Forthcoming historical novels for 2022

The Historical Novel Society lists mainstream and small press historical titles for books set in eras up to the early 1970s. Details are compiled by Fiona Sheppard (US, CAN, UK, AUS) and are based on publisher descriptions.

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See our guide to Forthcoming Historical Novels for 2021 for the previous year’s releases. We also have a list of Forthcoming children’s and YA historical novels for 2022.

Last update December 15, 2022

January 2022

Isabel Allende (trans. Frances Riddle), Violeta, Ballantine (story of Violeta del Valle, a woman whose life spans one hundred years and bears witness to the greatest upheavals of the twentieth century)

Lena Andersson (trans. Sarah Death), Son of Svea, Other Press (comedy of the progress and ruin of the industrial welfare state, told through the story of a single family)

Leah Angstman, Out Front the Following Sea, Regal House (at the onset of King William’s War between French and English settlers in 1689 New England, Ruth Miner is accused of witchcraft for the murder of her parents and must flee the brutality of her town)

Libby Ashworth, The Convict’s Wife, Canelo (based on real events, a Lancashire saga of one woman’s journey of love, family and survival)

Jabari Asim, Yonder, Simon & Schuster (novel exploring love and friendship among a group of enslaved Black strivers in the mid-19th century)

Marie Benedict, Her Hidden Genius, Sourcebooks Landmark (fictionalised story of Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958) who unlocked the secrets of DNA only to die in anonymity)

Ann Bennett, The Child Without a Home, Bookouture (dual time-line novel Inspired by the lives of the forgotten orphans of World War Two)

Charlotte Betts, Letting in the Light, Piatkus (next installment of the Spindrift Trilogy, set in 1914, Cornwall)

Johnny D. Boggs, The Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories, Five Star (an old-timer sets the record straight by telling the true story of the real cobbler of Spanish Fort)

Matthew Booth, A Talent for Murder, Level Best (a locked door murder mystery featuring retired judge Everett Carr in mid-1930s rural England)

Annemarie Brear, The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl, Boldwood Books (Yorkshire Dales, 1850 – family saga)

Simon Brett, Blotto, Twinks and the Suspicious Guests, Constable (book eleven in series)

Drew Bridges, A New Haunt for Mr. Bierce, BQB (novel follows the ghost of Ambrose Bierce, American writer and civil war Union soldier, who has been displaced from the home he had been haunting)

Karen Brooks, The Good Wife of Bath, Wm Morrow (medieval novel starring Chaucer’s bold and libidinous Wife of Bath)

Eric Brown, Murder Most Vile, Severn House (London 1957; the search for a missing artist draws Donald Langham and Ralph Ryland into London’s criminal underworld, with deadly consequences)

Teri M. Brown, Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, Atmosphere Press (a Ukrainian rebel. Three generations of women bearing the consequences. A journey that changes everything)

Tony Bryan, Baltimore, Book 3, Vanguard (continuing the saga of Irish adventurer, Daemon Quirk)

Louella Bryant, Beside the Long River, Black Rose (based on historical people and events, including the brutal and bloody Pequot War of 1636)

Robert Olen Butler, Late City, No Exit (novel centered around former newspaperman Sam Cunningham covers much of the early 20th century, unfurling as a conversation between the dying man and a surprising God)

Jillian Cantor, Beautiful Little Fools, Harper Perennial (revisits the glittering Jazz Age world of The Great Gatsby, retelling this American classic from the women’s perspective)

Francesca Capaldi, Hope in the Valleys, Hera Books (a WW1 saga, set in a mining town in Wales)

Ella Carey, The Girl from Paris, Bookouture (novel about the terrible choices people made during humanity’s darkest days. Daughters of New York series #3)

Elizabeth Chadwick, A Marriage of Lions, Little, Brown (England, 1238. Raised at the court of King Henry III as a chamber lady to the queen, young Joanna of Swanscombe’s life changes forever when she comes into an inheritance far above all expectations)

Diane Chamberlain, The Last House on the Street, SMP (a community’s past sins rise to the surface when two women, a generation apart, find themselves bound by tragedy and an unsolved mystery. Set in 1965 and 2010)

Tim Chant, Mutiny on the Potemkin, Sapere (naval adventure story set around WWI)

Rory Clements, The Man in the Bunker, Zaffre (a Cambridge spy must find the truth behind Hitler’s death. But exactly who is the man in the bunker and what if Hitler had survived?)

Lorna Cook, The Dressmaker’s Secret, AvonUK (Paris, 1941: As well as Coco Chanel’s assistant, Adèle is working for the resistance, right under the Germans’ noses)

David Stuart Davies, Revenge from the Grave, Titan (Sherlock Holmes mystery featuring the return of the sinister Moriarty gang)

Lora Davies, The Widow’s Last Secret, Bookouture (England, 1846: Bella Farrow is a beautiful young widow, making a good living on her own land, but not even her husband knew she was a fugitive from the law)

Ed Davis, The Last Professional, Artemesia (returning to the rails fifteen years after the childhood trauma that haunts him, young Lynden Hoover gets help from an old hobo who calls America’s landscape his home)

Fiona Davis, The Magnolia Palace, Dutton (novel about the secrets, betrayal, and murder within one of New York City’s most impressive Gilded Age mansions)

Maurizio de Giovanni (trans. Antony Shugaar), Winter Swallows, World Noir (tenth Commissario Ricciardi mystery set in 1930s Naples)

Nina de Gramont, The Christie Affair, Mantle (reimagines the unexplained 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie that captivated the world)

Melanie Dobson, The Winter Rose, Tyndale (dual narrative novel in which an American Quaker woman works tirelessly in Vichy France to rescue Jewish children from the Nazis)

Angus Donald, The Saxon Wolf, Canelo Adventure (a Viking epic of berserkers and battle)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at the National Gallery, Allison & Busby (detectives are contacted at the request of the artist, Walter Sickert, famously suspected of being Jack the Ripper)

Carolyn Elizabeth, The Raven and the Banshee, Bella Books (18th-c tale of vengeance, forgiveness, second chance love and redemption in an adventure on the high seas. LGBTQ+)

Genevieve Essig, A Deception Most Deadly, Bookouture (cozy mystery set on the island city of Fernandina, 1883)

Donna Everhart, The Saints of Swallow Hill, Kensington (1932 Georgia & N. Carolina – a story of courage, survival and friendships)

Jonathan Evison, Small World, Dutton (story set in multiple time periods, in which the characters interconnect in the most intriguing and meaningful ways)

Robert Fabbri, An Empty Throne, Corvus (Alexander’s Legacy, book 3)

Jenni Fagan, Luckenbooth, Pegasus (1910, Edinburgh. The devil’s daughter has been sent by her father to bear a child for a wealthy couple, but, when things go wrong, she curses the building and all who live there)

Kerry Dean Feldman, Alice’s Trading Post, Five Star (story of an untameable woman with a wry wit who lives 103 adventurous years)

Jessica Fellowes, The Mitford Vanishing, Minotaur (fifth installment in the Mitford Murders series, inspired by a real-life murder in a story full of intrigue)

Jennie Felton, The Smuggler’s Girl, Headline (a saga of shipwrecks, secrets, love and loss)

June Felton, The Dignity of Silence, The Book Guild (1942 and early 60s – novel explores devastation and redemption in the keeping of family secrets)

Keith Finney, A Deadly Mistake, Lume Books (third and final book in the Lipton St Faith Mysteries)

Lynne Francis, The Lost Sister, Piatkus (Kent 1816 — when the secret Molly has kept for over twenty-five years is revealed in front of her whole family, Molly’s relationship with her son and her husband crumbles)

Laura Frantz, A Heart Adrift, Revell (1755; a colonial lady and a privateering sea captain collide once more after a failed love affair a decade before)

Patricia Friedrich, The Art of Always, The Wild Rose Press (dual timeline story of a Modernist painter who, on the verge of stardom in the 1920s, mysteriously vanished from public view)

Marcial Gala (trans. Anna Kushner), Call Me Cassandra, FSG (magical tale of a haunted young dreamer, born in the wrong body and time, who believes himself to be a doomed prophetess from ancient Greek mythology)

Sulari Gentill, Where There’s a Will, PPP (a Rowland Sinclair WWII mystery)

Diana Giovinazzo, Antoinette’s Sister, Grand Central (brings to life one of history’s most formidable European monarchs: a woman who upended societal conventions for the betterment of her people as Queen of Naples)

Stephanie Graves, A Valiant Deceit, Kensington (young pigeoneer Olive Bright has been conscripted, with her racing birds, to aid the fight against the Nazis)

Melody Groves, Lady of the Law, Five Star (a novel featuring Sheriff Maud Overstreet, an unusual lady sheriff in 1870s California)

Ella Gyland, The Helsingør Sewing Club, One More Chapter (inspired by the true story of how the people of Denmark saved their Jewish neighbours during WW2)

Alexis Hall, Something Fabulous, Montlake (Regency Romance LGBTQ+)

Stephen Harrigan, The Leopard is Loose, Knopf (the fragile 1952 postwar tranquility of a 5-yr-old boy’s world explodes when a leopard escapes from the zoo, and he has to confront his deepest fears)

Jody Hedlund, Never Leave Me, Revell (after the disappearance of her father and sister, Ellen Creighton wants nothing to do with the holy water they were seeking, even if it would cure her deadly genetic disease)

Max Hennessy, Sunset at Sheba, Canelo Action (military thriller set in South Africa, 1914)

Ray Herbeck, Jr., Changing Flags, Five Star (true story of John Riley, a cocky Irish professional soldier who deserts the U.S. Army to fight for Mexico at first for money, then for something loftier)

Arlene Heyman, Artifact, Bloomsbury (novel of female drive and desire, reaching from mid-century to the Reagan era)

Joanna Hickson, The Queen’s Lady, HarperCollins (a novel of Joan Guildford, lady-in-waiting and confidante to Queen Elizabeth, wife of Henry VII)

Tom Hindle, A Fatal Crossing, Century (murder mystery aboard The Endeavour, November 1924)

Grace Hitchcock, Her Darling Mr. Day, Bethany House (jilted in front of all New York, Theodore Day decides to lose himself in his family’s luxury riverboat business in New Orleans)

Beatrice Hitchman, All of You Every Single One, The Overlook Press (a literary lesbian novel set in a bohemian enclave of Vienna, about love, freedom, and what constitutes a family. LGBTQ)

Catherine Hokin, The Commandant’s Daughter, Bookouture (novel about the courage of ordinary people during the Second World War)

Pam Howes, The Daughters of Victory Street, Bookouture (fourth book in the Bryant Sisters series set post-WWII)

Melanie Hudson, The Night Train to Berlin, One More Chapter (dual narrative love story set in 1944 and present day)

Tammye Huf, A More Perfect Union, Forever (story of love and courage, desperation and determination, and three people whose lives are inescapably entwined)

Callie Hutton, The Mystery of Albert E. Finch, Crooked Lane (third Victorian Book Club mystery, set in Bath, 1892)

Don Jacobson, The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion, Meryton Press (the Bennet Wardrobe book 7 in which young Mrs. Wickham learns that honor and bravery grow from the contents of the heart)

Dinah Jefferies, The Tuscan Contessa, Penguin UK (two women find themselves entangled in a dangerous game with the Nazis in WWII Tuscany)

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois, Fourth Estate (chronicles the journey of generations of one American family, from the centuries of the colonial slave trade to our own tumultuous era)

Nick Jones, The Observer Effect, Blackstone (Joe heads back to 1873 on his most dangerous mission yet, one that will take him deep inside a burning opera house. Joseph Bridgeman book 3)

Meredith Kazer, Ring Road, Soul Mate (an 18th-century farmhouse holds over two hundred years of Ring Family history, including clues to the missing Ring ruby pendant)

Snorri Kristjansson, Council, Quercus (second in the Helga Finnsdottir Mysteries, set in Viking-age Uppsala)

M. A. Kuzniar, Midnight in Everwood, HQ (a historical retelling of The Nutcracker, set in 1906)

Mercedes Lackey, The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley, Titan (magical alternate history series continues the reimagined adventures of Sherlock Holmes in an alternate 20th-century England)

Soraya M. Lane, Under a Sky of Memories, Lake Union (Sicily, 1943 — story of three brave women who go to war—and end up fighting for their lives)

Pam Lecky, Her Secret War, Avon (explores a deadly tangle of love and espionage in war-torn Britain)

Gemma Liviero, Half in Shadow, Lake Union (novel about courage, love, and consequences at the dawn of World War I in German occupied Belgium)

Joanna Lowell, The Runaway Duchess, Berkley (a runaway bride dumps a duke and rewrites her own love story. Victorian romance)

Robert MacKenzie, Dave Walker, illus. Justin Greenwood, Compass, Image Comics (setting out from Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age, Shahi’s quest brings her to 13th-century Britain)

John Maddux, Little Eagle, Bitingduck Press (novel about one man’s journey to find himself as he travels with the famous Canadian-Ojibwe artist, Norval Morrisseau)

Kerri Maher, The Paris Bookseller, Headline Review/Berkley (story of a young woman who fought incredible odds to bring one of the most important books of the twentieth century to the world)

Sarah Maine, The Awakenings, Hodder & Stoughton (1890 – a woman experiences strange dreams that take her into the life of Ælfwyn, a woman from the past whose fate is overshadowed by menace)

Peter Mann, The Torqued Man, Harper (set in wartime Berlin and propelled by two voices: a German spy handler and his Irish secret agent, neither of whom are quite what they seem)

Peter Manseau, The Maiden of All Our Desires, Arcade (explores the territory between faith and freedom, and how the horrific events of history shape individual lives, set in 14th-c)

David Mark, Anatomy of a Heretic, Aries (1628 – two assassins go head-to-head on the open seas)

Imogen Matthews, The Hidden Village, Bookouture (tale based on the true story of an entire town who put themselves in incredible danger to keep strangers safe in Nazi-occupied Holland in World War Two)

Mimi Matthews, The Siren of Sussex, Berkley (new Victorian romance series – Belles of London Book 1)

BJ Mayo, The Sparrows of Montenegro, Skyhorse (western set in Texas, 1870)

Anna Mazzola, The Clockwork Girl, Orion (in the midst of the freezing winter of 1750, a new maid arrives at the home of a clockmaker, whose uncanny mechanical creations seem to imitate life itself. Dark historical mystery)

Gavin McCrea, The Sisters Mao, Scribe US (against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution and Europe’s sexual revolution, the fates of two families in London and Beijing become unexpectedly intertwined)

Catherine McCullagh, Love and Retribution, Big Sky (in 1943 Emmy, after finding two men washed up on a Cornwall beach, is drawn further into a deadly cycle of post-war retribution from which only one man can save her)

Kathleen McGurl, The Girl from Bletchley Park, HQ Digital (dual timeline WWII novel set in 1942 and present day)

Vonda N. McIntyre, The King’s Daughter, Jo Fletcher (alternate history set in the court of Louis XIV)

Eduardo Mendoza (trans. Nick Caistor), City of Wonders, MacLehose (novel about the birth of Barcelona as a world city, embodied in the rise of the ambitious and unscrupulous Onofre Bouvila)

Claire Messud, A Dream Life, Tablo Tales (novel explores lies and self deception as a family moves from New York to Australia in the early 1970s)

Simon Michael, The Final Shot, Sapere (a 1960s London gangland thriller)

Elizabeth D. Michaels, The Captain of her Heart, Sweetwater (romance set in 1777 colonial America)
Also: Captive Hearts (April 2022); The Captain’s Angel (July 2022); Hearts Crossed (September 2022)

Derek B. Miller, How to Find Your Way in the Dark, Doubleday (coming-of-age story set during the rising tide of World War II)

Kelly Miller, Captive Hearts, Meryton Press (a Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion)

Nathaniel Ian Miller, The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven, John Murray (1916― a testament to the strength of human bonds, reminding us that we are never beyond the reach of love)

Timothy Miller, The Strange Case of the Dutch Painter, Seventh Street (detective murder mystery featuring Sherlock Homes in Paris 1890)

Robbie Morrison, Edge of the Grave, Macmillan (a dark historical crime novel set in Glasgow, 1932)

Niklas Natt och Dag (trans. Ebba Segerberg), 1794: The City Between the Bridges, Baskerville/John Murray (1794; second installment of historical noir trilogy featuring Jean Mickel Cardell, the one-armed watchman)

Heather Newton, McMullen Circle, Regal House (twelve linked stories explore the intertwined lives of faculty families at the McMullen Boarding School in Tonola Falls, Georgia, in 1969–70)

Freya North, Little Wing, Welbeck (novel about resilience, forgiveness and the true meaning of family, taking place over three generations beginning in the 1960s)

J. P. O’Connell, Hotel Portofino, Blackstone/S&S (historical drama about a British family who opens an upper-class hotel on the magical Italian Riviera during the Roaring Twenties)

Kelly Oliver, Villainy in Vienna, Historia (Fiona Figg mystery set in Viena 1917)

T. Jefferson Parker, A Thousand Steps, Forge (coming-of-age thriller set in California in 1968)

Lesley Pearse, Never Look Back, Agora (romance amidst the craze of the gold rush and the approaching Civil War)

Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse, Ever Constant, Bethany House (romance set in Nome, Alaska)

Sergio Pitol (trans. George Henson), The Love Parade, Deep Vellum (following the discovery of certain documents, a historian sets out to unravel the mystery of a murder committed in Mexico City in the autumn of 1942)

Petra Rautiainen (trans. David Hackston), Land of Snow and Ashes, Pushkin Press (debut novel about Lapland’s buried history of Nazi crimes against the Sámi people)

Sarah Rayne, The Murder Dance, Severn House (researching the history of a dilapidated Elizabeth manor house, Phineas Fox uncovers the shocking truth behind a mysterious – and deadly – dance)

Debbie Rix, The German Wife, Bookouture (dual-timeline tale of ordinary people fighting for survival in the darkest of times)

Rena Rossner, The Light of the Midnight Stars, Orbit (historical fantasy about Jewish resistance in the face of oppression)

Ralf Rothmann, The God of that Summer, Picador (novel of the final months of World War II, a war that forever darkened the souls of the civilians who lived through it)

Laura Joh Rowland, Garden of Sins, Crooked Lane (Victorian Mystery series in which crime scene photographer, Sarah Barrett must search for the killer of a woman she found murdered on a train)

W. C. Ryan, The Winter Guest, Zaffre (1921 -mystery set against the raw Irish landscape in a country divided)

Daniela Sacerdoti, The Italian Island, Bookouture (novel about how the catastrophic consequences of war can echo through generations)

Daniel Schenker, Confessions of a Marrano Rocketeer, Black Rose (a young man growing up in early twentieth-century Germany becomes a key figure in the successful development of the V2 rocket)

Anna Schmidt, High-Wire Heartbreak, Barbour (1936 – a party at the Ringling mansion, Ca d’Zan in Sarasota, Florida, leads to a robbery – and possibly death)

James D. Shipman, Beyond the Wire, Kensington (blends fact and fiction in a novel based on the real story behind the prisoner uprising at Auschwitz during WWII)

Dana Stabenow, Disappearance of a Scribe, Aries (Pharaoh Cleopatra’s plans for Alexandria are run awry when a body is found floating in the sea)

Linda Stratmann, Sherlock Holmes and the Explorers’ Club, Sapere (Holmes is faced with an unidentified body, a coded message, and multiple murders in London, 1876)

Julian Stockwin, Thunderer, Mobius (Britain’s ambitions turn to the Spice Islands, where Admiral Pellew has been sent to confront the enemy’s vastly rich holdings)

Susan Stokes-Chapman, Pandora, Harvill Secker (novel set in Georgian London, where the discovery of a mysterious ancient Greek vase sets in motion conspiracies, revelations and romance)

Linda Stratmann, Sherlock Holmes and the Explorers’ Club, Sapere (second Victorian crime thriller in the Early Casebook of Sherlock Holmes series)

Wilfred Summers, Our Em, Volume IV: My Em, Vanguard (last volume in family saga worked within the framework of some of the most significant historical events of the early nineteen-fifties)

M. K. Tod, The Admiral’s Wife, Heath Street (the lives of two women living in Hong Kong more than a century apart are inextricably linked by forbidden love and financial scandal)

Teresa Trent, The Twist and Shout Murder, Historia (a Swinging Sixties Mystery)

Jen Turano, To Disguise the Truth, Bethany House (when Arthur Livingston seeks out the Bleeker Street Enquiry Agency to find a missing heiress, Eunice Holbrooke realizes her past has finally caught up with her)

Beth Underdown, The Key in the Lock, Viking (dual timeline story of burning secrets and buried shame)

Gabriel Valjan, Hush Hush, Historia (A Shane Cleary Mystery)

Sandro Veronesi (trans. Elena Pala), The Hummingbird, HarperVia (saga of a Florentine family from the 1960s to the present introduces a portrait of human existence, the vicissitudes and vagaries that propel and ultimately define us)

Carol Wallace, Our Kind of People, Putnam (set in 1880s – among New York City’s Gilded Age elite, one family will defy convention)

Rachel Wesson, Stolen From Her Mother, Bookouture (WWII story of an Irish girl banished to a Magdalen Laundry in 1944)

Roseanna M. White, To Treasure an Heiress, Bethany House (Beth Tremayne stumbles across an old map, but her only way to piece together the clues is through Lord Sheridan–a man she insists stole a prized possession)

Ally Wilkes, All the White Spaces, Titan Books (ghost story exploring identity, gender and selfhood, set against the backdrop of the golden age of polar exploration)

Abigail Wilson, Twilight at Moorington Cross, Thomas Nelson (in the Regency era, a woman only has to marry one of two men. But what if her heart belongs to a third?)

John Wingate, William the Conqueror, Sapere (novel exploring the life of William I, from his early childhood in Normandy to his turbulent reign as the first Norman king of England)

Kimberley Woodhouse, Kathleen Y’Barbo, Daughters of the Mayflower: Pioneers, Barbour (three adventurous romances in the expanding West)

Samantha Greene Woodruff, The Lobotomist’s Wife, Lake Union (novel of a woman fighting against the most grievous odds, of ego, and of the best intentions gone horribly awry)

James C. Work, The Mystery of the Missing Bierstadt, Five Star (Ranger McIntyre investigate the case of a painting missing from a home in the Rocky Mountain National Park)

Joe Browning Wroe, A Terrible Kindness, Faber & Faber (October 1966; novel exploring the landslide at the coal mine in Aberfan, Wales, which buried a school, and one man who determines to help)

Hanya Yanagihara, To Paradise, Picador/Doubleday (novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss and the elusive promise of utopia)

Helen Yendall, A Wartime Secret, HQ Digital (When Maggie’s new job takes her from London to Snowden Hall in the Cotswolds, she is involved in a secret project which threatens to expose her German ancestry)

Derek Yetman, The Yankee Privateer, Breakwater (story of adventure, betrayal, and resilience in Newfoundland set against the backdrop of the American War of Independence)

Glenda Young, The Miner’s Lass, Headline (family saga and romance)

February 2022

Anita Abriel, The Italian Girl, S&S AU (a fearless young Italian woman risks everything to save precious artworks from the Nazis)

Cheryl Adnams, The Bushranger’s Wife, Mira (tale about following your heart and finding home in unexpected places, set in 1861)

Joel Agee, The Stone World, Melville House (an American boy’s childhood in Mexico, ensconced in a world of communist European exiles, union activists, street children, and avant-garde artists like Frida Kahlo)

Kianna Alexander, Carolina Built, Gallery (novel based on the incredible life of real estate magnate Josephine N. Leary)

Rosie Andrews, The Leviathan, Raven Books (set in England during a time of political and religious turbulence – a tale of family and loyalty, superstition and sacrifice)

Hannah Lillith Assadi, The Stars Are Not Yet Bells, Riverhead (story of secrets, loss, and the betrayals of memory: a lyrical novel of an aging woman confronting her romantic past under the mysterious skies of her island home)

Tilly Bagshawe, The Secrets of Sainte Madeleine, HarperCollins (tale spanning generations & sweeping from Burgundy to Greece and beyond)

Dane Bahr, The Houseboat, Counterpoint (noir set in small town Iowa in the 1960s)

Kristín Marja Baldursdóttir (trans. Philip Roughton), Karitas Untitled, Amazon Crossing (portrait of an artist trapped by convention and expectations but longing for the chaos that can set her free)

Alan Bardos, Enemies and Allies, Sharpe Books (Johnny Swift, a reckless former diplomat turned soldier, works for Naval Intelligence in WWI)

Stephanie Barron, Jane and the Year Without a Summer, Soho Crime (a portrait of Austen’s life—with a dash of fictional murder)

Freya Berry, The Dictator’s Wife, Headline Review (wife of a feared dictator stands trial for her late husband’s crimes against the people)

Daniel Black, Don’t Cry for Me, Hanover Square (a black father makes amends with his gay son through letters written on his deathbed)

Robin Blake, Hungry Death, Severn House (1747; when a blackened body is discovered buried beneath a hot-house, Coroner Titus Cragg uncovers a tale of scandalous secrets stretching back decades)

Rick Bleiweiss, Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives, Blackstone (new detective and ensemble cast of characters – story set against the backdrop of small-town England in the 1910s)

Kay Brellend, The Workhouse Sisters, Piatkus (WWI family saga)

Verity Bright, A Royal Murder, Bookouture (witty 1920s cosy mystery set in 1923)

Rachel Brimble, A Very Modern Marriage, Aria (third instalment of Victorian saga series)

Barbara M. Britton, Defending David, Pelican Book Group (newly orphaned Rimona and Ittai the Gittite seek refuge in Jerusalem on the eve of a rebellion)

Joanne Burn, The Hemlock Cure, Sphere/Pegasus (based on the real history of an English village during the Great Plague)

Richard D. Camp, Echo Among Warriors, Casemate (fictional account of gut-level combat as seen through the eyes of American and North Vietnamese participants)

Jan Casey, The Woman with the Map, Aria (dual timeline novel about keeping hope alive through the worst of times. Set in 1941 and 1974)

Barbara Chase-Riboud, The Great Mrs. Elias, Amistad (brings to life Hannah Elias, one of the richest black women in America in the early 1900s)

Adrienne Chinn, Love in a Time of War, One More Chapter (three sisters come of age in London, 1913)

Ashley Clark, Where the Last Rose Blooms, Bethany House (more than a century apart, two women search for the lost)

Rosie Clarke, A New Dawn Over Mulberry Lane, Boldwood (new entry in Mulberry Lane series set in London, 1958)

Brett Cogburn, Too Proud to Run, Five Star (U.S. Deputy Marshal Morgan Clyde has worn a tin star long enough to leave a mark on the Indian Territory, but his allies are wearing thin)

Catherine Coulter, The Grayson Sherbrooke Novella Collection, Blackstone (set in the mid-19th century, join Sherbrooke and his rag-tag team of investigators to solve bizarre, out-of-this-world cases)

Dilly Court, Runaway Widow, HarperCollins (book three in Victorian romance saga)

Tricia Cresswell, The Midwife, Mantle (a haunting Victorian tale of dark secrets and tragedy)

Curtis Crockett, Leaving Gettysburg, Casemate (the Confederate army is defeated and must retreat to the Potomac with thousands of wagons full of wounded soldiers, provisions and thousands of animals)

Siobhan Curham, The Paris Network, Bookouture (WWII story inspired by true events, about one woman’s strength to survive in the most difficult circumstances)

Norma Curtis, The Captain’s Wife, Bookouture (dual time-line story about lost love, forgiveness and family secrets)

Janet Dailey, Calder Grit, Kensington (novel returns to 1909 Montana, as tensions mount between immigrant homesteaders and cattlemen determined to keep the range free)

Mary Davis, Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War, Barbour (new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII)

Nina de Gramont, The Christie Affair, SMP (reimagines the unexplained 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie that captivated the world)

Jennifer Deibel, The Lady of Galway Manor, Revell (in 1920 Galway, amid the Irish War of Independence, the daughter of a British landlord becomes an apprentice jeweler to the descendent of the creator of the famed Claddagh ring)

Marco De Sio, The Third Secret, Covenant (in late 2000s, a reporter is lured into a search for the still-hidden mystery – The Third Secret of Fatima, given by the Madonna to a nun in 1917)

Dee DeTarsio, Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl, Addison & Highsmith (historical fan fiction celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1972 hit song — Crum, England, mid-1800s, barmaid Brandy seizes on a plan to become a good wife and escape her life of drudgery)

Anni Domingo, Breaking the Maafa Chain, Pegasus (story of two sisters’ struggle for freedom in the mid-19th century as their paths diverge—one to the court of Queen Victoria, the other to an American plantation)

Helena Dizon, Murder in First Class, Bookouture (Golden Age historical cozy mystery)

Jessica Ellicott, Death in a Blackout, Severn House (new WWII mystery series introduces WPC Billie Harkness – a female police officer who risks her life to protect the home front in the British coastal city of Hull)

Elizabeth Everett, A Perfect Equation, Berkley (the Secret Scientists of London series, book two)

Victoria Eyre, Prince, Slave, Soldier, King: Tom Peters, A Life That Matters, Unicorn (a fictional retelling of the life of Black Loyalist revolutionary Thomas Peters)

David Wright Falade, Black Cloud Rising, Grove Press (takes readers to the moment when enslaved men and women were embracing freedom)

Kim Fay, Love & Saffron, Putnam (follows two women in 1960s America as they discover that food really does connect us all, and that friendship and laughter are the best medicine)

David Field, Conquest, Sapere (first book in new series set during the Norman Conquest)

Heather Fisher, Fates of Battle for Love and War, Sweetwater (Ebony series, book 2)

Hester Fox, A Lullaby for Witches, Graydon House (a young museum worker stumbles across a mysterious woman who begins to call to her across the centuries)

Caroline Frost, Shadows of Pecan Hollow, Wm Morrow (set in Texas in the 1970s and 90s — literary debut about a fierce woman and the partner-in-crime she can’t escape)

Marius Gabriel, Goodnight, Vienna, AmazonUK (WWII story set at the time of the annexation of Austria and the Nazi rise to power)

S. T. Gibson, A Dowry of Blood, Orbit (a dark retelling of Dracula)

Chris Glatte, Tark’s Ticks War Point, Severn River (historical thriller set in the Pacific theater during WWII)

Tim Glister, A Loyal Traitor, Point Blank (second book in the Richard Knox Spy Thriller series, set in 1966 London)

Suzanne Goldring, The Girl with the Scarlet Ribbon, Bookouture (WWII story of a beautiful city, a violent war and the bravery of a daring young woman)

Elena Gorokhova, A Train to Moscow, Lake Union (in post–World War II Russia, a girl must reconcile a tragic past with her hope for the future)

Jennie Goutet, A Daring Proposal, Sweetwater (Memorable Proposals series, book 2. Romance)
Also: A Fall from Grace

Libbie Grant, The Prophet’s Wife, Wm Morrow (story of the early days of the Mormon church through the eyes of the woman who saw it all—Emma, the first wife of the prophet Joseph Smith)

Jocelyn Green, Drawn by the Current, Bethany House (a birthday excursion turns deadly when the SS Eastland capsizes with insurance agent Olive Pierce and her best friend on board)

Tessa Hadley, Free Love, Harper/Random House Canada (novel about one woman’s sexual and intellectual awakening in 1960s London)

Andrea Hairston, Redwood and Wildfire, Tordotcom (at turn of 20th-c two gifted performers journey to Chicago to search for a place where they can be who they want to be – historical fantasy)

Dennis Hamley, The Second Person from Porlock, Fairlight (literary historical novel based around the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, set in London, 1824)

Emma Harding, Friedrichstrasse 19, John Murray (highlights Berlin from the underground cabaret culture, to rise of the Nazis, the radical left wing, to the falling of the Wall, and its re-emergence as a city of artists)

Suzette D. Harrison, The Dust Bowl Orphans, Bookouture (story of family torn apart and fighting to be reunited. Dual narrative Oklahoma 1935 and present-day California)

J. C. Harvey, The Silver Wolf, Allen & Unwin (tale of an orphaned boy’s quest for truth and then for vengeance as war rages across 17th-century Europe. Fiskardo’s War, book 1)

Arlem Hawks, Beyond the Lavender Fields, Shadow Mountain (romance between a factory owner’s daughter and a revolutionary, set in 1792 France)

Kate Heartfield, The Embroidered Book, HarperVoyager (1768. Charlotte, daughter of the Habsburg Empress, arrives in Naples to marry a man she has never met. Her sister Antoine is sent to France, and in Versailles they rename her Marie Antoinette)

Rick Held, Night Lessons in Little Jerusalem, Hachette AU (a novel of family and love set in WWII)

Edvard Hoem (trans. Tara Chace), Haymaker in Heaven, Milkweed Editions (a transatlantic novel of dreams, sacrifice, and transformation set at the turn of the twentieth century)

Jane Holland, The Manor House, Orion Dash (dual timeline novel of romance and dark secrets, set in Cornwall 1963 and present)

Colin Holmes, Thunder Road, CamCat Books (when an Army Air Force Major vanishes from his top-secret job at the Fort Worth airbase in 1947, down-on-his-luck former Ranger Jefferson Sharp is hired to find him. Noir thriller)

Emma Hornby, A Mother’s Betrayal, Penguin (family saga set in Manchester, 1867)

Laura Hunter, Summer of No Rain, Bluewater Publications (a timid biracial girl grows up in Sweetwater, Alabama during the 1960s)

Stephen Hunter, Basil’s War, Aries (a daredevil British agent goes behind enemy lines to search for a religious text that might hold the key to ending the Second World War)

Lindsey Hutchinson, The Runaway Children, Boldwood Books (saga about surviving against the odds and finding a family)

Alex Hyde, Violets, Granta Books (debut novel of motherhood and loss in the dying days of the Second World War)

Liz Hyder, The Gifts, Manilla Press (set against the backdrop of 19th century London, novel explores science, nature and enlightenment, the role of women in society and the dark danger of ambition)

Don Jacobson, The Grail: The Saving of Elizabeth Darcy, Meryton Press (book 8 of The Bennet Wardrobe)

John James, The Bridge of Sand, Sapere (80AD — poet and regimental commander, Juvenal, is ordered to conquer the island of Britain)

Rebecca F. John, Fannie, Honno (a feminist reimagining of the story of Fantine, from Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables)

K. S. Jones, Change of Fortune, Five Star (novel of a woman of independence set in California 1849)

Alan Judd, A Fine Madness, Pegasus (espionage novel that explores the life of theatrical genius—and spy—Christopher Marlowe)

Joseph Kanon, The Berlin Exchange, Scribner (an espionage thriller set at the height of the Cold War, when a captured American who has spied for the KGB is swapped by the British and returns to East Berlin)

Scott Kauffman, Saving Thomas, Wild Rose (a hermit refuses a recent knighthood for services rendered in WWII and a reporter in 1970s Portland set out to discover why)

Jessie Keane, Diamond, Hodder & Stoughton (in the early years of the last century, a desperate young girl changes her name and flees the confines of her domineering gangland family in London)

Hannah Kent, Devotion, Picador (1836 Prussia — story of girlhood and friendship, faith and suspicion, and the impossible lengths we go to for the ones we love)

Juhea Kim, Beasts of a Little Land, Oneworld (novel spanning the turbulent decades of Korea’s fight for independence)

Dana LeCheminant, The Thief and the Noble, Covenant (a Robin Hood Regency romance)

Jennifer Lamont Leo, Naomi Musch, Candice Sue Patterson, Pegg Thomas, Lumberjacks and Ladies, Barbour (struggling to remain independent in the 1800s, four women reluctantly open up to help – and love – from lumberjacks)

Mark Levenson, The Hidden Saint, Level Best/Historia (conjures up a human origin story for one of the greatest superheroes of Jewish folklore: Rabbi Adam, famous for battling wizards, witches, and demons)

Helen Lewis, Malory’s Quest, Austin MacCauley (March 1471, Rogue Malory is dead and his friends set out to fulfil their promise to deliver the finished manuscript of Le Morte D’Arthur to the friars of Winchester)

Frances Liardet, Think of Me, Putnam (novel about one couple’s journey through war, love, and loss, and how the people we love never really leave us)

Kristen Loesch, The Porcelain Doll, Allison & Busby (an Oxford student returns to her homeland and uncovers a devastating family history which spans the 1917 Revolution, the siege of Leningrad, Stalin’s purges and beyond)

Maja Lunde (trans. Diane Oatley), The Last Wild Horses, HarperVia (spanning continents and centuries, this is a powerful tale of survival and connection—of humans, animals, and the indestructible bonds that unite us all)

Jonathan Lunn, Warriors in the Snow, Canelo Adventure (1356. King Edward III invades Scotland in the dead of winter to punish the Scots for their recent attack on Berwick)

Marina McCarron, The Time Between Us, Aria (dual timeline novel set in Normandy, 1937 and Boston 2009)

Timothy David Mack, The Orchid and the Emerald, Blackstone (William Gunn seeks a cure for his sick daughter and goes in search of the black orchid; a plant only found in the forbidding Amazon rainforest)

Sharlene MacLaren, Her Guarded Heart, Whitaker House (Western romance)

Elizabeth Macneal, Circus of Wonders, Atria (a novel with a vivid cast of characters and the Victorian obsession with spectacle)

Miranda Malins, The Rebel Daughter, Orion (as the turmoil of Civil War reaches her family home in Ely, 19-year-old Bridget Cromwell finds herself at the heart of the conflict)

Violet March, Velocity of a Secret, Montlake (an intrepid heroine confronts the dark underworld of espionage and war in a romance set in 1919)

Heather Marshall, Looking for Jane, Hodder Studio/S&S (story of three women whose lives are bound together by a secret network of women fighting for the right to choose)

Sam Martin, One Day in June, Roundfire Books (based on a true story and series of historical events, novel is one man’s journey of self discovery)

Elizabeth Massie, The Great Chicago Fire, Crossroad Press (historical romance set in 1870s)

June Hall McCash, The Truth Keepers, Mercer Univ. Press (set primarily on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in the nineteenth-century, novel tells the tale of a torn family and the struggles of a young nation)

Rosie Meddon, Ties That Bind, Canelo (when Esme’s past as a secret operative comes calling, she must choose – her husband or her job?)

Elaine Meyers, Iron Pants, Vanguard (story of four sisters, separated after the death of their mother, and reunited at an orphanage where they encounter teachers who understand the importance of an education)

Simon Michael, The Final Shot, Sapere (seventh crime novel set in 1960s London. Charles Holborne series)

Ellie Midwood, The White Rose Network, Bookouture (true story of Sophie Scholl––one of history’s bravest women, who risked everything to lead a revolution against darkness)

Mikaël, Harlem, Europe Comics (to bootlegger Dutch Schultz, Harlem is ripe for the picking, especially with the police and politicians for sale to the highest bidder)

Rod Miller, All My Sins Remembered, Five Star (a mounted mail carrier suspects that there is more going on at a lonely roadhouse, the only source for water for miles)

Liz Milliron, The Lessons We Learn, Level Best/ Historia (in March 1943, Betty Ahern sets out to prove her friend Lee is not guilty of his father’s murder, even though he will not cooperate with the police)

T. L. Mogford, The Plant Hunter, Welbeck (seizing his chance for fame and fortune, Harry sets out to make his mark in pursuit of the plant that could change his future)

Anne Montgomery, Wolf Catcher, Touchpoint (a reporter seeks information on an eleventh-century magician and discovers that black market sales of antiquities can lead to murder)

Coirle Mooney, The Lady’s Keeper, Sapere (1168 France is a mediaeval world of intrigue, danger and adventure)

Louisa Morgan, The Great Witch of Brittany, Redhook/Orbit (tale of Ursule Orchiere and her discovery of magical abilities that will not only change the course of her life but every generation that comes after her)

Terry Mort, A Spy in Casablanca, Mcbooks (Riley Fitzhugh is recruited by the OSS for temporary duty as a naval spy in Morocco)

Pamela Nowak, Necessary Deceptions, Five Star (tells of Wyatt Earps two women married to him the longest – Mattie Blaylock and Josephine Marcus)

Mary-Anne O’Connor, Dressed by Iris, HQ Fiction AU (romantic story of Sydney in the 1930s Depression – and one young woman’s dream of designing her way from rags to riches)

Tiffany Odekirk, Summerhaven, Covenant (inspirational Regency romance)

Patrick O’Leary, 51, Tachyon (novel that upends one of the best-kept secrets in American history: the strange events at Area 51 – alternative fantasy)

Heather O’Neill, When We Lost Our Heads, Riverhead (takes readers into the brutality of factory life and the opulent lives of 19th-century Montreal’s wealthy)

Lizzie Page, A Place to Call Home, Bookouture (historical novel set after the devastation of World War Two)

Ann Parker, The Secret in the Wall, PPP (book 8 of the Silver Rush Mysteries set in Colorado and San Francisco in late 1800s)

Allison Pataki, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post, Ballantine (reimagining of the life of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the American heiress and trailblazing leader of the twentieth century)

Renee Patrick, Idle Gossip, Severn House (sleuthing duo Lillian Frost and Edith Head investigate in Los Angeles, 1940)

Anna Pitoniak, Our American Friend, Simon & Schuster (from 1970s to present day, from Moscow and Paris to Washington and New York, novel is about power and complicity and how sometimes, the fate of the world is in the hands of the people you’d never expect)

M. J. Porter, Son of Mercia, Boldwood (new series set in Tamworth, Mercia AD825)

Alex Preston, Winchelsea, Canongate (story of adventure, vengeance, transformation, and smuggling)

Natasha Pulley, The Kingdoms, Bloomsbury (historical adventure that takes us from French-occupied London to a remote Scottish lighthouse and back through time itself)

Karolina Ramqvist (trans. Saskia Vogel), The Bear Woman, Coach House (a journey of feminism and literary detective work spanning centuries and continents)

Petra Rautiainen (trans. David Hackston), Land of Snow & Ashes, Pushkin (novel about Lapland’s buried history of Nazi crimes against the Sámi people)

Deanna Raybourn, An Impossible Impostor, Berkley (London 1889; while investigating a man claiming to be the long-lost heir to a noble family, Veronica Speedwell gets the surprise of her life)

Ros Rendle, The Divided Heart, Sapere (dual timeline saga, spanning World War II and the Cold War)

Anne Rice, Christopher Rice, Ramses the Damned: The Reign of Osiris, Anchor (gilded adventures of Ramses the Damned continue in a tale of a titanic supernatural power unleashed on the eve of a world war)

Francine Rivers, The Lady’s Mine, Tyndale (romantic tale of a displaced New England suffragette, a former Union soldier disinherited by his Southern family, and the town they join forces to save)

Alex Rutherford, Fortune’s Heir, Canelo Adventure (sequel to Fortune’s Soldier, India 1770s)

Toni Shiloh, In Search of a Prince, Bethany House (Brielle is a princess in the kingdom of Oloro Ilé, Africa, and she must immediately assume her royal position, since the health of her grandfather, the king, is failing)

Jill Eileen Smith, The Prince and the Prodigal, Revell (after a stunning betrayal, Judah struggles to forget what he’s done while Joseph attempts to move on from what’s been done to him)

Luanne G. Smith, The Raven Spell, 47North (in Victorian England a witch and a detective join forces to hunt for a serial killer)

Sarah Smith, Hear No Evil, Two Roads (in the industrial city of Glasgow in 1817 Jean Campbell – a young, Deaf woman – is witnessed throwing a child into the River Clyde)

Susan Spann, Fires of Edo, Seventh Street (Edo, February 1566: a Hiro Hattori, Shinobi mystery, book 8)

Eva Stachniak, The School of Mirrors, Wm Morrow/Doubleday Canada (novel about a mother and a daughter in 18th-century France, beginning with decadence and palace intrigue at Versailles and ending in revolution)

Harper St. George, The Lady Tempts an Heir, Berkley (a fake engagement brings together a lady with bold and daring dreams, and the heir whose heart she captured)

Herbert J. Stern, Alan A. Winter, Sins of the Fathers, Skyhorse (tells the true story of the foolish prime minister who undermined the coup to topple the regime, saved the Führer’s life, and paved the road to World War II)

Alfred Stifsim, Wild Salvation, TwoDot (a western novel that explores diverse perspectives on race and the role of women in the Old West)

Keith Stuart, The Frequency of Us, Sphere (dual narrative novel about an impossible mystery and a true love that refuses to die, set during WWII and present)

Sarah Sundin, Until Leaves Fall in Paris, Revell (when the Nazis march into Paris, an American woman uses her bookstore to aid the resistance, while a businessman chooses to sell his products to Germany–and send vital information home to the US)

Gill Thompson, The Lighthouse Sisters, Headline Review (story of love, courage and sacrifice, inspired by real events, of two sisters in occupied Jersey during World War Two)

Kate Thompson, The Little Wartime Library, Hodder & Stoughton (while the world outside remains at war, Clara has created the country’s only underground library in the disused Bethnal Green tube station)

Charles Todd, A Game of Fear, Wm Morrow (Scotland Yard’s Ian Rutledge is faced with a murder with no body, and a killer who can only be a ghost. Set in 1921)

Olga Tokarczuk (trans. Jennifer Croft), The Books of Jacob, Text AU/Riverhead (follows the comet-like rise and fall of a messianic religious leader as he blazes his way across 18th-century Europe)

Bryn Turnbull, The Last Grand Duchess, Mira (takes readers behind palace walls to see the end of Imperial Russia through the eyes of Olga Romanov, the first daughter of the last Tsar)

S.J.A. Turney, The Bear of Byzantium, Canelo Adventure (second instalment in Wolves of Odin series; story of power in Constantinople and the machinations of the Byzantine emperors)

Paul Vidich, The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin, Pegasus/No Exit (an American woman targeted by the Stasi must confront the truth behind her German husband’s mysterious disappearance)

Hans von Trotha (trans. Elisabeth Lauffer), Pollak’s Arm, New Vessel Press (account of a little-known figure responsible for a major archaeological discovery of the long-missing piece of an ancient sculpture in the Vatican Museums)

Heather Webb, The Next Ship Home, Sourcebooks Landmark (inspired by true events, novel probes America’s history of prejudice and exclusion—when entry at Ellis Island promised a better life but often delivered something drastically different)

Charmaine Wilkerson, Black Cake, Ballantine/Michael Joseph (a voice recording at a funeral narrates a tumultuous story about a headstrong young woman who escapes her island home under suspicion of murder)

T. A. Willberg, Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose, Park Row/Orion (lady detective-in-training Marion Lane returns to solve a new case when a serial killer with an unusual calling card is on the loose in London)

J. Harvie Wilkinson III, Love at Deep Dusk, Sunbury Press (romance novel of betrayal and forgiveness)

Reavis Z. Wortham, The Texas Job, PPP (Texas Ranger Tom Bell is simply tracking a fugitive killer in 1931 when he rides into Kilgore, where the roughnecks are not inclined to assist in his search for the wanted man)

Sandra L. Young, Divine Vintage, The Wild Rose Press (murder mystery romance set in 1913)

Tom Young, Red Burning Sky, Kensington (saga based on the true story of Operation Halyard, WWII’s most daring and successful rescue mission)

March 2022

Patricia Adrian, The Bletchley Women, One More Chapter (as they work at Bletchley Park, decoding intercepted Luftwaffe messages, two women realise they don’t have to settle for the life once laid out before them)

Nicole Alexander, The Last Station, Bantam AU (story of heritage, heartbreak and hope, set during the dying days of the riverboat trade along the Darling River)

Reine Andrieu, The Girl With no Name, Hodder (WWII novel set in 1940 and 1946)

Annabel Abbs, The Language of Food (UK), S&S UK (England, 1835 – explores the enduring struggle for female freedom, the power of female friendship, the quiet joy of cooking and the poetry of food. US title: Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen)

Anita Abriel, A Girl During the War, Atria (story of love and purpose in WWII Italy)

Diana Abu-Jaber, Fencing with the King, W. W. Norton (draws on King Lear and Arthurian fable to explore the power of inheritance, the trauma of displacement, and whether we can release the past to build a future)

W. M. Akers, Westside Lights, HarperVoyager (third book in Jazz Age fantasy series set in the dangerous Westside of New York City, and following private detective Gilda Carr’s hunt for the truth)

Ellen Alpsten, The Tsarina’s Daughter, SMG (brings to life the story of Elizabeth, daughter of Catherine I and Peter the Great)

Marty Ambrose, Forever Past, Severn House (last in a historical trilogy based on the ‘summer of 1816’ Byron/Shelley group)

J. D. Arnold, Rawhide Jake: Learning the Ropes, Five Star (first book in a trilogy on the life and times of Detective Jonas V. Brighton)

Jenny Ashcroft, Under the Golden Sun, SMP (World War II love story set against the raw beauty of Australia)

Dane Bahr, The Houseboat, Counterpoint (murder mystery noir set in small-town Iowa in the 1960s)

Jane Bailey, Sorry Isn’t Good Enough, Orion (coming of age mystery with a dark core, set in 1966 and 1997)

David Baldacci, Wish You Well, Pan (a tale of family, faith, humanity and prejudice)

Tom Beckerlegge, The Carnival of Ash, Solaris (historical fantasy about a city of poets and librarians)

Vicky Beeby, A New Start for the Wrens, Canelo Saga (saga about protection of the British coastline during WWII)

Julie Bennet, The Understudy, S&S AU (novel immersed in the underbelly of the theatre world in the gritty streets of Sydney in 1973)

Lisa Berne, The Redemption of Philip Thane, Pan (regency romantic comedy)

Maryka Biaggio, The Model Spy, Milford House Press (based on the true story of Toto Koopman, who spied for the Allies and Italian Resistance during World War II)

Tony Birch, The White Girl, HarperVia (debut set in the 1960s, that explores the lengths we’ll go to save the people we love)

D. V. Bishop, The Darkest Sin, MacmillanUK (historical thriller set in Renaissance Florence and sequel to City of Vengeance)

Rhys Bowen, Clare Broyles, Wild Irish Rose, Minotaur (1907― back in New York, where her and her now husband’s story began, Molly decides to accompany some friends to Ellis Island to help distribute clothing to those in need)

Robert Burden, Song of the Land, Matador (follows a man as he digs deeply into his family’s past, the English and the Armenian, and comes to a better understanding of himself)

Annabelle Bryant, The Lady Loves Danger, Kensington (Regency romance)

Amanda Cabot, The Spark of Love, Revell (tale of treachery, love and trust, set in 1850s Texas)

Lucy Caldwell, These Days, Faber & Faber UK (follows the lives of sisters Emma and Audrey as they try to survive the horrors of the four nights of bombing known as the Belfast Blitz)

Deborah Carr, An Island at War, One More Chapter/Harper 360 (novel about the German occupation of the Channel Islands)

Valentine Carter, These Great Athenians, Imprint Twenty Seven (gives voice to the mostly forgotten and maligned female characters of Homer’s epic The Odyssey)

Maud Casey, City of Incurable Women, Bellevue Literary Press (exploration of the type of female bodily and psychic pain once commonly diagnosed as hysteria―and the hysterical response commonly exhibited by medical men)

Deborah Challinor, The Leonard Girls, HarperCollins AU (three people grapple with love, loss and the stresses of war at the height of the Vietnam War, 1969)

Lauren Chater, The Winter Dress, S&S AU (two women are separated by centuries but connected by one beautiful silk dress in this novel based on a real-life shipwreck discovered off Texel Island)

Timothy Christian, Hemingway’s Widow, Pegasus (portrait of the complicated woman who becomes Ernest Hemingway’s fourth wife)

Andrea Yaryura Clark, On a Night of a Thousand Stars, Grand Central (in this narrative of love and resilience, a young couple confronts the start of Argentina’s Dirty War in the 1970s)

Catherine Coles, Poison at the Village Show, Boldwood (post-WWII mystery set in England, 1947)

Mary Connealy, The Element of Love, Bethany House (after learning their stepfather plans to marry them off, Laura Stiles and her sisters escape to find better matches and claim their father’s lumber dynasty)

Martha Conway, The Physician’s Daughter, Zaffre (historical fiction set against the back drop of the American civil war)

Liliana Corobca (trans. Monica Cure), The Censor’s Notebook, Seven Stories (a window into the intimate workings of censorship under communism, confirming the power of literature to capture personal and political truths)

Thomas E. Crocker, Captain Hale’s Covenant, Mcbooks (family saga an American Revolutionary War blockade runner, who, with his sons, builds a fortune in trade with France, England, and Jamaica)

Jeanne M. Dams, Murder in the Park, Severn House (introducing female sleuth Elizabeth Fairchild in the first of the Oak Park village mystery series, set in 1920s Illinois)

Danielle Daniel, Daughters of the Deer, Random House Canada (novel imagines the lives of women in the Algonquin territories of the 1600s)

Jibanananda Das (trans. Rebecca Whittington), Malloban, Penguin Random House India (novel set in North Calcutta in the winter of 1929 and unfolds through a series of everyday scenes of dysfunction and discontent)

Marion Deeds, Comeuppance Served Cold, Tordotcom (in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, Seattle’s powerful Commission of Magi is moving against the city’s most vulnerable magic users under the guise of protecting law-abiding citizens)

Vicki Delany, Deadly Director’s Cut, Berkley (1950s film set cozy mystery)

Camille Di Maio, Until We Meet, Forever (WWII romance)

Patricia Dixon, Birthright, Bloodhound (a woman’s quest to save her family’s chateau in France brings danger, rivalry, and romance—and reveals a secret buried since World War II)

Paul Doherty, The Hanging Tree, Severn House (London, 1382; Brother Athelstan must solve a theft from the royal treasure chamber and the murders of six executioners)

David Donachie, Every Second Counts, Mcbooks (WWII thriller)

Anna Enquist (trans. Eileen J. Stevens), The Homecoming, Amazon Crossing (fictional biography examining the life of Elizabeth Cook, wife of explorer James Cook)

Leylâ Erbil (trans. Nermin Menemencioglu & Amy Marie Spangler), A Strange Woman (c.1971), Deep Vellum Publishing (narrates the past and present of a complicated Turkish family through the eyes of each of its members)

Elaine Everest, The Woolworths Saturday Girls, Pan (seventh entry in series set post-war Britain)

Mirza Farhatullah Baig (trans. Parvati Sharma & Sulaiman Ahmad), The Last Light in Delhi, Penguin Random House India (portrait of the life and living styles of the upper classes of Delhi in the decade before the fateful year of 1857)

W. Michael Farmer, A Song of Blood and Fire, Five Star (an Iliad-type narrative of the last ten years of Geronimo’s wars beginning in 1877)

Juni Fisher, Indelible Link, Bedazzled Ink (novel harks back to the time when a traveling circus arrived to promise a magical adventure under the big top)

Anthony Flacco, The Last Nightingale, Severn River (story of a bloodthirsty serial killer and the family he destroyed, set in San Francisco during the Great Earthquake)

Katie Flynn, The Rose Queen, Penguin (romantic saga set in 1938)

Karen Joy Fowler, Booth, Serpent’s Tail/Putnam (the story of the ill-fated Booth family. Junius, a Shakespearean actor who fled bigamy charges in England, and his children who grew up on a farmstead in 1820s rural Baltimore)

Whit Fraser, The Cold Edge of Heaven, Boulder Publications (fictional adventure set in the Canadian High Arctic in the 1920’s and based on Canada’s determination to assert sovereignty over the vast area)

Helen Fripp, The Painter’s Girl, Bookouture (a bereft mother, forced to relinquish her daughter, poses for artist Edouard Manet in 1860s Paris)

Melissa Fu, Peach Blossom Spring, Little, Brown/Wildfire (follows three generations of a Chinese family on their search for a place to call home)

Patrick Gale, Mother’s Boy, Tinder Press (story of a man who is among, yet apart from his fellows, in thrall to, yet at a distance from his own mother; a man being shaped for a long and remarkable life spent hiding in plain sight)

Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry, Doubleday (debut set in 1960s California features a scientist whose career takes a detour when she becomes the star of a beloved TV cooking show)

Barry Gifford, The Boy Who Ran Away to Sea, Seven Stories (a childhood in the 1950s and ‘60s among grifters, show girls, and mob enforcers made him who he is. Short stories)

Jen Gilroy, The Sweetheart Locket, Orion Dash (dual timeline novel about love, loss and buried secrets, set in England 1939 and San Francisco 2019)

Rose Goodwin, A Simple Wish, Zaffre (1885; a young girl is led into a life of crime for which she must atone)

Dolores Gordon-Smith, The Chapel in the Woods, Severn House (Jack and Betty Haldean’s weekend in the country is disrupted by sudden, violent death in this 1920s mystery)

Reyna Grande, A Ballad of Love and Glory, Atria (a Mexican army nurse and an Irish soldier must fight for survival and love amidst the atrocity of the Mexican-American War)

John MacLachlan Gray, Vile Spirits, Douglas & McIntyre (thriller set in 1920s Vancouver post prohibition, when liquor was the fuel driving big business, big government—and major crime)

Philip Gray, Two Storm Wood, W. W. Norton (thriller set on the battlefields of the Somme after the end of World War I, as a woman investigates the disappearance of her fiancé)

V. B. Grey, Sisterhood, Quercus (identical twin sisters take very different paths, leading to long-buried family secrets that reverberate through the generations)

Joumana Haddad, The Book of Queens, Interlink (a book of history, heritage, loyalty, religion, feminism, families, and the Armenian genocide)

Araminta Hall, Hidden Depths, Orion (mystery set aboard Titanic, inspired by author’s family story)

Barbara Hambly, Death and Hard Cider, Severn House (1840; musician, sleuth and free man of color Benjamin January gets mixed in politics, with murderous results)

Matthew Harffy, A Night of Flames, Aries (Northumbria, AD 794―A Time for Swords, book 2)

Liz Harris, Hanoi Spring, Heywood Press (novel set during the time of French Colonial rule of Vietnam)

Cora Harrison, Spring of Hope, Severn House (when an exhibition featuring London’s top engineers results in sudden, violent death, Victorian writer-sleuths Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens investigate)

Pamela Hart, The Charleston Scandal, Hachette AU (story of a young Australian actress caught up in the excesses, royal intrigues and class divide of Jazz Age London)

Kristy Woodson Harvey, The Wedding Veil, Gallery (following four women across generations, bound by a beautiful wedding veil and a connection to the famous Vanderbilt family)

Sophie Haydock, The Flames, Doubleday (every painting tells a story, but what if the women on the canvas could talk)

Richard Helms, A Kind and Savage Place, Level Best/Historia (spans 1942 to 1989 and examines the racial and societal turmoil of that period through the lens of a North Carolina agricultural community)

Rosie Hendry, The Mother’s Day Victory, Sphere (2nd in WWII series Women on The Home Front, set in Norfolk, 1940)

Alan Hlad, A Light Beyond the Trenches, John Scognamiglio (WWI — a German Red Cross nurse joins the world’s first guide dog training school for the blind)

India Holton, The League of Gentlewomen Witches, Berkley (a Victorian adventure romance)

Elise Hooper, Angels of the Pacific, Wm Morrow (story of the Angels of Bataan, nurses kept as prisoners during the occupation of the Philippines)

Kristi Ann Hunter, Enchanting the Heiress, Bethany House (Harriet Hancock likes to make the lives of those around her better whether they like it or not. So, she is surprised when her friend has ideas on how to make Harriet happier)

Alex Hyde, Violets, Granta (a post WWII novel of women’s courage as two young women’s lives intertwine)

Eloisa James, How to be a Wallflower, Avon (first novel in a new series featuring a romance between a British heiress and an American businessman vying for the same costume emporium)

Natalie Jenner, Bloomsbury Girls, SMP (story of post-war London, a century-old bookstore, and three women determined to find their way in a fast-changing world)

Kathleen Marple Kalb, A Fatal Overture, Kensington (Ella Shane Mystery #3, set in New York City in 1900)

Rebecca Kauffman, Chorus, Counterpoint (told in turn over time, from the early 20th-c through the 1950s, seven siblings relay their own version of memories that surround their mother’s death & one sibling’s teenage pregnancy)

William Keeling, Belle Nash and the Bath Soufflé, EnvelopeBooks (when a soufflé fails to rise, friends try to find out why and uncover a web of corruption that spreads throughout Bath’s legal system. Set in the early 1830s)

Averil Kenny, The Girls of Lake Evelyn, Bonnier Echo (a runaway bride escapes to tropical North Queensland, where she finds a mysterious lake with secrets of its own)

Josi S. Kilpack, The Valet’s Secret, Shadow Mountain (a kiss from a handsome valet becomes a Regency Cinderella story when he is revealed to be an earl)

Lee Kravetz, The Last Confessions of Sylvia P., Harper (told through three narratives, debut novel reimagines a chapter in the life of Sylvia Plath, telling the story behind the creation of her classic semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar)

Marion Kummerow, The Girl in the Shadows, Bookouture (third novel in Margarete’s Journey series set in Germany, 1943)

Sarah E. Ladd, The Letter from Briarton Park, Thomas Nelson (Regency romance centers around a young woman intent on uncovering her past and a man determined to leave his behind)

Caroline Lea, Prized Women, Michael Joseph (based on one of history’s untold stories when, in 1926, women were asked to bear children to earn a fortune)

Mark Lamprell, The Secret Wife, Text (story of female friendship and liberation in the turbulent 1960s)

Lizzie Lane, Heaven & Hell for the Tobacco Girls, Boldwood (WWII family saga)

Sue Lawrence, The Green Lady, Saraband (1567, when Mary, Queen of Scots is forced to abdicate; a tale of intrigue, secrets, treachery and murder, based on true events)

Kim Leine (trans. Martin Aiken), The Colony of Good Hope, Picador (novel about the first encounters between Danish colonists and Greenlanders in early 18th century, of brutal clashes between priests and pagans, and the forces that drive each individual towards darkness or light)

Amy Licence, The York King, Lume Books (set in 1464, during the Wars of the Roses, this is the second volume in the York trilogy)

K. J. Maitland, Traitor in the Ice, Headline Review (Daniel Pursglove murder mystery)

Clare Marchant, The Queen’s Spy, Avon (dual timeline mystery set in 1584 Tudor court and present day)

Heather Marshall, Looking for Jane, Simon & Schuster (novel about three women whose lives are bound together by a long-lost letter, a mother’s love, and a secret network of women fighting for the right to choose)

Francesca May, Wild and Wicked Things, Redhook/Orbit (debut set In aftermath of WWI in which a young woman gets swept into a world filled with illicit magic, romance, blood debts, and murder)

Stephen May, Sell Us the Rope, Sandstone Press (May 1907; a depiction of young Stalin’s time in London and the beginnings of his power-base building in the Russian Communist Party)

Anna Mazzola, The Clockwork Girl, Orion (story of obsession, illusion and the price of freedom set in Paris 1750)

Carol MacLean, Jeannie’s War, Hera Books (romantic family saga set in WW2 Scotland)

Debra May Macleod, Empire of Iron, Blackstone (conclusion to the Vesta Shadows trilogy)

Madeline Martin, The Highlander’s Stolen Bride, Harlequin (an enemies-to-lovers romance

Rachel McMillan, The Mozart Code, Thomas Nelson (post WWII spy novel)

Kelly O’Connor McNees, The Myth of Surrender, Pegasus (follows two girls whose paths intersect at a maternity home in the “Baby Scoop Era.”)

Elena Medel, The Wonders, Pushkin Press (through a series of vignettes, novel weaves together a broken family’s story, stretching from the last years of Franco’s dictatorship to the 2018 Spanish Women’s Strike)

Teresa Messineo, What We May Become, Severn House (in 1945 secrets hidden at an Italian estate could prove just as vital to humanity’s fate as the war efforts on the frontlines)

T. L. Mogford, The Plant Hunter, Welbeck (1867. When plant hunter Harry Compton receives a rare specimen and a map, he sets out to find fame and fortune)

Mary Monroe, Empty Vows, Dafina (a proper church-going woman determined to snare Alabama’s most-sought after widower finds his secret desires and righteous lies come as a package deal)

Jess Montgomery, The Echoes, Minotaur (fourth in the Kinship series)

Louise Morrish, Operation Moonlight, Century (novel set in France during WWII)

Katie Munnick, The Aerialists, The Borough Press (based on the true story of Louisa Maud Evans, a fourteen-year-old girl who died during the Great Exhibition in Cardiff, 1896, and whose demise captured the imagination of the city)

Adele Myers, The Tobacco Wives, Wm Morrow (debut set in 1947 North Carolina following a young female seamstress who uncovers dangerous truths about the Big Tobacco empire ruling the American South)

Lars Mytting (trans. Deborah Dawkin), The Reindeer Hunters, MacLehose (novel set in 1903 is about love and bitter rivalries, sorrow and courage, about history and myth, and a country as it enters a new era. Second in trilogy after The Bell in the Lake)

Kitty Neale, A Family Secret, Orion (WWII family saga)

Erica Ruth Neubauer, Danger on the Atlantic, Kensington (Jane Wunderly Mystery #3)

Chris Nickson, The Blood Covenant, Severn House (the brutal deaths of two young boys and a young man connected to a mill in Leeds propel thief-taker Simon Westow into a disturbing mystery)

Amita Parikh, The Circus Train, HarperCollins (a two-decade journey across Europe and a travelling circus where nothing is as it seems)

Emma Pass, Before the Dawn, Aria (a wartime romance about the power of love in the face of adversity)

Angela Petch, The Postcard from Italy, Bookouture (a dual-timeline story of lost memories, betrayal and impossible choices)

Tracie Peterson, Along the Rio Grande, Bethany House (when bankruptcy forces widow Susanna Jenkins to follow her family to New Mexico, what they see as a failure she sees as a fresh start)

Lizzie Pook, Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter, Mantle (in a town teeming with corruption, prejudice and blackmail, Eliza soon learns that the truth can cost more than pearls, and she must decide just how much she is willing to pay)

Victoria Purman, The Nurses’ War, HQ Fiction AU (story of grit, love and loss, based on the true history and real experiences of Australian nurses in World War 1)

Diana Quincy, The Marquess Makes His Move, Avon (romance about a half-Arab marquess seeking revenge on—and falling for—London’s most famous mapmaker)

Kate Quinn, The Diamond Eye, Wm Morrow (World War II tale of a quiet librarian who becomes history’s deadliest female sniper. Based on a true story)

Virginia Rafferty, The House on Peace Street, Milford House (WWI — saga that follows a family’s trajectory as they struggle to find inner strength in a rapidly changing world)

Harmony Reed, Confidence John, Sterling & Stone (a family mystery and revenge story set in early 1800s Florida)

Vanessa Riley, A Duke, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie, Zebra (an English spy must follow his neglected wife through the streets of London as she investigates her sister’s death with the aid of the Widow’s Grace)

Lilly Robbins, The Stockport Girls, Orion (Second World War saga)

Erika Robuck, Sisters of Night and Fog, Berkley (based on the true stories of an American socialite and a British secret agent whose acts of courage collide during World War II)

Kelsey Ronan, Chevy in the Hole, Henry Holt and Co (debut novel follows multiple generations of two families in Flint, Michigan, through the city’s notorious growth and decline)

James Runcie, The Great Passion, Bloomsbury (a meditation on grief and music, told through the story of Bach’s writing of the St. Matthew Passion)

Aimie K. Runyan, The School for German Brides, Wm Morrow (a young woman who is sent to a horrific “bride school” to be molded into the perfect Nazi wife finds her life forever intertwined with a young Jewish woman about to give birth)

Erin Kate Ryan, Quantum Girl Theory, Random House (suspenseful mystery story which asks again and again whose disappearances matter — and explores the ways we may be haunted by the lives we did not lead. Set in 1940s and 60s US and NYC)

Jennifer Ryan, The Kitchen Front, Pan (story inspired by the true events of a BBC-sponsored wartime cooking competition)

Simon Scarrow, Blackout, Kensington (crime thriller set in Berlin, December 1939)

Simon Scarrow, The Honour of Rome, Headline (new installment featuring Macro and Cato in Britannia, AD 58)

Carly Schabowski, The Note, Bookouture (WWII tale about lost loves and long-buried secrets––and the consequences that cannot be escaped)

V. E. Schwab, Gallant, Greenwillow (a dark and original tale about the place where the world meets its shadow, and the young woman beckoned by both sides)

Alex Segura, Secret Identity, Flatiron (literary mystery set in the world of comic books)

Michelle Shocklee, Count the Nights By Stars, Tyndale (dual-timeline novel set in 1961 and 1867)

Irene Solà (trans. Mara Faye Lethem), When I Sing, Mountains Dance, Granta/Graywolf (when their father dies, young Mia and Hilari are left to grow up wild among the Pyrenees mountains and the ghosts of the Spanish civil war, but then Hilari dies …)

Zoë Somerville, The Marsh House, Apollo (two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by one, mysterious house in this haunting 20th-c historical thriller set on the North Norfolk coast)

A. Sowards, Before the Fortress Falls, Covenant (a young woman decides to stay and face the oncoming war in Vienna, rather than escape the conflict when her family evacuates the city)

Lisa Russ Spaar, Paradise Close, Persea (the paths of an orphaned girl in 1971 and a sixty-something recluse in 2016 entwine in this dual narrative)

Joyce St. Anthony, Front Page Murder, Crooked Lane (World War II-era historical mystery series featuring a small-town editor who has a nose for news and an eye for clues)

Sarah Steele, The School Teacher of Saint-Michel, Headline Review (dual timeline story of friendship, courage and hope set in France 1942 and present day)

Tara M Stringfellow, Memphis, John Murray (provides a literary portrait of three generations of a Southern black family, as well as an ode to the city they call home)

A.M. Stuart, Evil in Emerald, Berkley (when a cast member from a musical theatre company is brutally killed, Inspector Curran turns once again to Harriet for help)

Michael John Sullivan, The Shattered Cross, Permuted Press (inspirational Christian historical fiction imagines what the world would look like if Christ had never been crucified)

Tim Swink, Madd Inlet, Touchpoint (1969 – draft-dodger Jack Tagger seeks refuge on a desolate island where, while avoiding one war, he finds himself unwittingly caught in the middle of another, waged between two very powerful men)

Marta Anne Tice, Allegiance to Alsace, BQB (coming of age of a daughter of a German winemaker and a Parisian aristocrat, who journeys to the simplicity of the winery and brewery lifestyle of Alsace-Lorraine in 1804)

Sarah Tolmie, All the Horses of Iceland, Tordotcom (a delve into the secret, imagined history of Iceland’s unusual horses – historical fantasy)

Joanna Toye, Wedding Bells for the Victory Girls, HarperCollins (WWII family saga series)

Anne Tyler, French Braid, Chatto & Windus/Knopf (begins in 1959, with a family holiday, the effects of which will ripple through the generations. Literary)

L. C. Tyler, The Plague Road, Felony & Mayhem (1665 — John Grey, the government’s favorite fixer, gets the delightful task of pawing through corpses, in search of the one that doesn’t belong)

Jennifer Uhlarik, Love’s Fortress, Barbour (Dani Sango inherits her art forger father’s estate including a series of Native American drawings and paintings, which lead her to research St. Augustine of 1875)

Stephanie Vanderslice, The Lost Son, Regal House (WWII novel about a mother whose baby is kidnapped by his father and nurse and taken back to Germany)

Anneka R. Walker, Bargaining for the Barrister, Covenant (a barrister with a fear of being touched falls prey to a group of matchmaking mothers in this Victorian romance)

John Ware, A Green Bough, Page D’Or (the exploits of the Royal Munster Fusiliers (‘The Dirty Shirts’) in WWI)

Charlotte Whitney, The Unveiling of Polly Forrest, Lake William Press (during the Great Depression, newly widowed Polly is set to pursue her dream of opening a hat-making business, but instead becomes a suspect in her husband’s murder)

Daniel Wiles, Mercia’s Take, Swift Press (depicts an England in the heat of the industrial revolution, and the lives it took to make it)

Ally Wilkes, All the White Spaces, Atria/Emily Bestler (ghost story exploring identity, gender and selfhood, set against the backdrop of the golden age of polar exploration in the wake of WWI)

Sheila Williams, Things Past Telling, Amistad (from the mid-18th-century to the end of America’s Civil War – a story of a past that lives on in all of us, and a life that encompasses the best—and worst—of our humanity)

Sue Williams, Elizabeth & Elizabeth, Allen & Unwin (evokes a short time in Australia’s European history when two women wielded extraordinary power and influence behind the scenes of the fledgling colony)

Christopher Wilson, Hurdy Gurdy, Faber Fiction (a funny historical novel, following Brother Diggory on an eerily prescient journey through fourteenth-century England)

Jacqueline Winspear, A Sunlit Weapon, Harper/Allison & Busby (a series of possible attacks on British pilots lead Maisie Dobbs into a mystery involving First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt)

Paul Aziz Zarou, Arab Boy Delivered, Cune Press (the teenage son of Palestinian immigrants comes of age during the tumultuous sixties in his family’s neighborhood grocery store in New York City)

Michael Zimmer, The Devil by his Horns, Five Star (a tale of reckoning in an untamed land, and of a family standing up against the inequality of circumstance and a tyrant’s greed)

April 2022

Mai Al-Nakib, An Unlasting Home, Mariner (ranging from 1920s to the near present, novel traces Kuwait’s rise from a pearl-diving backwater to its reign as a thriving cosmopolitan city to the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion)

Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart, Clockwork Destiny, ECW Press (final book in trilogy set in a world of airships and alchemy, fantastic carnivals and lost cities. Steampunk fantasy)

Michael Arditti, The Young Pretender, Arcadia (after being courted by royalty and lusted after by patrons of both sexes, story takes place during child-actor William Henry West Betty’s attempted comeback at the age of twenty-one)

Elizabeth Bailey, The Unwanted Corpse, Sapere (Lady Ottilia Fanshawe is juggling motherhood with murder in 1794 England)

David Baldacci, Dream Town, Macmillan UK/Grand Central (Aloysius Archer returns to solve a new case in Hollywood, 1952)

Nanni Balestrini, We Want Everything, Verso (1969, and temperatures were rising across the factories of the north as workers demanded better pay and conditions. Soon, discontent would erupt in what became known as Italy’s “Hot Autumn”)

Rachel Barenbaum, Atomic Anna, Grand Central (three generations of women work together and travel through time to prevent the Chernobyl disaster and right the wrongs of their past)

Luke Francis Beirne, Foxhunt, Baraka Books (exploration of passivity, loyalty, and literature in times of political upheaval as the Cold War closes in)

DeMisty D. Bellinger, New to Liberty, The Unnamed Press (showcases the strength and resolve of three unforgettable women growing up in a society, in mid-century America, that refuses to evolve)

Pam Binder, The Immortal, Wild Rose (time-slip historical fantasy romance in 16th-c England)

Carol Birch, Shadow Girls, Apollo (Manchester, 1960s―combines psychological suspense with elements of the ghost story, in a literary exploration of girlhood)

Sarah Bird, Last Dance on the Starlight Pier, SMP (a story that is still deeply resonant today of America as it learns that there truly isn’t anything this country can’t do when we do it together)

Caroline Bishop, The Lost Chapter, S&S UK (1957, France: Florence and Lilli forge a firm friendship that promises to last a lifetime. But a terrible betrayal prematurely tears them apart)

Juliet Blackwell, The Paris Showroom, Berkley (in Nazi-occupied Paris, a talented designer must fight for her life by creating art for her enemies)

Jacquie Bloese, The French House, Hodder & Stoughton (story of courage and long-lost love set on WWII-occupied Guernsey)

Michael Blouin, I Am Billy the Kid, Anvil Press (revisionist history seen through the lens of a 21st century sensibility features the picaresque hero we thought we knew and the unexpected one that we don’t)

Jerry Borrowman, Dark Seas, Covenant (WWII naval thriller)

Kimberly Brock, The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare, Harper Muse (alternating between the story of war widow Alice in the 1940s and excerpts from Eleanor Dare’s Commonplace Book – novel explores the meaning of female history)

Taylor Brown, Wing-Walkers, SMP (a former WWI ace pilot and his wing-walker wife barnstorm across Depression-era America, performing acts of aerial daring)

Lisa Hall Brownell, Gallows Road, Elm Grove Press (in 1750, a beautiful young servant is condemned to death for a crime that she swears she did not commit)

Denny S. Bryce, In the Face of the Sun, Kensington (a young, pregnant Black woman and her brash, profane aunt embark upon an audacious 1960s road trip across a country convulsed by the Civil Rights Movement)

Grace Burrowes, Never a Duke, Piatkus (a proper lady must choose between society or the untitled gentleman who has stolen her heart)

John Cameron, The Roads of War, TouchPoint (novel set during the Civil War exposes the authenticity of battle—the hardships, the struggle, and the yearning for tranquility)

Kenneth Cameron, The Past Master, Felony & Mayhem (a writer living in London has cause to help Henry James with a mystery)

Mark Carlson, Out of the Darkness: Vengeance of the Last Roman Legion, Milford House (AD 9 and 2021 – in a long-forgotten crypt in rural France, an ancient and deadly nightmare has awakened, which will not be denied its revenge)

Crystal Caudill, Counterfeit Love, Kregel (combines history, danger, suspense, and romance in a mystery series featuring a partnership with Secret Service operative Broderick Cosgrove & his former fiancé and love, Theresa Plane)

Derek Catron, Avenging Angel, Five Star (a wild frontier story of love and vengeance featuring Union sharp-shooter Josey Angel)

Christopher M. Cevasco, Beheld: Godiva’s Story, Lethe Press (a darkly twisted psychological thriller exploring the legend of Lady Godiva’s naked ride)

Robert Charles, Nothing to Lose, Sapere (S.O.E trained espionage expert, Simon Larren, features in new spy thriller set in 1960)

Rebecca Connolly, A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice, Shadow Mountain (based on the true story of the Carpathia—the only ship and her legendary captain who answered the distress call of the sinking Titanic)

Angela K. Couch, A Rose for the Resistance, Barbour (book 5 in the Heroines of WWII series)

Paul Cox, Guadalupe Canyon, Five Star (Monte Segundo is hired as a tracker to find an aristocrat who has disappeared in Guadalupe Canyon)

Ben Creed, A Traitor’s Heart, Welbeck UK (post WWII thriller)

John Crowley, Flint and Mirror, Tor (a historical novel shot through with fantasy, or alternately, a great fantasy novel hung on a scaffolding of history)

Sandra Dallas, Little Souls, SMP (tale of sisterhood, loyalty, and secrets set in Denver amid America’s last deadly flu pandemic)

Jasmine Darznik, The Bohemians, Ballantine (novel of celebrated photographer, Dorothea Lange, exploring the wild years in San Francisco that awakened her career-defining grit, compassion, and daring)

Martin Davies, Mrs Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse, Canelo US (a group of merchants are dying one by one and the unique gifts of housekeeper, Mrs Hudson, and her orphaned assistant Flotsam, will be needed to solve the case)

Lindsey Davis, Desperate Undertaking, Hodder & Stoughton (Flavia Albia mystery, book 10)

Patrick Dearen, The End of Nowhere, Five Star (based on what actually happened at Porvenir, Texas, in 1918 – the blackest moment in Texas Rangers’ history)

Margaret Dickinson, Wartime Friends, Pan (set in the 1940s, a tale of unbreakable bonds in times of strife)

Lianne Dillsworth, Theatre of Marvels, Hutchinson Heinemann (novel about a woman’s search for justice in Victorian London)

Gerry Docherty, Beyond Revanche, TrineDay (exposes the mayhem and horror of the little-known destruction of Paris in the First World War)

Donna Douglas, A Daughter’s Hope, Orion (third in the Yorkshire Blitz novels, 1942)

Adrian Duncan, The Geometer Lobachevsky, Tuskar Rock (In 1950, Nikolai Lobachevsky receives a telegram calling him back to Leningrad for a ‘special appointment’. A musing on life, death and the meaning of home)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at Claridge’s, Allison & Busby (one of the Claridge’s kitchen porters is found dead)

Genevieve Essig, A Plot Most Perilous, Bookouture (murder mystery set in Florida, 1883)

Jenni Fagan, Hex, Polygon (explores the lingering connections between womanhood and the occult, and the obsessive mania of a king who saw the threat of demons and witches all around him)

David Field, Traitor’s Arrow, Sapere (second book in the Norman Conquest series)

W. H. Flint, Hot Time, Arcade Crimewise (thriller set in the Gilded Age New York)

Leo Furey, The Good Thief, Flanker Press (a novel about an ordinary young man who finds himself in an extraordinary situation in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1960s)

Craig Gallant, Jamaica: A Blood & Plunder Novel, Winged Hussar Publishing (start of a new series of historical fiction)

Hélène Gaudy (trans. Stephanie Smee), A World With No Shore, Zerogram Press (retraces and reimagines an 1897 North Pole adventure and reflects on the human need to discover, describe, conquer, and ultimately shrink the world)

J. H. Gelernter, Captain Grey’s Gambit, W. W. Norton (military thriller set in 1803)

David R. Gillham, Shadows of Berlin, Sourcebooks Landmark (1955― Rachel Perlman arrives in New York as part of the wave of Jewish displaced persons who managed to survive the brutalities of the war)

John J. Gobbell, Somewhere in the South Pacific, Severn River (historical thriller inspired by the true story of John F. Kennedy’s daring naval mission at the height of World War II)

Cathy Gohlke, A Hundred Crickets Singing, Tyndale (in wars eighty years apart, two young women living on the same Appalachian estate determine to aid soldiers dear to them and fight for justice)

Adrian Grafe, The Ravens of Vienna, Addison & Highsmith (story follows Herr Lichtblau, torn between his love for his family and his desire to fight the Nazi plague in Vienna, as he decides to set out for England)

Genevieve Graham, Bluebird, S&S (novel set during the Great War and postwar Prohibition about a young nurse, a soldier, and a family secret that binds them)

Jane Green, Sister Stardust, Hanover Square/HQ Digital (re-imagines the glamorous and tragic life of fashion icon and socialite Talitha Getty)

Molly Green, Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park, Avon UK (first in a new WWII saga series)

Linda Griffin, Bridges, Wild Rose (1960s romance in which the gulf between two people is bridged by a shared love of books)

Nicola Griffin, Spear, Tordotcom (a queer recasting of Arthurian myth)

Elly Griffiths, The Midnight Hour, Quercus (Brighton, 1965; an old man lies dead and it looks like poison, but his wife isn’t the only one who had reason to kill him)

Jody Hadlock, The Lives of Diamond Bessie, Spark Press (1860s―a tale of betrayal and redemption that explores whether seeking revenge is worth the price you might pay)

Dianne Haley, The Watchmaker’s Daughter, Bookouture (in Nazi-occupied France, Valérie smuggles messages for the Resistance, hidden among her father’s watch deliveries, and hides Jewish children in his old workshop)

Stacey Halls, Mrs. England, Mira (a young governess must navigate the challenging dynamics of family life underneath the polished surface in this powerful examination of an Edwardian marriage, truth and deception)

Amy Harmon, The Unknown Beloved, Lake Union (story of two people whose paths collide against a backdrop of mystery, murder, and the Great Depression)

C. S. Harris, When Blood Lies, Berkley (Sebastian S. Cyr historical mystery)

Victoria Hawthorne, The House at Helygen, Quercus (dual-timeline mystery suspense novel set in Cornwall in 2019 and 1881)

Sophie Haydock, The Flames, Doubleday (debut novel about the intertwining lives of four women, the muses who inspired the artist Egon Schiele)

Lorraine Heath, Girls of Flight City, Wm Morrow (novel about the brave American women who trained the British Royal Air Force. Inspired by true events)

Nancy Herriman, No Refuge from the Grave, Beyond the Page (murder mystery series featuring Detective Nick Greaves and nurse Celia Davies, set in 1860s San Francisco)

Catherine Hokin, The Pilot’s Girl, Bookouture (post-WWII novel about finding the strength to survive when all hope seems lost)

Steven Hopstaken, Melissa Prusi, Land of the Dead, Flame Tree (Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde team up with old friends Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Burton to protect our world from intruders from the Land of the Dead)

Anna Lee Huber, A Perilous Perspective, Kensington (series features inquiry agents Lady Kiera Darby and her husband, Sebastian Gage)

Laila Ibrahim, Scarlet Carnation, Lake Union (two women fight for their dreams in an early twentieth-century America roiling with racial injustice, class divides, and WWI)

Sonallah Ibrahim (trans. Bruce Fudge), The Turban and the Hat, Seagull Books (novel of the invasion and occupation of Egypt by Napoleonic France as seen through the eyes of a young Egyptian)

Eloisa James, How to be a Wallflower, Piatkus (novel in which an heiress engages a rugged American)

Lola Jaye, The Attic Child, Macmillan UK (dual narrative historical story about two children locked in the same attic almost a century apart)

William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone, Forever Texas, Kensington (frontier fiction based on true events in 1852)

Ben Kane, King, Orion (Autumn 1192. Richard the Lionheart will face not just his arch-enemy Philippe Capet of France, but also his treacherous younger brother, John)

Alma Katsu, The Fervor, Putnam (psychological and supernatural look at the horrors of the Japanese American internment camps in World War II)

J. Kelly, The Silent Child, Hodder & Stoughton (a novel of memory, identity, and the long shadow of war – set in 1944 and early sixties)

Kim Kelly, The Rat Catcher, Brio (during a plague outbreak in Sydney, summer of 1900, a young wharf labourer is offered a job as a rat catcher)

Suzanne Kelman, Garden of Secrets, Bookouture (1940, Russia: an English-speaking young woman is recruited to be a Russian spy working with the Nazi party, and is sent to work as a land girl in a the English countryside)

Uzma Aslam Khan, The Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali, Deep Vellum (an epic telling of a largely forgotten chapter in the history of the subcontinent, set during the WWII Japanese invasion)

Eliza Knight, The Mayfair Bookshop, Wm Morrow (dual-narrative story about Nancy Mitford and a modern American desperate for change, connected through time by a little London bookshop)

Lucy Knight, Maria Bertram’s Daughter, Meryton Press (a Mansfield Park sequel)

Mark Knowles, Argo, Aries (reimagining of the famous Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece)

Chris Kraus (trans. Ruth Martin), The Bastard Factory, Picador (story of two brothers, brought together and divided by betrayal, secrecy and self-delusion, spanning seventy years of German history: from the Russian Revolution, to WW II)

Carole Lawrence, Cleopatra’s Dagger, Thomas & Mercer (a journalist in nineteenth-century New York matches wits with a serial killer)

Anne Lazurko, What is Written on the Tongue, ECW (historical novel about finding morality in the throes of war and colonization)

Pam Lecky, Her Last Betrayal, Avon UK (a tale of one woman’s bravery in WW2 Britain)

Jane Lewis, The Wylder Rose, Wild Rose (Wild West romance)

Graham Ley, The Baron Returns, Sapere (historical saga set against the backdrop of the French Revolution)

Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, A Woman of Endurance, Amistad (illuminates the Puerto Rican Atlantic Slave Trade—witnessed through the experiences of Pola, an African captive used as a breeder to bear more slaves)

Posy Lovell, The Kew Gardens Girls at War, Putnam (novel about a new class of courageous women who worked at London’s historic Kew Gardens during World War II)

Elizabeth Lowry, The Chosen, Riverrun (featuring an ageing Thomas Hardy, novel searches the unknowable spaces between man and wife; memory and regret; life and art)

Robert N. Macomber, Code of Honor, Naval Institute Press (1904, the Russo-Japanese War is raging in Korea and Rear Admiral Peter Wake, is in his White House office as special assistant to President Theodore Roosevelt)

Emily St. John Mandel, Sea of Tranquility, Picador/Knopf (novel of love and plague that takes the reader from Vancouver Island in 1912 to a dark colony of the moon three hundred years later)

Gama Ray Martinez, God of Neverland, Harper Voyager (re-imagining of Peter Pan, in which the grown-up Michael Darling must return to the life he left behind to save Neverland and keep humanity safe from magical and mythological threats)

Guillermo Martinez, The Oxford Brotherhood, Pegasus (literary thriller set at Oxford University puts a maths student at the center of a murder mystery sparked by the discovery of hidden secrets in the life of famed author Lewis Carroll)

Elsie Mason, A Wedding for the Biscuit Factory Girls, Orion (third in WWII saga set in South Shields, England)

Maggie Mason, The Halfpenny Girls at War, Sphere (WWII saga – third in series)

Imogen Matthews, Hidden in the Shadows, Bookouture (a tale of love, betrayal and sacrifice set in Nazi-occupied Holland, 1943)

Heather McCollum, Highland Justice, Amara (Sons of Sinclair historical romance)

Carol McGrath, The Stone Rose, Headline Accent (the Rose Trilogy series — based on the true story of the female stonemason who carved Queen Isabella’s tomb)

Catriona McPherson, In Place of Fear, Hodder & Stoughton (new crime novel set in 1940s Edinburgh at the birth of the NHS)

Fenella J. Miller, New Recruits at Goodwill House, Boldwood (romance in WWII Britain)
Also: Duty Calls at Goodwill House (July 2022)

Larry Millett, Rafferty’s Last Case, Univ. of Minnesota Press (ninth and final Minnesota mystery, in which Shadwell Rafferty, with the inimitable Sherlock Holmes, may have solved his own murder)

Derville Murphy, A Perfect Copy, Poolbeg Press (an historical mystery set in 19th century Russia, Vienna, and London where secrets of a family portrait uncover a family’s hidden past)

Stacie Murphy, The Unquiet Dead, Pegasus (new Gilded Age mystery featuring the uniquely talented Amelia Matthew—who has the ability to communicate with the dead)

Annie Murray, Secrets of the Chocolate Girls, Pan (new WWII saga following the lives of the women and girls who worked at the Cadbury Factory in Birmingham)

Donald S. Murray, In a Veil of Mist, Saraband (haunting exploration of the Cold War arms race that tells the story of a true, covered-up germ warfare incident in a remote part of Scotland, involving the US, Canadian, and UK governments)

Sheila Myers, The Truth of Who You Are, Black Rose (Great Depression saga explores the value people place on stories to hide uncomfortable truths)

Lars Mytting, The Sixteen Trees of the Somme, The Overlook Press (spanning a century and navigating themes of revenge and forgiveness, love and loneliness)

Harini Nagendra, The Bangalore Detectives Club, Constable/Pegasus (murder and mayhem in 1920s India)

M. J. Neary, Ulster Lament, Crossroad Press (1903; a young man travels to Belfast to study journalism but finds himself siding with the rebels and questioning his loyalty to the crown)

John D. Nesbitt, Coldwater Range, Five Star (when Del Rowland begins to doubt his boss’s integrity, he quits his job and goes to work with the homesteaders who are being terrorised by the cattlemen)

Billy O’Callaghan, Life Sentences, David R. Godine (spanning more than a century, novel weaves together the journey of an Irish family determined against all odds to be free)

Clare O’Dea, Voting Day, Fairlight (explores the day in Feb 1959, when Switzerland held a referendum on women’s suffrage, through the eyes of four very different Swiss women)

David Park, Spies in Canaan, Bloomsbury (parable about guilt, atonement and redemption, set in present day and at end of Vietnam War in 1970s)

Alan Parks, May God Forgive, World Noir (fifth installment of Harry McCoy series)

Phillip Parotti, In the Shadows of Guadalcanal, Casemate (the men of PC-450, an advanced sub chaser, face Japanese submarines and air attacks as they support the U.S. Marines)

Vaishnavi Patel, Kaikeyi, Redhook/Orbit (historical fantasy debut reimagines the life of Kaikeyi, the queen from the famous Indian epic the Ramayana)

Anne Perry, Three Debts Paid, Ballantine (a serial killer is on the loose, targeting victims with a mysterious connection, which Daniel Pitt must figure out)

S. W. Perry, The Rebel’s Mark, Corvus (fifth novel in the Jackdaw Elizabethan crime series)

Angela Petch, The Tuscan Secret, Forever (the sacrifices made for love and the tragic consequences of war echo through two generations of an Italian family)

Gary Phillips, One-Shot Harry, Soho Crime (Los Angeles, 1963- crime novel about an African American forensic photographer seeking justice for a friend)

Stephanie Phillips, illus. Peter Krause, Ellie Wright, We Only Kill Each Other, Dark Horse (with WW II on the horizon, Nazi sympathizers and fascists have taken root on American soil, intending to push the U.S. towards an alliance with Germany)

Cecile Pivot, The Little French Bookshop, Hodder (when a French bookseller loses her father, she places an ad in a newspaper, inviting struggling readers to join her secret letter writing workshop. WWII novel)

Marguerite Poland, A Sin of Omission, EnvelopeBooks (novel about a young black preacher in the 1870-80s, trained by the Anglican Church in England, then sent back to Cape Colony to face unresolved issues)

Devika Ponnambalam, I Am Not Your Eve, BlueMoose (literary story of Teha’amana, the Tahitian muse and child-bride of the painter Paul Gauguin)

Jane Rawson, A History of Dreams, Brio (in 1930s Australia, a group of young women with the power to alter dreams takes on a rising fascist movement)

Sheila Riley, The Mersey Mothers, Boldwood (Reckoner’s Row saga series set in Liverpool, 1953)

Elaine Roberts, Secret Hopes for the West End Girls, Aria (inspirational WWI saga set in 1915)

Maya Rodale, The Mad Girls of New York, Berkley (novel based on reporter Nellie Bly, who would stop at nothing to expose injustices against women in early 19th century)

Bill Rowe, The Reincarnation of Winston Churchill, Boulder Books (burdened by a secret of his aboriginal ancestry, Winston Churchill is driven to reveal the truth as death looms)

Shari J. Ryan, The Doctor’s Daughter, Bookouture (WWII novel that shows that even if your freedom has been robbed, and your loved ones torn from you, nobody can steal your hope)

Jennifer Saint, Elektra, Headline Wildfire (story of three women, their fates inextricably tied to a curse, and the fickle nature of men and gods)

Vince Santoro, The Final Crossing, Tellwell Talent (a tale of self-discovery, adventure and romance set in the ancient Middle East)

Audrey Schulman, The Dolphin House, Europa Editions (based on the true story of the 1965 “dolphin house” experiment, novel captures the tenor of the social experiments of the 1960’s)

Bianca M. Schwarz, The Memory of Her, Central Avenue (third romance in the Gentleman Spy Mysteries)

Antonio Scurati (trans. Anne Milano Appel), M; Son of the Century, Harper (chronicles the birth and rise of fascism in Italy, witnessed through the eyes of its founder, Benito Mussolini)

Ellee Seymour, The Royal Station Master’s Daughters, Zaffre (World War I saga of family, secrets and royalty)

Kyung-Sook Shin (trans. Anton Hur), Violets, W & N (set in South Korea, 1970, story reveals the high stakes involved in one woman’s search for both autonomy and attachment in an unforgiving society)

Nina Shope, Asylum, Dzanc (delves into the disturbing and seductive relationship between a young hysteric and renowned nineteenth-century French neurologist)

Brad Smith, Copperhead Road, At Bay Press (a story of moonshine, set in 1936, Wilkes County, North Carolina)

Wilbur Smith, Storm Tide, Zaffre (saga set against the backdrop of the American revolution)

Kris Spisak, The Baba Yaga Mask, Wyatt-MacKenzie (when their Ukrainian grandmother is lost on a trans-Atlantic Flight, two sisters are swept into a quest across eastern Europe to find the woman who had always told more tales than truths)

John Spurling, Arcadian Days, Duckworth (five tales centre on male-female pairs – Prometheus and Pandora, Jason and the sorceress Medea, Oedipus and his daughter Antigone, Achilles and his mother Thetis, Odysseus and Penelope)

Richard Stevenson, Knock Off the Hat, Amble Press (a dishonorably discharged World War II vet takes a job as a private investigator and begins looking into a sudden and extraordinary wave of gay-bashing in Philadelphia)

Tara M Stringfellow, Memphis, The Dial Press (provides a literary portrait of three generations of a Southern black family, as well as an ode to the city they call home)

Kelli Stuart, The Master Craftsman, Revell (transports readers into the opulent and treacherous world of the Russian Revolution to unearth mysteries long buried)

Margaret Sweatman, The Gunsmith’s Daughter, Goose Lane (Manitoba 1971 – coming-of-age tells a story of ruthless ambition, and one young woman’s journey toward independence)

Jodi Taylor, A Catalogue of Catastrophe, Headline (book 13 in the Chronicles of St Mary’s time travel historical fantasy series)

Will Thomas, Fierce Poison, Minotaur (a Barker & Llewelyn novel set in London, 1893)

Adriana Trigiani, The Good Left Undone, Dutton / Michael Joseph (novel about a hardworking family of Tuscan artisans with long-held secrets)

Janyre Tromp, Shadows in the Mind’s Eye, Kregel (eerie, Hitchcockian story filled with love and suspense, set after WWII. Inspirational)

Simon Turney, The Capsarius: Legion XXII, Aries (warrior and combat medic, Titus Cervianus, must lead a legion and quell the uprisings in Egypt in a new Roman adventure)

V. L. Valentine, Begar’s Abbey, Viper (a gothic tale of hauntings, family secrets and dark deeds)

Giorgos Vlachos, illus. Thanasis Karabalios, The Archipelago on Fire, Europe Comics (tale of love and war based on the adventure novel by Jules Verne)

Michelle Wamboldt, Birth Road, Nimbus (set in early 20th-century Nova Scotia, story follows Helen, as she recalls the relationships and significant moments that have led to the birth of her child)

Martha Waters, To Marry and to Meddle, Atria (witty novel follows a seasoned debutante and a rakish theater owner as they navigate a complicated marriage of convenience)

Fiona Watson, Dark Hunter, Polygon (1317: a young squire joins the garrison of Berwick-upon-Tweed, the last English-held town in Scotland after the spectacular Scottish victory at Bannockburn. Murder mystery)

Nicola White, The Rosary Garden, Serpent’s Tail (in an Ireland riven by battles of religion and reproduction, the case of a murdered newborn becomes a media sensation, even as the church tries to suppress it)

Iona Whishaw, Framed in Fire, Touchwood (a shallow grave, a missing person, and near-fatal arson keep Lane, Darling, and the Nelson police on high alert in 1948)

Michelle Willingham, The Iron Warrior Returns, Harlequin Historical (a medieval friends-to-lovers romance)

Jaime Jo Wright, The Souls of Lost Lake, Bethany House (when a little girl goes missing, an all-out search ensues, reviving the decades-old campfire story of Ava Coons, the murderess, who still roams the woods)

Jess Wright, A Stream to Follow, SparkPress (explores the life of a battlefront surgeon who must hide his deep, emotional wounds as he attempts to build a new life in post-WWII America)

Jenny Tinghui Zhang, Four Treasures of the Sky, Flatiron (debut novel, set against the backdrop of the Chinese Exclusion Act, about a Chinese girl fighting to claim her place in the 1880s American West)

May 2022

Ibrahim al-Koni (trans. Nancy Roberts), The Night Will Have Its Say, Hoopoe (retelling of the Muslim wars of conquest in North Africa during the Middle Ages)

Mesu Andrews, Potiphar’s Wife, WaterBrook (one of the Bible’s most notorious women longs for a love she cannot have)

Diane Armstrong, Dancing with the Enemy, HQ Fiction (story of betrayal, collusion, revenge, and redemption set in German-occupied Jersey during World War II and in present day)

Kelley Armstrong, A Rip Through Time, Minotaur (a modern-day homicide detective finds herself in Victorian Scotland—in an unfamiliar body—with a killer on the loose)

K. M. Ashman, The Promises of a King, Canelo (the Road to Hastings series, book 2)

Michael Aye, The Rise of the Gray Ghost, Bitingduck (Civil War era western showing the aftermath of the war and a man’s effort to rebuild himself from its damage)

Scott Badler, JFK & the Muckers of Choate, Bancroft Press (literary fiction reconstructs the years JFK spent at Choate, an elite and stifling boarding school for boys)

Mary Balogh, Remember Love, Piatkus/Berkley (new Ravenswood series about Devlin Ware who publicly called his family to account, but now as the new heir he is being called home from exile)

Kelly Barnhill, When Women Were Dragons, Doubleday (feminist tale set in 1950s America where thousands of women have spontaneously transformed into dragons, exploding notions of a woman’s place in the world)

Polina Barskova (trans. Catherine Ciepiela), Living Pictures, Pushkin Press (fiction about the siege of Leningrad and its aftermath)

Ron Base and Prudence Emery, Death at the Savoy, Douglas & McIntyre (new mystery series introducing a plucky Canadian heroine and set in the world’s most famous hotel in 1968)

Allan Batchelder, This Thing of Darkness, Macabre Ink (alternative history posing a second life, in the New World, for William Shakespeare after his recorded death)

Louis Bayard, Jackie & Me, Algonquin (witty novel about the young Jacqueline Bouvier before she became that Jackie—and about a marriage that almost never happened)

Misty M. Beller, A Healer’s Promise, Bethany House (Levi and Audrey are forced to discover just how far they’ll go to ensure the safety of the other and the love growing between them)

John Bemrose, The River Twice, Thistledown (World War I novel set in factory town where residents are reeling as the wounded return and the list of local young men who have been killed continues to grow)

Sian Ann Bessey, An Unfamiliar Duke, Covenant (two people, betrothed since childhood begin with a rocky start to their marriage. Set in 1772)

Nancy Bilyeau, The Fugitive Colours, Lume Books (reveals a dazzling world of glamour and treachery in Georgian England, when beauty held more value than human life)

Daniel Birnbaum (trans. Deborah Bragan-Turner), Dr. B., Harper (literary debut about book publishing, émigrés, spies, and diplomats in World War II Sweden based on author’s grandfather’s life)

Audrey Blake, The Surgeon’s Daughter, Sourcebooks Landmark (in the 19th century, Nora’s unconventional, indelicate ambitions to become a licensed surgeon offend the men around her)

Chris Bohjalian, The Lioness, Doubleday (a luxurious African safari turns deadly for a Hollywood starlet and her entourage)

Miguel Bonnefoy (trans. Emily Boyce), Heritage, Other Press (family saga that weaves together the private lives of individuals and major historical events in South America and Europe)

Graham Brack, The Lying Dutchman, Sapere (book 6 in the Master Mercurius murder mystery series set in 1685)

Eileen Brill, A Letter in the Wall, SparkPress (multi period novel inspired by a 1971 letter found hidden in the wall of a Pennsylvania home more than half a century later)

Elizabeth Buchan, Two Women in Rome, Corvus (an archivist who discovers a valuable 15th-c painting is drawn to find out more about the woman who left it behind, unraveling a tragic love story beset by the political turmoil of post-war Italy)

Janet Calcaterra, Burden of Memories, Latitude 46 (through WWII letters about their father’s death, two sisters discover how memories haunt us despite the effort to bury them)

Joy Callaway, The Grand Design, Harper Muse (story of interior designer Dorothy Draper and how the historic retreat influenced her bold shift from illustrious New York socialite to world-renowned decorator)

Elizabeth Camden, Written on the Wind, Bethany House (from the steppes of Russia to the corridors of power in Washington, Natalia and Dimitri will fight against all odds to save the railroad and share the truth)

Isabel Cañas, The Hacienda, Berkley (supernatural suspense novel, set in the aftermath of the Mexican War of Independence)

Francesca Capaldi, Trouble in the Valleys, Hera Books (romantic wartime saga, set in Wales, 1919)

Mark Carlson, Legionary, Milford House (a legionary in the army of Emperor Augustus seeks revenge)

J’nell Ciesielski, The Brilliance of Stars, Thomas Nelson (amid the chaos of the Great War, two master assassins risk it all for love)

Rosie Clarke, Victory Bells for the Harpers Girls, Boldwood (Harpers Emporium series, book 6; set at the end of WWII)

Chanel Cleeton, Our Last Days in Barcelona, Berkley (dual timeline narrative set in Barcelona in 1936 and 1964)

Elena Collins, The Witch’s Tree, Boldwood (separated by three hundred years, two women are drawn together by a home bathed in blood and magic)

Cressida Connolly, Bad Relations, Viking (family saga ranging from the battlefields of the Crimea to the 1970s and present day)

Roma Cordon, How to Bewitch a Highlander, CamCat (a healer with witchery in her blood and a future Highlander clan chief risk everything for family and a forbidden romance)

Sinéad Crowley, The Belladonna Maze, Aria (dual timelines entwine in a story of old secrets and forbidden passion)

Jennifer Dance, Gone but Still Here, Dundurn (as her recent memories fade, Mary lives increasingly in the past — returning to the secrets of her interracial love story & prejudice)

Brenda Davies, The Girl Behind the Gates, Hodder (dual timeline novel based on a true story – set in 1939 and 1981)

Martina Devlin, Edith, Lilliput Press (biographical fiction based on the life of Irish novelist Edith Somerville)

Hernán Diaz, Trust, Riverhead/Picador (novel about wealth and talent, trust and intimacy, truth and perception)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Last Queen, Wm Morrow (story of Jindan, who transformed herself from daughter of the royal kennel keeper to powerful monarch)

Nadine Dorries, A Wicked Woman, Aria (tale of two families linked by one historic secret and the lies that hide it, but separated by hatred and a deadly rivalry, spans the great heyday of the cotton industry in Lancashire. First in six-book series)

Jabbour Douaihy (trans. Paula Haydar), (trans. Nadine Sinno), Firefly, Seagull Books (paints a portrait of Beirut at the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in the early 1970s, as seen through the eyes of its protagonist, Nizam al-Alami)

Mark Ellis, Dead in the Water, Headline Accent (WWII crime thriller. Book 5 in DCI Frank Merlin series)

T.P. Fielden, Betraying the Crown, Thomas & Mercer (intrigue and scandal threaten to rock the monarchy in wartime Britain. Guy Harford #3)

Leah Fleming, The Rose Villa, Aria (from the French Riviera between the wars to a terrifying endgame in WWII occupied France, a story of doomed but triumphant love)

Jentry Flint, Games in a Ballroom, Shadow Mountain (Regency romance in London, 1815)

Brooke Lea Foster, On Gin Lane, Gallery (in June of 1957, one young socialite begins to realize that her glamorous summer is giving her everything—except what she really wants)

J. Fremont, Magician of Light, She Writes (based on René Lalique’s illustrious life as a leader in the decorative arts, the people most important to him, and the anguish of some of those personal relationships)

Jean Fullerton, A Ration Book Victory, Corvus (a woman’s past catches up to her in London, final months of WWII)

Ann H. Gabhart, When the Meadow Blooms, Revell (explores the tender places within the human heart in a story of trusting God to turn our burdens into something beautiful)

Amanda Geard, The Midnight House, Headline Review (dual timeline story of secrets, war, love and sacrifice, set in 1940 and 2019)

Elizabeth Gill, A Miner’s Daughter, Quercus (romance between a Durham miner’s daughter and an aristocrat)

C. P. Giuliani, The Road to Murder, Sapere (espionage adventure thriller series set during the Elizabethan era in Tudor England)

Charlie Garratt, A Malignant Death, Sapere (mystery set against the backdrop of the Second World War)

Guinevere Glasfurd, Privilege, Two Roads (a story of adventure and mishap set against the turmoil of mid-18th century France at odds with the absolute power of the King)

Tamara Goranson, The Flight of Anja, One More Chapter (haunted by the shadows of a family history she does not know, Anja, daughter of Freydis, must seek a perilous path into an unfamiliar wilderness to find her answers)

C. W. Gortner, The American Adventuress, Wm Morrow (story of Jennie Jerome Churchill, mother of Winston, a New York born heiress who always lived life on her own terms)

Luis Goytisolo (trans. Brendan Riley), Antagony, Dalkey Archive (follows the youth and education of Raúl Ferrer Gaminde, son of a well-connected, middle-class Catalan family that embraces Franco and Spanish Nationalism)

Claudia Gray, The Murder of Mr. Wickham, Vintage/Viking (a summer house party turns into a thrilling whodunit when one of literature’s most notorious rakes, finally gets what’s coming to him)

Annabelle Greene, The Servant and the Gentleman, Harlequin/Carina (a surly gentleman and his overworked clerk fake a relationship in this Regency romance)

Kerry Greenwood, The Lady With the Gun Asks the Questions, PPP (amateur sleuth mystery in 1920s)

Louise Hare, Miss Aldridge Regrets, HQ (murder mystery exploring class, race and pre-WWII politics)

Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Dance Tree, Picador (Strasbourg, 1518 — story of lust, family secrets and women under the eye of the Church)

Elodie Harper, The House with the Golden Door, Apollo (The Wolf Den book 2, set in Pompeii)

Sarah Hawkswood, A Taste for Killing, Allison & Busby (another murder case for Bradecote and Catchpoll)

Evie Hawtrey, And By Fire, Crooked Lane (separated by centuries, two female detectives track a pair of murderous geniuses who will burn the world for their art)

Jody Hedlund, To Tame a Cowboy, Bethany House (historical western)

M. B. Henry, All the Lights Above Us, Alcove Press (on what history will call D-Day, five unforgettable women from all walks of life strive to survive the most terrifying night of their lives)

Adriana Herrera, A Caribbean Heiress in Paris, HQN (debut set at the 1889 Exposition Universelle, where a financially ruined rum heiress from the Dominican Republic agrees to a marriage of convenience with a not-so-secret Scottish duke)

Rachel Hore, One Moonlit Night, S&S UK (WWII novel about loyalty and betrayal, hope and despair, and a husband and wife separated by secrets as well as by distance)

Christopher Huang, Unnatural Ends, Inkshares (murder mystery in which the inheritance goes to the offspring who solves his/her father’s murder first)

Greg Hunt, On Savage Ground, Five Star (novel set in the little village settlement of New Orleans, destined to become the capital of the vast lands that France claims on the new western continent)

Damion Hunter, Shadow of the Eagle, Canelo (an adventure of Ancient Rome)

Conn Iggulden, The Lion, Michael Joseph/Pegasus (first book in The Golden Age series)

Sophie Irwin, A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting, HarperCollins/Viking (1818; a woman uses her cunning to launch herself into London society and marry a fortune)

Dr Hilary Jones, Frontline, Welbeck (first in series charting the rise of a prominent medical family in the 20th Century)

Joanne Joseph, Children of Sugarcane, Jonathan Ball (set against the backdrop of 19th century India novel paints a picture of indenture from a woman’s perspective)

Lydia Kang, The Half-Life of Ruby Fielding, Lake Union (mystery about hidden identities, wartime paranoia, and the tantalizing power of deceit)

Walter Kappacher (trans. Georg Bauer), Palace of Flies, New Vessel Press (conjures up an individual state of distress and disruption at a time of fundamental societal transformation that speaks eloquently to our own age)

Guy Gavriel Kay, All the Seas of the World, Hodder & Stoughton/Penguin Canada (drama that offers moving reflections on memory, fate, and the random events that can shape our lives—in the past, and today)

Susanna Kearsley, The Vanished Days, S&S UK (love story set against the Jacobite revolution)

Christopher Kerr, The Barbarossa Secret, The Book Guild (based around true events about a cover-up during WWII over an alliance between Germany and the Allies)

Tsering Yangzom Lama, We Measure the Earth with Our Bodies, Bloomsbury/McClelland & Stewart (a meditation on colonization, displacement, and the lengths we go to remain connected to our families and ancestral lands. Follows a Tibetan family’s journey through exile)

Suzan Lauder, The Barrister’s Bride, Meryton Press (a twist on the Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy story)

David Laws, The Martyr of Auschwitz, Bloodhound (a researcher seizes an opportunity to find out what happened to her grandfather during WWII—and discovers a present-day threat as she retraces his steps)

Ann Leary, The Foundling, Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books (the story of two friends, raised in the same orphanage, whose loyalty is put to the ultimate test when they meet years later at a controversial institution)

Marie Myung-Ok Lee, The Evening Hero, S&S (novel following a Korean immigrant pursuing the American dream)

Preston Lewis, Rio Hondo, Five Star (in the aftermath of the Lincoln County War, rancher Wes Bracken must rebuild a life for himself and his family amid the lingering animosities)

Eleanor Limprecht, The Coast, Allen & Unwin (a universal story of love, courage, sacrifice and resilience set in early 1900s)

Erin Litteken, The Memory Keeper of Kyiv, Boldwood (inspired by the history of the man-made famine that stole almost 4 million lives in the Ukraine, and that the Russian government denies)

Catherine Lloyd, Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder, Kensington (as lady’s companion to a wealthy widow, Lady Caroline Morton soon finds her duties entail investigating a murder in first of a new Regency-set series)

A.J. Mackenzie, The Fallen Sword, Canelo (finale to the Hundred Years’ War series)

Grace Marcus, Visible Signs, TouchPoint (story of two women in the turbulent 1970s, rethinking assumptions about family and friendship)

Edward Massey, Forever Sheriff, Five Star (novel featuring a young deputy who grows into a determined lawman in the early part of the 20th-century through WWI and the Spanish flu)

Sarah McCoy, Mustique Island, Wm Morrow (set in early 70s on the world’s most exclusive private island, where Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger were regulars and scandals stayed hidden from the press)

Kathleen McGurl, The Storm Girl, HQ Digital (dual timeline; a chance discovery behind an old fireplace reveals the former inn’s secret history as a haven for smugglers in the 1780s)

Laura McKenna, Words to Shape My Name, New Island Books (in 1857, Harriet Small is given her father’s True Narrative of his life – his escape from slavery in America and his journey into the heart of revolutionary Ireland)

Diane C. McPhail, The Seamstress of New Orleans, John Scognamiglio (in 1900 two women, separated by geography and circumstance, are fated to meet in the jasmine scented humidity of New Orleans, a city of decadence and danger)

Gabrielle Meyer, When the Day Comes, Bethany House (Libby has been given a powerful gift: to live one life in 1774 colonial Williamsburg and the other in 1914 Gilded Age New York City. Time-travel romance)

Coirle Mooney, The Cloistered Lady, Sapere (historical drama set in Medieval France ― Medieval Ladies series Book 2)

Christopher Moore, Razzmatazz, Wm Morrow (novel returns to the mean streets of 1940s San Francisco in this follow-up to Noir)

Elizabeth Morton, The Girl From Liverpool, Macmillan UK (romantic saga set against the backdrop of WWII)

Boyd & Beth Morrison, The Lawless Land, Aries (first in a Templar Knight series set in 1351)

Julie Owen Moylan, That Green Eyed Girl, Michael Joseph (novel about jealousy, loyalty, and the secrets we keep to protect those we love. Set in 1955 and 1975)

J. B. Mylet, The Homes, Viper (the stories the author’s mother’s story of growing up in the infamous Quarrier’s Homes in Scotland in the 1960s, along with a thousand other orphaned or unwanted children)

Leslie Johansen Nack, The Blue Butterfly, She Writes (tells the story of Hollywood star Marion Davies)

Harini Nagendra, The Bangalore Detectives Club, Pegasus (first in a new cozy series featuring murder and mayhem in 1920s India)

Phong Nguyen, Bronze Drum, Grand Central (novel of ancient Vietnam based on the true story of two warrior sisters who raised an army of women to overthrow the Han Chinese)

Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi, N., Coffee House Press (Napoleon, obsessed with securing eternal admiration and renown, pens his posthumous memoirs through a woman who his spirit has inhabited)

Dolen Perkins-Valdez, Take My Hand, Phoenix/Berkley (inspired by true events, a novel about a Black nurse in post-segregation Alabama who blows the whistle on a terrible wrong done to her patients)

Charlotte Philby, Edith and Kim, The Borough Press (spy novel based on the true story of the woman behind the Cambridge spies in Cold War espionage)

Anne Whitney Pierce, Down to the River, Regal House (family saga set in the late 1960s in Cambridge, Massachusetts against the backdrop of the Vietnam War)

Bianca Pitzorno (trans. Brigid Maher), The Seamstress of Sardinia, Text (set at the dawn of the 20th century, novel follows a girl as she grows into a woman, strives to educate herself and falls in love, in a world dominated by men)

Dawn Promislow, Wan, Freehand Books (when an anti-apartheid activist comes to hide in her garden house, the carefully constructed life of a privileged artist begins to unravel)

Philip Purser-Hallard, Sherlock Holmes: Masters of Lies, Titan (Holmes and Watson uncover a murderous forgery ring with ties to the British government)

Amanda Quick, When She Dreams, Piatkus/Berkley (return to 1930s Burning Cove, California, the glamorous seaside playground for Hollywood stars, mobsters, spies, and a host of others who find more than they bargain for)

Barbara Quick, What Disappears, Regal House (multi-generational tale that begins in 1880s Tsarist Russia and ends in WWI Paris; explores how girls and women define their identity and search for meaning in a world that tries to hold them back)

Kim Michele Richardson, The Book Woman’s Daughter, Sourcebooks Landmark (sequel to The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek)

Mandy Robotham, The Resistance Girl, Avon Books (operation Shetland bus smuggles British agents, fugitives and supplies across the North Sea into occupied territory)

Jaroslaw Rymkiewicz, The Hangings, Winged Hussar (an historical alternative query into “what if’s” of revolutionary politics at the time of the French Revolution and the Polish Partitions)

Jennifer Saint, Elektra, Flatiron (story of three women, their fates inextricably tied to a curse, and the fickle nature of men and gods)

Shelly Sanders, Daughters of the Occupation, Harper (explores how trauma is passed down in families and illuminates the strength and grace that can be shared by generations)

Michèle Sarde (trans. Rupert Swyer), Returning From Silence: Jenny’s Story, Swan Isle Press (a novel that tells the story of a Jewish family in World War II and reaches deep into Jewish history)

Shyam Selvadurai, Mansions of the Moon, Knopf Canada (a reimagining of ancient India through the extraordinary life of Yasodhara, the woman who married the Buddha)

Cathy Sharp, The Lonely Orphan, HarperCollins (a runaway orphan builds a new life but is threatened with being pulled into the criminal underworld)

Lady Murasaki Shikibu, Sean Michael Wilson, illus. Inko Ai Takita, Lady Murasaki’s Tale of Genji, Tuttle (offers an intimate look at the social mores and intrigues in the Heian-era court of medieval Japan, and Prince Genji’s representation as the ideal male courtier. Manga)

Victoria Shorr, Mid-Air: Two Novellas, WW Norton (family, ambition, class, and status explored in the fall and rise of two twentieth-century American families)

Laraine Stephens, Deadly Intent, Level Best (celebrated crime reporter, Reggie da Costa, pursues a cold-blooded, manipulative killer with deadly intentions in 1923)

David O. Stewart, The Burning Land, Permuted Press (Book 2 of the Overstreet Saga returns to the Civil War and its aftermath, when Americans fought each other over what the nation would become)

Karla Stover, Mr. Singer’s Seamstress, Five Star (story of a girl determined to buck convention and follow her own path, in New Tacoma, 1882)

Linda Stryk, The Teacher’s Room, Bywater Books (1963-a novice 5th-grade teacher embarks on a clandestine love affair with another teacher, which sets her on the tumultuous path of self-discovery. LGBTQ)

Anna Stuart, The Midwife of Auschwitz, Bookouture (inspired by a true story, a WW2 novel of one woman’s bravery and determination to bring life and hope into a broken world)

Kung Li Sun, Begin the World Over, AK Press (a fictional alternate history of how the Founders’ greatest fear—that Black and indigenous people might join forces to undo the newly formed United States—comes true)

Victoria Thompson, Murder on Madison Square, Berkley (Sarah and Frank Malloy must catch a scheming killer in this latest Gaslight Mystery)

Liz Tolsma, A Promise Engraved, Barbour (inspirational romance set in 1836)

Lorraine Tosiello, Jane Cavolina, The Bee & the Fly, Clash books (presents a life-long exchange of imaginary letters between Dickinson, the reclusive poet, and Alcott, the most renowned author of the time)

Joanna Toye, Wedding Bells for the Victory Girls, HarperCollins (new book in the WW2 family saga series)

Liz Trenow, Searching for my Daughter, Bookouture (novel about bravery, enduring love and keeping hope alive in the darkest of times. Set at the close of WWII)

Kimberlee Turley, Circus of Shadows, Sweetwater (when 17-year-old Gracie Hart gets caught stealing a rideon a circus train, she expects to be arrested. Instead, she is offered a job as assistant to the circus knife-thrower)

Nicola Upson, Dear Little Corpses, Faber & Faber (1939; as the mass evacuation takes place across Britain, thousands of children leave London, but one little girl vanishes without a trace)

Nghi Vo, Siren Queen, Tordotcom (exploration of an outsider achieving stardom, in a fantastical Hollywood where the monsters are real and the magic of the silver screen illuminates every page)

Sarai Walker, The Cherry Robbers, Harper (a feminist gothic about the lone survivor of a cursed family of sisters, whose time may finally be up)

Ashley Weaver, The Key to Deceit, Minotaur (World War II mystery filled with spies, murder, romance, and wit)

Alison Weir, Elizabeth of York; The Last White Rose (UK), The Last White Rose: A Novel of Elizabeth of York (US), Headline Review/Ballantine (when her father, Edward VI, dies, Elizabeth must choose her destiny with care)

Jeri Westerson, Oswald the Thief, Old London Press (a mediaeval caper set in 1308, in early reign of Edward II)

Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White, The Lost Summers of Newport, Wm Morrow (novel of money and secrets set among the summer mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, spanning over a century from the Gilded Age to the present day)

Holly Williams, What Time is Love?, Orion (love story of two lives inextricably bound together at generation-defining moments, 1940s post-war Britain, psychedelic 1960s, hopeful 80s)

Mary Wood, The Orphanage Girls, Pan (saga about an orphanage in London’s East End)

Sarit Yishai-Levi, The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, Swift Press (novel of mothers and daughters, stories told and untold, and the ties that bind four generations of women)

June 2022

Malka Adler, The Polish Girl, One More Chapter/Harper360 (a World War II novel set in 1939 Poland as the Nazis invade)

Nekesa Afia, Harlem Sunset, Berkley (a Harlem Renaissance mystery featuring a young Black woman working in a new speakeasy when she gets caught up in a murder)

Marie-Célie Agnant (trans. Katia Grubisic), A Knife in the Sky, Inanna (based on the lived history of those who survived the Duvaliers regime)

Joy Allyson, Whiskey Love, Wild Rose Press (romance in which the protagonists are in a deadly tangle against revenuers, moonshiners, and robber barons)

Lynn Austin, Long Way Home, Tyndale (a young woman searches for the truth her childhood friend won’t discuss after returning from World War II)

Karen Barnett, When Stone Wings Fly, Kregel (uncovering a long-lost family story is the only way Kieran can bring her grandmother peace before she dies)

Kerry Barrett, The Book of Last Letters, HQ Digital (dual timeline narrative set in 1940 and present day, inspired by a true story of a young nurse who captures the final letters of injured soldiers)

Jade Beer, The Last Dress from Paris, Berkley (dual timeline mystery set in London, 2017 and Paris, 1952)

Judith Berlowitz, Home So Far Away, She Writes (a diary, abandoned in Barcelona as Franco’s fascist troops storm into the city in 1938, reveals the life of Klara Philipsborn, the only Communist in her merchant-class, German-Jewish family)

Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Tomboy, She Writes (in 1939 a budding journalist is torn between writing a column which will damage her new friend’s career, or investigating a murder and its connection to the upcoming war)

Corina Boman (trans. Michael Meigs), Matilda’s Secret, AmazonCrossing (in pre-WWII Sweden, fate and secrets change an impetuous young woman’s life in a novel of deception, true love, and reinvention)

Matt Bondurant, Oleander City, Blackstone (in the wake of the 1900 Galveston hurricane, three lives converge despite persecution from the Ku Klux Klan)

Maggie Brookes, Acts of Love and War, Century (1936; civil war in Spain with one woman caught in the crossfire)

Geraldine Brooks, Horse, Viking/Little, Brown UK (based on the true story of the record-breaking thoroughbred, Lexington, who became America’s greatest stud sire; novel is a reckoning with the legacy of enslavement and racism in America)

Julie Brooks, The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay, Headline (Molly uncovers a photograph and a letter from her grandmother, asking her to find out what happened to her own mother, Rose, who disappeared in the 1960s)

Thomas T. Chin, Unpredictable Winds, TouchPoint (a story of unrequited love, secrets, desire, and an unintended friendship that leads to devastating consequences)

Joanne Clague, The Ragged Valley, Canelo (saga inspired by the real events of the Great Sheffield Flood)

Paul M. Clark, The Witchfinder’s Mark, Brio Books (dark folk horror novel set during the English Civil War)

Steven T. Collis, Praying with the Enemy, Shadow Mountain (based on the true story of an American POW during the Korean War and a North Korean soldier who become unlikely allies)

Paddy Crewe, My Name is Yip, The Overlook Press (revisionist take on the Western novel set in the Georgia gold rush)

Norma Curtis, The Hideaway, Bookouture (dual timeline story in which a granddaughter uncovers her estranged grandmother’s WWII story)

Maya Deane, Wrath Goddess Sing, Wm Morrow (a new spin on a familiar tale, this is the Trojan War unlike before, and an Achilles whose vulnerability is revealed by the people she chooses to fight…and chooses to trust)

Damien Dibben, The Colour Storm, Michael Joseph (story of art and ambition, love and obsession in Renaissance Venice)

David Santos Donaldson, Greenland, Amistad (literary novel in which a young author writes about the secret love affair between E.M. Forster and Mohammed el Adl)

Kate Eastham, The Sea Nurses, Bookouture (in 1914 a young Scottish fisher girl joins the war effort as an army nurse)

Maria Escobar, The Teacher of Warsaw, Harper Muse (inspired by a real-life hero of the Holocaust, novel reminds the world that one single person can incite meaning, hope, and love)

Mary Anna Evans, The Physicists’ Daughter, PPP (New Orleans, 1944 –a young factory worker suspects that the carbon parts she assembles might have something to do with a top-secret government initiative)

Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Woman of Light, One World/Corsair (epic of betrayal, love, and fate that spans five generations of an Indigenous Chicano family in the American West)

David Field, An Uncivil War, Sapere (Stephen and Matilda battle to rule Medieval England in 1120)

Fiona Ford, The Good Time Girls at War, Embla Books (In the face of the Blitz, a devastating chain of events is set in motion for the members of the Hammersmith Palais de Danse)

Jamie Ford, The Many Daughters of Afong Moy, Atria (exploration of the love that binds one family across the generations)

Maggie Ford, Mile End Girl, Ebury (saga of an East End girl who tried to forge a new life for herself and her baby)

Rachel Fordham, Where the Road Bends, Revell (in a desperate bid to save her family’s land, Norah King agrees to marry a man she barely knows)

Dianne Freeman, A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder, Kensington (Countess of Harleigh Mystery #5 set in Victorian England)

Nathaniel Gee, Of Pigs and Priests, Sweetwater (in 1557 Father Young and Bishop Goldheart find new hope when Queen Elizabeth comes to the throne and officially institutes the Church of England, which allows priests to marry)

Todd Gitlin, The Opposition, Guernica World Editions (story of civil rights and America’s 1960s New Left movement)

Michael Giutierrez, The Swill, Leapfrog Press (1929. Joshua Rivers, his pregnant wife Lily, his criminal sister Olive, a geriatric dog Orla, and a cast of ne’er-do-wells eke out life in The Swill, a speakeasy passed down through the Rivers family)

Leonard Goldberg, The Blue Diamond, Minotaur (Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series – the fate of the allied forces lies in the hands of Joanna and the Watsons)

Gabriele Goldstone, Crow Stone, Ronsdale Press (follows a worker at an ammunition factory who flees with her two sisters as the Third Reich begins to collapse under the weight of the Red Army)

Adrian Goldsworthy, The City, Aries (City of Victory, book 2, set on the Eastern Frontier AD 113)

Alex Gough, Emperor’s Lion, Canelo (historical thriller set in Ancient Rome)

Molly Green, Wartime at Bletchley Park, Avon (first in a new World War II historical fiction series)

Melody Groves, Trail to Tin Town, Five Star (it’s the end of the Civil War, the demand for beef is high and James Colton convinces his three brothers there’s money to be made in a cattle drive)

George Gurley, The Griefmaker, Anamcara Press (novel explores the American struggle for progress and tradition. A story of love, death, and perhaps atonement)

Emma Harcourt, The Brightest Star, HQ Fiction AU (a thirst for learning and a passion for astronomy draw a young woman into the political complexities and religious extremism of Renaissance Florence)

Rick Harsch, The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas, Zerogram Press (multi-generational family drama unfolds into an observation of violence in American history)

Robin Lee Hatcher, I’ll Be Seeing You, Thomas Nelson (a young college student learns the truth about her great-grandmother’s World War II heartbreak and love. Inspirational fiction)

Ray Herbeck, To the Color, Five Star (the continuing true story of John Riley, after Changing Flags)

Werner Herzog (trans. Michael Hofmann), The Twilight World, Penguin Press (tells the story of Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier who defended a small island in the Philippines for twenty-nine years after the end of WWII)

Kate Hewitt, The Angel of Vienna, Bookouture (WWII story based on real events—about tragedy, friendship and courage in the face of impossible odds)

Sophia Holloway, The Season, Allison & Busby (Regency romance)

Vanessa Hua, Forbidden City, Ballantine (a teenage girl living in 1960s China becomes Mao Zedong’s protégée and lover—and a heroine of the Cultural Revolution)

Piper Huguley, By Her Own Design, Wm Morrow (story of how Ann Lowe, a Black woman and granddaughter of slaves, rose to design and create one of America’s most famous wedding dresses for Jackie Kennedy)

Angela Hunt, The Apostle’s Sister, Bethany House (Aya, daughter of Zebulon of Tarsus, does not want a traditional life, but wants to use her gifts and be something more than a wife and mother)

Douglas Jackson, The Wall, Bantam (AD 400 – adventure set at Hadrian’s Wall as the Roman Empire’s grip on Britain weakens)

Jane Johnson, The White Hare, Aria (a house has lain neglected since the war. It comes with a reputation and a strange atmosphere, which is why it is so cheap in the fateful summer of 1954)

Kathleen Kaska, Murder at the Menger, Anamcara Press (1953 – cosy Sydney Lockhart murder mystery)

Kate Khavari, A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons, Crooked Lane (London, 1923 – Saffron Everleigh is in a race against time to free her wrongly accused professor)

Sean Kikkert, Sweetheart’s Lake, Sweetwater (romantic suspense novel set during the regency period)

Laurie R. King, Castle Shade, Bantam (a queen, a castle, and a dark and ageless threat all await Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes)

Rosalie Knecht, Vera Kelly: Lost and Found, Tin House (in spring 1971 Vera puts her private detective skills to good use and tracks a trail of breadcrumbs across southern California to find her missing girlfriend)

Bob Kroll, The Punishing Journey of Arthur Delaney, ECW (a 19th-century family saga about a father’s love as expressed through his twenty- year quest across Canada and the U.S. to find his three children)

Alexandra Lapierre (trans. Tina Kover), Belle Greene, Europa (a young girl enamoured of rare books defies all odds to become the director of J. P. Morgan’s private libraries)

Mohamed Leftah (trans. Lara Vergnaud), Captain Ni’mat’s Last Battle, Other Press (charts the late-in-life sexual awakening of a retired army officer who embarks on a dangerous affair with a male servant. LGBTQ+)

Amy Licence, Dangerous Lady, Sapere (historical drama set at the court of King Henry VIII and featuring Anne Boleyn. First book in the Marwood Family Tudor Saga)

A.M. Linden, The Valley, She Writes (The Druid Chronicles, Book two)

Sean Lusk, The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley, Doubleday (18th-century tale of a clockmaker whose son possesses unusual talents)

Jeanette Lynes, The Apothecary’s Garden, HarperAvenue (story about the mysteries of life, the enchantment of flowers, and wonders of love, set in Victorian Canada)

Mathieu Mariolle, Fabio Piacentini, The Final Secret of Adolph Hitler, Humanoids, Inc (a chase between Allied and Nazi submarines at the dawn of the Cold War)

William Martin, December ’41, Forge (a desperate chase from Los Angeles to Washington, D. C., in the first weeks of the Second World War)

Robert Marshall, Storm From the East, Canelo (brings to life a time when East and West finally came face to face and the contours of modern Asia were set)

Anna Maxymiw, Minique, McClelland & Stewart (loosely based on the lives of real 17th-century figures, novel is a feminist fable, a survival story, and a turbulent romance)

Fiona McIntosh, The Chocolate Tin, PenguinAU (historical mystery romance)

Ann McMan, Dead Letters from Paradise, Bywater Books (1960― a spinster postal investigator finds herself enmeshed in the mystery of solving who is sending undeliverable letters to the town’s 18th-century hortus medicus)

Catriona McPherson, In Place of Fear, Mobius (new crime novel set in 1940s Edinburgh at the birth of the NHS)

Judii Merle, Wabanang, Daughter of the Stars, Crossfield (follows Wabanang (Morning Star) as a child, as a residential school student and as a medicine woman for her people through her granddaughter’s search for the truth)

Mikael, Bootblack, Papercutz (WWII graphic novel)

John Anthony Miller, The Drop, TouchPoint (Havana, 1958; when a brutal dictator steals the family fortune, wealthy Ariana Rojas joins the revolution, determined to get back what she lost)

J. M. Miro, Ordinary Monsters, Flatiron/Bloomsbury/McClelland & Stewart (England, 1882. In Victorian London, two children with mysterious powers are hunted by a man made of smoke. Historical fantasy)

Allison Montclair, The Unkept Woman, Minotaur (in London, 1946, Miss Iris Sparks has to deal with aspects of her past exploits during the recent war that have come back around to haunt her. Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery)

Coirle Mooney, The Cloistered Lady, Sapere (historical drama set in the nunnery at Fontrevault, in Medieval France)

H.B. Moore, Hannah: Mother of a Prophet, Covenant (fictional account of Samuel’s life as a prophet in the making, and how his mother, Hannah, made impossible decisions guided by her deep and abiding love of God)

Ottessa Moshfegh, Lapvona, Penguin Press (in a village in a medieval fiefdom buffeted by natural disasters, a motherless shepherd boy finds himself the unlikely pivot of a power struggle)

Tara Moss, The Ghosts of Paris, Dutton / Harper Avenue (a search for a missing husband puts former war reporter Billie Walker on a collision course with an underground network of Nazi criminals in post-war London & Paris)

Robert Lee Murphy, Bozeman Paymaster, Five Star (the story of how, in the nation’s drive to advance Manifest Destiny, it blundered into one of its most distressing reverses. Set in 1866)

Jack Murray, The Shadow of War, Lume Books (follows the lives of two boys, one English, one German, who are destined to meet at the battle of El Alamein)

Naomi Musch, Season of My Enemy, Barbour (series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII)

Robbi Neal, The Secret World of Connie Starr, HQ Fiction AU (an evocation of Australian life through WWII to the 1950s)

Patrice Nganang (trans. Amy B. Reid), A Trail of Crab Tracks, FSG (chronicles the fight for Cameroonian independence through the story of a father’s love for his family and his land)

Carol Nickles, Thumb Fire Desire, Wild Rose Press (romance set in 1881, when indigent seamstress Ginny Dahlke arrives in one of the earliest Polish American settlements—Parisville, Michigan)

Paraic O’Donnell, The Maker of Swans, Tin House (tale of murder and secrets on a country estate in early 20th-century)

Janette Oke, Laurel Oke Logan, Unfailing Love, Bethany House (When Hope Calls, book 3 – inspirational)

Lizzie Pook, Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter, S&S (in a town teeming with corruption, prejudice and blackmail, Eliza soon learns that the truth can cost more than pearls, and she must decide just how much she is willing to pay)

MJ Porter, Wolf of Mercia, Boldwood Books (Eagle of Mercia Chronicles, book two)

Natasha Pulley, The Half Life of Valery K, Bloomsbury (Cold War novel set in a mysterious town in Soviet Russia)

Joanna Quinn, The Whalebone Theatre, Penguin UK/Fig Tree (novel about an irrepressible young heroine who becomes an undercover agent during World War II)

Luca Rastello (trans. Cristina Viti), The Rain’s Falling Up, Seagull Books (novel set in the late 1960s and 1970s Italy, a tempestuous period that shaped the lives of generations to come in many countries)

Kelly Rimmer, The German Wife, Graydon House (as anti-German sentiment sweeps America, the aristocratic wife of a German scientist must face the social isolation, hostility and violence in the aftermath of WWII)

Bill Rivers, Last Summer Boys, Lake Union (coming-of-age debut of a determined Appalachian boy who will go to any length to save his family over the course of one life-changing summer in 1968)

Jennifer Ryan, The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle, Macmillan UK/Ballantine (novel inspired by true events in the Second World War)

Shari J. Ryan, The Lieutenant’s Girl, Bookouture (WWII romance about the heartbreaking reality of war and the power of love to overcome all)

Lynsay Sands, The Chase, Avon Books (a Highlands hellion flees the handsome “English devil” she’s been promised to, and he realizes that his enchanting prize will be much harder to win than he imagined)

Gabor Schein (trans. Ottilie Mulzet), Autobiographies of an Angel, Yale Univ. Press (narrative of family history in Hungary’s Jewish community and the nation’s deep complicity in the Holocaust)

Katharine Schellman, Last Call at the Nightingale, Minotaur (new jazz-age mystery series set in New York 1924)

Sarah Schmidt, Blue Hour, Hachette AU (novel magnifies the fractures between a mother and a daughter, and reveals the cost of allowing grief and trauma to reach down generations)

Cat Sebastian, The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes, Avon Books (tale of a reluctant criminal and the thief who cannot help but love her, set in Georgian London. LGBTQ+)

Steve Sem-Sandberg (trans. Saskia Vogel), W., The Overlook Press (tale of jealousy, love turned to hate, and murder and its consequences)

Nancy Cole Silverman, The Navigator’s Daughter, Level Best (after traveling to Hungary to photograph where her father’s downed B-24 came to rest in WWII, Kat finds herself in the middle of an international art theft ring)

Amanda Skenandore, The Nurse’s Secret, Kensington (a young female grifter in 1880s New York evades the police by conning her way into Bellevue Hospital’s training school for nurses)

Phyllis M. Skoy, As They Are: A Turkish Trilogy, Black Rose (story of three generations of women, set in Turkey against the background of two world wars)

Lauraine Snelling, A Time to Bloom, Bethany House (despite Del and her sisters’ best-laid plans, the future might surprise them all. Leah’s Garden, book 2)

David Starr, The Colour of Glass, Ronsdale Press (chronicles the relationship between Indigenous people and the fur traders, politicians, judges, police, priests and school staff who looked to profit from, assimilate, or eradicate Indigenous people and their cultures)

Nell Stevens, Briefly, A Delicious Life, Picador/Scribner (when George Sand and Frédéric Chopin arrive at a monastery in Mallorca, the resident ghost, Blanca, falls head-over-heels in love with George – this striking woman in a man’s clothing. LGBTQ)

Joseph J. Swope, Dark Age Monarch, Black Rose (re-telling of Arthurian legend that maintains elements of the traditional tale but set in a historical perspective—with a bit of magic thrown into the mix)

John Theobald, The Drowned Land, Aries (first in trilogy set 8,000 years ago during the last days of Doggerland, the North Sea’s Stone-Age Atlantis)

Julia Bryan Thomas, For Those Who Are Lost, Sourcebooks Landmark (Isle of Guernsey — one woman’s split-second decision on the eve of World War II will tear a family apart)

Karen Thornell, Edward and Amelia, Covenant (an inevitable scandal follows Edward and Amelia’s ill-conceived meeting, forcing them to marry. Regency romance)

Gábor Vida (trans. Jozefina Komporaly), Story of a Stammer, Seagull Books (describes life in the 1970s and ’80s under Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauçescu’s authoritarian regime, & chronicles the ways in which tyranny and exploitation seep into family relationships)

Nina Wachsman, The Gallery of Beauties, Level Best (Venice, 1612; a notorious courtesan and a Talmudic scholar are brought together by an artist when they pose for a “Gallery of Beauties,”)

Sarai Walker, The Cherry Robbers, Serpent’s Tail (a feminist gothic about the lone survivor of a cursed family of sisters, whose time may finally be up)

Jack Wang, We Two Alone, HarperVia (weaves a complex portrait of the Chinese immigrant experience in a collection of stories that move through time and place)

Mark Warren, The Westering Trail Travesties, Five Star (Five Little-Known Tales of the Old West That Probably Ought to A’ Stayed That Way)

Pam Weaver, The Runaway Orphans, Avon (desperate to escape their stepfather’s house, sisters Amy and Lillian stow away aboard a train full of children being evacuated from London)

Andrew Williams, The Prime Minister’s Affair, Hodder & Stoughton (1921 –when Ramsay MacDonald, Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister, is blackmailed by a former lover, MI5’s Frenchie must go to Paris to buy her silence)

Karen Witemeyer, In Honor’s Defense, Bethany House (Hanger’s Horsemen book 3 – inspirational western romance)

Benjamin Wood, The Young Accomplice, Viking (story of two recently released Borstal offenders who are given a second chance at life by being offered an apprenticeship at a school of architecture)

Caroline Woods, The Lunar Housewife, Doubleday (an up-and-coming journalist stumbles onto a web of secrets, deceptions, and mysteries—inspired by the true story of CIA intervention in Cold War America)

James Garcia Woods, Death of a Matador, Lume Books (tale that immerses the reader in the realities of the Spanish Civil War and the driving forces of contemporary Spanish culture)

Seishi Yokomizo (trans. Louise Heal Kawai), Death on Gokumn Island, Pushkin Vertigo (locked room murder mystery set at end of WWII)

Georgina Young-Ellis, Kiss Me Good Night Major Darcy, Meryton Press (WWII novel featuring the women of Longbourn as they navigate the rocks and shoals of wartime Great Britain to endure misunderstandings and discover lasting love)

Ovidia Yu, The Mushroom Tree Mystery, Constable (in Singapore, amid rumours the Japanese occupiers are preparing to wipe out the population of the island, a young aide is found murdered beneath the termite mushroom tree)

July 2022

Anastasia Abboud, Tremors Through Time, The Wild Rose Press (medieval Scottish time travel romance)

Nick Alexander, Perfectly Ordinary People, Lake Union (in occupied France, two people sacrificed everything and now their granddaughter has come looking for the truth)

V. S. Alexander, The War Girls, Kensington (based on the true stories of the ghetto, life in Warsaw during the Occupation, and the women who served the Allies as agents and spies)

Merryn Allingham, Murder at the Priory Hotel, Bookouture (Sussex, 1957 — Flora Steele, bookshop owner, bicycle-rider, and amateur detective, faces her most puzzling case yet)

Ann Aptaker, Hunting Gold, Bywater Books (New York, 1955― Cantor Gold, dapper art thief and smuggler, finds herself threatened by a mysterious predator seeking to destroy everything she holds dear)

Tessa Arlen, A Dress of Violet Taffeta, Berkley (novel based on the true story of icon Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, a woman determined to shatter the boundaries of the fashion world and support herself and her young daughter)

Libby Ashworth, A Mother’s Fight, Canelo (after her husband is transported to Australia as a convict, Hannah and her children are sent to the workhouse, but problems increase when he unexpectedly comes home)

Ethan Bale, Hawker and the King’s Jewel, Canelo (new series of intrigue and adventure set in the twilight of the Wars of the Roses)

Pepper Basham, The Heart of the Mountains, Barbour (to escape marriage, Cora Taylor runs away from her home in England to join her brother in the Blue Ridge Mountains)

Julie Bates, A Taste of Betrayal, Level Best (suspicion falls on the wife after a wealthy man is poisoned in Williamsburg in April, 1775)

Christophe Bernard (trans. Lazer Lederhendler), The Hollow Beast, Biblioasis (generational comic saga about revenge perpetrated for a wrong done at a hockey game in 1911)

Andrea J. Buchanan, Five-Part Invention, Pegasus (spanning five generations of women, literary novel wrestles with the question—is the love we transmit enough to undo the trauma of the past?)

J. L. Buck, The Dead Betray None, Camel Press (1811 England, an aristocratic spy and a highborn lady cross paths over a dead body)

Estelle-Sarah Bulle (trans. Julia Grawemeyer), Where Dogs Bark with Their Tails, FSG (unveils the history of the Ezechiel clan, and with it, that of the island of Guadeloupe over the course of the twentieth century)

Jessie Burton, The House of Fortune, Picador (sequel to The Miniaturist, set in Amsterdam in 1705 — a story of fate and ambition, secrets and dreams, and one young woman’s determination to rule her own destiny)

Sandra Byrd, Heirlooms, Tyndale (dual-narrative 20th-c story of four women intertwines across generations to explore the secrets we keep, and the love we pass down)

Roberto Calasso (trans. Tim Parks), The Tablet of Destinies, FSG (the eleventh part of a literary work in progress that began in 1983 with The Ruin of Kasch)

Kristy Cambron, The Italian Ballerina, Thomas Nelson (journeys from the Allied storming of the beaches at Salerno to the London ballet stage and the war-torn streets of WWII Rome. Dual-timeline narrative)

Ella Carey, The Lost Sister of Fifth Avenue, Bookouture (novel about the strength of sisterly love and the courage of the women of the Resistance)

Deborah Carr, The Beekeeper’s War, One More Chapter (two women, two wars and a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Set in 1916 and 1940)

Katherine J. Chen, Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc, Random House (secular reimagining of the life of Joan of Arc)

Jennifer Chiaverini, Switchboard Soldiers, Wm Morrow (novel of the women of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, who broke down gender barriers, and battled a pandemic as they helped lead the Allies to victory)

Mary Connealy, Inventions of the Heart, Bethany House (The Lumber Baron’s Daughters, book 2 – inspirational)

Richard Cullen, Shield Breaker, Aries (historical adventure set in England and in the royal court of Dublin in 1068)

Siobhan Curham, The Secret Keeper, Bookouture (wartime novel based on the true stories of the female secret agents sent into occupied Europe)

Abigail Cutter, Long Shadows, She Writes (a ghost from the Confederate army finds an unexpected ally in the 21st-century owner of the house in which his spectre resides)

Paul Daley, Jesustown, Allen & Unwin (multi-generational saga about Australian frontier violence and cultural theft)

Alice Elliott Dark, Fellowship Point, Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books (story of a lifelong friendship between two singular women across the arc of the 20th century)

Lindsey Davis, Desperate Undertaking, Minotaur (Flavia Albia mystery, book 10)

Rusty Davis, Justice Warrior, Five Star (two men become the focal point for keeping peace – John Dooley and his Cheyenne co-worker Fox Running)

Jill Dawson, The Bewitching, Sceptre (novel that draws on the 16th-century case of the witches of Warboys)

Tetyana Denford, The Child of Ukraine, Bookouture (based on the true story of the author’s grandparents, a tale of love, loss and family secrets)

P. T. Deutermann, The Last Paladin, SMP (tale of anti-submarine warfare in the World War II Pacific Theater)

Shirley Dickson, The Lost Children, Forever (can two orphans survive a world at war when they discover the shocking truth of their past?)

Paul Doherty, Realm of Darkness, Headline (Hugh Corbett murder mystery set in spring of 1312)

Ruth Druart, The Last Hours in Paris, Grand Central/Headline Review (novel of love, sacrifice, identity, and the lasting consequences of WWII – set in 1940s and 1960s)

Caroline Dunford, Hope for Tomorrow, Headline Accent (in 1940 the Battle of Britain takes to the air as Hope Stapleford embarks on her third adventure)

Rachael English, The Letter Home, Mobius (while researching the 1840s Famine, Jessie is drawn into the story of a brave young mother called Bridget Moloney & determines to discover what happened to her and her daughter)

Jessica Ellicott, Murder Through the English Post, Kensington (a Beryl and Edwina Mystery #6 set just after WWI)

KG Fleury, Friends in Funchal, The Book Guild (1811 — novel outlines a vivid picture of an island occupied by military forces, the ravages of consumption and the traumatic remedies that a doctor must endure for his health)

Eric Flint, 1812: The Rivers of War, Baen (alternate history of the American frontier and the Jacksonian era, during which a small change takes place at the Battle of the Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812)

Kate Forsyth, The Crimson Thread, Blackstone (Crete during World War II — a young resistance fighter finds herself caught between her traitor of a brother and the man she loves)

Suzanne Fortin, Beyond a Broken Sky, Aria (dual timeline mystery set in 2022 and 1945)

W. Michael Gear; Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Lightning Shell, Forge (conclusion to the People of Cahokia. North America’s Forgotten Past, book 27)

Alex Gerlis, Agent in Peril, Canelo (WWII espionage thriller)

Lily Graham, The Last Restaurant in Paris, Bookouture (in Nazi-occupied Paris, one brave young woman risks everything to save the lives of those around her)

Irving A. Greenfield, The Carey Blood, Sapere (adventure story with themes of loyalty and retribution, set in 1800s America)

Tessa Harris, The Light We Left Behind, HQ Digital (novel based on true events at the stately English manor, Trent Park, during World War II)

Lorraine Heath, Return of the Duke, Avon Books (the son of a disgraced duke teams up with a sultry beauty to thwart an assassination plot against Queen Victoria)

Robert Hillman, The Bride of Almond Tree, Text (a journey through the catastrophic mid-twentieth century—from summer in Almond Tree to Moscow’s bitter winter and back again)

Tim Hodkinson, The Bear’s Blade, Aries (Einar and his Wolf Coats must sail to Brittany to find the famous religious scholar, Israel of Trieste; Fifth book in Whale Road Chronicles)

Sandra Howard, Love At War, The Book Guild (in March 1940 Laura boards a ship to chase after a man she has fallen in love with, who has joined up to fight with the King’s African Rifles in Uganda)

Graham Hurley, Katastrophe, Aries (thriller set against the final stages of the Second World War)

Sophie Irwin, A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting, Pamela Dorman (1818; a woman uses her cunning to launch herself into London society and marry a fortune)

Angela Jackson-Brown, The Light Always Breaks, Harper Muse (story of a star-crossed romance and the way love has the power to change everything)

Sarah James, The Woman with Two Shadows, Sourcebooks Landmark (story of a woman caught up in one of the most closely held secrets of World War II)

Jim Jones, Halo Moon, Five Star (a Western adventure of revenge and retribution)

Susan Kaberry, The Good Shepherd and the Last Perfect, The Book Guild (based on Inquisition records, a fictionalised account of the true story of Pierre Maury and Guillaume Belibaste)

Steve Kelton, Elmer Kelton’s The Unlikely Lawman, Forge (new adventure in Elmer Kelton’s Hewey Calloway series)

John Keyse-Walker, Havana Highwire, Severn House (novel set in 1950s revolutionary Cuba)

Jess Kidd, The Night Ship, Atria (illuminates the lives of two characters: a girl shipwrecked on an island off Western Australia and, three hundred years later, a boy finding a home with his grandfather on the very same island)

Chris Kraus (trans. Ruth Martin), The Bastard Factory, Picador (a drama of betrayal and self-delusion spanning the years 1905 to 1975, taking us from Riga to Moscow, Berlin and Munich all the way to Tel Aviv)

Leyna Krow, Fire Season, Viking (imagines the greed and misogyny of the American West to tell a story about finding purpose in the face of injustice)

Marion Kummerow, The Orphan’s Mother, Bookouture (a tale of courage, heartbreak and motherhood in wartime)

Stephanie La Cava, I Fear My Pain Interests You, Verso (an exploration of bodies, trauma and 1960s cinema)

Gregory J. Lalire, The Call of McCall, Five Star (western adventure set after the Civil War)

Sarah Lee, An Ocean Apart, Macmillan UK (inspired by real life stories of the Windrush Generation and the author’s mother’s own experiences as a nurse in the 1950s)

Norman Lock, Voices in the Dead House, Bellevue Literary Press (in the ninth American Novels series book, Walt Whitman and Louisa May Alcott meet the horrors of the Civil War as they minister to its casualties)

George Mann, The Albion Initiative, Tor (steampunk series concludes as our special agent heroes discover a plot of empire-changing proportions. A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation)

Shirley Mann, Hannah’s War, Zaffre (WWII Land Girl saga)

Nev March, Peril at the Exposition, Minotaur (Captain Jim Agnihotri and his new bride return in the follow up to Murder in Old Bombay)

Anthony Marra, Mercury Pictures Presents, Hogarth (moving from Mussolini’s Italy to 1940s Los Angeles—a timeless story of love, deceit, and sacrifice)

Madeline Martin, The Librarian Spy (US) / The American Librarian (UK), Hanover Square (novel inspired by the true history of America’s library spies of World War Two)

Susan Anne Mason, A Feeling of Home, Bethany House (Redemption’s Light, book 3 – inspirational romance)

Mary McMyne, The Book of Gothel, Redhook (historical fantasy – retelling of Rapunzel filled with dark magic, crumbling towers, mysterious woods, and evil princes)

Tom Mead, Death and the Conjuror, Mysterious Press (a magician-turned-sleuth in pre-war London solves three impossible crimes)

Connie Monk, Full Circle, Canelo (an unexpected inheritance offers the chance for a fresh start in 1957)

Jennifer Moore, Renae Weight Mackley, Carolyn Twede Frank, Carla Kelly, Where Dreams Meet, Covenant (inspirational historical romance collection)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, The Daughter of Doctor Moreau, Del Rey (reimagining of The Island of Doctor Moreau set against the backdrop of nineteenth-century Mexico)

Louise Morrish, Operation Moonlight, Century (a novel about a generation of women and men who truly knew what it meant to survive)

Mutt-Lon (trans. Amy B. Reid), The Blunder, Amazon Crossing (a satirical reimagining of an overlooked episode in Cameroon’s colonial past)

Marie Myung-Ok Lee, The Evening Hero, S&S UK (toggling between past and present, Korea and America, a man looks back at his life asking questions about what is lost and what is gained when immigrants leave home for new shores)

Lizzie Page, An Orphan’s Song, Bookouture (England, 1951; story about children orphaned by war, the grieving young woman who cares for them, and their journey together to healing)

Kurt Palka, The Orphan Girl, McClelland & Stewart (story about friendship and courage, and about promises made and kept, set during the final months of WWII)

Mary Paulson-Ellis, Emily Noble’s Disgrace, Picador (two women, a trauma cleaner and a young detective, embark on a journey into the heart of a forgotten family)

Daniel Peltz, Witness, The Book Guild (1960s Germany, after the trial of Adolf Eichmann —  novel explores aspects of German society, including the limitations of the German Penal Code in prosecuting ex-Nazis )

Andrea Penrose, Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kensington (the wedding of the Earl of Wrexford and Lady Charlotte Sloane is not-to-be-missed, but the murder of a brilliant London scientist threatens their plans—and their lives)

Tracie Peterson, Beyond the Desert Sands, Bethany House (the last thing Isabella Garcia wants is to spend Christmas in a small silver-mining town when she’d rather stay in California with the handsome Diego Morales)

Tracie Peterson, The Alaska Saga, Barbour (three historical romances)

Sarah Priscus, Groupies, Wm Morrow (shines a bright light on the grungy yet glittery world of 1970s rock ’n’ roll and the women—the groupies—who unapologetically love too much in a world that doesn’t love them back)

Frances Quinn, That Bonesetter Woman, S&S (a woman follows in the family tradition to become a bonesetter in Georgian London)

Joanna Rees, The Sister Returns, Pan (third novel in the historical trilogy A Stitch in Time, set in New York, 1929)

Alex Reeve, The Blood Flower, Raven (1883 – the next installment of the series featuring transgender journalist and amateur detective Leo Stanhope)

Evelyn Richardson, Mistress of Music, Camel Press (when Grace Owen meets Maximilian Hawkesbury, she learns that hurting someone you care for is far more painful than love)

Vanessa Riley, Sister Mother Warrior, Wm Morrow (based on the true-life stories of two women who helped lead the rebellion that drove out the French and freed the enslaved people of Haiti)

Madeleine Roux, The Proposition, Dell (a woman trapped in a loveless engagement joins forces with a mysterious man bent on revenge against her fiancé)

Michael Russell, The City Underground, Constable (Stefan Gillespie WWII series featuring German spies in 1941 Ireland)

Selby Wynn Schwartz, After Sappho, Text (reimagines the lives of a brilliant group of feminists, sapphists, artists and writers in the late 19th and early 20th century)

Anika Scott, The Soviet Sisters, Wm Morrow (novel filled with secrets, lies, and betrayals, following two spy sisters in the years after WWII)

Roger Smith, The Conductor, Milford House (in 1835, Jules Freeman, one of the few Black men in Philadelphia placed in charge of whites, introduces Rian to the Underground Railroad)

Don J. Snyder, The Tin Nose Shop, Legend (1916. After a military tribunal finds him guilty of cowardice artist Sam Burke is spared death by firing squad so his skills can be used to help fellow soldiers who have been brutally disfigured in the trenches)

Carl Spitteler, The Bombardment of Abo, Central European Univ. Press (farcical tale tells how the British bombing of a Finnish port city changes the life of the Russian governor, his wife, their cook, and the cook’s Finnish fiancé)

David Stafford, Skelton’s Guide to Blazing Corpses, Allison & Busby (murder mystery set on November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night, 1930)

Francesca Stanfill, The Falcon’s Eyes, Harper (set in France and England at the end of the 12th century―story of a spirited young woman, Isabelle, who defies convention to forge a remarkable life)

Sarah Steele, The Lost Song of Paris, Headline Review (story of lost love, danger and espionage and one woman’s bravery in World War Two)

James Stejskal, Direct Legacy, Casemate (1970s – a young American Special Forces soldier must stop his vengeful former comrade-in-arms before he carries out a devastating terrorist strike for the IRA)

Rebecca Stott, Dark Earth, Random House (novel about two sisters fighting for survival in male-dominated Dark Ages Britain)

Maggie Sullivan, The School Mistress, One More Chapter (the Our Street at War series takes an ordinary street during wartime and looks inside at the life of the residents)

Karen Swan, The Last Summer, Macmillan (two strangers from different backgrounds meet on St Kilda in the summer of 1930)

Mary Ellen Taylor, The Brighter the Light, Lake Union (dual-timeline novel detailing one woman’s journey to discover the hidden stories of her family’s seaside resort)

Peter Tremayne, Death of a Heretic, Headline (Sister Fidelma mysteries, book 33)

M. J. Trow, The Yeoman’s Tale, Severn House (poet-sleuth Geoffrey Chaucer is caught up in the chaos of the Peasants’ Revolt as he attempts to track down a brutal killer)

Harry Turtledove, Three Miles Down, Tor (an alternative history novel of alien contact set in the tumultuous year of 1974, Watergate scandal and all)

Elle van Rijn, The Orphans of Amsterdam,  Bookouture (based on the true story of an ordinary young woman who risked everything to save countless children from the Nazis)

Alexandra Walsh, The Jane Seymour Conspiracy, Sapere (a Tudor conspiracy with a modern-day twist. Time shift thriller, book four in Marquess House Sagas)

Minette Walters, The Swift and the Harrier, Blackstone (historical adventure set during one of the most turbulent periods of British history. Set in Dorset, 1642)

Charles Whiting, Operation Afrika, Sapere (first book in a World War Two military adventure trilogy)

Barbara Whitnell, The Ring of Bells, Sapere (family saga set in the English countryside, spanning from the late Victorian era to World War I and its aftermath)

Ethan J. Wolfe, The Illinois Detective Agency: The Case of Duffy’s Revenge, Five Star (book three picks up where The Case of the Stalking Moon leaves off, with the murder of James Duffy’s future wife in the town of Miles City, Montana)

George H. Wolfe, Aftershock, Livingston Press Univ. of West Alabama (novel examines the changes facing men and women returning from World War II)

Patrick Worrall, The Partisan, Bantam (espionage thriller takes readers from Cambridge to the Moscow underworld, from 1960s London to the Eastern Front in the Second World War)

Michelle Wright, Small Acts of Defiance, Wm Morrow (debut WWII novel the small but courageous acts a young woman performs against the growing anti-Jewish measures in Nazi-occupied Paris)

Jenny Tinghui Zhang, Four Treasures of the Sky, Michael Joseph (debut novel, set against the backdrop of the Chinese Exclusion Act, about a Chinese girl fighting to claim her place in the 1880s American West)

August 2022

Sara Ackerman, The Codebreaker’s Secret, Mira (dual-timeline story of codebreaking, secrets, murder, romance and longing)

Jane A. Adams, The Girl in the Yellow Dress, Severn House (DCI Henry Johnstone and DS Mickey Hitchens must crack a darkly complex case, in 1930 Leicester, when the community close ranks)

Sarah Adlakha, Midnight on the Marne, Forge (set during World War I, and in an occupied France in an alternative timeline, novel explores the responsibilities love lays on us and the rippling impact of our choices)

Diane Allen, A Child of the Dales, Macmillan UK (a novel of family, deceit, separation and love)

Santiago Amigorena (trans. Frank Wynne), The Ghetto Within, HarperVia (story of the author’s Jewish grandfather, a Polish immigrant in Argentina, and the guilt he experiences when he is unable to help his family leave the Warsaw ghetto)

Suad Amiry, Mother of Strangers, Pantheon (set in Jaffa in 1947-51, a tale of young love during the beginning of the destruction of Palestine and displacement of its people)

Addison Armstrong, The War Librarian, Putnam (novel inspired by the first female volunteer librarians during World War I and the first women accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy)

Lindsay Jayne Ashford, A Feather on the Water, Lake Union (for three women in postwar Germany, 1945 is a time of hope)

Jennifer Ashley, The Secret of Bow Lane, Berkley (in Victorian-era London, amateur sleuth and cook Kat Holloway must solve a murder to claim an inheritance she didn’t know she had. Below Stairs Mystery #6)

Bernardo Atxaga (trans. Margaret Jull Costa), Water Over Stones, Graywolf/MacLehose (captures a span of time from the early 1970s, when the shadow of the Franco dictatorship still loomed, to 2017)

Vicki Beeby, A Wrens’ Wartime Christmas, Canelo (German U-boats are getting through the defences and it’s up to the Wrens to stop them)

Erin Bledsoe, The Forty Elephants, Blackstone (inspired by the true story of Alice Diamond and the Forty Elephants, the first all-female gang of London, set in the 1920s)

Katarzyna Bonda (trans. Filip Sporczyk), Conspiracy of Blood, Hodder & Stoughton (Sasza Zaluska is plunged into a web of corruption and criminality that has engulfed all levels of Polish society since the fall of Communism)

Rhys Bowen, Where the Sky Begins, Lake Union (a woman’s future is determined by fate and choice in a WWII novel about danger, triumph, and second chances)

Tom Bradby, Yesterday’s Spy, Atlantic Monthly (espionage novel about a father searching for his disappeared son against the backdrop of the 1953 coup in Tehran)

Verity Bright, Death Down the Aisle, Bookouture (historical cozy whodunnit full of intrigue and wit. Lady Eleanor Swift, book 11)

Stela Brinzeanu, Set in Stone, Legend (in medieval Moldova, two women from opposing backgrounds fall in love)

Fern Britton, The Good Servant, HarperCollins (the story of Marion Crawford, governess to the Queen)

Joe Brown, A Cowboy’s Destiny, Artemesia (1917 – a young man’s dream of being the best cowboy at the best ranch is tested by something he never expected)

Fiona Buckley, Golden Cargoes, Severn House (May 1589 — Ursula Stannard returns to solve another Tudor mystery in a tale of suspicious riches, murder and hidden treasures)

Jessie Burton, The House of Fortune, Bloomsbury (sequel to The Miniaturist, set in Amsterdam in 1705 — a story of fate and ambition, secrets and dreams, and one young woman’s determination to rule her own destiny)

Jay Carmichael, Marlo, Scribe US (in 1950s conservative Australia a young gay man moves to ‘the City’ to escape the repressive atmosphere of his tiny hometown)

James Carroll, Supply of Heroes, Blackstone (World War I, Douglas Tyrrell leaves Ireland to fight in the English Army, and his sister meets a revolutionary determined to fight for Irish independence even if it means siding with the Germans)

Jerome Charyn, Big Red, Liveright (set amidst the noir glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age, story reimagines the life of Rita Hayworth)

Thomas D. Clagett, Blood West, Five Star  (1885 – Pinkerton agent Hattie Lawton is sent to investigate happenings in the railroad town of Las Vegas in the Territory of New Mexico)

Alys Clare, The Man in the Shadows, Severn House (private investigators Lily Raynor and Felix Wilbraham tackle a puzzling miscarriage of justice and the curious case of a missing child, in this World’s End Bureau Victorian mystery)

Sara Goodman Confino, She’s Up to No Good, Lake Union (on a road trip to a seaside town Jenna’s grandmother, Evelyn, spins the tale of the star-crossed teenage romance that captured her heart and changed the course of her life)

Bobi Conn, A Woman in Time, Little A (a woman challenges the constraints of life in Prohibition-era Appalachia in this novel about endurance, survival, and redemption)

Tea Cooper, The Fossil Hunter, Harper Muse (a fossil discovered at London’s Natural History Museum leads one woman back in time to nineteenth century Australia)

Dilly Court, Sunday’s Child, HarperCollins (fourth book in Nancy Sunday’s story)

Christina Courtenay, Hidden in the Mists, Headline Review (dual timeline Viking romance)

Janis Robinson Daly, The Unlocked Path, Black Rose (in 1897 Philadelphia, Eliza enters medical college at a time when only five percent of doctors are female)

Oscar de Muriel, The Sign of the Devil, Orion (this Victorian melodrama is the conclusion of the Frey & McGray mysteries)

Kaye Dobbie, Keepers of the Lighthouse, HQ Fiction AU (a windswept lighthouse island in Bass Strait hides a dangerous secret hundreds of years in the making—dual timeline set in 2020 and 1882)

Angus Donald, The Loki Sword, Canelo (a Viking quest for a legendary blade, set in AD 776)

Emma Donoghue, Haven, Little, Brown/HarperAvenue/Picador (in seventh-century Ireland, a priest’s dream sends him on a quest to find an isolated spot on which to found a monastery)

Susanne Dunlap, The Portraitist, She Writes (based on the true story of Adélaïe Labille-Guiard’s fight to take her rightful place in the competitive art world of eighteenth-century Paris)

Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman, The Thread Collectors, Graydon House (novel set during the Civil War about two women whose resourceful sewing to support their communities leads them on unexpected, dangerous journeys)

Courtney Ellis, The Forgotten Cottage, Berkley (connected through time to her great-grandmother by a shared English countryside home, an American nurse tries to piece together her family’s tangled history)

Esther Erman, Rebecca of Salerno, She Writes (continues the story of Rebecca from Walter Scott’s 1820 novel Ivanhoe)

Lyndsay Faye, Observations by Gaslight, Aries (a collection of Sherlock Holmes tales that shows the detective and his partner as their acquaintances saw them)

David Field, The Lion of Anjou, Sapere (fourth book in the Medieval Saga Series)

Karen Frost, The Lady Adventurers Club, Bella Books (a club of three disparate members gets together to open a tomb that promises to be even grander than that of King Tutankhamun. LGBTQIA fiction)

Arno Geiger (trans. Jamie Bulloch), Hinterland, Picador (1944; a young injured German soldier is recovering at Mondsee, where he meets two young women who share his hope that life will begin again)

Juliette Godot, From the Drop of Heaven, Sunbury Press (novel set in 1582, in a time when books are banned, and witches live next door)

Robert Gott, The Orchard Murders, Scribe US (novel about revenge, obsession, and the dangerous gullibility of religious fanatics set in Melbourne during WWII)

Susanna Gregory, The Pudding Lane Plot, Sphere (continuation of the adventures of Thomas Chaloner)

Jessica Gregson, After Silence, Deixis Press (novel of the siege of Leningrad, 1941)

Vasily Grossman (trans. Robert and Elizabeth Chandler), The People Immortal, MacLehose (novel that illuminates the realities of Barbarossa and the horror of warfare)

Olivier Guez (trans. Georgia de Chamberet), The Disappearance of Josef Mengele, Verso (novel situates the reader in a literary manhunt on the trail of one of the most elusive and evil figures of the twentieth century)

Abdulrazak Gurnah, Afterlives, Riverhead (multi-generational saga of displacement, loss, and love, set against the brutal colonization of east Africa)

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The Affairs of Ashmore Castle, Sphere (second novel in the Ashmore Castle historical family drama series)

Steven Hartov, The Last of the Seven, Hanover Square (based on the “X Troop” – a team of European Jews who escaped the Continent only to join the British Army and return home to exact their revenge on Hitler’s military)

David Hewson, The Garden of Angels, Canongate (from a yellowing manuscript Nico learns a history lesson from his grandfather and a secret he must keep from his father)

James Hitt, Storm Riders, Five Star (an escaped slave becomes enmeshed in the life of Waco Joseph Callahan, and joins forces with him when Waco’s brothers set out to kill him)

Elisabeth Hobbes, Daughters of Paris, One More Chapter (1939; as Paris becomes an occupied city, the promise two friends made as children will have consequences they could never have imagined)

Adele Holmes, Winter’s Reckoning, She Writes (in 1917 a widow fights for the home she has built for herself despite racial segregation and KKK threats)

Emma Hooper, We Should Not Be Afraid of the Sky, Hamish Hamilton (tale of five young women rapt in rebellion against an era that relies on their submission. Set towards the end of the Roman Empire)

Anna Hope, The White Rock, Fig Tree (four stories are told of people visiting the Rock in 1775, 1907, 1969 and 2020)

Emma Hornby, A Daughter’s War, Bantam (second book in the Worktown Girls at War series)

Francine Thomas Howard, Scattered Seed, Lake Union (three sisters navigate the horrors of the Middle Passage in a novel about family, honor, and the will to live)

Anna Lee Huber, A Certain Darkness, Kensington (agent Verity Kent employs her Secret Service skills to investigate a complex murder; book #6)

Julie Janson, Benevolence, HarperVia (spanning two decades, from 1816-1835, novel sheds light on the violence and erasure of colonization, as well as survival and resistance—a portrait of the Aboriginal Australians whose way of life is forever altered)

Beverly Jenkins, To Catch a Raven, Avon (features a fearless grifter who goes undercover to reclaim the stolen Declaration of Independence)

Jerry B. Jenkins, Dead Sea Conspiracy, Worthy Books (archaeologist Nicole Berman is about to discover the key to unifying three major religions. Book 2 of Dead Sea Chronicles)

Krista Jensen, Hearts of Briarwall, Shadow Mountain (romance set in London and the English countryside, 1906)

Bernadette Jiwa, The Making of Her, Dutton (spanning the nineties and the sixties, with Dublin as its backdrop, a story of marriage, motherhood, and a culture that would not allow a woman to find true happiness)

Elaine Johns, Be Brave For Me, Bookouture (as the war tears the world apart, Maddie is torn between loyalty to her country and love for the gentle German she has been helping)

Lynn Johnson, The Potteries Girls on the Home Front, Hera Books (a WWI saga of friendship and romance beginning in 1911)

Adele Jordan, The Gentlewoman Spy, Sapere (historical espionage adventure set in Elizabethan London with a feisty female lead)

Otohiko Kaga (trans. Albert Novick), Marshland, Dalkey Archive (epic Japanese literary novel running from the pre-World War II period to the turbulence of 1960s Japan)

Khaled Khalifa (trans. Leri Price), No One Prayed Over Their Graves, FSG (story of two close friends whose lives are irrevocably changed when they survive a 1907 flood that devastates their village near Aleppo)

Vaseem Khan, The Lost Man of Bombay, Hodder & Stoughton (third installment in series pits Persis against a mystery from beyond the grave, unfolding against the backdrop of a turbulent post-colonial India)

Jess Kidd, The Night Ship, Canongate (illuminates the lives of two characters: a girl shipwrecked on an island off Western Australia and, three hundred years later, a boy finding a home with his grandfather on the very same island)

Gwendolyn Kiste, Reluctant Immortals, Gallery (historical horror novel that looks at two men of classic literature, Dracula and Mr. Rochester, and the two women who survived them, who are now undead immortals residing in Los Angeles in 1967)

Mark Knowles, Jason, Aries (Jason and his Argonauts have won the fabled Golden Fleece and now he dreams of glory, of taking back his uncle’s throne, rightfully his, and of home)

R. F. Kuang, Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence, Harper Voyager (grapples with student revolutions, colonial resistance, and the use of language and translation as the dominating tool of the British empire)

Jaan Kross (trans. Merike Lepasaar Beecher), A Book of Falsehoods, MacLehose (third part in an historical trilogy set in 1578)

Charles Lambert, The Bone Flower, Gallic (a young gentleman in Victorian London is drawn into a dark and dangerous world when he falls for a beautiful flower seller)

Tim Leach, The Iron Way, Aries (cast to the edge of the Empire, the Sarmatian army must fight in defense of Rome. Second of trilogy set in 2nd– century AD, following A Winter War)

Melanie Levensohn (trans. Jamie Lee Searle), A Jewish Girl in Paris, Macmillan (inspired by true events and set against the backdrop of WWII, novel explores forbidden love between a young Jewish girl and a son of a Nazi sympathizer)

Sarah MacLean, Heartbreaker, Avon Books (featuring a fierce, fearless heroine on a mission to steal a duke’s secrets)

S. G. MacLean, The Bookseller of Inverness, Quercus (historical thriller set in Inverness in the wake of the 1746 battle of Culloden)

Sarah MacLean, Heartbreaker, Piatkus (Hell’s Belles, Book 2, featuring a fearless heroine on a mission to steal a duke’s secrets…and his heart)

Andreï Makine (trans. Geoffrey Strachan), The Armenian Friend, Arcade (a portrait of friendship, a coming-of-age tale, and a dive into the memory of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire)

Kirsty Manning, The Paris Mystery, Allen & Unwin (glamour and mystery set in pre-war Paris)

Beryl Matthews, An Onerous Duty, Allison & Busby (romance in which a soldier uncovers a web of treachery in which it seems that someone is supplying secrets to Napoleon; meanwhile his search for a wife continues)

Imogen Matthews, The Boy in the Attic, Bookouture (dual timeline story about a girl who risked everything, including her life, to save the man she loved)

Alyssa Maxwell, Murder at Beacon Rock, Kensington (in June 1900, reporter Emma Cross discovers the body of a woman in the waters below the Morgans’ mansion)

J.J. McAvoy, Aphrodite and the Duke, Dell/Quercus (a jilted beauty and a regretful duke discover that second chances can be divine in this diverse Regency romance)

Andrew McBride, Cimarrón, Five Star (Calvin Taylor faces some hard choices when he comes up against a desperate band of kidnappers, whose leader may be his best friend)

Ellie Midwood, The Wife Who Risked Everything, Bookouture (based on a true story which shows that, in the face of evil, love is power, courage is infectious—and the voices of many will not be silenced)

Rod Miller, This Thy Brother, Five Star (driven by disagreements with their father, eldest sons Richard and Melvin abandon the Pate family to join eastbound freighters on the Santa Fe Trail)

Coirle Mooney, My Lady’s Shadow, Sapere (medieval adventure set in 1198, France)

Peter Murphy, To Become an Outlaw, No Exit (1964–under Apartheid law, mixed race couple Danie & Amy can’t marry so they flee to England from where they are recruited four years later to help undermine the South African regime)

Elizabeth Musser, By Way of the Moonlight, Bethany House (two courageous young women, tied together by blood and shared passion, will risk everything to save what they love most)

B.R. Myers, A Dreadful Splendor, Wm Morrow (in Victorian London a fake spiritualist is summoned to hold a séance for a bride who died on the eve of her wedding, but as nefarious secrets are revealed, the line between hoax and haunting blurs)

Kitty Neale, A Family Secret, Orion (WWII family saga)

Sheila Newberry, The Girl by the Sea, Zaffre (WWII family saga)

Ben Okri, The Last Gift of the Master Artists, Apollo (novel about life in the time immediately before the arrival of the Atlantic slavers to Nigeria)

Julie Orringer, The Flight Portfolio, Dialogue Books (WWII novel inspired by true events, set in Nazi occupied France in 1940)

Gill Paul, The Manhattan Girls, Wm Morrow (1920s ―Dorothy Parker—one of the wittiest women who ever wielded a pen—and her three friends navigate life, love, and careers in New York City)

Leslye Penelope, The Monsters We Defy, Redhook (a woman able to communicate with spirits must assemble a ragtag crew to pull off a daring heist to save her community. Washington 1925)

Andrea Penrose, Murder at the Serpentine Bridge, Kensington (story sends newlywed sleuths, Lady Charlotte and the Earl of Wrexford, through a web of international intrigue)

Allison Pittman, Laura’s Shadow, Barbour (dual-time line historical set in South Dakota 1890 & 1974. Doors to the Past series)

Mark Pryor, Die Around Sundown, Minotaur (new mystery series set in World War II era Paris, where a detective is forced to solve a murder while protecting his own secrets)

Michelle Rawlins, Steel Girls on the Home Front, HQ (book three in saga of three girls from Sheffield who step up to do their bit for their country)

Melody Razak, Moth, Harper (saga of one Indian family’s trials through partition—the 1947 split of Pakistan from India—exploring its impact on women, what it means to be “othered” in one’s own society)

Vanessa Riley, Murder in Westminster, Kensington (story of a widow whose skin color and family history have left her with few friends she can rely on. Start of new series)

Kelly Robson, High Times in the Low Parliament, Tordotcom (a lighthearted romp through an 18th-century London featuring flirtatious scribes, irritable fairies, and the dangers of Parliament)

Lisa Williamson Rosenberg, Embers on the Wind, Little A (past and present converge in this supernatural tale of women connected by motherhood, slavery’s legacy, and histories that span centuries)

Jennifer Ryan, Surrendering to Hunt, Avon Books (a by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman)

Katharine Schellman, Death at the Manor, Crooked Lane (tortured spirits haunt a Regency-era English manor—but the true danger lies in the land of the living. Lily Adler mystery)

Emma Seckel, The Wild Hunt, Tin House (a young woman’s fated return, post WWII, to a wind-battered island off the coast of Scotland, and the dark forces—old and new—that she finds there)

Jack Serong, The Settlement, Text (reimagines the ill-fated exploits of George Augustus Robinson at the settlement of Wybalenna)

Zoe Sivak, Mademoiselle Revolution, Berkley (1790s — story of a biracial heiress who flees to Paris when the Haitian Revolution burns across her island home)

Anita Stansfield, The Scoundrel’s Widow, Sweetwater (Regency romance)

Belinda Huijuan Tang, A Map for the Missing, Penguin Press (debut set against a rapidly changing post–Cultural Revolution China, which reckons with the cost of pursuing one’s dreams and the lives we leave behind)

Penny Thorpe, The Quality Street Wedding, HarperCollins (the heroines at the Quality Street factory must be ready for anything as war looms)

Louisa Treger, Madwoman, Bloomsbury (based on a true story about the world’s first female investigative journalist)

Peter Tremayne, Death of a Heretic, Severn House (the suspicious death of a foreign bishop brings trouble to Sister Fidelma and the kingdom of Muman)

Nicola Upson, Dear Little Corpses, Crooked Lane (1939; as the mass evacuation takes place across Britain, thousands of children leave London, but one little girl vanishes without a trace)

Betty Walker, Courage for the Cornish Girls, Avon UK (WWII saga, book 3)

Julie Walker, Bonny & Read, Hodder & Stoughton (reimagining of the story of Anne Bonny & Mary Read, set in the Caribbean, 1720)

Maybelle Wallis, The Piano Player, Poolbeg Press (a 19th-century novel of music and medicine, of trust and trickery, of destructive secrets and lost love)

Molly Walton, A Mother’s War, Welbeck (WWII romantic saga)

Alana White, The Hearts of All on Fire, Atmosphere Press (2nd book the Guid’Antonio Vespucci mystery series set in Renaissance Florence)

Marianne Wiggins, Properties of Thirst, S&S (novel set during World War II about the meaning of family and the limitations of the American Dream)

Marty Wingate, The Orphans of Mersea House, Alcove Press (postwar England — historical drama about love lost—and promise found)

Ellen Marie Wiseman, The Lost Girls of Willowbrook, Kensington (evokes the real-life Willowbrook State School, the infamous mental institution that shocked a nation when exposed in the 1970s)

W. A. Winter, My Name is Joe LaVoie, Seventh Street (fiction inspired by a crime spree that shocked the Midwest in the 1950s)

Mary Wood, The Orphanage Girls, Pan (a gritty saga about an orphanage in London’s East End)

Don Zancanella, A Storm in the Stars, Delphinium (based on the lives and romance of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley and their friendship with the larger-than-life Lord Byron)

September 2022

Belinda Alexandra, The French Agent, HarperCollins AU (a world in chaos; two very different women and the mystery of the man who may connect them)

Jenny Ashcroft, The Echoes of Love, HQ (story of love torn apart by war, of heroism and betrayal, set against an idyllic Greek island backdrop)

Rilla Askew, Prize for the Fire, Univ. of Oklahoma Press (evocation of Reformation England, from the fenlands of Lincolnshire to the London court of Henry VIII)

Kate Atkinson, Shrines of Gaiety, Doubleday (transports readers to London in the wake of the Great War in a tale of seduction and betrayal)

Ronald H. Balson, An Affair of Spies, SMP (spy mission to rescue a defector from Germany and prevent the Nazis from creating an atomic bomb)

Shivani Bansal, Lilac Skies, Orion Dash (a young girl is sent away from her home in Punjab, India in 1942 to marry a man in Nairobi, Kenya)

Kristin Beck, The Winter Orphans, Berkley (novel based on the true story of children who braved the formidable danger of guarded, wintry mountain passes in France to escape the Nazis)

Mally Becker, The Counterfeit Wife, Level Best (1780. George Washington’s two least likely spies return, masquerading as husband and wife as they search for traitors in Philadelphia)

James R. Benn, From the Shadows, Soho Crime (WWII Billy Boyle mystery book 17)

Kim Taylor Blakemore, The Deception, Lake Union (a once celebrated child medium who has lost her abilities plays a dangerous game of deception which threatens to unravel everything)

Georgie Blalock, An Indiscreet Princess, Wm Morrow (novel about Queen Victoria’s most rebellious and artistically talented daughter, Princess Louise)

Tanya Blanchard, Daughter of Calabria, S&S AU (set in Mussolini’s Italy amid great upheaval, story tells of one woman’s determination to find her place in a world that men are threatening to tear apart)

Lauralee Bliss, Escape from Amsterdam, Barbour (inspirational adventure with intrigue and romance as a university student smuggles children out of Amsterdam)

Zoe Boccabella, The Proxy Bride, HQ Fiction AU (story told from migrant women’s untold experience, in a novel of family, food and love)

Pierre Boisserie, Philippe Guillaume, illus. Stéphane Brangier, The Gold Chase, Europe Comics (commando unit composed of a Free France officer, a Royal Marine, an alcoholic mechanic, and an Ivorian separatist is doing everything it can to stop the Nazis)

Elizabeth Brooks, The House in the Orchard, Tin House (gothic tale of corrupted innocence that asks—when we look closely—what it really means to know the truth. Set in 1876 and 1945)

Julie Brooks, The Keepsake, Headline (dual timeline novel set in 1832 and present day)

Kimberly Garrett Brown, Cora’s Kitchen, Inanna (a woman of color holds literary ambitions, during the Harlem Renaissance, when Langston Hughes encourages her to enter a writing contest)

Miles Cameron, Against All Gods, Mobius (set against an alternate Bronze Age, an epic tale of gods, men and monsters, conspiracy and war)

Richard Camp, Jedburghs, Casemate (when the French resistance ask the allies for help, a decision is made to parachute special operatives—Jedburghs—into France to determine the willingness of the French to fight)

Mark Carlson, Hunters and Hunted: Vengeance of the Last Roman Legion, Milford House (the remnants of a Roman army are led deep into Germany to seek revenge for a battle their comrades lost more than two thousand years before. Alternative fantasy/history)

Catherine Cavendish, Dark Observation, Flame Tree (gothic mystery set in 1941 with dark secrets and hints of the occult in underground London)

Jane Cawthorne, Patterson House, Innana (when Alden Patterson, the last of a once-wealthy Toronto family, is reduced to taking in boarders, one particular boarder threatens to destroy everything she thinks she wants)

Elzbieta Cherezinska, The Last Crown, Forge (conclusion of Swietoslawa’s journey from Polish princess to Queen of Denmark & Sweden and Queen Mother of England)

Yvette Manessis Corporon, Where the Wandering Ends, Harper Muse (two young friends, separated by tragedy during the Greek Civil War, are haunted by a vow to return to one another and their home on the island of Corfu)

Dilly Court, Snow Bride, HarperCollins (a chance encounter brings Nancy Sunday to the streets of London, where she finds herself amongst a band of street urchins)

Tad Crawford, On Wine-Dark Seas, Skyhorse (recounting of the life of Odysseus after his safe return to the island of Ithaca)

H. W. Crocker, Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery, Regnery Fiction (alternative history where George Armstrong Custer unearths a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis in the Old West)

James D. Crownover, Buffalo Soldier Odyssey, Five Star (the story of some of the activities of the Ninth Calvary as seen through the experiences of Thomas Cregan aka Bandy Huein and Isaac Casey)

Damian Dibben, The Color Storm, Hanover Square (novel captures the world of Renaissance Venice at the height of its power and in a moment of artistic invention)

Susanne Dietze, Patty Smith Hall, Cynthia Hickey, Christina Lorenzen, A Five and Dime Christmas, Barbour (four Christmas novellas set in an 1880s department store)

Eileen Joyce Donovan, A Lady Newspaperman’s Dilemma, Woodhall Press (based on actual events in a newspaper office in Montana, 1926, a lady journalist, frustrated at being cast aside in favour of men, is determined to hold on to her right to cover breaking news)

Lynn Ellen Doxon, Ninety Day Wonder, Artemesia (one man’s plan for the future is altered by the crucible of the war that formed the Greatest Generation)

Sarah M. Eden, The Bachelor and the Bride, Shadow Mountain (Victorian clean romance)

Martin Edwards, Blackstone Fell, Aries (Rachel Savernake investigates bizarre crimes in a dual timeline Gothic mystery; book 3 of series)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Allison & Busby (17th May 1899: a body is found in a trench not long after Queen Victoria lays the foundation stone on the site of a new museum)

Anne Emery, Fenian Street, ECW Press (an unsolved murder investigation in 1970s Ireland)

Suzanne Enoch, Something in the Heir, Griffin (heiress Emmeline Pershing’s little fib means that she and her completely unsuspecting husband are going to inherit big trouble in this Regency romance)

Jennie Felton, A Mother’s Heartbreak, Headline (story of family secrets, romance, and triumph in adversity)

Amanda Flower, Because I Could Not Stop For Death, Berkley (Emily Dickinson and her housemaid, Willa Noble, realize there is nothing poetic about murder. First in a new series)

Katie Flynn, The Winter Rose, Century (WWII follow up to The Rose Queen)

Olesya Salnikova Gilmore, The Witch and the Tsar, Berkley/Ace (the maligned and immortal witch of legend known as Baba Yaga will risk all to save her country and her people from Tsar Ivan the Terrible)

C. P. Giuliani, A Treasonous Path, Sapere (second book in the Tom Walsingham mysteries set in England, 1583)

Michelle Griep, The Bride of Blackfriars Lane, Barbour (continues the romantic adventures of Jackson and Kit)

Johana Gustawsson (trans. David Warriner), The Bleeding, Orenda Books (historical thriller in which a detective in 2022 makes a series of macabre discoveries that link directly to historical cases involving black magic and murder, secret societies and spiritism)

Eduardo Halfon (trans. Lisa Dillman & Daniel Hahn), Canción, Bellevue Literary Press (next installment in the nomadic odyssey as the novel’s hero searches for answers surrounding his grandfather’s abduction)

Elodie Harper, The House with the Golden Door, Union Square & Co. (The Wolf Den book 2, set in Pompeii)

Robert Harris, Act of Oblivion, Harper/Hutchinson Heinemann (imagines one of the greatest manhunts in history: the search for two Englishmen involved in the killing of King Charles I and the implacable foe on their trail)

Cora Harrison, Murder in the Cathedral, Severn House (Reverend Mother’s investigative skills are called into action again when one of her young pupils is found murdered)

Natalie Haynes, Stone Blind, Mantle (based on the myth of Medusa and how she was never a monster at all)

Alexis Henderson, House of Hunger, Berkely/Ace (Gothic novel in which a young woman is drawn into the upper echelons of a society where blood is power)

Charlie N. Holmberg, Keeper of Enchanted Rooms, 47North (magical dual timeline; Rhode Island, 1846, where an author inherits a remote, haunted estate. Present day, where Hulda Larkin works to preserve the historical and magical significance of buildings)

Seth Hunter, Trafalgar: The Fog of War, McBooks (book 8 of the Nathan Peake novels)

Mark C. Jackson, Blue Rivers of Heaven, Five Star (frontier fiction – The Tales of Zebediah Creed)

Lola Jaye, The Attic Child, Wm Morrow (dual narrative historical story about two children locked in the same attic almost a century apart)

Maureen Jennings, Cold Snap, Cormorant (December 1936. Charlotte Frayne, Private Investigator, is pulled into a dangerous international plot)

Dan Jones, Essex Dogs, Aries (debut first installment in a trilogy set during the Hundred Years War)

Joy Jordan-Lake, A Bend of Light, Lake Union (a quiet coastal village in post–World War II America is shaken when the secrets of the past and present collide)

Jenni Keer, The Legacy of Halesham Hall, Headline Accent (dual timeline novel set in 1890 and 1920)

Vénus Khoury–ghata (trans. Teresa Lavender Fagan), Marina Tsvetaeva: To Die in Yelabuga, Seagull Books (biographic novel that captures the tempestuous life of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva)

Laurie R. King, Back to the Garden, Bantam (a fifty-year-old cold case involving California royalty comes back to life, with potentially fatal consequences)

Jane Kirkpatrick, Beneath the Bending Skies, Revell (story of hospitality, destiny, and the bonds of family, set in 1860s Montana)

Christian Klaver, Sherlock Holmes & Mr Hyde, Titan (Dr Jekyll claims his friend, Mr. Edward Hyde, has been wrongfully accused of hideous crimes)

Chelene Knight, Junie, Book*Hug Press (exploration of the complexity within mother-daughter relationships and the vitality of Vancouver’s thriving Black and immigrant neighbourhood of Hogan’s Alley, set in the 1930s)

Larissa Lai, The Lost Century, Arsenal Pulp (novel about war, colonialism and queer experience during Japan’s occupation of Hong Kong during World War II)

Kathryn Lasky, Light on Bone, Woodhall Press (new mystery set in New Mexico in the 1930s featuring amateur sleuth Georgia O’Keeffe)

Shauna Lawless, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, Head of Zeus — AdAstra (historical fantasy series that intertwines Irish mythology with real-life history; begins in 981AD)

Amanda Lees, The Silence Before Dawn, Bookouture (first book in a WWII Resistance series based on true stories of the fearless women secret agents – and their tales of bravery, betrayal and love)

Natasha Lester, The Three Lives of Alix St. Pierre, Sphere (Alix St. Pierre was an ordinary woman, until she became a spy for the American government. Set in 1943 and 1946)

Graham Ley, Heir to the Manor, Sapere (book 2 of an historical saga set against the backdrop of the French Revolution. Sequel to The Baron Returns)

Linda Cohen Loigman, The Matchmaker’s Gift, SMP (story of two extraordinary women from two different eras who utilize their unique gift of seeing soulmates in the most unexpected places)

Charlie Lovett, The Enigma Affair, Blackstone (World War II thriller in which an art historian, a museum docent, and a collector of Nazi artifacts, must work together to stop a ruthless and resourceful opponent)

Susan Elia MacNeal, Mother Daughter Traitor Spy, Bantam (a mother and daughter stumble upon a Nazi cell in Los Angeles during the early days of World War II—and find the courage to go undercover)

Ann Mah, Jacqueline in Paris, Mariner (portrait of Jacqueline Bouvier’s college year abroad in postwar Paris — the coming-of-age of an American icon)

Tim Major, The Defaced Men, Titan (in 1896, a new client at Baker Street claims he’s being threatened via the new art of the moving image)

Alessandro Manzoni (trans. Michael F. Moore, The Betrothed, Random House (new English language translation journeys through the Spanish occupation of Milan, the ravages of war, class tensions, social injustice, religious faith, and a plague that devastates northern Italy)

Clare Marchant, The Mapmaker’s Daughter, Avon UK (dual timeline narrative set in the present day and in 1569 when a young woman’s mapmaking skills catch the eye of Queen Elizabeth)

Lee Martin, The Glassmaker’s Wife, Dzanc Books (historical crime thriller inspired by the true story of Betsey Reed, Illinois, 1844)

Simon Mawer, Ancestry, Little, Brown (with stories that explore the squalor and vitality of Dickensian London, seafaring in the last days of sail and the horror of the trenches of the Crimea, novel puts flesh on our ancestor’s bones)

Michael Mayo, Welcome to Jimmy’s Place, Coffeetown Press (prohibition has ended and his speakeasy is almost legal, but someone is trying to kill Jimmy Quinn, while millionaires plot to overthrow Roosevelt)

Ian McEwan, Lessons, Knopf (intimate story of one man’s life across generations and historical upheavals, from 1950s to present day)

Fiona Kelly McGregor, Iris, Picador AU (based on actual events and set in the 1930s, a literary tale of a woman who couldn’t be held back)

Kristina McMorris, The Ways We Hide, Sourcebooks Landmark (story about the wars we fight—between nations and inside ourselves—and the courage we find in unexpected places)

Roland Merullo, A Harvest of Secrets, Lake Union (novel of love, resistance, and courage set against the backdrop of WWII Italy)

Desideria Mesa, Bindle Punk Bruja, Harper Voyager (historical fantasy set in the Golden Twenties, where a club owner takes on crooked city councilmen, deadly mobsters, and society’s deeply rooted sexism and racism)

Mary Miley, Deadly Spirits, Severn House (medium’s assistant and reluctant sleuth, Maddie Pastore, is shocked when her long-lost sister is accused of murder)

William J. Miller Jr., Steel City, Lyons Press (story of a young man in 1890’s Pittsburgh who confronts issues such as immigration, tariffs, unionism and income inequality)

Marianne Monson, The Opera Sisters, Shadow Mountain (based on the true story of the Cook sisters, who smuggled valuables out of 1930s Nazi Germany to finance a daring, secret operation to help Jews)

Jennifer Moore, Healing Hazel, Covenant (a nurse embarks on a journey of healing to battle the demons of her past with the help of the doctor who has captured her heart. Blue Orchid Society, book #3)

Suzanne Moyers, ‘Til All These Things Be Done, She Writes (novel of triumph over loss, set against the rich and troubled history of Blacklands, Texas, during an era of pandemic, scientific discovery, and social upheaval)

Amy Sue Nathan, Well Behaved Wives, Lake Union (novel about upending the rules of behavior in 1960s America)

Chris Nickson, A Dark Steel Death, Severn House (Tom Harper must catch a traitor intent on disrupting the war effort and bringing terror to the streets of Leeds)

Claire North, Ithaca, Redhook (on the isle of Ithaca, it is the choices of the abandoned women—and their goddesses—that will change the course of the world)

Kayte Nunn, The Only Child, Scarlet (a long-closed home for “fallen women” is the site of horrors in a historical thriller set in 1949 and 2013)

Maggie O’Farrell, The Marriage Portrait, Knopf (novel set in Renaissance Italy, and centering on the young duchess Lucrezia de Medici)

Jenni Ogden, Call My Name, Sea Dragon Press (spanning the 1960s to 1990s, two women are bound together by opposite personalities, friendship, love and family—until motherhood rips them apart)

Véronique Olmi (trans. Alison Anderson), Daughters Beyond Command, Europa Editions (spanning 1970 to 1981, a family story which doubles as the chronicle of an era)

Orhan Pamuk (trans. Ekin Oklap), Nights of Plague, Faber & Faber (historical epic of murder and mystery, set in 1901)

David S. Pederson, Murder at Union Station, Bold Strokes (Phoenix, May 6, 1946; Private Detective Mason Adler struggles to determine who killed a woman found in a trunk without getting himself killed in the process)

Anne Perry, The Fourth Enemy, Headline (Daniel Pitt mystery, book 6)

Anne Perry, A Truth to Lie For, Ballantine (Elena Standish must rescue an ingenious scientist from Hitler’s clutches in 1936)

Tracie Peterson, Under the Starry Skies, Bethany House (inspirational novel set in San Marcial, New Mexico. Love on the Santa Fe, book 3)

Robert Lee Primeaux, Will Chase: The Black Hills, TrineDay (based on the legend of Will Chase/Chasing Hawk previously only told within the Lakota of the Sioux Nation)

Oriana Ramunno, Ashes in the Snow, HarperCollins (historical crime thriller)

Don Reid, Piano Days, Mercer Univ. Press (story of three boys growing up in the late 1950s and early 1960s in a small town)

Tanis Rideout, The Sea Between Two Shores, McClelland & Stewart (inspired by real events, novel follows two families brought together to reckon with what it means to make amends)

Gini Rifkin, Break Heart Canyon, Wild Rose Press (romance set in Colorado)

Karen Robards, The Girl from Guernica, Hodder & Stoughton/Mira (spanning the Spanish Civil War through WWII, novel follows a young woman trying to protect what remains of her family after the bombing at Guernica as they are hunted by Nazis)

Pam Royl, The Last Secret, Blue Denim Press (reveals the dark underbelly of a genteel Victorian Canadian town and explores the insidious power of secrets)

Rudy Ruiz, Valley of Shadows, Blackstone (neo-Western blend of magical realism and mystery sheds light on the dark past of injustice, isolation, and suffering along the US-Mexico border)

W. C. Ryan, The Winter Guest, Arcade Crimewise (1921 -mystery set against the raw Irish landscape in a country divided)

Igiaba Scego (trans. John Cullen and Gregory Conti), The Color Line, Other Press (inspired by true events, intertwines the lives of two Black female artists more than a century apart, both outsiders in Italy)

Barbara Joan Scott, The Taste of Hunger, Freehand Books (fiction about a family of Ukrainian immigrants and a murder that changes everything; set in Saskatchewan in late 1920s)

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton, On the Rooftop, Ecco (novel set in 1950s San Francisco, about a mother whose dream of musical stardom for her three daughters collides with the daughters’ ambitions for their own lives)

Fred Skolnik, A Woman of Valor, Addison & Highsmith (centers around a heroine who grows up in Bialystok, survives the Holocaust fighting in the Underground, and rebuilds her family in Israel)

Anne Sloan, Her Choice, Stephen F. Austin Univ. Press (when a lynching occurs six days prior to the 1928 National Democratic Convention in Houston, Texas, a reporter gets an inside look at Houston’s shameful cover-up)

Natasha Solomons, I, Mona Lisa, Hutchinson Heinemann (Lisa del Giocondo takes us from the dazzling world of Florentine studios to the French courts at Fontainebleau and Versailles, and into the twentieth century)

Mel Starr, Suppression and Suspicion, Lion Fiction (new medieval murder mystery in the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton series)

Steve Stern, The Village Idiot, Melville House (tells of the life of the extraordinary artist Chaim Soutine)

Libby Sternberg, Daisy, Bancroft Press (reimagining of The Great Gatsby from Daisy Buchanan’s point of view)

Defne Suman (trans. Betsy Göksel), At the Breakfast Table, Apollo (a story of hidden histories and family secrets told from four different perspectives)

Boston Teran, Crippled Jack, High-Top Pub (revisionist western set against a landmark era in American folklore)

Martha Anne Toll, Three Muses, Regal House (a Holocaust survival tale in which three muses—Song, Discipline, and Memory—weave their way through love and loss, heartbreak and triumph)

Leo Tolstoy, adapt. Alexandr Poltorak, illus. Dmitry Chukhrai, War and Peace: The Graphic Novel, Andrews McMeel (graphic retelling of Tolstoy’s classic 1869 novel)

Judith Turner-Yamamoto, Loving the Dead and Gone, Regal House (a 1960s freak car accident sets in motion a series of events that will change the lives of the characters in a novel that explores the transformative power of death)

L. C. Tyler, The Summer Birdcage, Constable (actress Kitty Burgess has a stunning future before her – until she vanishes after the opening performance of Aminta Grey’s new play. John Grey mystery, book #8)

Juan Gabriel Vásquez (trans. Anne McLean), Retrospective, MacLehose (portrait of the forces that for half a century turned the world upside down and created the one we now inhabit)

Jennifer Ivy Walker, The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven, Wild Rose Press (dark fairy tale adaptation of a medieval French legend)

S. K. Waters, The Dead Won’t Tell, CamCat (hired to investigate a cold-case murder, a novice journalist’s questions about race and police coverups in the 1960s ruffle one too many feathers)

C. M. Wendelboe, The Marshal and the Fatal Foreclosure, Five Star (a Nelson Lane frontier mystery, book 4)

Catherine Adel West, The Two Lives of Sara, Park Row (story of hope, resilience and unexpected love as one Black young mother finds refuge and friendship at a boarding house in Memphis, Tennessee, during the racially divided 1960s)

Roseanna M. White, Worthy of Legend, Bethany House (inspirational Christian historical fiction, Secrets of the Isles, book 3)

Amy Willoughby-Burle, The Other Side of Certain, Fireship (inspirational sweet romance about a pack-horse librarian, and set during America’s Great Depression)

Ethan Wolfe, When the Devil Comes A-Calling, Five Star (when two US marshals on a routine prisoner pickup never make it to their destination, Judge Parker sends Emmet and Jack Youngblood, considered two of the best marshals in the West)

Kimberley Woodhouse, A Gem of Truth, Bethany House (historical romance, Secrets of the Canyon, book 2)

Rita Woods, The Last Dreamwalker, Forge (story of two women, separated by nearly two centuries yet inextricably linked by the Gullah Geechee Islands off the coast of South Carolina — and their connection to a mysterious gift passed from generation to generation)

Jennifer L. Wright, Come Down Somewhere, Tyndale House (two young women come of age during the Trinity nuclear bomb test in 1945)

Vincent Wyckoff, Refuge from the Sea, North Star Press of St. Cloud (story set in spring of 1909, when four dozen individuals endeavored to construct a lighthouse on an escarpment overlooking Lake Superior)

James Yorkston, The Book of the Gaels, Oldcastle (a story of paralysing pain of grief and loss, tempered only by the hope of rescue and the redemption of parental love, set in Ireland mid 70s)

October 2022

Laurie Lico Albanese, Hester, SMP (reimagining of the woman who inspired Hester Prynne, the tragic heroine of Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and a journey into the enduring legacy of New England’s witchcraft trials)

Tasha Alexander, Secrets of the Nile, Minotaur (narrative sends Lady Emily to Egypt, during both the British colonial rule and the era of the Pharaohs)

Nancy Campbell Allen, To Capture His Heart, Shadow Mountain (historical romance blended with mystery, set in 1886)

J. D. Arnold, Rawhide Jake: Lone Star Fame, Five Star (after the split with Wes Wilson at the end of Book One, Rawhide Jake works undercover at the huge Flying XC Ranch where he tracks down and arrests five rustlers)

Tracy Baines, The Women of Fishers Wharf, Boldwood (Great Grimsby, 1912; saga about a young newly wed who tries to break free of her mother-in-law’s insistence that they cling to the old ways)

Fiona Barnett, The Dark Between the Trees, Solaris (surrealist gothic folk-thriller taking place in 1647 and the present day)

Douglas Bauer, The Beckoning World, Univ. of Iowa Press (a love story set in the first quarter of the 20th century)

Blitz Bazawule, The Scent of Burnt Flowers, Ballantine (fleeing persecution in 1960s America, a Black couple seeks asylum in Ghana, but old secrets threaten their freedom)

Kate Belli, Treachery on Tenth Street, Crooked Lane (somebody’s killing the most glamorous models in Gilded-Age New York, in third Gilded Gotham mystery)

Kathy Biggs, The Luck, Honno (generational saga set in America’s rural west)

Len Boswell, Barnum’s Angel, Black Rose (historical fantasy stretching from the shores of Tierra del Fuego and the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle to the bustling crowds of Victorian London)

Irena Brezná (trans. Ruth Ahmedzai–kemp), The Thankless Foreigner, Seagull Books (novel offers a timely viewpoint on the immigration experience about the need for resistance to blind assimilation in a host country)

J. C. Briggs, The Jaggard Case, Sapere (London, 1851– with Superintendent Sam Jones away, his wife, Elizabeth, enlists the help of Charles Dickens when her beloved servant, Posy, goes missing)

Frances Brody, A Mansion for Murder, Piatkus (new Kate Shackleton mystery set in 1930, Yorkshire)

Colleen Cambridge, A Trace of Poison, Kensington (Phyllida Bright, housekeeper for Agatha Christie, must uncover a killer among a throng of crime writers)

C. J. Carey, Queen High, Quercus (alternative historical fiction set in England, 1955)

S. A. Chakraborty, The River of Silver: Tales from the Daevabad Trilogy, Harper Voyager (Middle Eastern historical fantasy trilogy)

Patrick Chamoiseau (trans. Charly Verstraet and Jeffrey Landon Allen), Crusoe’s Footprint, Univ. of Virginia Press (uses the log entries of a slave ship’s captain and the story of a castaway to create a new perspective on the Crusoe myth)

Megan Chance, A Dangerous Education, Lake Union (novel about secrets and redemption set in the shadows of McCarthy-era America)

Ethan Chatagnier, Singer Distance, Tin House (literary novel set in 1960 about how far we’re willing to go to communicate with a distant civilization, and the great lengths we’ll travel to connect with each other here on Earth)

Lauren Chater, The Winter Dress, Allison & Busby (two women are separated by centuries but connected by one beautiful silk dress in this novel based on a real-life shipwreck discovered off Texel Island)

Jennifer Coburn, Cradles of the Reich, Sourcebooks Landmark (takes us inside the women’s homes that existed in several countries during WWII, when thousands of babies were taken from their mothers to be raised as part of the new Germany)

Paul Fraser Collard, Diamond Hunter, Headline (South Africa, 1871. With the worldly Anna Baker by his side, Jack Lark travels to the Cape Colony diamond fields determined to seek an adventurous new life together)

Paul Colt, Vaquero Padre, Five Star (in late 1600s, Eusebio Kino extended the frontier of Christendom west, enriching the lives of those he served, while his explorations changed the face of a continent; this is his story as he might have told it)

Mary Connealy, A Model of Devotion, Bethany House (inspirational romance)

C. J. Cooke, The Ghost Woods, HarperCollins (historical gothic horror set in 1965)

Nicola Cornick, The Winter Garden, Graydon House (inspired by the true story of Robert Catesby, leader of the infamous Gunpowder Plot, his wife Catherine Leigh, and the disappearance of the treasure of the Knights of the Order of St John)

Lecia Cornwall, That Summer in Berlin, Berkley (in summer of 1936, a courageous young woman struggles to expose the lies behind the dazzling spectacle of the Berlin Olympics)

Diney Costeloe, The Girl Who Dared to Dream, Aria (family saga set just before the Great War)

Dilly Court, Snow Bride, HarperCollins (fifth book in the six-part Rockwood Chronicles)

Michelle Cox, A Spying Eye, She Writes (a Henrietta and Inspector Howard mystery/romance saga series set in the 1930s Chicago)

Tania Crosse, The Convent Girl, Joffe (tale of secrets and betrayal, friendship and trust in a time of war)

Sadie Cuffe, Sophie Cuffe, The Golden Spoon, Five Star (adventure set in a frontier outpost fabricated on dreams, gold, and greed)

Michael Dean, A Diamond in the Dust, Holland Park Press (fictionalised account of the life of Charles I from his birth to the age of twenty-eight)

Clyde Derrick, The Ghost Trio, Univ. of Chicago Press (takes us to pre- and post-World War II Prague where a poignant and chilling love triangle finds its resolution)

Jude Deveraux, Tara Sheets, Thief of Fate, Mira (third in the Providence Falls series – a time-slip love story that crosses continents and centuries)

Alena Dillon, Eyes Turned Skyward, Wm Morrow (dual timeline novel about a daughter discovering her mother’s past as a female pilot during World War II)

Paul M. Duffy, Run With the Hare, Hunt With the Hound, Cynren Press (novel set in 12th-century Ireland)

Lesley Eames, The Wartime Bookshop, Bantam (WWII series about friendship and love)

Natalie Meg Evans, The Girl With the Yellow Star, Bookouture (Cornwall, 1943; story about how love shines brightly even in the darkest times)

Pat Flower, Wax Flowers for Gloria, Sapere (murder mystery set in 1950s Australia)

Fiona Ford, The Good Time Girls at Christmas, Embla Books (saga set in London, December 1940)

Justin Fox, The Wolf Hunt, Sapere (Jack Pembroke naval thriller series, book 2, after The Cape Raider, set in 1941)

Iain Gale, SBS: Special Boat Squadron, Aries (chronicles the exploits of the seaborne raiders who carried out WWII’s most daring covert operations)

Peter Gibbons, Warrior and Protector, Boldwood (Viking/Saxon adventure set in AD 989)

S. T. Gibson, A Dowry of Blood, Redhook (dark seductive tale of Dracula’s first bride, Constanta)

Laura Anne Gilman, Uncanny Times, Gallery / Saga Press (romantic fantasy set in America, 1913)

S. K. Golden, The Socialite’s Guide to Murder, Crooked Lane (a killer stalks the halls of a hotel in this debut murder mystery set in 1958)

Suzanne Goldring, The Woman Outside the Walls, Bookouture (dual timeline WWII novel)

Gigi Griffis, The Empress, Zando (novel reimagines the courtship between one of history’s most iconic and beloved couples: Sisi and Franz of Austria)

Annie Groves, The Three Sisters of Victory Walk, HarperCollins (book 6 — as rationing, blackouts and bombs start to bite, life will change forever for the three sisters)

Andrea Hairston, Will Do Magic for Small Change, Tordotcom (tale of alien science and earthbound magic and the secrets families keep from each other)

Dianne Haley, Under a Brighter Sky, Bookouture (novel about a woman who risks everything to reunite a family torn apart by war)

Rebecca Hardy, The House of Lost Wives, Headline Accent (regency tale filled with mystery, romance and secrets, set in 1813)

Stratis Haviaras, When the Tree Sings, Paul Dry Books (novel about a young boy coming-of-age in Greece during World War II)

Penny Haw, The Invincible Miss Cust, Sourcebooks Landmark (based on the true story of a woman ahead of her time, who defied the patriarchy, society, and her family’s wishes to pursue a career in a science-based field)

Olivia Hawker, The Fire and the Ore, Lake Union (novel of family, sisterhood, and survival featuring three wives and one husband in Utah, 1856)

Jody Hedlund, Falling for the Cowgirl, Bethany House (romance between a young female rancher and an undercover Pinkerton agent)

Linda Jo Heffner, The Other Side of the Gangplank, Dudley Court Press (story of five military wives whose husbands are deployed for nine months, fighting in the Vietnam War)

Beatriz Garcia Huidobro (trans. Jacqueline Nanfito), ‘Til She Go No More, White Pine Press (story of a female teenager and the broader historical and socioeconomic reality of Chile in the early 70s)

Lindsey Hutchinson, The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak, Boldwood (story of friendship and fun, love and second chances)

John Irving, The Last Chairlift, S&S/Knopf Canada (a ghost story, a love story, and a lifetime of sexual politics set around Aspen, Colorado)

Michael Jecks, The Merchant Murderers, Severn House (set during the troubled reign of Queen Mary I, series features the amoral former cutpurse turned paid assassin, Jack Blackjack, as its cowardly, lecherous, yet likeable amateur sleuth)

William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone, Old Cowboys Never Die, Kensington (new series proves that old cowboys only get wiser, bolder—and crazier—with age)

Paterson Joseph, The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho, Dialogue Books UK (tale of adventure, artistry, romance, and freedom set in eighteenth-century London and inspired by a true story)

Chris Keefer, No Comfort for the Undertaker, Level Best (at the turn of the century an undertaker discovers brutal injuries that contradict the husband’s story about his wife’s death)

Karen Kingsbury, Just Once, Atria (World War II love story about a young woman torn between two brothers)

Liisa Kovala, Sisu’s Winter War, Latitude 46 (story of a woman who is haunted by the people of her past and by the promises she failed to keep after following her father to the front lines)

Marion Kummerow, Daughter of the Dawn, Bookouture (4th book in Margarete’s journey during WWII)

Franklin E. Lamca, The Devil Hound, Woodhall Press (set in mid-18th century Europe and the Americas, an evil priest dedicates his life to destroying two innocent Romani brothers because of their ethnic origin and because they are witnesses to his hideous crimes)

Caroline Laurent (trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman), An Impossible Return, Amazon Crossing (love story set against a backdrop of injustice, secrets, and the price of independence)

Ariel Lawhon, Kristina McMorris, Susan Meissner, When We Had Wings, Harper Muse (based on the true story of the women who came to be known as the “Band of Angels”)

Lee Geum-yi (trans. An Seonjae), The Picture Bride, Forge (journey of a young Korean “picture bride” and her immigrant experience in 1918 Hawai’)

Robert J. Lloyd, The Poison Machine, Melville House (1679 – Harry Hunt must go to Paris in search of a spy and imposter who has knowledge of a plot to kill the Queen of England. Sequel to The Bloodless Boy)

Laurie Loewenstein, Funeral Train, Kaylie Jones (takes place against the backdrop of the Great Depression—where bootlegging, petty extortion, courage, and bravado play out in equal measure)

Ann-Marie MacDonald, Fayne, Knopf Canada (a tale of science, magyk, love and identity set in late 19th century)

Laura Marello, Matisse: The Only Blue, Guernica World Editions (portrays an eclectic mix of artists struggling through the upheavals of the first half of the 20th Century, including the devastating realities of two world wars)

Freya Marske, A Restless Truth, Tordotcom (second book in queer historical fantasy series set in Edwardian London)

Edward Marston, The Railway Detective’s Christmas Case, Allison & Busby (Inspector Robert Colbeck and Sergeant Victor Leeming are under pressure to solve a murder quickly)

Mimi Matthews, The Belle of Belgrave Square, Berkley (a London heiress rides out to the wilds of the English countryside to honor a marriage of convenience with a mysterious and reclusive stranger)

Steven Mayfield, Delphic Oracle U.S.A., Regal House (small town romance set in 1925)

Suzette Mayr, The Sleeping Car Porter, Coach House (when a mudslide strands a train, a gay Black sleeping car porter must contend with the perils of white passengers, ghosts, and his secret love affair)

Ciera Horton McElroy, Atomic Family, Blair (a South Carolina family endures one life-shattering day in 1961 in a town that lies in the shadow of a nuclear bomb plan)

Stephenia H. McGee, The Secrets of Emberwild, Revell (early 1900s inspirational romance between a young woman who has inherited a struggling horse farm owner and her new horse trainer)

Briana Una McGuckin, On Good Authority, Thomas & Mercer (sensually charged novel of Gothic suspense, repressed desires, irresistible obsessions, and perception-twisting games)

Fiona McIntosh, The Orphans, Michael Joseph (story about a unique bond between two children that will echo down the years, and teach them both about the real meaning of life, of loss, and of love)

Clara McKenna, Murder at the Majestic Hotel, Kensington (in Edwardian England, newly married American heiress Stella Kendrick and British aristocrat Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst are investigating murder on their honeymoon)

Shannon McNear, Mary, Barbour (inspirational reimagining of the Lost Colony of Roanoke)

Bill Meissner, Summer of Rain, Summer of Fire, Stephen F. Austin Univ. Press (1967; a family conflict illuminates the struggle between conformity and independent thought during the turbulent protest days of the Vietnam War)

Simon Michael, Nothing But the Truth, Sapere (1960s — will the Krays twins’ criminal hold over London finally be put to an end or will everything come crashing down for barrister Charles Holborne?)

Rod Millar, With a Kiss I Die, Five Star (a love story entwined in the tragedy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857)

Sarah Miller, Marmee, Wm Morrow (portrait of the paragon of virtue, Margaret March, known as Marmee, a wife left behind, a mother pushed to the brink, a woman with secrets)

Luis García Montero (trans. Katie King), Someone Speaks Your Name, Swan Isle Press (novel follows an idealistic student who explores the power of literature in Franco’s Spain)

Keith Moray, Death of a Poet, Sapere (first book in a series of historical murder mysteries set in Ancient Egypt)

Heather B. Moore, In the Shadow of a Queen, Shadow Mountain (story of an epic battle of wills Queen Victoria and her daughter)

Wanda M. Morris, Anywhere You Run, William Morrow (after the murder of a white man in Jim Crow Mississippi, two Black sisters run away to different parts of the country)

Pamela Mulloy, As Little as Nothing, ECW Press (on the eve of the Second World War outside a village in England, four people rush to an airplane crash and change their lives forever)

Donald S. Murray, The Call of the Cormorant, Saraband (biography of Karl Kjerúlf Einarsson: an artist and an adventurer, a charlatan and a swindler, forever in search of Atlantis)

Leonora Nattrass, Blue Water, Viper (a vital treaty to Congress that will prevent the Americans from joining with the French in their war against Britain, goes missing aboard ship)

James L. Nelson, The Falmouth Frigate, McBooks (book 6 in the Isaac Biddlecomb naval series)

Oliver L. North, David Goetsch, The Rifleman: From Disaster in Quebec to Victory at Saratoga, Fidelis (novel explores why Saratoga was a turning point in the war and how Daniel Morgan and his Riflemen contributed to that victory)

Karen Odden, Under a Veiled Moon, Crooked Lane (a fatal disaster on the Thames and a roiling political conflict set the stage for the second Inspector Corravan historical mystery set in 1878)

Daniel O’Malley, Blitz, Little, Brown (newest book in the Rook Files series, about a new recruit to the Checquy, who is accused of going rogue, and must go on the run to clear her name. Set in WWII and present day)

Patricia O’Reilly, Orpen At War, The Liffey Press (illustrated biographical novel featuring dozens of Orpen’s paintings and B&W drawings of the brutal reality of World War I)

Michael B. Oren, Swann’s War, Dzanc Books (with her husband, the island’s beloved police captain, away fighting in WWII, Mary Beth Swann steps into his role, when a murdered POW surfaces in a fisherman’s net)

Orhan Pamuk (trans. Ekin Oklap), Nights of Plague, Knopf (historical epic of murder and mystery, set in 1901)

Janice Pariat, Everything the Light Touches, HarperVia (an epic of travelers, of discovery, of human connection, and of the impermanent nature of the universe—a saga that unfolds through the adventures four intriguing characters)

Phillip Parotti, Riders Upon the Storm, Casemate (a young officer leads his crew in the game of hunting U-boats and sinking German mines in the English Channel in the last months of World War I)

Heather Parry, Orpheus Builds a Girl, Gallic (sinister literary novel based on a chilling true story about one man’s obsession)

R. L. Peterson, Leave the Night to God, Regal House (set in America’s Midwest of the 1950s, where racial injustice still has a tight grip, novel argues that “family” is not about the color of one’s skin)

Joanna Davidson Politano, The Lost Melody, Revell (novel explores the nature of women’s independence and artistic expression during the Victorian era)

John Poniske, Fire-Eaters, Fireship (book 2 in Snakebit series — the Garret and McCune families live in Maryland, a border state torn between abolitionists to the North and slavers to the South. The McCunes are slavers, the Garretts are not)

Margaret Porter, The Myrtle Wand, Gallica Press (novel based on the ballet Giselle and set during Louis XIV reign at Fontainebleu)

John Pruitt, Tell It True, Mercer Univ. Press (an African American serviceman is gunned down on a rural Georgia road in July 1964 and the murder ensnares a wide range of characters including civil rights leaders and politicians)

Joanna Quinn, The Whalebone Theatre, Knopf (debut novel that takes us from the gargantuan cavity of a beached whale into undercover operations during World War II. Set in England and France 1919-1945)

Heather Redmond, A Twist of Murder, Kensington (in Victorian England, aspiring author Charles Dickens is in pursuit of missing orphans, legendary treasure, and a cold-blooded killer)

Tracy Rees, The Elopement, Macmillan (historical romance spanning the luxury and poverty of late Victorian England)

Marcie R. Rendon, Sinister Graves, Soho Crime (mystery follows Cash Blackbear, a young Ojibwe woman, as she attempts to discover the truth about the disappearances of Native girls and their newborns)

Mike Ripley, Mr Campion’s Mosaic, Severn House (Albert Campion travels to Dorset to attempt to get to the bottom of a series of shocking events connected to a TV adaptation of a famous novel)

Candace Robb, A Fox in the Fold, Severn House (Owen Archer suspects an old adversary is on his tail as he seeks to solve the mystery surrounding a dead body found on the road to York)

Lauri Robinson, The Captain’s Christmas Homecoming, Harlequin (romance set just after the end of WWI)

Lev AC Rosen, Lavender House, Forge (murder mystery with a queer twist, set in 1952)

Moriel Rothman-Zecher, Before All the World, FSG (story of three people in 1930s Philadelphia seizing new life while haunted by the old)

Andrzej Sapkowski, Light Perpetual, Orbit (Join Reynevan—scoundrel, magician, possibly a fool—as he embarks on a last great adventure across the war-riddled landscape of 15th century Bohemia. Hussite trilogy)

Douglas Skelton, An Honourable Thief, Canelo (atmospheric blend of crime, history and thriller set in 1715)

Luanne G. Smith, The Raven Song, Amazon (fleeing Victorian London, a witch finds her newfound independence comes with all-new perils—both mortal and immortal. Historical fantasy)

Wilbur Smith, Titans of War, Zaffre (next book in a brand-new Ancient Egyptian series)

Minerva Spencer, The Boxing Baroness, Kensington (first of a witty, Regency-set, feminist series exploring the role of women in a rigidly patriarchal society)

Julian Stockwin, Yankee Mission, Hodder & Stoughton (on reaching the US east coast, Kydd and his trusted Tygers realise that the hardest part of their mission will be drawing out one of the Yankee men-o’-war to engage in battle)

Tetsuo Ted Takashima, Ranshin: Samurai Crusaders, Museyon (in 1276 AD a group of crusaders fleeing the Holy Land by ship, find themselves adrift off the coast of modern-day Japan, under siege by the Mongolians)

Craig Thomas, Firefox, Canelo (techno-thriller set at the height of the Cold War when a new Soviet threat triggers a daring heist)

Sigrid Undset (trans. Tiina Nunnally), Olav Audunssøn: Crossroads, Univ. of Minnesota Press (third volume in the epic story of medieval Norway)

Phillipa Vincent-Connolly, The Anne Boleyn Cypher, Sapere (time-slip novel in which a student is carried back through time to Hever Castle in 1521)

Catriona Ward, Little Eve, Tor Nightfire (gothic horror set on a remote island off the coast of Scotland, at the dawn of WWI)

Peter Watt, Call of Empire, Macmillan Australia (as the reign of Queen Victoria draws to a close, the Steele family must face loss and heartbreak like never before)

Pam Webber, Life Dust, She Writes (romance in which Nettie and Andy are planning their wedding when he is suddenly deployed to Vietnam for a year)

Christine Wells, One Woman’s War, Wm Morrow (story of WWII British Naval Intelligence officer Victoire Bennett, the real-life inspiration for the James Bond character Miss Moneypenny)

Abigail Wilson, Within These Gilded Halls, Thomas Nelson (when a treasure hunt turns deadly, Phoebe Radcliff realizes she’s caught in a den of liars, forcing her to confront the demons from her past. Regency romance)

Danee Wilson, Murder at San Miguel, Radiant Press (despite initial misgivings about working in Spain under the shadow of Franco’s dictatorship, an archeological team accept a job to excavate the cemetery at San Miguel in Excelsis)

Daisy Wood, The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris, Avon UK (a WWII tale of love, loss and a betrayal that echoes through generations)

Baron Wormser, Some Months in 1968, Woodhall Press (literary fiction portrays a family of five, living in suburban Baltimore, who experience one of the most tumultuous moments in American history)

Jaime Jo Wright, The Premonition at Withers Farm, Bethany House (multi-period mystery set in 1910 and present day)

Yulia Yakovleva (trans. Rush Ahmedzai Kemp), Punishment of a Hunter, Pushkin Vertigo (an investigator is called upon to look into a series of bizarre and seemingly motiveless murders in 1930s Stalinist Leningrad)

November 2022

Alina Adams, My Mother’s Secret, History Through Fiction (novel rooted in detailed research about a little-known chapter of Soviet and Jewish history while exploring universal themes of identity, love, loss, war, and parenthood)

Tessa Afshar, The Hidden Prince, Tyndale House (a woman feels she has no future but soon discovers the fate of nations may rest in her hands – inspirational biblical fiction)

Neil Alexander, The Vanishing of Margaret Small, Embla Books (mystery with a dual timeline about a woman delving into her past)

Skye Alexander, What the Walls Know, Level Best (jazz singer Lizzie Crane accepts an invitation to perform at a Halloween party in a creepy castle)

E. A. Allen, The Tears of Buddha, Addison & Highsmith (three rare and priceless porcelain bowls of the Tang Dynasty become a motive for murder)

Merryn Allingham, Murder at St. Saviour’s, Bookouture (in 1956, bookshop owner and amateur detective Flora Steele teams up with handsome crime writer Jack Carrington to unravel a curious murder in the village of Abbeymead)

Misty M. Beller, A Daughter’s Courage, Bethany House (after accidentally destroying a treasured chalice, Charlotte Durand sets out on an expedition in search of a skilled artisan who can repair the damage)

Sian Ann Bessey, The Call of the Sea, Covenant (historical romance set in Wales in the mid 1100s)

Bonnie Blaylock, Light to the Hills, Lake Union (novel about family bonds, the power of words, and the resilience of mothers and daughters in 1930s Appalachia)

Rhys Bowen, Peril in Paris, Berkley (a Royal Spyness mystery)

John Boyne, All the Broken Places, Bond Street (story about a woman who must confront the sins of her own terrible past, and a present in which it is never too late for bravery)

Rita Bradshaw, Believing in Tomorrow, Pan (in the male-dominated society of the early 1900s, a young girl has to fight prejudice and hatred, and rejection comes from all sides)

Sylvia Broady, Orphans of War, Joffe Books (Kingston Upon Hull, 1941: a wartime story of hardship and hope)

Gun Brooke, The Amaranthine Law, Bold Strokes (LGBTQ romance set in 1761)

Camilla Bruce, All the Blood We Share, Berkley (novel based on the real Bloody Benders, a family of serial killers in the old West bound by butchery and obscured by the shadows of American history)

Serena Burdick, The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey, Park Row (in Edwardian England a writer’s wife goes missing, creating a literary scandal, and her great-great granddaughter must discover what truly happened. Set in 1898 & 2006)

Graeme Macrae Burnet, Case Study, Biblioasis (blurs the lines between patient and therapist, reality and dark imagination in a story set in London, 1965)

Dorothy Cannell, Peril in the Parish, Severn House (England, 1933 — Florence Norris and local pub landlord, George ‘Birdie’ Bird, are all set to marry when a mysterious stranger seeks out George to talk of an illegal burial years ago)

William Christie, The Double Agent, Minotaur (sequel to A Single Spy, a novel of WWII espionage in the most momentous and dangerous of times)

Joanne Clague, The Girl at Change Alley, Canelo (Sheffield, 1867; novel tells the story of a fallen woman and an opportunity for redemption)

Cassandra Clark, Dark Waters Rising, Severn House (1394; Can nun sleuth Hildegard solve the murder of a lay sister before the rising flood waters trap her with a cunning killer?)

Georgina Clarke, The Dazzle of the Light, Verve Books (novel set in the 1920s, inspired by the notorious all-female crime syndicate known as the Forty Thieves who operated out of the slums of south London)

Suzie Clarke, Enigma, Bold Strokes (LGBTQ romantic spy thriller set in 1941)

Jonathan Coe, Bournville, Viking (brutally funny and true portrait of Britain told through four generations of one family)

Genevieve Cogman, Scarlet, Tor (reinvention of the tale of The Scarlet Pimpernel set during the French Revolution, with the addition of magic and even more mayhem)

Manda Collins, A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes, Forever (to uncover a murderer, a devilish duke and the lady who despises him must fake an engagement that will fool all of Society)

Elin Cullhed (trans. Jennifer Hayashida), Euphoria, Canongate (reimagines Sylvia Plath in fictional form as Plath’s marriage to Ted Hughes unravels through their first summer in Devon, and Sylvia turns to writing to express her pain and loss)

Judith Cutler, A House Divided, Severn House (amateur detective novel set in the Matthew and Harriet Rowsley series set in 1861)

Martin Davies, Mrs Hudson and the Christmas Canary, Canelo (a new caper based on the legend of Sherlock Holmes)

Anne Dimock, Against the Grain, Woodhall Press (during desegregation battles in the early 1960s, one African American family experiences barriers more hidden than they are in the South)

David Donachie, A Troubled Course, McBooks (John Pearce naval series set at the end of the 18th-century)

Sarah M. Eden, The Best Intentions, Covenant (inspirational romance full of hidden secrets)

Emily J. Edwards, Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man, Crooked Lane (debut set in New York City, 1950, about a Girl Friday working for the city’s top private investigator)

Susen Edwards, What A Trip, She Writes (relives the turbulent culture of sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll, the first draft lottery since WW II, the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, and the harsh realities of war)

Jim Eldridge, Murder at Aldwych Station, Allison & Busby (a London Underground mystery, set in December 1940)

Loren D. Estleman, Paperback Jack, Forge (1946; the rising industry of lurid paperback novels comes under fire from censorious politicians out to tame the paperback jungle in the name of public morality)

Jess Everlee, The Gentleman’s Book of Vices, Carina Adores (Victorian romance in which a collector of illicit erotica and his favorite author have to write their own love story in a society that doesn’t accept them)

Robert Fabbri, Babylon, Corvus (fourth book in a brutal and bloodthirsty series about the fight to regain Alexander the Great’s empire after his untimely death)

Michael W. Farmer, Trini! Come!, Five Star (a novel of Geronimo’s captivity of Trinidad Verdin)

Shannon Fay, External Forces, 47North (London, 1958; a mage for the British royals matches wits with a power-mad old foe in a novel of enchantments and daring)

David Field, The Absentee King, Sapere (fifth book in the Medieval Saga Series)

Eric Flint, Robert E. Waters, 1637: The Transylvanian Decision, Baen (alternative history Ring of Fire series continues the Eastern Europe storyline explored in The Polish Maelstrom)

Darry Fraser, The Forthright Woman, HQ Fiction AU (mystery romance set in 1955 and 1898, South Australia)

Mariah Fredericks, The Lindbergh Nanny, Minotaur (examines one of the most famous kidnapping cases in America from the lens of its favorite suspect, putting Betty Gow at the center of her own story)

Eric Gansworth, My Good Man, Arthur A. Levine (narrative takes us through the childhood of an indigenous journalist and his life stories on the reservation)

Sally Gardner, The Weather Woman, Apollo (novel set between the two great Frost Fairs beginning in London, January 1789)

Elizabeth Gill, An Orphan’s Wish, Quercus (family saga set in Wolsingham, 1900)

Alex Gough, Emperor’s Fate, Canelo (the Imperial Assassin series, book 6)

Amy Lynn Green, The Blackout Book Club, Bethany House (a group of women are buoyed by stories which offer an escape from hardship and danger during WWII)

Molly Green, A Winter Wedding at Bletchley Park, Avon (the Bletchley Park Girls series, book two)

Philippa Gregory, Dawnlands, S&S UK (Fairmile series continues as Alinor and her family find themselves entangled in palace intrigue, political upheaval, and life-changing secrets in 17th-century England)

Liz Harris, In a Far Place, Heywood Press (Birmingham 1967 –a man interferes in a romance between his best friend and the new love he has found)

Robert J. Harris, The Devil’s Blaze: Sherlock Holmes, 1943, Pegasus (set in London during World War II, the world’s greatest detective must uncover the truth behind a series of high-profile assassinations)

Terri J. Haynes, Passages of Hope, Barbour (Gracie Kingston begins renovations on the Philadelphia house inherited from her grandmother, and finds a secret room)

Virginia Heath, Never Rescue a Rogue, Griffin (when a Duke and a reporter team up to uncover his family’s secrets, their search brings up more than they bargained for. Regency rom-com)

Kate Hewitt, The Bride’s Sister, Bookouture (story about what it means to be a family, second chances, and the lengths we go to for those we love; set in England 1868 and present day)

Grace Hitchcock, His Delightful Lady Delia, Bethany House (explores New York’s great opera wars between old money and the nouveau riche, featuring a rising young soprano star)

Tim Hodkinson, The Spear of Crom, Aries (in first-century Britain, Celtic warrior Fergus rides out on a deadly quest for his Roman commanders)

Gill Hornby, Godmersham Park, Pegasus (inspired by the true story of Anne Sharp, a governess who became very close with Jane Austen and her family)

Pam Howes, A Royal Visit to Victory Street, Bookouture (saga about the power of family and a community trying to rebuild their lives after the terrible war that nearly destroyed everything. Liverpool, 1956)

Theresa Howes, The Secrets We Keep, HQ Digital (1944, the Cote d’Azur; captures the endurance and strength of ordinary people in the darkest of times)

Patricia L. Hudson, Traces, Fireside Industries/Univ. Press of Kentucky (explores rumors about Daniel Boone, exposes the harsh realities of frontier life, and gives voice to the women whose lives have been reduced to scattered footnotes)

Anna Jacobs, A Silver Wish, Hodder & Stoughton (new saga series begins in Lancashire 1887 as Queen Victoria celebrates her golden jubilee)

Roy Jacobsen (trans. Don Bartlett & Don Shaw), Just a Mother, MacLehose (fourth installment in WWII Barrøy Chronicles)

Eloisa James, The Reluctant Countess, Piatkus (romance between a proper earl and the lady who is entirely inappropriate for him)

Dinah Jefferies, The Hidden Palace, HarperCollins (follow up to Daughters of War, in which Florence escapes the brutality of war in 1944 France in Malta, where she uncovers her estranged mother’s secret past)

Gail Jones, Salonika Burning, Text (Greece, 1917; illuminates not only the devastation of war but also the vast social upheaval of the times)

Suzanne Kelman, We Fly Beneath the Stars, Bookouture (1942, Europe: Based on the true story of a female-only bomber battalion)

Louise Kennedy, Trespasses, Riverhead (set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, novel about a young woman caught between allegiance to community and a dangerous passion)

Gabriela Romero Lacruz, The Sun and the Void, Orbit (historical fantasy of colonialism and ancient magic, inspired by the history and folklore of South America)

George Lee, Dancing in the River, Guernica Editions (coming-of-age story set amid the turmoil of communist China, from the iron-fisted Party rule of the 1960s to the protests of the late 1980s)

Amanda Lees, Paris at First Light, Bookouture (novel about hope, betrayal and one mother’s limitless courage during WWII)

Hannah Linder, Beneath His Silence, Barbour (a gothic-style Regency romance)

Bryan Litfin, Caesar’s Lord, Revell (last in the Constantine’s Empire series novel tells a tale of struggle and redemption)

Bonnie MacBird, illus. Frank Cho, What Child is This?, HarperCollins (Sherlock takes on two cases during a Victorian Christmas)

Kate Manning, Gilded Mountain, Scribner (Moonstone, Colorado, 1907 — a tale of a hardscrabble education, about right and wrong, and the consequences of speaking out against injustice)

Kevin McCarthy, The Wintering Place, W. W. Norton (Dakota Territory, 1867; deserting to escape the horrors of the Indian Wars, novel tells a story of three people battling to survive in a vast and unforgiving landscape)

Kathleen McGurl, The Girl with the Emerald Flag, HQ Digital (1916; as war rages in Europe, Gráinne leaves her job in a department store to join Countess Markiewicz’s revolutionary efforts)

Rae Meadows, Winterland, Henry Holt (Russia, 1970s and 1930s; story of an era shaped by glory and loss and about forging a life when you no longer are what you were)

Fenella J. Miller, The Land Girls of Goodwill House, Boldwood (new installment of saga series set in August 1940)

John Winn Miller, The Hunt for the Peggy C, Bancroft Press (introduces Captain Jake Rogers, a hardened smuggler transporting contraband through the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic in the beginning phases of World War II)

Santa Montefiore, An Italian Girl in Brooklyn, S&S UK (novel about dark secrets and hidden sorrows—set in war-torn Italy and the streets of New York)

Marvel Moreno (trans. Isabel Adey and Charlotte Coombe), December Breeze, Europa Editions (novel exploring womanhood, and the ties of a middle-class, traditional life in 1950s Colombia)

Dora Levy Mossanen, Love and War in the Jewish Quarter, Post Hill (a journey across Iran where war, superstition, jealousy and betrayal rage behind the walls of mansions and the crumbling houses of the Jewish Quarter)

Kent Michael Nerburn, Lone Dog Road, Polished Stone (indigenous tale of compassion and redemption played out against the backdrop of the American high plains during the drought-stricken summer of 1950)

Ben Okri, The Last Gift of the Master Artists, Other Press (reinvents the beautiful soul and resilient culture of Nigeria, through a story of the Atlantic slave trade)

Kelly Oliver, Chaos at Carnegie Hall, Boldwood (New York 1917; can Fiona Figg catch a killer and find a decent cup of tea before her mustache wax melts?)

Suzanne Parry, Lost Souls of Leningrad, She Writes (equal parts war epic, family saga, and love story, novel brings to life a little-known chapter of WW II in a tale of two remarkable women)

Anne Perry, A Christmas Deliverance, Ballantine (a courageous doctor and his apprentice fight to save London’s poor)

C. L. Polk, Even Though I Knew the End, Tordotcom (a supernatural historical fantasy in which a magical detective dives into the affairs of Chicago’s divine monsters to secure a future with the love of her life)

MJ Porter, Warrior of Mercia, Boldwood (an unknown danger lurks in the form of Viking raiders, who set their sights on infiltrating the waterways of the breakaway kingdom of the East Angles)

Jan Procházka (trans. Mark Corner), The Bug, Karolinum Press, Charles Univ. (historical thriller about life under surveillance in Soviet Czechoslovakia)

Sundara Ramaswamy (trans. Aniruddhan Vasudevan), The Tamarind Tree, Amazon Crossing (reflection about shared histories, loss, an affinity for nature, and a near-mythic center of life in a village in India)

Tracy Rees, The Elopement, Pan (1897 — romance in which a wealthy heiress falls for the artist commissioned to capture her image)

Joâo Reis (trans. Adrian Minckley), The Devastation of Silence, Open Letter (a captain in the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps finds himself in a German prison camp during WWI)

Alix Rickloff, The Girls in Navy Blue, Wm Morrow (dual timeline novel about three women who joined the Navy during WWI and the impact their choices have on one of their descendants in 1968)

Patrick Rimbaud (trans. Nicole Ball and David Ball), The Master, Seagull Books (spins out the extraordinary life of Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou in fifth century BCE)

Rebecca Roanhorse, Tread of Angels, Gallery/Saga (in 1883, a card sharp with a need for justice defends her sister who is accused of murdering a member of the ruling class of a mining town, in this dark historical fantasy)

Eden Robins, When Franny Stands Up, Sourcebooks Landmark (a woman creates her own “showstopper” in a WWII Chicago comedy night club)

William Rose, The Freedom of the Villainous, Sphinx Books (exploration of the fascination of identical twins set across 1860s Paris, the Tabernas Desert in Spain and Ancient Alexandria)

Noelle Salazar, Angels of the Resistance, Mira (World War II story inspired by true events, about courageous women who risked everything for country, for family, and for each other)

Simon Scarrow, Death to the Emperor, Headline (AD 60. Macro and Cato – two battle-scarred heroes of the Roman army – face tribal uprisings and battles to the death in barbaric Britannia)

Carly Schabowski, All the Courage We Have Found, Bookouture (novel about one woman’s decision to risk everything to save as many people as she can from the Nazis)

Cathy Sharp, The Boy with the Suitcase, HarperCollins (during the Blitz, to keep him safe, and out of trouble, Davey is sent away to a new life, far away in Canada and away from his little sister)

Li Zi Shu (trans. YZ Chin), The Age of Goodbyes, Feminist Press at CUNY (exploration of what happens to personal memory when official accounts of history distort and render it taboo)

Rosemary Simpson, Death at the Falls, Kensington (newly minted lawyer Prudence MacKenzie and ex-Pinkerton Geoffrey Hunter travel to Niagara Falls on a mysterious assignment)

Dana Stabenow, Theft of an Idol, Head of Zeus (when Cleopatra’s most beloved actress disappears, her new Eye of Isis must solve a case that will lead to the darkest corners of Alexandria)

Peter Steiner, The Inconvenient German, Severn House (Willi Geismeier is proving to be a headache for the Nazis yet again as leader of the Flower Gang – a secret organisation helping people flee Germany)

Pat Stoltey, In Defense of Delia, Five Star (early 1800s Illinois frontier fiction; a Sangamon novel)

Joyce St. Anthony, Death on a Deadline, Crooked Lane (editor-in-chief Irene Ingram draws on her well-honed reporter’s instincts in the second Homefront News mystery)

Richard Stratton, Defending Alice, HarperVia (set in 1920s New York – real-life case in which the marriage between a working-class black woman and the scion of one of America’s most powerful white families ends in an annulment lawsuit)

Victoria Thompson, City of Fortune, Berkley (when a day at the races reveals sabotage and subterfuge, Elizabeth Miles must use every ounce of her craftiness to even the score. Counterfeit Lady, book #6)

S. J. A. Turney, Iron and Gold, Canelo (Wolves of Odin Book 3 set in AD 1043)

Jenni L. Walsh, The Call of the Wrens, Harper Muse (little-known story of the daring women who rode through war-torn Europe, carrying secrets on their shoulders)

Michael X. Wang, Lost in the Long March, The Overlook Press (novel set against the tense backdrop of the Long March and Mao’s rise to power in China, 1934)

R.E. Ward, Hot Keys, Bold Strokes (LGBTQ romance set in 1920s New York City)

Tori Whitaker, A Matter of Happiness, Lake Union (a cherished heirloom opens up a century of secrets. Dual timeline story set in present day and 1921)

Helen Yendall, The Highland Girls at War, HQ Digital (Scotland, 1942; the newest recruits in the Women’s Timber Corps are determined to do their bit for the war effort)

December 2022

Lyn Andrews, Goodbye, Mersey View, Headline (new saga evokes the ups and downs of life in the back streets of 1930s Liverpool)

Elizabeth Bailey, The Vengeance Trail, Sapere (the Lady Fan mystery series, book 9)

Stephen Preston Banks, Cashdown’s Folly, Five Star (saga of the Musgrave clan and a story of courage, resilience, triumphs, and losses among intrepid Washington Territory settlers)

Karen K. Brees, Crosswind, Black Rose (a search for a missing MI6 colleague and the microfilm he possesses leads Professor Katrin Nissen deep into the maelstrom of Nazi-controlled Berlin)

Kate Breslin, In Love’s Time, Bethany House (in summer of 1918, Captain Marcus Weatherford arrives in Russia on a secret mission to search for the Romanov tsarina and her son–who allegedly survived the murdering Bolsheviks)

Gina Buonaguro, The Virgins of Venice, HarperAvenue (novel set in 16th-century Venice, where one young noblewoman dares to resist the choices made for her: a marriage of strategic alliance or the convent)

Jerome Charyn, Big Red, No Exit (set amidst the noir glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age, story reimagines the life of Rita Hayworth)

Géza Csáth (trans. Jascha Kessler), Opium and Other Stories, Europa Editions (rediscovered classic of Hungarian literature, collection depicts the darkest impulses of the human psyche against the backdrop of Europe’s moral and social decline on the eve of WWI)

Bernard Cornwell, Sharpe Untitled, Harper (Spain, 1812. Richard Sharpe, the most brilliant but most wayward soldier in the British army, finds himself faced with an impossible task)

Iris Costello, The Secrets of Rochester Place, Penguin UK (mystery tells the story of two people, separated by time, yet connected through a Georgian house and the secrets within its walls. Dual timeline 1937 and 2020)

Jane Coverdale, Under a Cerulean Sky, One More Chapter (when two high society sisters find themselves down on their luck, an unexpected inheritance sends them on a voyage of discovery to face a wild destiny)

Paige Crutcher, The Lost Witch, St Martin’s Griffin (a witch discovers that finding your way home is sometimes the most perilous journey of all – set in 1922 and present)

Julie Daines, Meriden Park, Covenant (romantic rags-to-riches tale set in India and England)

Jennifer Delamere, Holding the Line, Bethany House (romance blossoms as a young widow joins forces with a man trying to protect his vulnerable niece from unscrupulous men)

Melanie Dickerson, Fortress of Snow, Thomas Nelson (sweet historical medieval romance, reimagining the Snow Queen tale)

Kevin Doherty, Landscape of Shadows, Oceanview (France, 1941. following the assassination of two German troopers, mayor Max Duval has to choose whether to surrender resistance fighter Sophie Carriere, or let innocent citizens be executed)

Amanda Dykes, All the Lost Places, Bethany House (multi-period mystery in which a baby is discovered floating in a basket in 1807 Venice and a guild of artisans takes him in and raises him as a son who learns each of their trades)

Molly Fader, The Sunshine Girls, Graydon House (a dual-narrative set in 1967 & 2017, about two sisters who realize their mother isn’t who they’d always thought, when a legendary movie star shows up at her funeral)

María José Ferrada (trans. Elizabeth Bryer), How to Turn Into a Bird, Tin House (tale of coming of age, loss of innocence, and shifting perspectives that asks: how far outside of our lives must we go to really see things clearly?)

Michelle Gable, The Lipstick Bureau, Graydon House (inspired by one of the OSS’s few female operatives, Barbara Lauwers; novel set at OSS’s Morale Office in Rome, which was responsible for creating black propaganda and distributing it behind enemy lines)

Patty Smith Hall, On My Honor, Barbour (a girl scout troop joins the battle of the Atlantic during WWII)

William C. Hammond, To Distant Shores, McBooks (Captain Richard Cutler commands the new United States steam frigate Suwannee on a mission to the South Seas)

Matthew Harffy, Forest of Foes, Aries (Bernicia Chronicles #9 – Beobrand is caught between the intrigues of royalty and the Church)

Culley Holderfield, Hemlock Hollow, Regal House (bequeathed a cabin by her father, Caroline discovers a century-old journal in the attic and sets about exonerating the boy in the diary of a crime)

Mike Hollow, The Camden Murder, Allison & Busby (DI John Jago WWII murder mystery)

Sophia Holloway, Isabelle, Allison & Busby (historical romance by the author of Kingscastle)

Regina Jennings, Engaging Deception, Bethany House (romance abounds when a woman takes a job as a nanny to a widowed architect’s young children)

Adele Jordan, A Spy at Hampton Court, Sapere (espionage adventure set in Elizabethan London with a feisty female lead. Book 3 of 3)

Abraham Kawa, The Capricorn Murders, Sapere (first police procedural crime novel in a historical mystery thriller series ― the Bates and Briant Investigations —set in 1960s and 1970s London)

Julie Klassen, The Sisters of Sea View, Bethany House (when their father’s death leaves them impoverished, Sarah Summers convinces her sisters to open their seaside home to guests, the decision bringing a divide between love and duty)

Patrick Larsimont, The Lightning and the Few, Sapere (first book in the Jox McNabb Aviation Thrillers series: historical adventures following a RAF pilot during the second world war)

Henriette Lazaridis, Terra Nova, Pegasus (haunting story of love, art, and betrayal, set against the backdrop of Antarctic exploration in 1910)

Amy Licence, Troubled Queen, Sapere (historical drama set at the court of King Henry VIII and featuring Anne Boleyn; second book in the Marwood Family Tudor Saga Series)

Chris Lloyd, Paris Requiem, Pegasus (World War II murder mystery & portrait of Paris under occupation)

Resoketswe Martha Manenzhe, Scatterlings, HarperVia (story of a multiracial family in 1927, when the Immorality Act is passed, prohibiting sexual congress between “Europeans” (white people) and “natives” (Black people))

Lee Martin, The Glassmaker’s Wife, Dzanc (1844 – historical crime thriller inspired by the true story of Betsey Reed, a woman who dabbled in herbal healing and was known about town as a witch)

L. J. Martin, Mud, Blood and Beer, Five Star (a collection of stories set in the Old West)

Aanchal Malhotra, The Book of Everlasting Things, Flatiron (1938; story of a Hindu perfumer and a Muslim calligrapher, who fall in love against the backdrop of Partition)

Bárbara Mujica, Miss del Río, Graydon House (biographical historical novel set over five decades about Mexican actress Dolores del Río, a proud Mexican woman who helped pioneer Mexican cinema’s Golden Age)

Andie Newton, A Child for the Reich, One More Chapter (story of a mother’s love battling against the determination of the Reich to create a pure Aryan race)

Noel O’Reilly, The Darlings of the Asylum, HQ (a novel of duty and desire, madness and sanity, about a woman locked in a Victorian asylum against her will)

Amita Parikh, The Circus Train, Putnam (a two-decade journey across Europe and a travelling circus where nothing is as it seems)

Glynis Peters, The Orphan’s letters, One More Chapter (a Red Cross nurse traverses the country during the second world with her only connection to loved ones being the arrival of the post)

Bianca Pitzorno, The Seamstress of Sardinia, Harper Perennial (a debut of manners, family, romance, and fashion set on the island of Sardinia at the end of the 19th century)

Pascal Quignard (trans. Chris Turner), The Tears, Seagull Books (novel about the turbulent lives of the twin sons of Charlemagne’s daughter Bertha, criss-crossed by contingent historical events which have shaped entire cultures)

Renee Ryan, The Secret Society of Salzburg, Love Inspired Trade (novel features an Englishwoman and an Austrian opera singer, through whose friendship and heroism countless lives are saved)

Sarah Shoemaker, Children of the Catastrophe, Harper Perennial (a family story of love and survival set against the backdrop of the massacre of Greeks and Armenians after World War I)

Jane Smiley, A Dangerous Business, Knopf (murder mystery set in Gold Rush California, as two young prostitutes follow a trail of missing girls)

Stephen Spotswood, Secrets Typed in Blood, Doubleday (Lillian and Will are hot on the trail of a serial killer whose murders are stranger than fiction: set in New York City, 1947)

John Straley, Blown by the Same Wind, Soho Crime (in 1968, a bumbling FBI agent, a tense hostage negotiation, and the disappearance of a young girl have the town of Cold Storage, Alaska, turned upside down)

Stephen Taylor, The Mystery of Rufford Abbey, Sapere (a medieval girl’s testimony holds the key to a present-day investigation)

Robert Temple, The Strange Courtship of Kathleen O’Dwyer, Five Star (in 1828, a woman heads west across the Great Plains, risking death among hostile Native Americans, brutish mountain men, and wild animals)

Darcie Wilde, The Secret of the Lost Pearls, Kensington (mystery series inspired by the novels of Jane Austen and set in 19th-century London)

Mary Wood, The Orphanage Girls Reunited, Pan (second installment of a saga series about an orphanage in London’s East End)

Kitty Zeldis, The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights, Harper (novel about three women in post-World War I New York City and the secrets they hold)

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