Forthcoming children’s and YA historical novels for 2022

The Historical Novel Society lists mainstream and small press titles for readers aged 4 – 18. Books are set in eras up to the early 1970s. Details are compiled by Fiona Sheppard using publisher descriptions and recommended age suitability. This is a work in progress.

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See our guide to Forthcoming Children’s and YA Historical Novels for 2021 for the previous year’s releases.

Last updated July 24.2021

January 2022

Leah Henderson, The Magic in Changing Your Stars, Sterling Children’s Books, Age 8-12 (journey back to 1939 Harlem in this time-travel adventure with an empowering message about believing in yourself and persevering)

June Hur, The Red Palace, Feiwel & Friends, YA (historical mystery set in Joseon (Korea), 1758)

Michael Morpurgo, illus. Benji Davies, The Puffin Keeper, Puffin Canada, Age 9-12 (a story of enduring friendship during and after WWII)

Jennifer A. Nielson, Words on Fire, Scholastic (Lithuania 1893 – story of a girl who discovers the strength of her people united in resisting oppression)

Neal Shusterman, illus. Andrés Vera Martínez, Courage to Dream, Graphix, Age 10-14 (novel explores one of the greatest atrocities in modern memory, delving into the core of what it means to face the extinction of everything and everyone you hold dear)

Maggie Tokuda-Hall, illus. Yas Imamura, Love in the Library, Candlewick, Age 6-9 (picture book set in an internment camp where the United States cruelly detained Japanese Americans during WWII and based on true events)

February 2022

Avi, Loyalty, Clarion Books, Age 10-12 (story of a young Loyalist turned British spy navigating patriotism and personal responsibility during the lead-up to the War of Independence)

J. M. Lee, The Nightland Express, Erewhon, YA (in antebellum America, two teens bury their secrets and join the historic Pony Express, and soon discover the mortal world is not the only one on the brink of war)

Amina Luqman-Dawson, 8, Little, Brown BfYR, Age 8-12 (middle-grade novel about two enslaved children’s escape from a plantation and the many ways they find freedom)

Alex Wheatle, Kemosha of the Caribbean, Black Sheep, YA (in 1668, a young Jamaican girl, Kemosha, secures her freedom from enslavement and finds her true self while sailing to Panama with the legendary Captain Morgan)

March 2022

Annelise Grey, Circus Maximus: Rivals on the Track, Zephyr, Age 9+ (Dido is the only girl ever to have won victory at the Circus Maximus, but now the whole Empire wants to know her true identity)

L. M. Elliott, Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves, Katherine Tegen, Age 8-12 (captures life on the US home front during World War II)

Jennifer A. Nielsen, Lines of Courage, Scholastic, Age 8-12 (weaves together the stories of five kids living through World War I, each of whom holds the key to the others’ futures)

Matt Phelan, The Sheep, the Rooster, and the Duck, Greenwillow, Age 8-12 (middle-grade adventure full of secrets, hijinks, and reimagined historical events)

Jenni L. Walsh, Over and Out, Scholastic, Age 8-12 (story of a young girl from Cold War East Berlin forced to spy for the secret police… but who is determined to escape to freedom)

April 2022

Dominique Conil (trans. Alison L. Strayer) No to Fear, Triangle Square, Age 10-14 (fictional story of the fearless, internationally recognized journalist who was assassinated for believing that ‘words can save lives.’)

Rachel Hausfater (trans. Alison L. Strayer), No to Despair, Triangle Square, Age 10-14 (portrait of the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and its young leader Mordechai Anielewicz)

Ian Lewis, The Balland of Billie Bean, Fitzroy Books, Age 9-12 (adventure set in London and California in the early 1900s)

Michelle Paver, Wolf Bane, Zephyr, Age 8-12 (final Wolf Brother story)

Liam Francis Walsh, Red Scare, Scholastic, Age 8-12 (graphic adventure featuring a clever 11-year-old girl who must, against all odds, protect her family and town during the height of the communist “red scare”)

May 2022

June 2022

Kat Dunn, Glorious Poison, Zephyr, YA (conclusion to the 18th-century French Revolution trilogy)

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