Forthcoming historical novels for 2023

The Historical Novel Society lists mainstream and small press historical titles for books set in eras up to the early 1970s. Details are compiled by Fiona Sheppard (US, CAN, UK, AUS) and are based on publisher descriptions.

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Last update July 12, 2022

January 2023

Gina Apostol, La Tercera, Soho Press (pieces together a century and a half of Philippine history through the story of the Delgados of Leyte — a clan of “madmen and collaborators” loving and feuding through generations of colonization, war and catastrophe)

J. D. Arnold, Rawhide Jake: Westward Ho!, Five Star (the life and times of detective Jonas V. Brighton, book 3)

Marie Benedict, The Mitford Affair, Sourcebooks Landmark (novel of history’s most notorious sisters, one of whom will have to choose either her country or her sisters)

Rita Bradshaw, After the First Frost, Macmillan UK (20th-century romance)

Simon Brett, Blotto, Twinks and the Conquistadors’ Gold, Constable (humorous historical fiction mystery series)

Elizabeth Camden, Hearts of Steel, Bethany House (romance in which a successful businesswoman offends a corrupt banker, and unwittingly sets off a series of calamities that threaten to destroy her life’s work)

Renato Cisneros (trans. Fionn Petch), You Shall Leave Your Land, Charco Press (the story of the Catholic priest’s progeny unfolds alongside key moments in the development of the Republic of Peru)

Margaret DeRosia, Eight Strings, Simon & Schuster (coming-of-age debut novel about a young woman in late 19th-century Venice who becomes a man to join the male-dominated world of the theater as a puppeteer)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Independence, Wm Morrow (set during the partition of British India in 1947, novel brings to life the story of three sisters caught up in events beyond their control and their struggle against powerful odds)

Kimberly Olson Fakih, Little Miseries, Delphinium (biographical fiction set in Iowa and Minnesota in the 60s and 70s)

Lynne Francis, Untitled, Piatkus (saga of love and betrayal with a time slip narrative between 1813 and 1913)

Laura Frantz, The Rose and the Thistle, Revell (amid the Jacobite uprising of 1715, an English heiress flees to the Scottish lowlands to stay with allies of her powerful family)

Stephanie Graves, A Courage Undimmed, Kensington (British pigeoneer Olive Bright has hopes of becoming an agent herself one day …but first there is a baffling murder to solve)

Paul Harding, This Other Eden, W. W. Norton (novel inspired by the true story of the once racially integrated Malaga Island off the coast of Maine)

Anstey Harris, When I First Held You, Lake Union (novel set in 1960s Glasgow and present day)

Polly Heron, New Beginnings for the Surplus Girls, Corvus (1923- a woman must prove she can run a home for old soldiers as well as any man)

Jaan Kross (trans. Merike Lepasaar Beecher), A Book of Falsehoods, Quercus (third part in an historical trilogy set in 1578)

Paula Lichtarowicz, The Snow Hare, Little, Brown (a woman dreams of becoming a doctor until World War II gets in the way)

Alyssa Maxwell, A Fashionable Fatality, Kensington (a house party attended by fashion royalty becomes the backdrop for a murder that only Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid can untangle)

Jamila Minnicks, Moonrise Over New Jessup, Algonquin (debut about a Black woman doing whatever it takes to protect all she loves at the beginning of the civil rights movement in Alabama)

Joseph O’Connor, My Father’s House, Europa Editions (literary thriller based on the true story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, who risked his life to smuggle thousands of Jews and escaped Allied prisoners out of Italy under the nose of his Nazi nemesis)

Véronique Olmi (trans. Alison Anderson), Daughters Beyond Command, Europa Editions (takes us from the May 1968 protests to the 1981 elections; a chronicle of an era, where consciousnesses are awakening to the upheaval of the world)

Amita Parikh, The Circus Train, Little, Brown/Sphere (a two-decade journey across Europe and a travelling circus where nothing is as it seems)

Tracey Rose Peyton, Night Wherever We Go, Ecco (debut novel about a group of enslaved women staging a covert rebellion against their owners)

Gabriella Saab, Daughters of Victory, Wm Morrow (novel spanning from the Russian Revolution to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union and following two women…their fates intertwined by ties of family and interrupted by war)

Preeta Samarasan, Tale of the Dreamer’s Son, World Editions (view of Malaysia’s history and an investigation of the psychology of cults set in the 1970s, early 1980s and the present day)

Susan Holloway Scott, Martha, Kensington (novel about the life of Martha Dandridge Washington, who was a fierce and passionate beauty and an integral, intimate part of the founding of America)

James D. Shipman, Before the Storm, Kensington (inspired by a real-life husband and wife Nazi-hunting team, novel follows the harrowing search for a fugitive Nazi scientist across post-war Europe)

Wendell Steavenson, Margot, W. W. Norton (a story of the sexual revolution and a fictional portrayal of the challenges women have faced in gaining power and respect in the scientific community)

Maggie Sullivan, The Schoolmistress, One More Chapter (saga in the Our Street at War series which takes an ordinary street during wartime and peeps inside at the life of the residents)

Kai Thomas, In the Upper Country, Viking (debut set in the Black communities of Ontario that were the last stop on the Underground Railroad)

Simon Turney, Bellatrix, Aries (warrior and combat medic, Titus Cervianus, must fight the armies of the fabled Warrior Queen in a new Roman adventure)

Roseanna M. White, Yesterday’s Tides, Bethany House (romantic dual timeline novel set on Ocracoke Island in 1942 and 1914)

Kimberley Woodhouse, A Mark of Grace, Bethany House (inspirational novel about the strength and beauty of friendship, family, and love)

Sarit Yishai-Levi (trans. Gilah Kahn-Hoffmann), The Woman Beyond the Sea, Amazon Crossing (novel about three generations of women who have lost each other—and the quest to weave them back into a family)

February 2023

Shana Abe, An American Beauty, Kensington (story of Arabella Huntington, who defied both her origins and the constraints of the era to become the wealthiest woman in America. Set in Manhattan, 1870s-1900)

Doug Burgess, A Legacy of Bones, Sourcebooks Landmark (a story of sacrifice, an abandoned temple, and a family torn apart by a legacy of shame that won’t stay buried)

Janie Chang, The Porcelain Moon, Wm Morrow (novel set in WWI France about two young women—one Chinese, one French—whose lives intersect with unexpected, potentially dangerous consequences)

Mary Connealy, Forged in Love, Bethany House (1870; after being left for dead and with no memory, a woman attempts to rebuild her life as she takes over her father’s blacksmith business)

Janet Dailey, A Calder at Heart, Kensington (1919 — with the Great War over and the country on the brink of Prohibition, the small town of Blue Moon, Montana, is about to undergo another seismic shift)

Jennifer Deibel, The Maid of Ballymacool, Revell (a Cinderella story, complete with a mystery, a romance, and a chance at redemption, set in 1930s Ireland)

Kimberly Duffy, The Weight of Air, Bethany House (the lives of three circus performers become entangled beneath the glittering lights and flying trapeze of Madison Square Garden)

Heinz Insu Fenkl, Skull Water, Spiegel & Grau (set in South Korea in the 1950s and 1970s, a haunting inter-generational coming-of-age novel about identity and displacement)

Jonathan Garfinkel, In a Land Without Dogs the Cats Learn to Bark, House of Anansi (Cold War revenge story unfolding over three decades)

Molly Greeley, Marvelous, Wm Morrow (novel set in the French royal court of Catherine de’ Medici during the Renaissance, which recreates the true story behind the Beauty and the Beast legend)

Ella Gyland, The Day the Germans Came, One More Chapter (Inspired by the true story of how the people of Denmark saved their Jewish neighbors during WWII)

Anastasia Hastings, Of Manners and Murder, Minotaur (marauding husbands and murder are par for the course for the best-loved Agony Aunt in Britain)

Natalie Haynes, Stone Blind, Harper (based on the myth of Medusa and how she was never a monster at all)

Jody Hedlund, The Last Chance Cowboy, Bethany House (romantic Western adventure set in Colorado)

Pam Jenoff, Code Name Sapphire, Park Row (a woman must rescue her cousin’s family from a train bound for Auschwitz)

Brianna Labuskes, The Librarian of Burned Books, Wm Morrow (WWII-era novel about the intertwined fates of three women who believe in the power of books to triumph over the very darkest moments of war)

Caroline Lea, Prize Women, Harper Perennial (reimagines the story of one of the most controversial contests in history, the Great Stork Derby, in which a wealthy millionaire’s death spawns a furious competition for his inheritance)

Chris Lloyd, Paris Requiem, Orion (World War II murder mystery & portrait of Paris under occupation)

Maja Lunde (trans. Diane Oatley), The Last Wild Horses, HarperVia (historical science fiction in which three families in three centuries discover the indestructible bonds that unite us all – set in 1881, 1992 and 2064)

J. C. Maetis, The Vienna Writers Circle, Mira (suspenseful tale of love, survival and redemption set against the backdrop of 1938 Vienna, as the newly arrived SS hunt down two writers from among Freud’s close circle of friends)

Rachel Scott McDaniel, In Spotlight and Shadow, Barbour (11th in series — dual-time romantic suspense set in Pittsburgh’s famous theater)

C.E. McGill, Our Hideous Progeny, Harper (revisits of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein that unfolds with a fresh, provocative, queer twist)

H. G. Parry, The Magician’s Daughter, Redhook/Orbit (a young woman raised on an isolated island by a magician discovers things aren’t as they seem and must venture into early 1900s England to return magic to the world)

William Seto Ping, Hollow Bamboo, HarperCollins (full description forthcoming)

Bridget Pitt, Eye Brother Horn, Catalyst Press (tale of identity, kinship, and atonement, set in 1870s South Africa, a decade of ruthless colonial aggression against the nation’s indigenous people)

Patricia Raybon, Double the Lies, Tyndale (amateur detective Annalee Spain races the clock to solve the murder of a young pilot before she is framed for the crime)

Jill Eileen Smith, Daughter of Eden, Revell (imagines the life of the first woman to ever live, unspooling a story of love, loss, and the promise of redemption)

Sarah Sundin, The Sound of Light, Revell (WWII, Denmark; a story of ordinary people responding to extraordinary circumstances with faith, fortitude, and hope for a brighter future)

Charles Todd, The Cliff’s Edge, Wm Morrow (in the aftermath of World War I, nurse Bess Crawford is caught in a deadly feud between two families)

Jen Turano, A Match in the Making, Bethany House (tasked with finding the season’s most eligible bachelor a wife, a paid matchmaker’s assignment becomes increasingly difficult when she realizes his perfect match might be her)

Margaret Verble, Stealing, Mariner (novel about a Cherokee child removed from her family and sent to a Christian boarding school in the 1950s)

Megan Walker, Miss Newbury’s List, Shadow Mountain (Regency romance set in England, 1820)

Peter Watt, Call of Empire, Macmillan Australia (full description forthcoming)

Sheila Williams, Things Past Telling, Amistad (novel that charts a midwife’s journey across an ocean of years, surviving capture, enslavement, and a brief stint as a pirate’s ward where she is both a spy and a translator)

Daisy Wood, The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris, Avon (dual timeline WWII tale of love and a betrayal that echoes through generations)

March 2023

Cara Black, Night Flight to Paris, Soho Crime (follow-up to Three Hours in Paris, it is up to American markswoman Kate Rees to take the shot that just might win—or lose—World War II)

Rhys Bowen, Clare Broyles, All That is Hidden, Minotaur (New York, Autumn, 1907: former private detective Molly Murphy Sullivan tangles with Tammany Hall in second historical mystery series, after Wild Irish Rose)

Diane Marie Brown, Black Candle Women, Graydon House (three women are set on a collision course dating back to a voodoo shop in 1950s New Orleans’s French Quarter)

Emily Brugman, The Islands, Allen & Unwin (in the mid-1950s, a small group of Finnish migrants set up camp on Little Rat, a tiny island in an archipelago off the coast of Western Australia)

Amanda Cabot, After the Shadows, Revell (in 1880s Texas a young widow returns to her hometown never dreaming that the new schoolteacher holds the key both to the mystery surrounding her father’s death–and to her heart)

Meagan Church, The Last Carolina Girl, Sourcebooks Landmark (set in 1935 North Carolina, novel sheds light on a horrific era of injustice and one young woman’s fight to control her future)

Stephanie Clifford, The Farewell Tour, Harper (tells the story of one woman’s rise in country and western music, crisscrossing between the Depression, the Second World War, and the rise of Nashville)

Manda Collins, A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes, Forever (Victorian historical rom-com series)

Julie Gerstenblatt, Daughters of Nantucket, Mira (saga of the days leading up to Nantucket’s historic fire of 1846 and its dramatic aftermath)

Tamara Goranson, The Oath of Bjorn, One More Chapter (Bjorn must risk everything to save the woman he loves before she steps into the darkness and sets their world ablaze. Vinland Viking Saga, book 2)

Jocelyn Green, The Metropolitan Affair, Bethany House (1920s tale featuring one of New York City’s most esteemed museums, where a young woman discovers secrets, betrayal, and romance)

Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Dance Tree, HarperVia (Strasbourg, 1518 — story of lust, family secrets and women under the eye of the Church)

Alan Hlad, The Book Spy, John Scognamiglio (inspired by true stories of the heroic librarian spies of WWII)

Sophie Jordan, The Scandalous Ladies of London, Avon (new series chronicles the lives of a group of affluent ladies reigning over Regency-era London, vying for position in the hierarchy of the ton)

Alka Joshi, The Perfumist of Paris, Mira (final chapter in Jaipur trilogy takes readers to 1970s Paris where Radha’s budding career as a perfumer must compete with the demands of her family and the secrets of her past)

Lana Kortchik, The Countess of the Revolution, HQ Digital (novel of love, loss and sacrifice set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution)

Stephanie Landsem, Code Name Edelweiss, Tyndale (based on the true story of how a lone Jewish lawyer and a handful of amateur spies discovered and foiled Adolf Hitler’s plan to take over Hollywood)

Mary Monroe, Love, Honor, Betray, Dafina (full description forthcoming)

Erica Ruth Neubauer, Intrigue in Istanbul, Kensington (full description forthcoming)

Andie Newton, A Child for the Reich, One More Chapter (full description forthcoming)

Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai, Dust Child, Algonquin (an American GI, two Vietnamese bargirls, and an Amerasian man are forced to make decisions during and after the Việt Nam War that will reverberate throughout each other’s lives)

Tracie Peterson, Remember Me, Bethany House (when she’s reunited with her lost love, a woman must decide to run or to face her wounds in order to embrace her life, her future, and her hope in God)

Aimie K. Runyan, J’nell Ciesielski, Rachel McMillan, The Castle Keepers, Harper Muse (a collection of stories that examines questions of healing and love against the backdrop of a historical castle and its adjoining poison garden)

Lauraine Snelling, Fields of Bounty, Bethany House (inspirational fiction in which a woman must learn to balance her new courtship with a young Reverend with her pursuit of another dream–the publication of her artwork)

Andrew Varga, The Last Saxon King, Imbrifex Books (a time jumper, descended from a long line of secret heroes, protects the present by traveling to the past to fix breaks and glitches in the time stream)

Heather Webb, Strangers in the Night, Wm Morrow (in the golden age of Hollywood, two of the brightest stars, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, define an era)

Josh Weiss, Sunset Empire, Grand Central (a Morris Baker adventure of deceit, intrigue, murder, and conspiracy where the safety of the entire world may hang in the balance. Set in 1959)

Lauren Willig, Two Wars and a Wedding, Wm Morrow (coming-of-age story with a dual timeline featuring a bold and adventurous young woman who finds herself caught up in two very different wars on both sides of the Atlantic)

Jacqueline Winspear, The White Lady, Harper (adventure follows the coming of age and maturity of former wartime operative Elinor White, where she is drawn back into a world of violence she is desperate to leave behind)

April 2023

Colleen Cambridge, Mastering the Art of French Murder, Kensington (new historical mystery series combines a fresh perspective on a fictional Julia Child’s years in post-WWII Paris with a mystery and a culinary twist)

Elizabeth Chadwick, The King’s Jewel, Mobius/Sphere (Wales, 1093 – story of Nesta, daughter of Prince Rhys of Deheubarth)

Jude Deveraux, My Heart Will Find You, Mira (dual timeline narrative where a young woman shelters at a home in the early days of the pandemic and finds a portal to the 1870s where she discovers her true love)

Mario Escobar, The Swiss Nurse, Harper Muse (true story of a brave woman who saved hundreds of mothers and their children during the Spanish Civil War and WWII)

Hester Fox, The Last Heir to Blackwood Library, Graydon House (novel in which a young woman inherits an old library on a remote estate, where not only have all the previous librarians have met untimely ends, but there may be something sinister about the library itself)

Anita Frank, After the War, HQ (1945 – as events of the past return to haunt them, Jack and Gwen find themselves facing their greatest battle yet)

Charles Frazier, The Trackers, Ecco (novel paints a vivid portrait of life in the Great Depression)

Bruce Geddes, Chasing the Black Eagle, Dundurn (Against a backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia, a young man tails a man who is a possible threat to America)

Paterson Joseph, The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho, Henry Holt (tale of adventure, artistry, romance, and freedom set in eighteenth-century London and inspired by a true story)

Ellen Keith, The Dutch Orphan, Park Row (novel set during World War II about a woman who offers shelter to a Jewish baby, and her sister, who must choose between family loyalty and her own safety)

Akira Mizubayashi (trans. Alison Anderson), Fractured Soul, HarperVia (1938 — story of compassion that reminds us of the power of art and love to combat nationalistic fury, redress the loss of human dignity, and heal deep psychic wounds)

Cindy Morgan, The Year of Jubilee, Tyndale (coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the turbulent South in the early 1960s)

Kate Morton, Homecoming, Mariner (full description forthcoming)

Catherine Palmer, The Bachelor’s Bargain, Tyndale (an amusing Regency marriage of convenience story)

Sarah Penner, The London Séance Society, Legend/Park Row (gothic whodunit set in Victorian London, where a female medium and her understudy join forces with a league of male spiritualists to solve a high-profile murder)

Jennifer Robson, Coronation Year, Wm Morrow (20th-century historical romance – full description forthcoming)

Jaime Jo Wright, The Vanishing at Castle Moreau, Bethany House (in 1865, orphaned Daisy Francois takes a housemaid position and finds that the eccentric Gothic authoress inside hides more than the harrowing tales in her novels)

May 2023

Joy Callaway, All the Pretty Places, Harper Muse (examines the life-changing effects of the beauty of nature and how that splendor is restricted to the rich and privileged in the Gilded Age)

Stephen Greco, Such Good Friends, John Scognamiglio (recreation of the tumultuous friendship between Truman Capote and his most elegant yet unconventional swan: Her Serene Royal Highness Lee Radziwell)

Sujata Massey, The Mistress of Ghatkopar, Soho Crime (Bombay’s only female solicitor, Perveen Mistry, grapples with class divisions, sexism, and complex family dynamics as she seeks justice for a mistreated young woman)

Minerva Spencer, The Dueling Duchess, Kensington (Regency era romance – Wicked Women of Whitechapel series, book #2)

June 2023

Dianne Freeman, A Newlywed’s Guide to Fortune and Murder, Kensington (Countess of Harleigh series – full description forthcoming)

Merial Wiles, Where Ivy Dares to Grow, Kensington (timeslip gothic novel where a crumbling cliffside house brings Saoirse from her own time to the past and into a romance with the house’s 19th-century owner)

July 2023

Alyssa Cole, An Unconditional Freedom, Kensington (a man ravaged by the horrors of slavery works with a Cuban woman to aid the Union cause – 3rd in series exploring the untold role of people of color in the fight to end slavery)

Jessica Ellicott, Murder at a London Finishing School, Kensington (Beryl & Ewina Mystery series, book 7 – full description forthcoming)

Kelsey James, The Woman in the Castello, John Scognamaglio (full description forthcoming)

Catherine Lloyd, Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder, Kensington (drastic circumstances compel Lady Caroline Morton to make an upstairs downstairs switch to become a lady’s companion, whose duties will soon entail solving a murder)

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