparkPress (novel based on the true story of female abolitionist Ann Phillips and her connection to Anthony Burns, a young man who briefly escaped American slavery)

J. H. Gelernter, The Montevideo Brief, W. W. Norton (1804; a secret treaty will determine whether England can survive against Napoleon, as Captain Grey races across the Atlantic to intercept a treasure fleet)

Keum Suk Gendry-Kim (trans. Janet Hong), The Naked Tree, Drawn and Quarterly (Korea, 1951; paints a stark portrait of a single nation’s fabric slowly torn to shreds by political upheaval and armed conflict)

Peter Gibbons, Brothers of the Sword, Boldwood (991 AD; a battle where heroes fight and die to protect a Kingdom from Viking invasion)

Claire Gilbert, I, Julian, Hodder Faith (account of a medieval woman who dares to tell her own story, battling grief, plague, the church and societal expectations to do so)

Robert Goddard, The Fine Art of Uncanny Prediction, Bantam (second installment featuring private investigator Umiko Wada in a novel spanning seventy years of twist and counter-twist)

Suzanne Goldring, The Girl Who Never Came Back, Bookouture (WWII novel set in Paris 1945 which explores the bravery of women in war)

Hilary Green, Operation Fortitude, Joffe Books (WW II mystery featuring a plot to murder the King of England)

Nicola Griffith, Menewood, FSG (sequel to Hild transports readers to seventh-century Britain, a land full of rival kings and rival religions)

Lauren Grodstein, We Must Not Think of Ourselves, Algonquin (novel of love and Jewish defiance set inside the Warsaw Ghetto)

Jimin Han, The Apology, Little, Brown (tale of sisterhood and diaspora, reaching back to the days of Japanese colonialism and the Korean War)

Nino Haratischvili (trans. Ruth Martin), Juja, Scribe (multi-period debut novel published for the first time in English, set in bohemian Paris beginning in 1953)

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The Mistress of Ashmore Castle, Sphere (third novel in the Ashmore Castle historical family drama series, filled with heartbreak, romance and intriguing secrets)

Gracie Hart, The Baker’s Sister, S&S UK (third in series historical saga set in 20th-century)

Liz Harvey, Becoming Liz Taylor, Allen & Unwin (set in the present and the 1970s, a story of love, loss and bereavement)

Stefan Hertmans (trans. David McKay), The Ascent, Pantheon (reimagining of a family in a historical moment of great upheaval)

Naomi Hirahara, Evergreen, Soho Crime (follow-up to Clark and Division set in Los Angeles in 1946)

Alice Hoffman, The Invisible Hour, Atria / Scribner UK (novel about love, heartbreak, self-discovery and the enduring magic of books)

Sophia Holloway, The Chaperone, Allison & Busby (a young woman oversees the debut of her younger sister and their wild cousin)

B. M. Howard, Blood on the Tiber, Canelo (a Magistrate Gracchus & Lieutenant Vanderville historical mystery set in Rome 1797)

Lorena Hughes, The Queen of the Valley, Kensington (amid the devastation of the 1925 Cali earthquake, the owner of a legendary hacienda vanishes plunging three strangers into the dangerous secrets he left behind)

Jane Hulse, Prisoner of Wallabout Bay, Fireship (a young newspaper apprentice fights to expose rampant cruelty and wretched conditions aboard a prison ship)

C. C. Humphreys, Someday I’ll Find You, Doubleday Canada (novel about a pilot and a spy who fall in love during WWII)

James Hynes, Sparrow, The Overlook Press (recreates a lost world of the last of old pagan Rome as its codes and morals give way before the new religion of Christianity)

Jane Johnson, The Black Crescent, Apollo (story of murder, magic and divided loyalties set in 1950s Morocco)

Lynn Johnson, A New Day at Paradise Pottery, Hera Books (a woman shadowed by an abusive father starts work at a local pottery in WWI and finds her artistic flair might take her up the ranks)

Anita Gail Jones, The Peach Seed, Henry Holt (multigenerational novel that explores the origins of a south Georgia family’s tradition, the struggle with the legacies of America’s Civil Rights Movement and the impacts of the 1800s slave trade)

Mary Karras, One Night Beneath the Lemon Trees, John Murray/Two Roads (dual timeline novel set in Cyprus 1954 and London, 1988)

Brian Kaufman, A Persistent Echo, Black Rose (1897; hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported, seven years before the Wright brother’s initial flight, and August Simms, explorer, soldier and world traveler, intends to solve the mystery)

Katrina Kendrick, A Bride by Morning, Aria (Regency romance between a spy and the lady who finds herself embr4oiled in his game of espionage)

Vaseem Khan, Death of a Lesser God, Hodder & Stoughton (in the fourth thriller in the Malabar House series, Persis and Archie travel to the old colonial capital of Calcutta)

Lana Kortchik, Sisters of the Sky, HQ Digital (tired of being left behind in the war two friends decide to volunteer for the first female-only aviation regiment, led by the legendary pilot Marina Raskova)

Marion Kummerow, The Berlin Wife’s Choice, Bookouture (story of the lengths we go to for love; set in Berlin during WWII)

Soraya M. Lane, The Secret Midwife, Lake Union (inspired by real-life accounts of the Polish resistance, the doctors, nurses and midwives imprisoned in the camps and those who fought to save lives in Poland during World War II)

Tim Leach, The Hollow Throne, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (conclusion to historical adventure series set in the Roman Empire in 180 AD)

Edan Lepucki, Time’s Mouth, Counterpoint (saga about family secrets that grow more powerful with time, set against the landscape of California)

Chalon Linton, Chiara’s Choice, Covenant (inspirational romance between the daughter of an Italian baron and an aristocratic son who can’t decide on an occupation)

Catherine Lloyd, Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld, Kensington (set against the backdrop of 1830s high-society London, mystery series features Miss Caroline Morton, now gainfully employed as a lady’s companion)

Valerie Fraser Luesse, Letters From My Sister, Revell (a complex and suspenseful tale full of intrigue, romance, and Southern charm)

Sarah MacLean, Knockout, Avon/Piatkus (the next Hell’s Belles novel about a chaotic bluestocking and the buttoned-up detective enlisted to keep her out of trouble)

Christine Mangan, The Continental Affair, Flatiron (a train ride through Europe in the early 1960s—with stolen money, secret lives, and damaged pasts)

Kirsty Manning, The Paris Mystery, Vintage (reporter Charlotte “Charlie” James arrives in Paris in 1938 eager to make a fresh start)

Alyssa Martin, My Duty to You, Kingsley (an Austen generation romance novel)

Madeline Martin, The Keeper of Hidden Books, Hanover Square (story about the power of books to bring us together, inspired by the true story of the underground library in WWII Warsaw)

Maggie Mason, The Fortune Tellers, Sphere (family saga about overcoming hardship, and the value of friendship set post-WWI)

Alyssa Maxwell, Murder at the Elms, Kensington (an Emma and Derrick mystery in Gilded Newport Series)

James McBride, The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store, Riverhead/W&N (1972, Pottstown, Pennsylvania; a novel about small-town secrets and the people who keep them)

Rachel Scott McDaniel, The Starlet Spy, Barbour (intrigue and romance in Sweden, 1943)

Ellie Midwood, The Child Who Lived, Bookouture (inspired by true events, World War Two novel tells a tale of two ordinary people who risk everything to achieve the impossible)

Kate Mildenhall, The Hummingbird Effect, Scribner AU (story of four women connected across time and place by an invisible thread and their determination to shape their own stories)

Denise Mina, The Second Murderer, Mulholland Books (recreation of Raymond Chandler’s detective Philip Marlowe, in a mystery that finds Marlowe on the hunt for a missing heiress—and up against a rival PI)

Yu Miri (trans. Morgan Giles), The End of August, Riverhead (multi-generational novel about a Korean family living under Japanese occupation)

Syd Moore, Witch Hunt, Avon (ghost story that delves into the dark past of the 16th century Essex witch trials)

Donna Morrissey, Rage the Night, Viking (the intimate tale of one man’s quest to discover the truth of his birth and a account of a real-life Newfoundland tragedy from 1914)

Claire North, House of Odysseus, Redhook (follow up to Ithaca, a reimagining that breathes life into an ancient myth; a feminist tale of the women who stand defiant in a world ruled by men)

Kevin O’Brien, The Enemy at Home, Kensington (as WWII rages overseas, a serial killer preys on women working in Seattle’s factories)

Alli Parker, At the Foot of the Cherry Tree, HarperCollins AU (story of love and hope, based on the true story of Australia’s first Japanese war bride)

Shelley Parker-Chan, He Who Drowned the World, Tor / Mantle (sequel and series conclusion to She Who Became the Sun, sweeping across an alternate 1300s China)

Emma Pass, The Girl from Norway, Aria (a romance set in World War II)

Mark Pryor, The Dark Edge of Night, Minotaur (Paris’s police detective, Henri Lefort, thwarts the Gestapo in new WWII mystery series)

Kate Quinn, A Day of Fire, Harper 360/William Morrow (follows the lives of those in ancient Pompeii on the fateful day Mount Vesuvius erupts)

Michelle Rawlins, Steel Girls at War, HQ (second book in the WWII romance saga series, set in 1940)

Phoenicia Rogerson, Herc, HQ/Hanover Square (queer, feminist retelling of Greece’s greatest hero, Hercules)

Emma Royal, The Palace Girls, Century (post-war saga set in Buckingham Palace, 1951)

Aimie K. Runyan, A Bakery in Paris, William Morrow (novel set in 19th-century and post–World War II Paris follows two women of the same family who find their futures lie in the four walls of a bakery in Montmartre)

Michael Russell, The City of God, Constable (WWII thriller begins in Rome, 1943, with the barbaric murder of a young Irish priest)

Kate Ryder, Echoes on a Cornish River, Embla Books (romantic timeslip novel)

Carly Schabowski, The Postcard, Bookouture (based on a true story, wartime novel follows one woman’s brave decision to save the man she loves from the Nazis)

Elle Seymour, The Royal Station Master’s Daughters at War, Zaffre (WWI saga series, inspired by the Saward family, who ran the station at Wolferton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries)

Craig Shreve, The African Samurai, S&S (novel based on the true story of Yasuke, the only samurai of African descent. Set in late 16th-century Africa, India, Portugal, and Japan)

Fiona Veitch Smith, The Picture House Murders, Embla Books (first in a new, Golden Age cozy mystery series, set in 1929, with an amateur sleuth with a penchant for science)

Natasha Solomons, Fair Rosaline, Manilla Press (a subversive, powerful untelling of Shakespeare’s best known tale)

Sarah Steele, The Traitor’s Wife, Headline (inspired by true stories of the heroines of the Italian Resistance; a story set between the glamorous Golden Age of Hollywood and World War II Naples)

Lee Swanson, Her Dangerous Journey Home, Merchant’s Largesse Books (in 1310, Christina, posing as her dead brother, sails to the Baltic waters of her birthplace to exact revenge on the pirates who killed her father and brother)

Allie Therin, Once a Rogue, Harlequin Carina (two gay reformed scoundrels have renounced the battlefields and scandals for one another, but their troubled pasts could destroy everything they hold dear)

Julia Park Tracey, The Bereaved, Sybilline Press (1859; work of historical fiction based on author’s research of her grandfather, illuminating the darkest side of the Orphan Train)

Nina Wachsman, The Courtesan’s Secret, Level Best (when an envoy from the New World comes to Venice, courtesan Belladonna must abandon her luxurious palazzo, and take refuge in the Ghetto with her friend)

Betty Walker, A Wedding for the Cornish Girls, Avon (fifth installment of the romantic saga of Alice, Penny and Evelyn in WWII)

Mollie Walton, A Daughter’s Gift, Welbeck (when Raven Hall, North Yorkshire, is requisitioned by the army in 1940, Rosina must protect her family home from the rowdy troops)

Pam Weaver, The Runaway Orphans, Avon UK (tale of the bond between sisters and the courage of women in wartime)

Roseanna M. White, A Beautiful Disguise, Bethany House (left with an estate on the brink of bankruptcy after their father’s death, a brother & sister decide to open a private investigation firm marketed to the elite)

Pip Williams, The Bookbinder of Jericho (UK) / The Bookbinder (US), Chatto & Windus (a story about knowledge – who gets to make it, who gets to access it, and what is lost when it is withheld. Set in 1914)

Emily H. Wilson, Inanna, Titan Books (first novel in the Sumerians Trilogy, a retelling of one of the oldest surviving works of literature)

Tracey Enerson Wood, The President’s Wife, Sourcebooks Landmark (unwilling to let the presidency fail, Edith Wilson steps in, supporting Woodrow while concealing his true condition to all but his most trusted advisors)

Jennifer L. Wright, The Girl from the Papers, Tyndale (inspired by Bonnie and Clyde; a tale set during the public enemy era of the Great Depression)

Glenda Young, The Sixpenny Orphan, Headline (saga of orphan sisters Poppy and Rose who are separated by a chance of fate and the toss of a coin)

Irina Zhorov, Lost Believers, Scribner (inspired by true events, about a meeting between two women in 1970s Soviet Russia that irrevocably changes the course of both of their lives)

September 2023

Skye Alexander, The Goddess of Shipwrecked Sailors, Level Best (jazz singer Lizzie Crane mystery book 3 set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1925)

V. S. Alexander, The Novelist from Berlin, Kensington (based on true story of a mysterious German writer, novel spans from the Nazis’ ascent to power to the building of the Berlin Wall)

Tina Andrews, Queen Charlotte Sophia, Jacaranda Books (newly crowned King George III can’t wed the Catholic Lady Sarah Lennox, so a search begins for a German Protestant royal)

Lucy Ashe, The Dance of the Dolls US / Clara & Olivia UK, Union Square (novel about obsessive love featuring two ballet dancers—identical twin sisters Olivia and Clara Marionetta—set in pre-war London)

Jina Bacarr, Sisters at War, Boldwood (after a Nazi attack in Paris, two sisters find themselves on opposite sides of the war)

Julie Bates, Rise to Rebellion, Level Best (a mystery set in the early days of the American Revolution)

James R. Benn, Proud Sorrows, Soho Crime (US Army Captain Billy Boyle investigates a murder in a charming English village, where personal vendettas tangle with wartime espionage)

David Bergen, Away From the Dead, Goose Lane (novel set in early 20th-century Ukraine during the tumult of the Russian Revolution)

Baron Birtcher, Reckoning, Open Road Media (Ty Dawson is a small-town sheriff with big-city problems, in this crime thriller set in 1970s US)

Richard Blaine, The Tainted Jade, Level Best (1948; L.A. private detective Michael Garrett is hired to represent a client at an auction involving a jade statuette said to come with an Aztec curse four centuries old)

A. K. Blakemore, The Glutton, Granta / Scribner (a novel of desire and destruction in Revolutionary France, based on a true story)

Emily Bleeker, When We Were Enemies, Lake Union (two women, generations apart and both in the spotlight, feature in a novel about family secrets, devastating choices, and hope for the future)

J. C. Briggs, The Waxwork Man, Sapere (Dickens and Superintendent Sam Jones investigate a death witnessed only by waxwork women in London, 1851)

Verity Bright, Murder By Invitation, Bookouture (Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery, book 15)

Millie Bobby Brown, Nineteen Steps, William Morrow/HQ (a story of love against the odds, set during WWII)

Peter Burke, The Silk Merchant’s Son, Fremantle Press (novel that examines the impact colonisers have on the original inhabitants, no matter how good they believe their intentions to be)

Corin Burnside, Her Forgotten Promise, HQ Digital (a dual timeline novel featuring a wartime secret and a journey to uncover the truth)

Colleen Cambridge, Murder by Invitation Only, Kensington (when a murder-themed game goes awry, can Agatha Christie’s ever-capable housekeeper, Phyllida Bright, outfox the guilty party?)

Christian Cameron, Treason of Sparta, Orion (book 7 of The Long War series set in spring of 478BCE)

Michelle Cameron, Babylon, Wicked Son (586 BCE; saga of an exiled Judean family, set against the deadly ambition of Nebuchadnezzar’s royal court and the struggle of Biblical prophets and scribes to keep the Hebrew faith alive)

Ella Carey, An Italian Secret, Bookouture (dual timeline story set in Tuscany, featuring a family secret from World War Two)

Brian Carso, Gideon’s Revolution, Three Hills (set in 1780, just days after Benedict Arnold’s treasonous plot to surrender the American fort at West Point is discovered)

Cedric the Entertainer, Flipping Boxcars, Amistad (entertaining crime caper featuring close-knit black families and tightly woven communities struggling to get by during the Depression and World War II)

K. J. Charles, A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel, Sourcebooks Casablanca (LGBTQIA+ historical Regency romance set in Kent, England)

Carolyn Charron, Hunting a Sea-Glass Heart, Renaissance Press (the death of Anne Bonny’s father and the subsequent theft of her sea-glass heart, a memento from Mary Reed, frees Anne to return to her piratical ways in 1741)

Amy Chua, The Golden Gate, Minotaur (historical thriller that paints a vibrant portrait of a California buffeted by the turbulent crosswinds of a world at war and a society about to undergo massive change)

Carmela Circelli, Love and Rain, Guernica Editions (moving from Rome to Montreal in the 1960s and 70s, novel traces the individual rebellion and social revolution that marked the FLQ movement in Quebec and the Red Brigades in Italy)

Raneé S. Clark, A Lady’s Promise, Covenant (inspirational novel set in New York, 1895)

Meg Clothier, The Book of Eve, Wildfire (discovering a book of dark and ancient power, a convent librarian must defend it with her life)

Daniel Colter, Fortress of Crows, Sapere (thriller set during the Crusades. Knights Templar series book 2)

Donovan Cook, Loki’s Deceit, Boldwood (historical adventure series; The Charlemagne Series Book 2)

Ellie Curzon, The Spitfire Girl, Bookouture (in England, 1941, Sally is chosen to run test flights on the Spitfire and get it battle ready)

Abigail Cutter, The Last of What I Am, Union Square (novel about a Confederate soldier whose own personal war follows him into the afterlife)

Jeanne M. Dams, Music and Murder, Severn House (female sleuth Elizabeth Fairchild is drawn into Chicago’s growing jazz scene in this 1920s murder mystery)

Neil Denby, Decanus, Sapere (Julius Quintus Quirinius and his cohort have been sent on a mission to scout out Britannia, and battle the local tribesman to pave the way for their emperor. Book two of Quintus Roman Thrillers)

Rebecca D’Harlingue, The Map Colorist, She Writes (in 1660 Amsterdam, Anneke longs to make maps in a world that is the domain of men)

Robert Dinsdale, Once a Monster, Macmillan UK (retelling of the legend of the Minotaur, steeped in the grime of Victorian London)

David Diop (trans. Sam Taylor), Beyond the Door of No Return, FS&G (1806: a love story drawing on the richness and lyricism of Senegal’s oral traditions)

Victor Dixen (trans. Françoise Bui), The Court of Shadows, Amazon Crossing (a fiery heroine seeks vengeance against a royal court of deadly vampires in this alternate history fantasy set in Versailles at the time of Louis XIV)

Melanie Dobson, The Wings of Poppy Pendleton, Tyndale (time-slip mystery, in which a little girl goes missing from her family’s castle in the Thousand Islands & eighty-five years later, a journalist teams up with a woman to find out what happened)

David Donachie, Droits of the Crown, McBooks Press (a John Pearce naval adventure)

Angus Donald, King of the North, Canelo (spring AD777; a clash of crowns pits brother against sister in a battle for power))

Anton Du Beke, The Royal Show, Orion (can a troupe of old-time crooners, dancing girls and magicians compete with the 1960’s rebellious new bands and revolutionary music at the Royal Variety Performance for the Queen)

María Dueñas (trans. Simon Bruni), Sira, Amazon Crossing (sequel to The Time In Between is a novel of love and intrigue set against the tumultuous aftermath of World War II)

Anne Echols, A Tale of Two Maidens, She Writes (story of an ordinary medieval girl on an extraordinary adventure—one that will require her to dig within herself to claim her own true, independent, and heroic destiny)

Sarah M. Eden, The Queen and the Knave, Shadow Mountain (mystery romance set in London, 1866)

James Ellroy, The Enchanters, Knopf /Hutchinson Heinemann (reimagines Hollywood’s reaction to Marilyn Monroe’s death)

Martha Engber, The Falcon, the Wolf and the Hummingbird, Addison & Highsmith/Histria (a young Native American woman fights fierce invaders to save her tribe — and spirit — from annihilation in precolonial southern New England)

Natalie Meg Evans, The Locket, Bookouture (World War Two story about how the tragic consequences of war can echo through generations)

F. L. Everett, Murder in the Blitz, Bookouture (England, 1940; newspaper secretary Edie York stumbles upon the death of a Home Guard soldier and turns her investigative skills to sleuthing)

David Field, Westward to Freedom, Sapere (the New World Nautical Saga, book 3)

Ken Follett, The Armour of Light, Macmillan/Viking (1792; fifth novel in series returns to Kingsbridge with a tale of revolution)

Ari Folman, illus. Lena Guberman, Where Is Anne Frank, Pantheon Graphics (brings to life Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend to whom she addressed her diary)

Kim Coleman Foote, Coleman Hill, SJP Lit (story of two American families whose fates become intertwined in the wake of the Great Migration)

Elizabeth Fremantle, Firebrand, S&S (shows the darker side to the marriages of Henry VIII, and the wife who survived)

Trip Galey, A Market of Dreams and Destiny, Titan Books (a high-stakes magical adventure across a 17th-century fantasy London not quite like our own)

Kelly Stone Gamble, Ragtown, Red Adept (story set in the Nevada desert during the Great Depression)

Ned Ghosh, The Two-Tailed Snake, Fairlight Books (India, 1945; when her father disappears without a trace, 14-year-old Joya is forced to drop out of school and support her mother by working in a garment factory)

Adrian Goldsworthy, The Wall, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (set against the construction of Hadrian’s Wall, final book in the City of Victory trilogy, after The Fort and The City)

Alex Grecian, Red Rabbit, Tor Nightfire (historical fantasy with an alternate Western setting)

Lauren Groff, The Vaster Wilds, Riverhead/Hutchinson Heinemann (through a servant girl who escapes from a U.S. colonial settlement in the wilderness, novel is about trying to find a new way of living in a world succumbing to the churn of colonialism)

Lori Hahnel, Flicker, Univ. of Calgary Press (novel about time travel, scientific discovery, and the power of love)

Lisa Hall, The Mysterious Double Death of Honey Black, Canelo (time-slip murder mystery set in the Golden Age of Hollywood)

Adrianne Harun, On the Way to the End of the World, Acre Books (in 1963, an eclectic group of characters embark on President Kennedy’s ambitious walking challenge)

Kate Heartfield, The Valkyrie, HarperVoyager (a retelling of one of Norse mythology’s greatest epics)

Victor Heringer (trans. James Young), The Love of Singular Men, New Directions (queer coming-of-age story as well as an exploration of Brazilian society and politics, set in Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s)

Christine Higdon, Gin, Turpentine, Pennyroyal, Rue, ECW/a misfit book (a novel immersed in the complex political and social realities of the 1920s: love, sex, desire, police corruption, abortion, addiction, and women wanting more)

Victoria Hislop, The Figurine, Headline Review/Hachette (shines a light on the questionable acquisition of cultural treasures and the price people – and countries – will pay to cling on to them)

N. L. Holmes, The Moon That Fell From Heaven, Red Adept (Ehli-nikkalu, eldest daughter of the Hittite emperor, sets out to save the kingdom and prove herself to her father)

Rachel Hore, The Hidden Years, S&S UK (novel of secrets, loss and betrayal – set on the Cornish coast during WWII and the 1960s)

Pam Howes, A Child for Sale, Bookouture (novel about how far a mother will go to find her child)

Lindsey Hutchinson, The Bad Penny, Boldwood (saga set in Victorian-era Birmingham)

Anna Jacobs, Golden Dreams, Hodder & Stoughton (second book in the Jubilee Lake series set in Lancashire, 1895)

Paulette Jiles, Chennville, William Morrow (a man undertakes an unrelenting odyssey across the lawless post–Civil War frontier seeking redemption)

Elaine Johns, Please Come Home, Bookouture (Cornwall, England, 1940; novel of romance between a pilot and a young woman who joins the Women’s Air Force, determined to do her duty)

Kathleen B. Jones, Cities of Women, Keylight Books (dual timeline novel evokes the joys and pitfalls facing medieval women artists, and a contemporary woman who becomes obsessed with medieval books)

Ismail Kadare (trans. John Hodgson), A Dictator Calls, Counterpoint (novel reflects on three particular minutes in a long moment of time when the dark shadow of Joseph Stalin passed over the world)

Pauline Kaldas, The Measure of Distance, Univ. of Arkansas Press (family saga begins when Salim, the eldest of three brothers, moves to Cairo in early 20th century, kicking off a series of migrations that shape the lives of his family)

Irena Karafilly, Arrested Song, Legend Press (spanning three decades, novel chronicles the story of a woman’s lifelong struggle against social and political tyranny, beginning in Greece, 1941)

Linda Kass, Bessie, She Writes (story of a bold young woman living at a precarious moment in our cultural history as she searches for love and acceptance. Based on the post war story of Bess Myerson)

Bruce Kemp, Ladies of the Press, Tidewater Press (an aspiring female journalist is determined to make it to the front during the Great War)

M.A. Kuzniar, Upon a Frosted Star, HQ (a literary fairy-tale about an abandoned manor house silent with secrets and a cursed woman who is desperate to be free)

Callie Langridge, The Mandeville Secret, Storm (a romantic tale of one woman’s destiny within a house full of secrets set in 1924)

Shauna Lawless, The Words of Kings and Prophets, Head of Zeus – an AdAstra book (sequel to The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, a new historical fantasy novel set in Ireland in 1000 AD)

Natasha Lester, The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard, Sphere (dual timeline novel set in the world of luxury fashion)

Amy Licence, False Mistress, Sapere (book three in the Marwood Family Tudor saga)

Gail Lukasik, The Darkness Surrounds Us, CamCat (fleeing Chicago at the height of the 1918 Spanish flu, Nellie takes a nursing job at a decrepit mansion on a Michigan island, convinced the island holds the secret to her mother’s past)

Hannah Lynn, Athena’s Child, Sourcebooks Landmark (story of Medusa, history’s most infamous monster—and the men who made her into one)

Julianne MacLean, A Storm of Infinite Beauty, Lake Union (tale of how one woman’s search for the truth uncovers long-hidden secrets and rocks the very foundation of her world)

S. G. MacLean, The Winter List, Quercus (returns to the world of Damian Seeker, but Cromwell is dead and Charles Stuart restored to the throne)

Kerri Maher, All You Have to Do is Call, Berkley (Chicago 1970s; based on the true story of the Jane Collective and the women who fought for our right to choose)

Stephens Gerard Malone, Jumbo, Vagrant Press (fiction following the prized African elephant who stole the show of the Barnum & Bailey Circus)

Jodi Ellen Malpas, A Gentleman Never Tells, Orion (second book in the Belmore Square Regency series)

Molly Guptill Manning, The War of Words, Blackstone (story of how American troops in World War II wielded pens to tell their own stories)

Nev March, The Spanish Diplomat’s Secret, Minotaur (explores the vivid nineteenth-century world of the transatlantic voyage, one passenger’s secret at a time)

Edward Marston, Homicide in Chicago, Allison & Busby (for young Welsh architect Merlin Richards, the opportunity to work on a sixteen-room mansion is an answer to his prayer, until a body is found hanging from a rafter)

Imogen Martin, Under a Gilded Sky, Storm (1874; love story set in the wilds of Missouri and in high society Boston at the dawn of the Gilded Age)

Daniel Mason, North Woods, Random House/John Murray (novel about a single house in the woods of New England, told through the lives of those who inhabit it across the centuries)

Beryl Matthews, Beautiful Innocence, Allison & Busby (London, 1900; the story of one woman’s fight after a grave miscarriage of justice)

Maria McDonald, Tangled Webs, Bloodhound (two women take drastic action to protect the life they’ve built, in a novel set in early twentieth-century Belfast)

Mary Miley, Murder off Stage, Severn House (in New York, 1926, a former theatre starlet turned amateur sleuth gets mixed up in murder)

Denene Millner, One Blood, The Borough Press / Forge (set in the American South during the Great Migration, New York during the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment)

Boyd & Beth Morrison, The Last True Templar, Head of Zeus – an Aries book (Italy 1351; Fox and Willa find themselves on a dangerous quest for the treasure of the Templar Knights. Second in series)

Heather B. Moore, Under the Java Moon, Shadow Mountain (WWII novel captures the resilience, hope, and courage of a Dutch family who is separated during the war when the Japanese occupy the Dutch East Indies)

Jennifer Moore, Educating Elizabeth, Covenant (to keep her struggling girl’s school afloat, Elizabeth Miller turns to carefree flirt Lord Charles Chatsworth, who agrees to financial funding for a price)

Danial Neil, The Sum of One Man’s Pleasure, NeWest Press (a searching literary novel questions the stories we tell of our own lives. Set in Canada late 1950s to early 1960s)

Chris Nickson, Rusted Souls, Severn House (Leeds, 1920; can Chief Constable Tom Harper stop a spiralling crime spree involving love letters, robbery and murder before he retires?)

Karen E. Osborne, True Grace, Black Rose (set in 1924 during the Harlem Renaissance and Roaring Twenties, novel chronicles the journey of an immigrant, mixed-raced woman fighting for her family’s survival)

Lizzie Page, An Orphan’s Wish, Bookouture (England, 1953; story about children tragically orphaned by the war, and the woman who is determined to save them)

Gill Paul, A Beautiful Rival, William Morrow (reveals the unknown history of cosmetic titans Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein and their infamous rivalry that spanned decades, broke marriages, and caused personal tragedies)

Andrea Penrose, Murder at the Merton Library, Kensington (a murder in a renowned library at Oxford University and a suspicious fire in the London research laboratory put Wrexford and Charlotte in harm’s way)

Anne Perry, The Traitor Among Us, Ballantine/Headline (Elena Standish investigates the murder of a fellow MI6 agent near the country estate of one of England’s most influential families)

Jayne Anne Phillips, Night Watch, Knopf (story about a mother and daughter seeking refuge in a mental asylum in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War)

Carol Pouliot, RSVP to Murder, Level Best (time-travel mystery in which Depression-era cop Steven Blackwell and his 21st-century partner-in-crime Olivia Watson travel to the Adirondack Mountains for a Christmas party)

MJ Porter, Protector of Mercia, Boldwood (Dark Ages historical adventure set in Tamworth AD833)

Karen Powell, Fifteen Wild Decembers, Europa Editions (re-imagining of the short life of Emily Brontë, one of England’s greatest writers)

Keenan Powell, The Sorrowful Girl, Three Hooligans (Liam Barrett is a policeman striving for justice in Gilded Age Massachusetts)

Mona Susan Power, A Council of Dolls, Mariner (novel spanning three generations of Yanktonai Dakota women from the 19th century to the present day)

Kate Quinn, Janie Chang, The Phoenix Crown, William Morrow (narrative about the intertwined lives of two wronged women, spanning from the chaos of the San Francisco earthquake to the palace of Versailles)

Oriana Ramunno, Ashes in the Snow, HarperVia (murder mystery set in Auschwitz at Christmas, 1943)

Ron Rash, The Caretaker, Doubleday/Canongate (told against the backdrop of the Korean War as a small Appalachian town sends its sons to battle)

Marcia Rendon, Sinister Graves, Soho Crime (1970s Minnesota–White Earth Reservation–new mystery follows Cash Blackbear, a young Ojibwe woman, as she attempts to discover the truth about the disappearances of Native girls and their newborns)

Mike Ripley, Mr Campion’s Memory, Severn House (in 1972, Albert Campion must dig deep into his memory to solve this latest mystery involving a construction magnate)

Kathleen Rooney, From Dust to Stardust, Lake Union (a novel about Hollywood, the cost of stardom, and selfless second acts, inspired by a true story)

Shari J. Ryan, The Glovemaker’s Daughter, Bookouture (WWII novel about sacrifice, the powerful and unbreakable love of a mother, and a glimmer of hope amongst the never-ending darkness of war)

Simon Scarrow, Warrior, Headline (the epic story of Caratacus, warrior Briton and enemy of the Roman Empire)

Bianca M. Schwarz, The Spy’s Daughter, Central Avenue (fourth and final book in the darkly romantic Gentleman Spy Mysteries series which mix mystery with happily ever after romances)

Nikola Scott, The Life I Stole, Headline (May 1953. Princess Elizabeth is about to be crowned, and 22-year-old Isobel McIntyre is a young doctor-in-training at a London university)

Katharine Schellman, Murder at Midnight, Crooked Lane (Lily Adler Regency mystery)

Jacqueline Seewald, Heart of Wisdom, Level Best (an historical family saga featuring an immigrant family during the years 1920 through 1946 as they face the challenges of surviving life, love and loss)

Zadie Smith, The Fraud, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin (fiction set against the legal trial that divided Victorian England, about who deserves to tell their story—and who deserves to be believed)

Burt Solomon, The Murder of Andrew Johnson, Forge (historical thriller focused on one of America’s most controversial presidents)

Matthew Speiser, To the Manor Born, Black Rose (an alternate history in which the Civil War never ended)

Lyn Squire, Immortalised to Death, Level Best (embeds an ingenious solution to Charles Dickens’s unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Drood within the evolving and tragic consequences of a broader mystery surrounding the author himself)

Shilpi Suneja, House of Caravans, Milkweed Editions (moving back and forth from years surrounding Partition to present, novel portrays a family and nations divided by the living legacy of colonialism)

Mark Stay, The Holly King, S&S UK (fourth novel in a fantasy adventure series of war and mystery)

Anna Stuart, The Midwife of Berlin, Bookouture (story of one woman’s determination to reunite her family in the aftermath of surviving Auschwitz)

Lesley Thomson, The Mystery of Yew Tree House, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (dual timeline novel about a house of revenge, desperation and wartime tragedy – set in 1941 and 2023)

Annabelle Thorpe, The Enemy of Love, Head of Zeus (novel set in wartime Italy and following the fortunes of an Italian family under Mussolini’s rule)

Carrie Turansky, The Legacy of Longdale Manor, Bethany House (two women a century apart are taken on a journey to healing, faith, and forgiveness. Set in 2012 and 1912)

S. J. A. Turney, Caracalla, Canelo (book four and conclusion of The Damned Emperors series)

Jon Volkmer, Brave in Season, Milford House (set in 1950 in the rural Midwest, and inspired by real events, novel explores what happens when an African American railroad repair crew is dropped into a tiny farm community)

Marlie Parker Wasserman, Inferno on Fifth, Level Best (novel based on the Saint Patrick’s Day, New York City, Windsor Hotel fire in 1899)

Christine Wells, The Royal Windsor Secret, William Morrow (a young woman seeks to discover the truth about her mysterious past)

Rachel Wesson, When’s Mummy Coming?, Storm (novel inspired by the real-life stories of the Kindertransport children)

Steve Wiegenstein, Land of Joys, Blank Slate Press ( a brutal murder turns the excitement of the 1904 World’ s Fair into a nightmare)

Gabriela Wiener (trans. Julia Sanches), Undiscovered, HarperVia/Pushkin Press (literary novel that reckons with the legacy of colonialism through one woman’s family)

C. J. Williams, The Conjuror’s Apprentice, Legend Press (Doctor John Dee and his secret apprentice, Margaretta, embark on a journey to solve a brutal murder in 16th-century England. First in Tudor Rose Murders series)

Kimberley Woodhouse, The Secrets Beneath, Bethany House (inspirational romantic fiction set in the era known as The Bone Wars)

Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall, Until Then, Tyndale (time-slip novel in which an Amish man in 1985 finds he has traveled to 1822 Ohio)

Guzel Yakhina (trans. Polly Gannon), A Volga Tale, Europa Editions (set in the dying years of the 19th century through mid-twentieth century, an epic of personal tragedy and resilience, telling a family story of a people, a republic, and a nation)

Barbara Youree, Reaching for Independence, Addison & Highsmith (set in the nineteenth century during Greece’s War for Independence from the Ottoman Turks)

October 2023

Tasha Alexander, A Cold Highland Wind, Minotaur (a Lady Emily mystery set in the wild Scottish Highlands, tells an ancient story of witchcraft which may hold the key to solving a murder centuries later)

Isa Arsén, Shoot the Moon, Putnam (novel about one brilliant but lonely NASA secretary’s relentless drive to live a big life in a world that would keep her small)

Melissa Ashley, The Naturalist of Amsterdam, Affirm Press (gives voice to the long-ignored women who shaped our understanding of the natural world)

D. R. Bailey, The Fleeting Target, Sapere (WWII story, 3rd in the Spitfire Mavericks Thriller series)

Stephanie Barron, Jane and the Final Mystery, Soho Crime (between novels, Jane Austen, Regency England’s most beloved author, doubles as a sleuth in often idyllic locales. Last in series)

Kate Belli, Opulence and Ashes, Crooked Lane (next installment in Gilded Gotham Mystery series set in New York City in the 1890s)

Michelle Bennington, Widow’s Blush, Level Best (mystery in which two people uncover an international plot to destroy England)

Lucy Black, The Brickworks, Now or Never Publishing (a young man searches for redemption for his father after the Tay Bridge collapses in 1879 killing everyone on the train which his father was driving)

K. T. Blakemore, The Good Time Girls Get Famous, Sycamore Creek Press (second adventure with Ruby Calhoun and Pip Quinn, two accidental outlaws now on the run for too many crimes to count)

Amy Boyes, Yes, Miss Thompson, Now or Never Publishing (beginning in 1904, author brings her great-grandmother’s past alive in this tale of immigration, struggle, and the long reach of history)

Karma Brown, What Wild Women Do, Viking/Dutton (a 1970s feminist strives to create a better future for women, and a contemporary screenwriter makes a shocking discovery that causes her to rewrite her own story)

Theodore Brun, A Savage Moon, Corvus (set in Byzantium, 718AD; a Viking fantasy of blood and battle. The Wanderer Chronicles, book 4)

Denny S. Bryce, The Other Princess, William Morrow (portrait of an African princess raised in Queen Victoria’s court and adapting to life in Victorian England—based on the real-life story of Sarah Forbes Bonetta)

Grant Buday, In the Belly of the Sphinx, Brindle & Glass (coming-of-age story that captures the late-Victorian fascination with ancient Egypt, auras, and the afterlife)

Nathan Burrage, The Hidden Keystone, IFWG Publishing International (dual timeline novel set in 1099 and 1307)

Amanda Cabot, Against the Wind, Revell (an enforced stay in Sweetwater Crossing for doctor in training Louisa Vaughan and injured Josh Porter sparks a romance which neither may want to fulfill)

Edward Carey, Edith Holler, Riverhead (story of a young woman trapped in a ramshackle English playhouse—and the mysterious figure who threatens the theater’s very survival)

Ye Chun, Straw Dogs of the Universe, Catapult (follows a Chinese railroad worker and his young daughter–sold into servitude–in 19th century California as they search for family, fulfillment, and belonging in a violent new land)

Chanel Cleeton, A Night at the Tropicana, Amazon Original (Cuba in the 1930s is the backdrop for a short story about the rhythms of the heart and twists of fate)

Jonathan Coe, Bournville, Europa Editions (a state-of-the-nation story from the Queen’s coronation to the death of Lady Diana told through four generations of one family)

C. J. Cooke, A Haunting in the Arctic, HarperCollins (a haunting dual timeline mystery set aboard a whaling ship in 1901 and 1973)

Celeste Connally, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord, Minotaur (new Regency-era cozy series with a feminist spin)

Mary Connealy, Marshaling Her Heart, Bethany House (conclusion to the Wyoming Sunrise series is a blend of humor, romance, and adventure)

Vivian Conroy, Last Dance in Salzburg, One More Chapter (Miss Ashford cosy mystery series book four)

Bernard Cornwell, Sharpe’s Command, Harper (returns to the early years of the 19th century, capturing the bravery, battles, and bloodshed of Britain’s peninsular wars)

Christine Coulson, One Woman Show, Avid Reader Press (set over the course of the 20th-century, a woman transforms herself from a precious object into an unforgettable protagonist)

Dilly Court, A Thimble for Christmas, HarperCollins (a romantic historical Christmas saga)

Michelle Cox, A Haunting at Linley, She Writes (a Henrietta and Inspector Howard novel set in 1930s Chicago)

Amy Crider, Kells, Univ. of New Orleans (8th-century — an early medieval odyssey ripe with purpose and rife with danger—whether from marauding Vikings, treacherous fellow wayfarers, or one’s own innermost doubts)

Siobhan Curham, The Secret Photograph, Bookouture (WWII story set around true historical events in Paris, 1942)

Joie Davidow, Anything But Yes, Monkfish (inspired by the diary of an 18th-century Roman Jewish girl who was imprisoned in a convent cell by the Catholic Church in an attempt to forcibly convert her)

J. D. Davies, Tyranny’s Blood Standard, Canelo (naval adventure of the Age of Sail told from the French perspective. The Philippe Kermorvant Thrillers)

Anna Di Lellio, Dardan Luta, The Long Winter of 1945: Tivari, Univ. of Toronto Press (graphic novel rescues the memory of the victims and survivors of the massacre at Tivari from political exploitation)

Rebecca Dimyan, Waiting for Beirut, Running Wild Press (a novel that explores identity and love in 1950’s Connecticut and Lebanon)

David Diop (trans. Sam Taylor), Beyond the Door of No Return, FS&G/Pushkin Press (adventure story set in eighteenth-century Senegal)

Ariel Djanikian, The Prospectors, William Morrow (rags-to-riches story of survival, greed, and injustice across American history following a family transformed by the Klondike Gold Rush)

Anton Du Beke, The Paris Affair, Orion (as dark secrets rise to the surface, the very heart of the Buckingham Hotel is under threat)

Tananarive Due, The Reformatory, Gallery/Saga Press (Florida 1950; novel set in Jim Crow Florida that follows a boy who is sent to a segregated reform school where he sees the horrors of racism and injustice, for the living and the dead)

JC Duncan, Warrior Prince, Boldwood (first instalment in a story of an exiled boy’s journey to become Harald Hardrada)

Lesley Eames, Christmas at the Wartime Bookshop, Bantam (book 3 in the WWII saga)

Sarah M. Eden, Sally Britton, Ashtyn Newbold, Karen Thornell, Christmas Forevermore, Covenant (a collection of novellas from meddling matchmakers to fortuitous fiascos, set during the Christmas season)

Morag Edwards, The Jacobite’s Wife, Bloodhound (based on the true story of Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale, and set in the early eighteenth century)

Anne Eekhout (trans. Laura Watkinson, Mary and the Birth of Frankenstein (US) / Mary: or The Birth of Frankenstein (UK), HarperVia/Pushkin Press (brings to life a defining moment in Mary Shelley’s youth)

Sharon Emmerichs, Shield Maiden, Redhook (refocusing the narrative on a fierce young woman reclaiming her power, this novel will upend everything you think you know about Beowulf)

Tan Twan Eng, The House of Doors, Bloomsbury (novel recounting W. Somerset Maugham’s trip to Malaya after World War I and the secretive couple with whom he grows entangled)

Stephen G. Eoannou, Yesteryear, Santa Fe Writer’s Project (based on the life-story of Fran Striker who created The Lone Ranger, a show that provided hope to Americans during the country’s darkest days)

Allison Epstein, Let the Dead Bury the Dead, Doubleday (alternate history set in imperial Russia, following a cast of characters seeking a better future as Saint Petersburg struggles in the wake of Napoleon’s failed invasion)

Pamela Binnings Ewen, The Moon in the Mango Tree, Blackstone (based on a true story, one young woman travels from Roaring Twenties Philadelphia to the jungles of the Orient, to pre-war Paris and Rome in her struggle to find her place)

Catherine Fearns, All the Parts of the Soul, Quill and Crow (a reclusive magistrate is sent to investigate rumours of witchcraft in a small village, and falls for the beautiful healer who lives there)

Betty Firth, War Comes to the Dales, Hera Books (WWII saga series set in the Yorkshire Dales in 1941)

Rachel Fordham, The Letter Tree, Thomas Nelson (1920s New York when hidden letters change everything for two lost souls and the community around them)

Sam Foster, American Pied Piper, Girl Friday/Agave (final chapter in a trilogy tracing the rise and fall of the American Midwest)

Kate Furnivall, Child of the Ruins, Hodder & Stoughton (1948; in a post-war city where the line between right and wrong has become blurred, two women search for a lost child)

Tong Ge, The House Filler, Ronsdale Press (portrayal of one family’s struggle to survive in the face of an historical upheaval and political oppression)

Jenny Glanfield, The Hotel Quadriga, Sapere (first book in a historical family saga set in Berlin in the 1920s)

Chris Glatte, The Last Test of Courage, Severn River (A Time to Serve, book 4, WWII novel)

S. K. Golden, The Socialite’s Guide to Death & Dating, Crooked Lane (1958; the second Pinnacle Hotel mystery finds another murder that strikes too close to home)

Martin Goodman, The Cellist of Dachau, Barbican Press (a novel of the Holocaust set in 1938 and 1990s)

Ann Granger, The Old Rogue of Limehouse, Headline (ninth Victorian murder mystery with Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ben Ross and his wife Lizzie)

Juliet Greenwood, The Last Train From Paris, Storm (novel about the terrible choices ordinary people were forced to make during WWII)

David Greig, Columba’s Bones, Polygon (recasts ninth-century Scotland as the setting for a Scandi noir-style thriller, playing with the familiar tropes of the ‘heist gone wrong’, and a faithful follower turning against his brutal mob boss)

Nicola Griffith, Menewood, FS&G (in 7th-century Britain, novel picks up where the heroine Hild’s journey left off. Sequel to Hild)

Elly Griffiths, The Great Deceiver, Quercus (seventh Brighton-based crime novel set in 1966)

Chris Hadfield, The Defector, Mulholland Books/Quercus (Cold War thriller; a high-stakes game of spies, lies, and a possible high-level defection that plays out across three continents)

Sophie Hannah, Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night, William Morrow (the world’s greatest detective puts his little grey cells to work solving a baffling Christmas mystery)

Rebecca Hardy, The Merchant’s Daughter, Headline Accent (in 1815, widowed Jenny must discover the hidden forces at play before she agrees to a marriage to the enigmatic Erasmus)

Matthew Harffy, A Day of Reckoning, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (in third historical adventure in the A Time for Swords series, Hunlaf battles peril and intrigue on a dangerous voyage to Muslim Spain in AD 796)

Penny Haw, The Woman at the Wheel, Sourcebooks Landmark (novel examines the life of Bertha Benz, who refused to let men hinder her belief in her revolutionary machine)

Olivia Hawker, October in the Earth, Lake Union (in Depression-era Kentucky, a defiant wife embarks on a liberating journey)

Richard Helms, Vicar Brekonridge, Level Best Historia (a race to find the motive to the shooting of a man the killer thought was the Prime Minister; set in Victorian England)

Austin Hernon, The Lionheart’s Bride, Sapere (first in the Berengaria of Navarre medieval trilogy)

Elisabeth J. Hobbes, The Promise Tree, One More Chapter (historical fantasy set as the Great War is looming)

Kate Hodges, The Wayward Sisters, Hodder & Stoughton (Macbeth’s three witches resurface in 1780s Scotland in this novel of obsession, magic and betrayal)

Mike Hollow, The Covent Garden Murder, Allison & Busby (December 1940, Detective Inspector John Jago investigates)

Jon Howe, Shanghaied, Koehler Books (in the fall of 1810, Eamon McGrath is stolen from his New England life and family, and shanghaied to work aboard a British Navy merchant vessel)

Pam Howes, The Girls of Mersey Square, Bookouture (novel about young women facing dark times together with friendship and courage; set in Stockport, 1959)
Also: The Mothers of Mersey Square

Chelsea Iverson, The Witches at the End of the World, Sourcebooks Landmark (a Norwegian witch’s rage manifests in a curse in this novel set in the late 1600s)

David Jacinto, Out of the Darkness, Forefront Books (biographical fiction inspired by the true story of a 19th-century child coal miner who rose out of the ashes of poverty to reach for his dreams)

Angela Jackson-Brown, Homeward, Harper Muse (Georgia 1965; follows a woman’s path toward self-discovery and growth as she becomes involved in the Civil Rights Movement)

Michael Jecks, Murdering the Messenger, Severn House (March 1557; Jack Blackjack is back in London but is pretty soon being accused of a crime for which he might hang)

Dan Jones, Wolves of Winter, Head of Zeus – an Aries Book (second book following Essex Dogs, set during the siege of Calais in 1300s mediaeval France)

Chris Keefer, Tragedy’s Twin, Level Best (death at the poorhouse is unremarkable in 1900; but what if the corpse presents as a drowning victim and there is no water on the property? Second in the Carrie Lisbon undertaker series)

Julia Kelly, A Traitor in Whitehall, Minotaur (the first novel in the Parisian Orphan series — can Evelyne find out who’s been selling England’s secrets and catch a killer?)

Heidi Kimball, A Not-So Distant Love, Covenant (Lady Charlotte Darrington crosses the Atlantic to Pittsburgh for a bit of freedom before inevitable marriage, and falls in love with an American sceptical of the British peerage system)

Deborah L. King, Mary Not Broken, Red Adept (1930s Mississippi; a young woman flees to Chicago with her musician boyfriend to escape a forced marriage, but returns when multiple tragedies strike)

Christian Klaver, Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde, Titan Books (Dr Jekyll claims to Sherlock that his friend has been wrongfully accused of hideous crimes)

Karen Lynne Klink, At What Cost, Silence?, She Writes (novel presents two contrasting plantation families in a society where strict rules of belief and behavior are clear, and public opinion can shape an entire life)

Sophia Kouidou-Giles, An Unexpected Ally, She Writes (a newly woven set of tales that brings to life ancient Greek myths)

Lesley Krueger, Far Creek Road, ECW (1961; after their sacrifices made during the war, many in Grouse Valley believe they’ve earned security and prosperity, but conflicts and secrets seethe beneath the surface)

William Kent Krueger, The River We Remember, Atria (In 1958, a small Minnesota town is rocked by the murder of its most powerful citizen)

Richard Kurti, Demon of Truth, Sapere (1504, Rome; third in series in which construction of the new Basilica reveals St Peter’s tomb contains only animal bones)

Chiara Lagani (adapt.), (trans. Ann Goldstein), illus. Elena Ferrante Mara Cerri, My Brilliant Friend, Europa Editions (graphic novel adaptation tells the story of the complex friendship between Lila and Lenù in post-war Naples)

Soraya Lane, The Royal Daughter, Bookouture (a dual timeline novel of love and sacrifice)

Shauna Lawless, Words of Kings and Prophets, Head of Zeus — an AdAstra Book (sequel to The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, historical fantasy novel set in Ireland, 1000AD)

Pam Lecky, The Last Letter from London, Avon (1944; as WWII rages on, newly promoted MI5 agent Sarah Gillespie is thrown into the dangerous world of espionage when she is tasked with handling Adeline Vernier – a mysterious double agent from Paris)

Jonathan Lethem, Brooklyn Crime Novel, Ecco (story of community, crime, and gentrification, tracing over fifty years of life in one Brooklyn neighborhood)

Hannah Linder, Garden of the Midnights, Barbour (Gothic style Regency romance)

James Lovegrove, Sherlock Holmes and the Highgate Horrors, Titan Books (1929; an ageing Dr John Watson finally sits down to write a fresh chronicle disclosing the true events behind his accounts of Holmes’s exploits)

Posy Lovell, The Sewing Factory Girls, Orion (novel inspired by the brave, hardworking women who fought to improve working conditions at the Singer Factory in Clydebank, Scotland)

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, The American Wife’s Secret, Bookouture (The Diplomat’s Wife series, book 3)

Tim Major, Sherlock Holmes and the Twelve Thefts of Christmas, Titan Books (Sherlock’s discovery of a mysterious musical score initiates a devious Christmas challenge set by Irene Adler)

Nikki Marmery, Lilith, Legend Press (a feminist retelling of the first woman who is banished from Paradise when she refuses to bow to Adam’s will)

Edward Marston, Danger of Defeat, Allison & Busby (murder mystery set in 1918)

Laura Martin, A Poisoned Fortune, Sapere (Regency murder mystery set in Bath, England. Third in the Jane Austen Investigates books)

Annabelle Marx, The Herbalist’s Secret, Storm (a mystery story set in Scotland, 1889)

Maggie Mason, The Fortune Tellers’ Secret, Sphere (family saga about overcoming hardship and the value of friendship set in Blackpool, 1922. Book 2 in series)

Imogen Matthews, The Girl From the Resistance, Bookouture (series based on true stories of the heroic women of the Dutch resistance)

Robert Matzen, Season of the Gods, GoodKnight Books (set against the backdrop of Pearl harbor and World War II, tells the unlikely story of Hollywood’s greatest masterpiece through the eyes of all who made it happen)

Steven Mayfield, The Penny Mansions, Regal House (amidst the threat of the Spanish flu pandemic, the disappearance of a real estate developer brings an investigator to a small mountain town)

Steven A. McKay, The Heathen Horde, Canelo (historical adventure following the life of one of Britain’s most important kings, Alfred the Great)

Clara McKenna, Murder on Mistletoe Lane, Kensington (Stella and Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst celebrate their first Christmas together as Morrington Hall comes alive with caroling. . .. and a murder)

Jason Monaghan, Blackshirt Conspiracy, Level Best (1936; novel in which the Agents of Room Z race to unravel competing conspiracies that entangle the government, the church, and the king)

Ada Moncrieff, Murder at Maybridge Castle, Harvill Secker (1936; an innocent game of murder-in-the-dark turns into a real game of life and death)

Will Montgomery, The Last Hour, Bloodhound (a Royal Navy commander is tasked with stopping a German convoy in WWII)

Heather Morris, Sisters Under the Rising Sun, SMP/Echo (story of how the second world war was fought and won by women the world over, in different ways, as much as it was by men)

Robbie Morrison, Edge of the Grave, Bantam/Macmillan (c.2021) (historical noir in which two detectives hunt a killer amidst the lawless streets of 1932 Glasgow)

Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, A Company of Rogues, Breakwater (conclusion to a trilogy brings to the fore the experiences of women settlers in North America as they grapple with notions of homeland, colonization, and sense of belonging)

Ritu Mukerji, Murder by Degrees, Simon & Schuster (mystery set in 19th century Philadelphia, following a pioneering woman doctor as she investigates the disappearance of a young patient who is presumed dead)

Colin Mustful, Reclaiming Mni Sota, History Through Fiction (an alternate history of the U.S. Dakota War of 1862)

Leonora Nattrass, Scarlet Town, Viper (reluctant eighteenth-century sleuth Laurence Jago becomes enmeshed in a deadly election in his native Cornwall)

A.D. Nauman, Down the Steep, Regal House (a coming-of-age novel set in 1963 small-town Virginia)

Emma Orchard, The Runaway Heiress, Allison & Busby (1815; under duress to marry a repellent friend of her uncle, Cassandra makes her escape only to find she is now penniless and very much alone)

Eliot Pattison, Freedom’s Ghost, Counterpoint (part of the Bone Rattler series offering historical adventures embedded in the clashes and intrigue of the American Revolution)

Tracie Peterson, Knowing You, Bethany House (romance set during the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition)

Tim Powers, My Brother’s Keeper, Head of Zeus – an AdAstra Book/Baen (1846 – gothic novel introduces an ancient secret haunting the Yorkshire moors, a dark inheritance and something terrible buried in the church)

Ben G. Price, Ogden: A Tale for the End of Time, Addison & Highsmith/Histria (set in 18th-century, tells a tale about how an emissary from the Spirit of Nature arrives in the early days of industrialization, to judge humanity’s fitness for survival)

Virginia Pye, The Literary Undoing of Victoria Swann, Regal House (story of a successful female author of romance and adventure novels who becomes a champion of women’s rights as she takes on the literary establishment in Gilded Age Boston)

Lina Rather, A Season of Monstrous Conceptions, Tordotcom (historical fantasy of midwifery, monstrosity, and the rending of the world, set in 17th-century London)

Petra Rautiainen (trans. David Hackston), Land of Snow and Ashes, Pushkin Press (story of Lapland’s buried history of Nazi crimes during World War II)

Heather Redmond, Death and the Sisters, Kensington (a young Mary Shelley, her stepsister Jane “Claire” Clairmont, and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley are drawn into a murder investigation)

Tracy Rees, The Elopement, Macmillan UK (a scandalous romance set in Victorian England, 1897)

Patricia Reis, Unsettled, Sybilline Press (a repressed woman begins an ancestral quest through the prairies of Iowa, awakening family secrets, while in the late 1800s, a repressed ancestor, Tante Kate, creates those secrets)

Vanessa Riley, Murder in Drury Lane, Kensington (Lady Worthing Mystery #2 –mystery series features an engaging heroine with an independent streak, a notorious past, and a decided talent for sleuthing)

Jennifer Sherman Roberts, The Village Healer’s Book of Cures, Lake Union (in 17th-century England, a female healer enflames the fury of a witchfinder in a novel about murder, revenge, and the dangerous power of knowledge)

Lev AC Rosen, The Bell in the Fog, Forge/Tor (San Francisco, 1952; historical mystery asks—once you have finally found a family, how far would you go to prove yourself to them?)

Anbara Salam, Hazardous Spirits, Tin House (captures a world unsettled by mediums and spirits, revealing the devastating secrets that ghosts from the past can tell, when given the voice to do so)

Noelle Salazar, The Roaring Days of Zora Lily, Mira (a museum curator finds a hidden label on a famous gown, unearthing the story of a young seamstress and her journey from the speakeasies of Jazz Age Seattle to the costume houses of Hollywood)

Shannon Sanders, Company, Graywolf (moving from Atlantic City to New York to DC, from the 1960’s to the 2000’s, literary novel tells a multifaceted, multigenerational saga)

Isabelle Schuler, Queen Hereafter (US) / Lady MacBethad (UK), Harper Perennial (reimagines the life of Gruoch – the real-life Scottish Queen who inspired one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters)

Michelle Shocklee, Appalachian Song, Tyndale (story of love and sacrifice set in the heart of Appalachia, 1943)

Sarah Sigal, The Socialite Spy, Lume Books (London, 1936; a historical spy novel about socialites, spies and the king of England)

Luanne G. Smith, The Witch’s Lens, 47North (during World War I there are evils both living and dead which only a witch can see)

John Smolens, A Cold, Hard Prayer, Michigan Univ. State Press (a morality tale in which a sense of fairness, decency, and tolerance are in conflict with bigotry, fanaticism, and hate, told through a story of two orphans on the run in 1924)

A. L. Sowards, Codes of Courage, Covenant (romance in the midst of war where three lives are woven together in love, joy, sacrifice and courage)

Minerva Spencer, The Cutthroat Countess, Kensington (England may be a man’s world, but behind the scenes of an all-female circus, women wield the power in the most unexpected ways)

Francis Spufford, Cahokia Jazz, Faber & Faber/Scribner (tale of murder and mystery in a city where history has run a little differently)

Mike Stark, The Derelict Light, Bison Books (explores a Pacific Northwest town in the grips of catastrophe, caught in a bitter struggle between progress, greed, and human frailty)

Mel Starr, A Polluted Font, Lion Fiction (medieval crime mystery in The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton series)

Julian Stockwin, Sea of Treason, Hodder & Stoughton/Mobius (following his recovery after a savage wounding in America, Kydd returns to England to re-assume command of Thunderer, which is sent to the remote station of Bermuda)

Zoë Strachan, Catch the Moments as They Fly By, Blackwater Press (portrait of class, love, and womanhood in mid-twentieth century Scotland)

Sara Swann, The Secret Room, Vinspire (WWII – as word of the deadly program against the Jews of Europe spreads, an Amish farmer finds himself asking God to show him how he can help them)

Melina Taub, The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch, Grand Central (a witchy reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, told from the perspective of the troublesome and much-maligned youngest Bennet sister)

Robert Tecklenburg, The Lady in the Castle, Addison & Highsmith (historical drama of a young Austrian aristocrat’s struggle against tyranny, war, and social upheaval in 1945)

Adam Thirlwell, The Future Future, FS&G (set in 1775 and in the present moment, novel follows one woman on a contemporary quest to clear her name and change the world)

Gill Thompson, The Orphans on the Train, Headline Review (two orphaned girls are separated in this story of loss, friendship and the need to belong)

Sidney Thompson, The Forsaken and the Dead, Univ. of Nebraska Bison Books (in the third book in the Bass Reeves trilogy, we meet the Marshal again in the 1890s)

Pauls Toutonghi, The Refugee Ocean, S&S (two refugees find that their lives are inextricably linked, over time and distance, by the perils of history)

Marcelino Truong (trans. David Homel), 40 Men and 12 Rifles, Arsenal Pulp Press (graphic novel about love, beauty, and war in 1950s Indochina)

Sigrid Undset (trans. Tiina Nunnally), Olav Audunssøn IV: Winter, Univ. of Minnesota Press (fourth and final volume in the epic of one man’s fateful life in medieval Norway)

Erica Vetsch, Children of the Shadows, Kregel (Detective Daniel Swann and debutante Juliette Thorndike team up to solve a dangerous mystery, while trying to keep their growing romance secret)

Sharon Virts, Veil of Doubt, Girl Friday Books (when a mother is charged with murder, can defense attorney Powell Harrison find truth and justice in a legal system where innocence is not presumed?)

Caroline Vu, Catinat Boulevard, Guernica Editions (beginning in Saigon during the Vietnam War, tells the story of Mai who flirts with American GIs in rowdy bars, and Mai Ly who joins the communist resistance in the jungle)

Jesmyn Ward, Let Us Descend, Scribner/Bloomsbury UK + ANZ (a reimagining of American slavery through the life of an enslaved girl in the years before the Civil War)

Amanda Weinberg, The Italian Bookshop Among the Vines, Embla (inspired by true life events during WWII)

Rachel Wesson, A Mother’s Promise, Storm (WWII story of the power of a mother’s love and the will to survive)

Jaime Jo Wright, The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater, Bethany House (1915; when Greta’s younger brother disappears, Greta engages a local police officer to help her uncover the ghostly secrets of the theater where he went missing)

Julie Wright, Windsong Manor, Shadow Mountain (romance set in the London countryside in 1820)

Jin Yong (trans. Gigi Chang), A Past Unearthed, MacLehose (historical fantasy set in China, 1237 AD after the death of Genghis Khan when the Mongolians turn their armies on their ally, the Great Song Empire)

Felicity York, The Runaway Bride, HarperNorth (inspired by the true story of Lyme Park’s most scandalous love affair. Set in 1827)
Also: The Secret Sister (Book 2 in the Stately Scandals series)

November 2023

Tessa Afshar, The Peasant King, Tyndale (When her mother, the Persian king’s famous senior scribe, is kidnapped, Jemmah and her sister must sneak undetected into enemy territory to rescue her. Biblical fiction)

Mitch Albom, The Little Liar, Harper (Albom’s first novel set during the Holocaust is a moving parable that explores honesty, survival, revenge and devotion)

Robert Archambeau, Alice B. Toklas is Missing, Regal House (brings Paris in the 1920s to life, deflating myths of established male geniuses and showing the interactions between different schools of art and literature)

Jess Armstrong, The Curse of Penryth Hall, Minotaur (gothic murder mystery set after the Great War in which Sir Edward Chenowyth’s death brings whispers of a returned curse that may soon claim its next victim)

K. M. Ashman, The Fate of a King, Canelo (1066 dawns on an unsettled England, where the death of Edward the Confessor has set in motion a chain of events that can no longer be stopped)

Paul Auster, Baumgartner, Grove Press (a 1970s era novel of love, memory, and grief asks why we remember certain moments, and forget others)

Elizabeth Bailey, The Hanging Cheat, Sapere (tenth book in the Lady Fan Mystery series; 18th-century romance murder mysteries with a courageous woman sleuth)

Tracy Baines, Trouble at Fisher’s Wharf, Boldwood (romantic WWII saga)

Amanda Barratt, The Warsaw Sisters, Revell (story of the oft-forgotten history of Poland during WWII, inspired by true stories of ordinary individuals who fought to preserve freedom and humanity)

Vicki Beeby, The Girls of Bomber Command, Canelo (WWII saga about members of the WAAF)

Misty M. Beller, Rocky Mountain Promise, Bethany House (romance and adventure set in the Rocky Mountain wilderness)

Tania Blanchard, A Woman of Courage, HarperCollins AU (set in 1890 Northern England, novel illuminates the strength and struggles of women at time of momentous change)

Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Poster Girl, She Writes (young gossip columnist Jane Benjamin joins FDR’s Office of War Information to find a poster girl to entice more women into the shipyard work so essential in WW II)

Rhys Bowen, The Proof of the Pudding, Berkley (Lady Georgiana Rannoch is looking forward to her first ever turn as hostess for her very own house party when the festivities lead to murder)

Karen K. Brees, Headwind, Black Rose (historical adventure novel amidst spies and murder, set against Churchill’s last hope to mine the coast of Norway against Hitler’s invasion)

Linda Broday, Courting Miss Emma, Severn House (Western romance set in Texas 1868)

Alida Bremer (trans. Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp), Split, Amazon Crossing (Nazis, spies, romance, and murder collide in prewar eastern Europe)

Jennifer Burke, Sub Rosa, Level Best (a Valerius mystery set in Rome, 58AD)

Fliss Chester, Death on the Scotland Express, Bookouture (Golden Age cosy mystery with Cressida Fawcett and Detective Andrews; book 4 in the series)

Alison Clare, Midnight at Maidenstone Hall, Level Best (gothic novel of suspense, set in spring 1919)

John Clinch, The General and Julia, Atria (Ulysses S. Grant reflects on the crucial moments of his life as a husband, a father, a general, and a president)

Tea Cooper, The Talented Mrs Greenaway, HQ AU (novel brings to life the story of the wife to feted colonial architect Francis Greenway)

Tea Cooper, The Butterfly Collector, Harper Muse (dual time line mystery fifty years in the making, set5 in 1868 and 1922 Australia)

Bernard Cornwell with Suzanne Pollak, Uhtred’s Feast, Harper (additional Uhtred stories, showing us the man behind the shield – as a young boy, as Alfred’s advisor, and as prince)

Angela K. Couch, Capturing Hope, Barbour (new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII)

Elizabeth Crook, The Madstone, Little, Brown (story of a pregnant young mother, her child, and the frontier carpenter who helps them flee across Texas from outlaws bent on revenge)

JP Cross, Operation Tipping Point, Monsoon Books (eighth in a series of books involving Gurkha military units; set in Malaya, 1951)

Judith Cutler, The Dead Hand, Severn House (while hosting a group of academics at Thorncroft House, Harriet and Matthew Rowsley find themselves confronted with bigger issues than unruly guests)

Siobhan Daiko, The Tuscan Orphan, Boldwood (two people vow to find the parents of a Jewish orphan girl amidst the shadow of WWII)

P. T. Deutermann, Iwo, 26 Charlie, SMP (next in series – a story of sacrifice and courage at Iwo Jima)

Sean Dietrich, Kinfolk, Harper Muse (when a mysterious teenager shows up in Nub’s life in rural Alabama, he learns that family, forgiveness, and kindness can be found in the most unlikely of places)

Helena Dixon, Murder at the Highland Castle, Bookouture (1935; book 14 in the Miss Underhay Mystery series)

Paul Doherty, Murder Most Treasonable, Severn House (1382; friar-sleuth Brother Athelstan races against time to solve impossible crimes and uncover a traitor)

Emily J. Edwards, Viviana Valentine and the Ticking Clock, Crooked Lane (NYC, 1950s; when Viviana Valentine and Tommy Fortuna head to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, they don’t expect to catch a killer)

Loren D. Estleman, Vamp, Forge (Valentino embarks on a treacherous path to save not only an extinct drive-in movie theater, but the last remaining print of the 1917 film Cleopatra, which has been lost for over a century)

Nicole Evelina, Catherine’s Mercy, Chalice Press (brings to life Irish reformer and Sisters of Mercy founder Catherine McAuley. Set in Dublin, Ireland 1820s)

F. L. Everett, Murder in a Country Village, Bookouture (England, 1941; during WWII rookie reporter Edie York wants to write the front-page news, but finds herself in the headlines when she stumbles over a body on the moors)

Jonathan Evison, Again and Again, Dutton (story of a lonely old man clinging to his delusions, or a thousand-year-old man who continues to search for the love he lost so long ago)

Robert Fabbri, Alexander’s Legacy: Forging Kingdoms, Corvus (Alexander’s sudden death has left the empire in chaos – and the dead king’s generals each plot against each other for power)

Amanda Flower, I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died, Berkley (when a literary icon stays with the Dickinson family, Emily and her housemaid Willa find themselves embroiled in a murder)

Essie Fox, The Fascination, Orenda Books (gothic novel that brings alive Victorian London and the darkness and deception that lies beneath)

Frank Francis, Deliver Us From Evil, Bloodhound Books (a woman searches for the truth about the JFK assassination and her father’s possible role in it)

Joel Francis, Zebedee’s Calling, Kharis Publishing (brings 11th Century England to life, with key battles and royal successions, as well as the efforts among a group of zealous Christians to have access to Scripture written in English)

Darry Fraser, The Milliner of Bendigo, HQ Fiction (a twisty historical mystery and adventure set in 1898, Bendigo, Victoria)

Sarah Freethy, The Porcelain Maker, SMP/Simon & Schuster UK (dual timeline story of love, betrayal and art that opens in Weimar Germany through the horrors of World War II to 1990s)

Laura Anne Gilman, Uncanny Vows, Gallery / Saga Press (historical fantasy sequel to Uncanny Times, in which Rosemary and Aaron Harker, along with their supernatural hound Botherton, have been given a new assignment to investigate)

Lee Goldberg, Calico, Severn House (parallel present day investigative thriller with an 1880s historical mystery)

Rosie Goodwin, The Lost Girl, Zaffre (saga set in Nottingham, 1875, about a girl who can see the spirits of those who have passed)

Leslie Gould, This Passing Hour, Bethany House (dual-time tale set during World War II and present-day Lancaster County)

Molly Green, Wartime Wishes at Bletchley Park, Avon (third novel in the Bletchley Park Girls series, set in 1939)

Kerry Greenwood, Murder in Williamstown, Poisoned Pen (In addition to Miss Phryne Fisher, this mystery features Phryne’s three wards with their own mysteries to solve)

Kate Grenville, Restless Dolly Maunder, Canongate (tale of a pioneering woman working her way through a world of limits and obstacles in the 19th-century)

Michelle Griep, The Bow Street Runners Trilogy, Barbour (three 19th century novels — Brentwood’s Ward, The Innkeeper’s Daughter and The Noble Guardian)

Lauren Grodstein, We Must Not Think of Ourselves, Algonquin (1940; story of love and defiance set in the Warsaw Ghetto, based on archives kept by those determined to have their stories survive World War II)

Emily Gunnis, The Girls Left Behind, Headline Review (story of a girl disappeared, a terrible wrong and powerful people with something to hide)

Diane Hanks, The Woman With a Purple Heart, Sourcebooks Landmark (based on the life of Lieutenant Annie Fox; a WWII novel of leadership, courage, and friendship that exposes a shameful side of history)

Elodie Harper, The Temple of Fortuna, Union Square (final installment in the Wolf Den Trilogy)

Cora Harrison, Murder in the Mist, Severn House (Charles Dickens extends the hand of friendship to a stranded stranger and his nephews for Christmas, with deadly consequences)

Victoria Hawthorne, The Darkest Night, Quercus (haunting story of family secrets – and the lengths some will go to protect them)

Leigh Heasley, The Once and Future Fling, W by Wattpad Books (romance in which a time-traveling woman finds love in Regency England and in 1920s New York)

Virginia Heath, Never Wager With a Wallflower, St. Martin’s Griffin (third installment in the Merriwell Sister’s Regency rom-com series)

Cecelia Holland, The Kings in Winter, Open Road Media (set in Ireland in eleventh century; follows the life of a clan chief torn between opposing factions in his own land while war with the Danes looms on the horizon)

Katherine Howe, A True Account, Henry Holt/Magpie (dual timeline story of two women in different worlds, both shattering the rules of their own society and daring to risk everything to go out on their own account – set at end of Golden Age of Piracy and in 1930)

Therese Howes, The Secrets We Keep, HQ Digital (WWII romance– recruited by British Intelligence Marguerite must obtain documents that will condemn German officers, and do it in a world where she also carries a secret)

Sonallah Ibrahim (trans. Eleanor Ellis), 1970: The Last Days, Seagull Books (a memoir of Nasser’s final months in the voice of his former prisoner who kept diaries that he smuggled out of prison on cigarette papers)

Sarah James, Last Night at the Hollywood Canteen, Sourcebooks Landmark (mystery set in wartime Hollywood)

Teresa H. Janssen, The Ways of Water, She Writes (a tale of loss, hope, and forgiveness set in the rugged beauty of the turn-of-the-century Southwest)

Dinah Jefferies, Night Train to Marrakech, HarperCollins (third in the Daughters of War trilogy; novel brings the color, atmosphere and sun-baked walls of 1960s Marrakech to life)

Jane Jesmond, A Quiet Contagion, Verve Books (a mystery inspired by the 1957 Coventry polio epidemic. Dual timeline story set in 1957 and 2017)

William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone, The Frontier Overland Company, Kensington (story of a legendary stagecoach line—and the brave men who built it and risked their lives to keep it running)

Rosemary Jones, The Bootlegger’s Dance, Aconyte Books (Golden-age fantasy adventure of secret whispers, haunted streets, and a lost actor falling through time)

Karen Kingsbury, Just Once, Atria (World War II love story about a young woman torn between two brothers)

E. J. Koh, The Liberators, Tin House (from guards, prisoners, perpetrators, and liberators, novel spans continents and four generations of two Korean families forever changed by fateful past decisions)

Ann Hanigan Kotz, Sons & Daughters, Bookpress (saga of a widowed woman fighting to preserve a legacy, carve her own path in the midst of tragedy, and guide six first-generation American children to discover their own identities)

Florence Reiss Kraut, Street Corner Dreams, She Writes (a family saga, a love story, a gangster tale, and a suspense story, set during Prohibition, the Spanish Flu epidemic, and the Depression)

Eleni Kyriacou, The Unspeakable Acts of Zina Pavlou, Head of Zeus — an Aries Book (historical crime novel set in the Greek diaspora of 1950s London, inspired by a true story)

Callie Langridge, The Mandeville Shadow, Storm (third book in series sees Kate offered a housemaid’s position on the staff of the ornate halls of Mandeville House)

Mariely Lares, Sun of Blood and Ruin, Harper Voyager (16th-century New Spain — reimagining of Zorro weaves Mesoamerican mythology and Mexican history into a historical fantasy with magic, intrigue, treachery, and romance)

Ariel Lawhon, The Frozen River, Doubleday (historical mystery inspired by the life and diary of Martha Ballard, a renowned 18th-century midwife who investigates a shocking murder)

Lee Geum-yi (trans. An Seonjae), Can’t I Go Instead, Scribe UK (follows the lives of the daughter of a Korean nobleman and her maidservant in the early 20th century)

Jonathan Lethem, Brooklyn Crime Novel, Ecco / Atlantic (a story of community, crime, and gentrification, tracing over fifty years of life in one Brooklyn neighborhood; set in the streets of 1970s Brooklyn)

Hannah Levene, Greasepaint, Nightboat Books (set against a backdrop of 1950s New York, novel follows an ensemble cast of all-singing, all-dancing butch dykes and Yiddish anarchists through eternal Friday nights at the bar)

JL Lycette, The Committee Will Kill You Now, Black Rose (based on the rationing of kidney dialysis in 1960s America)

H. B. Lyle, Spy Hunter, Mobius (Secret Service Agent Wiggins returns for a new adventure – and meets with his old mentor, Sherlock Holmes in a story of escalating intrigue, danger and violence)

Freya Marske, A Power Unbound, Tordotcom (the final entry in the Last Binding trilogy; the queer historical fantasy series that began with A Marvellous Light)

Alice McDermott, Absolution, FS&G (account of women’s lives on the margins of the Vietnam War)

Rachel McMillan, Operation Scarlet, Thomas Nelson (set during WWII; a story with fresh wit, romance, and the spirit of swashbuckling heroism that transcends wars and centuries)

Anne Michaels, Held, Bloomsbury UK & ANZ/Knopf (a novel that spans four generations set on a battlefield in 1917 and in 1920 North Yorkshire)

Louisa Morgan, The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird, Redhook (a story of obsession, redemption, and the magic of unexpected friendship)

Emily Bain Murphy, Enchanted Hill, Union Square (historical mystery where two people with a dark, shared past collide while working undercover at a mansion on the California coast)

M. Lee Musgrave, The Beautiful One, Black Rose (against a 1912 backdrop, photographer Asim and translator Chione navigate Berlin’s society while pursuing their desires, dreams, and the enduring quest for truth)

Nola Nash, Watcher, Black Rose (historical fantasy set around the battle for Athens in 404 BC)

Randy O’Brien, The Farm, Addison & Highsmith (study of Southern America following World War II)

Tim Pears, Run to the Western Shore, Swift Press (a novel about destiny, home and surviving in a world in flux, set in Britain in AD 72)

Anne Perry, A Christmas Vanishing, Ballantine (Charlotte Pitt’s clever grandmother investigates the sudden disappearance of her dear friend)

Glynis Peters, The Orphan’s Homecoming, One More Chapter (the Red Cross Orphans series, book 3 set during WWII)

Tracie Peterson, Kingdom of Love, Barbour (three medieval romances)

Michelle Porter, A Grandmother Begins the Story, Algonquin (story of the unrivaled desire for healing and the power of familial bonds across five generations of Métis women and the land and bison that surround them)

Mary Jo Putney, Silver Lady, Kensington (first in a historical romance series set on the rugged Cornish coast, filled with adventure, real-life history, intrigue and love)

Angela Ranson, Shades of Death, Sapere (book one of the Catrin Tudor Mysteries set in the court of Elizabeth I)

Kathleen Williams Renk, The Rossetti Diaries, Bedazzled Ink (wrapped in a modern-day mystery, novel is a re-imagining that explores the aspirations and achievements of Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal)

David Rotenberg, City Rising, At Bay Press (the story of two destitute Baghdadi boys who become opium lords, and the battles against the powerful British Opium companies. First book in the Shanghai Tetralogy)

William Ryan, The Constant Soldier, Arcade (historical thriller taking place at the end of World War II)

Constance Sayers, The Star and the Strange Moon, Redhook (dual timeline tale of ambition, obsession, and the eternal mystery and magic of film, set in 1968 and 2015)

Simon Scarrow, Rebellion, Headline (AD 60. Britannia is in turmoil & the rebel leader Boudica has tasted victory against a force of tough veterans in Camulodunum. Book 22 in Eagles of the Empire series)

Caroline Scott, Good Taste, William Morrow (1932; a heroine ahead of her time and an adventure across the English countryside in search of great food)

Mattia Signori, Peace on the Western Front, Manilla Press (based on a true story)

Alice Simpson, The Winthrop Agreement, Harper (novel set in Gilded Age New York City, about an ambitious young immigrant woman and her rise from the floor of a sweatshop to the heights of haute couture)

Rosemary Simpson, Murder Wears a Hidden Face, Kensington (a diplomat’s murder draws heiress-turned-sleuth Prudence MacKenzie and former Pinkerton Geoffrey Hunter away from New York’s high society and into the dark heart of Chinatown)

Jane Smiley, A Dangerous Business, Knopf (murder mystery set in Gold Rush California, as two young prostitutes follow a trail of missing girls)

Olivia Spooner, The Girl from London, Moa Press (a young schoolteacher volunteers as an escort helping to evacuate children from war-torn England to Australia and New Zealand)

Danielle Steel, The Ball at Versailles, Delacorte (four American debutantes attend a renowned Paris cotillion at the Palace of Versailles in 1959)

Embassie Susberry, Code Name Butterfly, Avon (WWII-era novel inspired by the true story of Josephine Baker in the French Resistance)

Sally Tarpey, The Country Sisters, Joffe Books (story of hardship and hope in the aftermath of World War I)

Stephen Taylor, The Lost Gospels, Sapere (historical conspiracy adventure novel that moves from the streets of Georgian London and Venice to the deserts and monasteries of Egypt)

Gill Thompson, The Orphans on the Train, Headline Review (two orphaned girls are separated in this story of loss, friendship and the need to belong; set in 1939 and 1943)

Julia Todd, The Gilded Sutra, She Writes (1880 New England, India, and Nepal; the lives of two people are transformed by their secret romance and a perilous quest to save an ancient, gilded Buddhist manuscript)

S. J. A. Turney, Wolves Around the Throne, Canelo (in AD 1044, the wolves of Odin escort a Norman noblewoman to her wedding in France, but there are plenty who oppose the match)

Jen Turano, To Spark a Match, Bethany House (when Adelaide Duveen inadvertently stumbles upon Mr. Gideon Abbott engaged in a clandestine activity during a dinner party, she finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue that resembles the plots in spy novels)

Harry Turtledove, Wages of Sin, CAEZIK SF & Fantasy (a patriarchal 19th-century society reacts to a devastating HIV disease in the only way it knows how: it sequesters women, limiting contacts between the sexes except for married couples)

Nicola Upson, Shot With Crimson, Crooked Lane (in 1930s Britain, Josephine Tey struggles with wartime changes while sleuthing crimes in her small Suffolk village. 11th book in series)

Sarah Vaughn, Ruined, First Second (Regency romance where duty and passion collide in a slow-burn tale of intertwined fates)

Katherine Vaz, Above the Salt, Flatiron (love story that follows two Portuguese refugees who flee religious violence and reignite their romance in Civil-War America)

Jill E. Warner, Of Jasmine and Roses, Covenant (an inspirational romance that shows the heart doesn’t play by Society’s rules)

Theodore Wheeler, The War Begins in Paris, Little, Brown (literary noir about two female war correspondents whose fates intertwine in Europe)

Yulia Yakovleva (trans. Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp), Death of the Red Rider, Pushkin Press (dark detective series set in 1930s Stalinist Russia)

Robert Young, Murder in a Minor Key, At Bay Press (murder mystery with blind Detective Inspector, Sidney Baxter, and his ever-faithful assistant Maxine Godbout, set in Winnipeg, 1935)

December 2023

Dominic Adler, Red Labyrinth, Lume Books (alternative historical thriller set in October 1957)

Pepper Basham, The Juliet Code, Barbour (newlyweds Lord and Lady Astley reach their honeymoon destination only to encounter a new mystery in need of solving)

Anna Bliss, Bonfire Night, John Scognamiglio (1936 England; a Fleet Street photographer meets a Jewish med student at an anti-fascism protest in this love story about art, obsession, and family)

Barbara Taylor Bradford, The Wonder of It All, SMP (concludes House of Falconer trilogy that has followed the story of the family from Victorian times to the 20th-century)

Verity Bright, Murder on the Cornish Cliffs, Bookouture (Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery Book 16)

Mollie Cox Bryan, The Lace Widow, Crooked Lane (novel surmises whether Alexander Hamilton could be at the center of a vast murder plot engulfing Old New York in 1804)

Jeanne Charters, Silk Stocking, Open Road Media (three generations of Irish American women seek better lives in Boston)

Sebastien de Castell, Crucible of Chaos, Jo Fletcher (a mortally wounded magistrate faces his deadliest trial inside an ancient abbey where the monks are going mad in this historical fantasy)

Julien Delmaire, Teresa Lavender Fagan, Blues in the Blood, Seagull Books (ode to the spring of 1932 in the Mississippi Delta, when stifling heat crushed the countryside & threatened the harvest, and riders of the Ku Klux Klan spread terror)

Evie Dunmore, The Gentleman’s Gambit, Berkley (forced into close proximity in Oxford’s hallowed halls, two very different people have to face the fact that they might just be a perfect match)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at the Louvre, Allison & Busby (Paris 1899; Abigail Wilson is invited to an archaeological dig by Professor Flamand, but when he turns up dead, she’s arrested for his murder)

Sharon Lynn Fisher, Salt & Broom, 47North (a gifted healer unravels the mysteries of a cursed estate in a witchy in a retelling of Jane Eyre)

Arno Geiger, Hinterland, Picador (1944; story depicting the quiet heroism of ordinary people in the face of suffering)

Eliza Graham, The Midwife’s Promise, Storm (dual timeline story of love, sacrifice, and the unyielding bonds of motherhood)

Jody Hedlund, Calling on the Matchmaker, Bethany House (a romantic adventure set in St. Louis, 1849)

Lee Jackson, Driving the Tide, Severn River (sixth installment in the After Dunkirk family saga, bringing to life the darkest pages of World War II)

Barbara Josselsohn, The Lost Gift to the Italian island, Bookouture (novel about desperate decisions in the dark days of war and the power of true love)

Julie Klassen, A Winter By the Sea, Bethany House (when the Duke and Duchess of Kent rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters realize they’ve invited the possibility of romance into their home)

Patrick Larsimont, The Maple and the Blue, Sapere (third of the Jox McNabb Aviation Thrillers, set in spring 1942)

Pierre Lemaitre, The Wide World, Little, Brown/Tinder Press (saga of one prominent French family against the backdrop of post-war Paris, Beirut, and Saigon)

Asha Lemmie, The Wildest Sun, Dutton (novel follows a young woman escaping her past in postwar Paris as she searches for the man she believes to be her father)

Graham Ley, Lady at the Lodge, Sapere (historical saga set against the backdrop of the French Revolution)

Sean Lusk, The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley, Union Square/Doubleday (c.2022) (novel of wild mechanical automata, love in a variety of forms, and themes of identity, with a diverse cast of characters)

Anne Madden, The Wilderness Way, One More Chapter (story set against the wild landscapes of Donegal, Ireland in 1861 and the turbulent times of the American Civil War)

Laura Martin, The Body on the Beach, Sapere (book four of Jane Austen Investigations series)

Penny Mickelbury, Two Wings to Hide My Face, Bywater Books (novel returns to pre-Civil War Philadelphia to continue the saga of Genie Oliver and Abigail Read)

K. L. Murphy, Her Sister’s Death, CamCat (dual-Timeline Mystery in which a mysterious death in the present is connected to a young woman’s story in 1921)

Annie Murray, The Bells of Bournville Green, Pan (continues the saga set in 1960s Birmingham; a story of families whose lives are entwined, and a young woman’s search for transforming love)

Scott Oden, The Doom of Odin, SMP (as the Black Death rampages across Europe, two creatures of the Elder World clash over the rotting corpse of Christendom)

Alex Quaid, The Semi-Detached Women, Bloodhound (a pregnant young single woman in the 1960s is hounded by a social worker to give up her child for adoption)

Renee Ryan, The Paris Housekeeper, Love Inspired (World War II novel of the heroism of a young Paris housekeeper who makes a bargain to save the Jews hiding in her Nazi employer’s basement)

Simon Scarrow, Dead of Night, Kensington (World War II thriller murder mystery set in Berlin 1941)

W. A. Schwartz, The Weight of Water, Black Rose (a story of two sisters born into brutal, rural poverty of southeastern Louisiana in the 1960s)

Leslie K. Simmons, Red Clay Running Waters, Koehler Books (portrait of the Antebellum Era and the fate of Native Americans)

Stephen Spotswood, Murder Crossed Her Mind, Doubleday/Headline (latest installment in the Pentecost & Parker Mystery series follows the suspicious disappearance of a woman who might have known too much)

Peter Steiner, The New Detective, Severn House (Willi Geismeier thought he’d faced the worst of humanity in WW 1, but when he returns to Munich, he is drawn into an investigation that proves to be just as chilling. 3rd in series)

Hope C. Tarr, Irish Eyes, Lume Books (historical romance of love and second chances set in early 20th-century)

Victoria Thompson, City of Betrayal, Berkley (A Counterfeit Lady novel, book 7 where Elizabeth Bates’s latest con just might change the course of history)

Misty Urban, Viscount Overboard, Oliver Heber (when the war-scarred Viscount Penrydd washes up in 1799 Newport, Gwenllian ap Ewyas decides not to tell him about his property that she’s turned into a refuge)

Darcie Wilde, The Secret of the Lady’s Maid, Kensington (mystery series set in Regency London featuring Rosalind Thorne who has a talent for helping ladies of the ton with their most pressing and delicate problems)

Futaro Yamada (trans. Bryan Karetnyk), The Meiji Guillotine Murders, Pushkin Vertigo (a pair of sleuths investigate a series of murders in 19th-century Tokyo)

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