Guide to children’s and YA historical novels for 2014

This is our guide to historical novels published in 2014, covering children’s and young adult titles from mainstream and small presses. Details were compiled by Fiona Sheppard.

For newer titles, check out of lists of forthcoming adult historical novels for 2021 and for children and YA for 2021.

January 2014

Irene Adler, Iacopo Bruno, The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin and Me), Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13
First in a mystery crime series where the literary fictional Holmes and Adler are children.

Gigi Amateau, Come August, Come Freedom: The Bellows, the Gallows and the Black General Gabriel, Candlewick Press, Age 12 +  In post-Revolutionary Virginia, a slave plots a rebellion involving thousands of African-American freedom seekers.

Karen Autio, Sabotage: Trilogy Book 3, Sono Nis Press, Ages 12 +  Set in 1915, this completes the trilogy about the Finnish Mäki family in early Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted, The Twin’s Daughter, Bloomsbury USA Childrens, Ages 14 – 18  The child of a wealthy family in Victorian London is surprised by a visit from her mother’s long lost twin.

Emily Bold, Breath of Yesterday, Skyscape, Ages 12 +
Samantha ventures back to 18th-c Scotland where it all began and into the arms of her handsome young Highlander.

Joseph Bruchac, On This Long Journey, the Journal of Jesse Smoke, a Cherokee Boy, the Trail of Tears, 1838, Scholastic Paperbacks, Ages 8 – 12  Set in 1838, story follows Jesse’s family on the Cherokee Nation ‘Trail of Tears’ journey.

Nicholas Christopher, The True Adventures of Nicolo Zen, Knopf Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +     Set in 1700s Venice and Vienna, historical novel about a young clarinet virtuoso.

Ying Chang Compestine and Vinson Compestine, Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier, Amulet, Ages 10 +   In 1970s China during the Cultural Revolution, Ming learns the history of the Great Wall of China, and why the terra-cotta soldiers came to be.

Jennifer Dance, Red Wolf, Dundurn, Ages 12 – 15  Novel about the impact of the Indian Act of 1876 and the residential schools system upon indigenous cultures.

James Dashner, Infinity Ring Book 7: The Iron Empire, Scholastic, Ages 8 – 12
Dak, Sera and Riq make their stand in Ancient Greece alongside Alexander the Great.

Jacqueline Davies, Lost, Skyscape, Ages 12 +  A novel about friendship, loss, and the resiliency of the human spirit, set against the backdrop of Lower East Side Manhattan in the early 1900s.

Kristy Dempsey, A Dance Like Starlight: One Ballerina’s Dream, Philomel, Ages 5 – 8
A young black girl living in Harlem in 1951 longs to attend an all-white ballet school.

William Durbin, Blackwater Ben (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage), Univ Of Minnesota Press, Ages 10 – 14,  In the winter of 1898, Ben leaves school for a job as cook’s assistant at the Blackwater Logging camp.

Jamila Gavin, The Blood Stone, Tamarind, Ages 9 – 11
An epic quest leads from 17th-c Venice to the majestic palaces of Hindustan.

Patricia Reilly Giff, Gingersnap, Yearling, Ages 8 – 12
When her brother is listed as MIA in 1944, Jayna sets out for Brooklyn to find family.

Jane Hardstaff, The Executioner’s Daughter, Egmont, Ages 12 +
A fantasy adventure set in London during the last months of Anne Boleyn’s life.

Sonya Hartnett, The Midnight Zoo, Walker UK, Ages 12 +
In WW II Europe, Tomas and his brother are forced to flee their Romany encampment.

Alyxandra Harvey, A Breath of Frost: The Lovegrove Legacy, Walker Children’s
Ages 12 – 17,   In 1814 London, young debutantes, weary of balls and tea parties, discover that they are witches.

Tonya Cherie Hegamin, Willow, Candlewick Press, Ages 14 +
An educated slave girl faces a choice between bondage and freedom, family and love.

W E Johns, Biggles Flies East, Red Fox, Ages 9 – 11
While on leave Biggles is mistaken for someone else.

W E Johns, Biggles Learns to Fly, Red Fox, Ages 9 – 11
It’s WW I, Biggles is just 17 and the planes are primitive.

Mitsuhisa Kuji, Wolfsmund, Volume 3, Vertical, Ages 14 +
Graphic novel historical rendition of the William Tell story.

Rob Lloyd Jones, Wild Boy, Walker UK, Ages 9 +
In London 1841 a boy covered in hair and raised as a monster is condemned to life in a traveling freak show.

Nick Lake, In Darkness, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 14 +  Parallel stories of Toussaint Louverture, a rebellious slave in Haiti 1791 and a boy injured in the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Kirby Larson, Hattie Ever After, Ember, Ages 12 +
Set in San Francisco in 1919, Hattie sets out to become a reporter.

Caroline Lawrence, P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man, Puffin, Ages 8 +
Second in series returns to the Wild West in another adventure.

C. Alexander London, Dog Tags #3: Prisoners of War, Scholastic Paperbacks, Ages 10 – 14
Third in a series exploring the bond between soldier and dog in times of war.

Katherine Longshore, Manor of Secrets, Point, Ages 12 +
A ‘Downton Abbey’ upstairs-downstairs drama for teens, set in 1911 Britain.

Kathy Lowinger, Shifting Sands, Life in the Times of Moses, Annick Press, Ages 12 – 18
Stories of three young people who experience the tumult as new religions are born.

Chris Lynch, World War II Book 1: The Right Fight, Scholastic, Ages 10 – 14
A young US army recruit is posted to N Africa where desert warfare proves brutal.

Jo Macauley, Secrets & Spies: Plague, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13,
In plague swept, perilous London, 14-year-old Beth is a spy for King Charles.

Jo Macauley, Secrets & Spies: Treason, Capstone Books for Young Readers, Ages 9 – 12,
In 1664 there are those who would gladly kill King Charles unless Beth can uncover the plot.

Barbara Mariconda, Bird with the Heart of a Mountain, Skyscape, Ages 12 +
Set during the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War, 16-yr-old Drina yearns to dance flamenco.

Wendy McClure, Wanderville, Razorbill, Ages 8 – 12
An adventure story rooted in early 20th-c American history.

Michael Morpurgo, A Medal for Leroy, Feiwel & Friends, Ages 10 – 14
A boy discovers the truth about his family history that spans from WW I to present day.

Michael Morpurgo, Shadow, Square Fish, Ages 10 – 14  Set in battle-scarred Afghanistan, Shadow is a loyal spaniel that comforts Aman and his mother who are barely surviving in a cave.

Jackie Morris, The Ice Bear, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Ages 4 – 7   In a time when people and animals lived in harmony, a bear-child is stolen away from his mother.

Shelia P. Moses, The Sittin’ Up, Putnam Juvenile, Ages 10 +  When his grandfather, the last slave man, dies in summer of 1940, Bean is included in his very first ‘Sittin’ Up’.

Heather Munn, Lydia Munn, Defy the Night, Kregel Publications, Ages 12 +  A coming-of-age story surrounding the rescue of Jewish children from French internment camps in 1941.

K M Peyton, Firehead, Red Fox Classics, Ages 9 – 11
Beguiled by his fiery red hair, Norsemen take Edmund Firehead into slavery.

Patricia Polacco, Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln, Puffin, Ages 7 +
A museum keeper’s ‘history game’ begins a journey back to the Civil War in 1862.

Leila Rasheed, Diamonds & Deceit (At Somerton), Disney Hyperion, Ages 12 +
Romance, mystery and scandal combine in this Edwardian drama for teens.

Ransom Riggs, Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, Quirk Books, Ages 14 +   In 1940, Jacob journeys to London and encounters new allies and unexpected surprises.

Laura Amy Schlitz, Splendors and Glooms, Candlewick Press, Ages 9 – 12
Clara invites a puppeteer as birthday entertainment; a gothic tale set in Victorian London.

Megan Shepherd, The Madman’s Daughter, Balzer & Bray, Ages 12+
Dark gothic thriller inspired by ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’.

Megan Shepherd, Her Dark Curiosity (Madman’s Daughter), Balzer + Bray, Ages 12 +
A gothic suspense novel inspired by The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Delia Sherman, The Freedom Maze, Candlewick Press, Ages 10 +
From 1960, 13yr old Sophie makes a trip back to an 1860 Louisiana sugar plantation.

Laurel Snyder, Seven Stories Up, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12
After traveling through time to Baltimore 1937, Annie wonders if she’s changed the past a little too much to return home.

Park SoHee, Goong, Volume 14, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel, alternate historical fantasy where Korea still has a royal family.

Susan Rosson Spain, The Deep Cut, Two Lions, Ages 10 +  A 13-year-old boy struggles to understand the Civil War raging around him but never changes his belief that fighting solves nothing.

Martha Bennett Stiles, Sailing to Freedom, Square Fish, Ages 8 – 12  Adventure abounds in the 1850s when a young boy discovers his uncle’s ship is smuggling a slave north.

Ms Laura L. Sullivan, Delusion, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
Two illusionist sisters are sent to the countryside in the aftermath of the Blitz and stumble across a hidden college of real magicians.

Rosemary Sutcliff, The Mark of the Horse Lord, Red Fox Classics, Ages 9 – 11
Freed gladiator Phaedrus finds there’s more danger outside the arena than in.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Blood Feud, Red Fox Classics, Ages 9 – 11
After saving Thormod the Viking’s life, Jestyn becomes his sworn blood brother.

Lauren Tarshis, I Survived #9: I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944, Scholastic Inc,
Ages 7 – 10   A boy struggles to survive in one of the darkest periods in history.

Amy Timberlake, One Came Home, Yearling, Ages 10 +  A young woman’s physical and emotional odyssey woven around two significant events in Wisconsin in 1871.

Yana Toboso, Black Butler, Volume 16, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel about an earl, in Queen Victoria’s service, and his elite butler.

Ann Turnbull, Room for a Stranger, Walker UK, Ages 9 +
In 1941 Doreen has to learn to share her room when her mother decides to take in an evacuee – with potentially tragic consequences.

Ann Turnbull, No Friend of Mine, Walker UK, Ages 9 +  In a mining town in 1937, friendship is severely tested by two boys’ very different backgrounds of capitalist and socialist politics.

Ann Turnbull, Pigeon Summer, Walker UK, Ages 9 +  At the height of the Great Depression in 1930, Mary is left to care for the racing pigeons her father leaves behind as he searches for employment.

A.L Waddington, Essence (The EVE Series, Vol. 1), Booktrope Editions, Ages 12 +
First in series, a girl has black outs in which she is transported to another life in the 1880s.

Rysa Walker, Timebound (The Chronos Files, Book 1), Skyscape, Ages 12 +
Kate travels back to 1893 Chicago World’s Fair to prevent a murder.

Ruth Warburton, Witch Finder, Hodder Children’s Books, Ages 12 +  History and fantasy combine in London, 1880, when an 18-year-old witch-finder has to kill his first victim as the last test for his initiation.

Margaret Wild, Let the Celebrations Begin, Walker UK, Ages 7 + (Printing in the US by Candlewick – Sept 2014)  Miriam lives in a concentration camp hut where she helps to make a special plan to celebrate the day the soldiers open the gates to freedom.

Ashton John Williams, When the Nightingale Sings, First Edition Design Publishing,            Ages 12 +   In the spring of 1945, 14-Year-old Rudy is condemned to be kitchen help in Adoph Hitler’s Berlin bunker during the last eleven days of World War II.

Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga 2, Kodansha Comics, Ages 16 +
Ethelred has fled & Askeladd’s band is plundering the English countryside.

February 2014

Avi, The Barn, Scholastic Paperbacks, Ages 8 – 12  Set in Willamette Valley in 1855, young Ben and his siblings take over the family farm when their father falls ill.

Kristin Bailey, Legacy of the Clockwork Key (The Secret Order), Simon Pulse, Ages 14 +
An adventure romance set in Victorian London.

M.P. Barker, Mending Horses, Holiday House, Ages 10 +  Young indentured servant is taken under the wing of a peddler but encounters hostility from others, even though they must learn to work together.

Ilsa J Bick, White Space: Book One of The Dark Passages, Egmont USA, Ages 14+
A sophisticated older teen horror novel set in a dark alternative Victorian London.

Jamie Buxton, Temple Boys, Egmont Books, Ages 12 – 17
An adventure story set in the days of the Crucifixion.

Jennifer Anne Davis, Red (The True Reign Series, Book 2), Clean Teen Publishing
Ages 12+   Second in the series where kingdoms rise and fall, heroes are born and made, but love conquers all.

Erin Fry, Secrets of the Book, Two Lions, Ages 8 – 12
You don’t choose Pandora’s Book, it chooses you, and it’s full of famous dead people.

Brian Gallagher, Stormclouds: New Friends, Old Differences, O’Brien Press, Ages 12 +
Set in late-sixties Belfast, Ireland the accurate depiction of violence in a seemingly benign and familiar place threatens the friendship of two children.

A.C. Gaughen, Lady Thief: A Scarlet Novel, Walker Children’s, Ages 12 – 17
Scarlet’s forced marriage to Guy of Gisbourne threatens the love between her and Robin.

Philippa Gregory, Fool’s Gold, Simon Pulse, Ages 14 +  Third in the Order of Darkness series, set in 1454 Venice, Luca and Isolde are tasked with exposing a coin counterfeiting scheme.

Sonya Hartnett, The Silver Donkey, Candlewick Press, Ages 10 +
Two sisters stumble upon a wounded soldier in WW I France and help him to get home.

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, A Taste of Freedom: Ghandi and the Great Salt March,
Walker Childrens, Ages 6 – 9  A vision for a better world, through the eyes of a child.

Leslie Kimmelman, Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic, Sleeping Bear Press,
Ages 8 – 11   June 1939; the US plays host to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Laird, Shahnameh, The Persian Book of Kings, Frances Lincoln, Ages 12 +
A collection of short stories and myths from ancient Iran.

Kathryn Lasky, Blazing West, the Journal of Augustus Pelletier, the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804, Scholastic Paperbacks Ages 8 – 12   After tracking them for 200 miles, the ability to read and write makes 14yr old Augustus useful to explorers Lewis & Clark.

Susan K Marlow, River of Peril (Goldtown Adventures), Kregel Publications,
Ages 8 – 12   A Civil War adventure in 1860s California.

Chad Morris, Cragbridge Hall, Book 2: The Avatar Battle, Shadow Mountain, Ages 8 – 14
A time-travel adventure that teaches powerful lessons about choice and consequence.

Sasha Morton, Oliver Twist, Ticktock Books, LTD, Ages 7 +
A retelling of the classic tale for young readers.

Mariko Nagai, Dust of Eden, Albert Whitman & Company, Ages 9 – 13
1942: 13-year-old Mina & her Japanese-American family are sent to internment camp.

Donna Jo Napoli, Storm, Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, Ages 14 +
Themes of family, loss and survival in timeless story re-imagined, as 16-year-old stowaway survives life aboard Noah’s ark.

Barbara Kathleen Nickel, The Secret Wish of Nannerl Mozart, Sumach, Ages 6 – 12 Overshadowed by her famous brother, Nannerl dares to dream, against the odds, of becoming a famous composer.

J. Nelle Patrick, Tsarina, Razorbill, Ages 12 +
In early 20th-c Russia a girl must find the mysterious Faberge egg to save her homeland.

Fiona Paul, Belladonna, Speak, Ages 14 +
Second in series set in Renaissance Venice.

Nicola Pierce, City of Fate, O’Brien Childrens, Ages 10 +  Sunday August 23, 1942 is Uri’s birthday but it is also the day that Nazis begin carpet-bombing campaign of Stalingrad.

Katherine Roberts, Grail of Stars (Pendragon Legacy), Templar Publishing, Ages 8 – 12
In the final installment of the series, Rhianna returns to find the elusive Grail of Stars.

Gayle Rosengren, What the Moon Said, Putnam Juvenile, Ages 8 – 12  When the Depression takes her father’s job, young Esther sees their move from the city as a pioneering adventure.

Amanda Shukert, Love Me, Delacorte Press, Ages 12 +
A new series set in Hollywood in the Golden Age of glamor.

C.J. Taylor, Peace Walker: The Legend of Hiawatha and Tekanawita, Tundra Books,          Ages 7 – 9   How peace and unity emerged from a time of chaos when the six Nations suffered under the brutality of Chief Atotahara.

Susan Vaught, Insanity, Bloomsbury USA Childrens, Ages 14+  Sinister intertwining stories of 4 young people in a mental institution haunted by their surroundings and their history

Carole Boston Weatherford, R. Gregory Christie, Sugar Hill : Harlem’s Historic Neighborhood, Albert Whitman & Company, Ages 5 – 8   Circa1920s: celebrates the Harlem neighborhood that successful African Americans first called home.

Kay Winters, Voices from the Oregon Trail, Dial, Ages 7 – 9
In 1848 a number of brave families band together in covered wagons to head west.

March 2014

Pierdomenico Baccalario, Iacopo Bruno, Suitcase of Stars (Enchanted Emporium 1), Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13  Combines history and mystery in a magical fantasy adventure.

Tracy Barrett, King of Ithaka, Square Fish, Ages 12 – 18
A YA retelling of Homer’s Odyssey, from the point of view of Telemachos, Odysseus’s son.

Karen Bass, Graffiti Knight, Pajama Press, Ages 12 +
Leipzig, just after WW II, 16-year-old Wilm fills his life with danger and excitement.

Leah Bassoff and Laura Deluca, Lost Girl Found, Groundwood Books, Ages 13 +
1955; as the bombs begin to fall on a small Sudanese village, there is only one thing for Poni to do – run for her life.

Laura Best, Flying with a Broken Wing, Nimbus, Ages 10 – 14  Abandoned by her mother, and her father a casualty of World War II, a blind girl is raised by her aunt in Nova Scotia.

John Boyne, Stay Where You Are and Then Leave, Henry Holt, Ages 9 – 12  End of W W I young boy is determined to rescue his father from hospital where he is being treated for shell shock.

Theresa Breslin, Remembrance, Corgi, Ages 12 +  In Scotland, 1915, a group of teenagers meet for a picnic, but the war across the Channel soon tears them away from youthful pleasures.

Skila Brown, Caminar, Candlewick Press, Ages 12 +  Set during the Guatemalan civil war this tells the story of a boy who must decide what it means to be a man during a time or war.

C.J. Busby, Deep Amber, Templar Publishing, Ages 7 – 11,  Two worlds collide when strange objects are discovered in a medieval castle and a modern day home.

Amber Castle, Mary Hall, Evie: The Swan Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Introducing young readers to familiar characters from the Arthurian legend.

Amber Castle, Lily: The Forest Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
An Arthurian series for young readers with a feisty, likeable heroine.

Amber Castle, Isabella: The Butterfly Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Introduces young readers to the legends of Arthur and Dark Ages Britain.

Amber Castle, Amelia: The Silver Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Gwen and Flora’s adventures in Arthurian England.

Amber Castle, Grace: The Sea Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Gwen and Flora’s adventures in Arthurian England.

Amber Castle, Chloe: The Storm Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Gwen and Flora’s adventures in Arthurian England

Amber Castle, Olivia: The Otter Sister, Simon & Schuster UK, Ages 7 – 9
Gwen and Flora’s adventures in Arthurian England

Fern Schumer Chapman, Is It Night or Day?, Square Fish, Ages 10 – 14
A haunting historical novel of the Holocaust based upon a true story.

Becky Citra, Finding Grace, Second Story, Ages 9 – 12
Growing up in the 50s a lonely girl discovers her imaginary friend is real – her twin sister.

Kevin Crossley-Holland, Bracelet of Bones: The Viking Sagas Book 1, Quercus, Ages 10 + Explores friendship and betrayal and the father-daughter relationship.

Jane Cutler, Susan Marcus Bends the Rules, Holiday House, Ages 8 – 12
During the war in 1943, Susan moves from New York City to Clayton, Missouri where she encounters prejudice for the first time.

Al Declercq, Tom Ervin, Gloria Whelan, Bernida: A Michigan Sailing Legend, Sleeping Bear Press, Ages 6 – 9  1925 Bernida is entered into first Port Huron to Mackinac Island race.

Damian Dibben, The History Keepers: Nightship to China, Doubleday/Random House, Ages 12 +  The time-traveling agents voyage from Shakespeare’s England to Imperial China in pursuit of Xiang Xi, whose aim is to decimate the population and destroy the world’s trade links.

Kathleen Duey, Karen A. Bale, Titanic: April 1912, Aladdin, Ages 8 – 12
Two children are among many on the Titanic that fateful night, one working in the galley, one on her way home to the United States.

Kathleen Duey, Karen A. Bale, Fire: Chicago, 1871, Aladdin, Ages 8 – 12
Two children thrown together to survive on Chicago’s streets the night of great fire.

Julia Edwards, The Leopard in the Golden Cage (Scar Gatherer Series), Laverstock Publishing, Ages 8 – 12    While visiting the ruins of a Roman palace, a young boy suddenly slips through time to Roman Britain.

Patricia Elliott, The Devil in the Corner, Hachette Children’s, Ages 12 – 17  Victorian England, story of governess seeking to escape the brutal households in which she has worked.

Catherine Fisher, Obsidian Mirror, Firebird, Ages 12+
A dark fantasy blend of time-travel and post-apocalyptic thrills.

Leon Garfield, John Diamond, Vintage Children’s Classics, Ages 9 – 11 Set in murky city of London in late 1800s with its sinister characters and treacherous back streets – no place for a 12-year-old boy.

Jennifer Gold, Soldier Doll, Second Story, Ages 12 +  A doll found at a garage sale leads back to WW I England, through Nazi Germany and 1970 Vietnam to the aftermath of 9/11.

Amy Gordon, Painting the Rainbow, Holiday House, Ages 8 – 12
In 1965 two cousins discover family secrets no one has spoken of since World War II.

Sonya Hartnett, The Children of the King, Candlewick Press, Ages 10 +
Siblings find two mysterious boys after they are sent to live with their uncle in W W II.

Edited by Mary Hoffman, Daughters of Time, Templar Publishing UK, Ages 12 +
An inspiring collection of short stories by children’s historical fiction authors.

Ann Hood, Amelia Earhart #8: Lady Lindy, Grosset & Dunlap, Ages 8 – 12
A time-slip series for young readers continues with one of America’s greatest heroes.

Rima Jean, Knight Assassin, Entangled: Teen, Ages 12 +
When asked to become the first female member of the heretical Assassins, Zayn sees a chance to seek revenge for the death of her mother.

E. K. Johnston, The Story of Owen : Dragon Slayer of Trondheim, Carolrhoda Lab,
Ages 11- 18  A heroic saga: part adventure, part alternative history, part ecological fable.

Damian Kelleher, A Dog in No-Man’s Land, Templar Publishing, Ages 8 – 12
An underage soldier befriends a stray dog in WW I France.

Eileen Kernaghan, Sophie, in Shadow, Thistledown Press, Ages 12 +
Beginning a new life in British India, in 1914, 16-yr-old orphan Sophie becomes an unwilling traveler in a timeless zone where past, present and future co-exist.

Elizabeth Kiem, Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy, Soho Teen, Ages 14 +
Steeped in Russian culture, a web of intrigue involves three generations of Bolshoi Ballet dancers.

Susan Korman, Noah: Ila’s Story, Titan Books, Age 12 +
In ancient times an injured girl is taken in by Noah and his family.

Monica Kulling, Marie LaFrance, The Tweedles Go Electric, Groundwood Books, Ages 4 – 7  Dawn of the 20th –c and one adventurous family have decided to invest in a car.

Victoria Lamb, Witchfall (The Tudor Witch Trilogy), Harlequin Teen, Ages 12 +
Set in Tudor England 1555, nowhere is safe from the Inquisition during the reign of the fanatical Queen Mary.

Caroline Lawrence, P.K. Pinkerton and the Pistol-Packing Widows, Putnam Juvenile,
Ages 8 – 12   A blend of Wild West and classic detective, a clever and funny story.

Amanda West Lewis. September 17, Red Deer Press, Ages 12 +
When the ‘City of Benares’ sank in 1940, it was transporting children away from the Blitz.

Rush Limbaugh, Rush Revere and the First Patriots: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, Threshold Editions, Ages 8 – 12  History teacher takes young readers back to the bustling streets of Boston 1765

Makiia Lucier, A Death-Struck Year, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
A young girl in 1918 Portland thinks her hometown is safe but the Spanish influenza moves into the Pacific Northwest with devastating speed.

Michaela MacColl, Nobody’s Secret, Chronicle Books, Ages 12 +
15-year-old Emily Dickinson meets young man who turns up dead in her family’s pond.

Mick Manning, Brita Granstrom, The Beatles, Frances Lincoln, Ages 12 +
The story of the Beatles decade of fame 1960 to 1970.

Angela Misri, Jewel of the Thames: A Portia Adams Adventure, Fierce Ink Press, Ages 12 +
In 1930s England, a 19-year-old budding detective discovers she has inherited 221 Baker Street, the former residence of Sherlock Holmes.

Eve Marie Mont, A Phantom Enchantment (Unbound), K-Teen, Ages 12 +
A story inspired by Gaston Leroux’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

Kevin Montgomery, Six Winter Days, Bluewater Press, Ages 12 +
Fleeing Princeton and the Revolutionary War, teenaged brothers stumble across the little known ‘Second Battle of Trenton’.

Chad Morris, The Inventors Secret (Cragbridge Hall), Shadow Mountain, Ages 8 – 14
A time-travel adventure teaching powerful lessons about choice and consequence.

Marissa Moss, A Soldier’s Secret: The Incredible True Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero, Harry N. Abrams, Ages 12 +  Masquerading as a man during the Civil War, Sarah Edmonds spies for the Union Army.

Burleigh Muten, Miss Emily, Candlewick Press. Ages 8 – 12
Discover the mischievous and affectionate side of a revered poet in this adventure.

Jane Nickerson, The Mirk and Midnight Hour, Knopf Books for Young Readers, Ages 14 + Set in the Civil War South, Violet finds an injured Union soldier in an abandoned lodge.

Jane Nickerson, Strands of Bronze and Gold, Ember, Ages 14 +  A re-imagining of Bluebeard legend weaving elements of gothic romance and pre-Civil-war-era American history.

Fiona Paul, Starling (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, Book 3), Philomel, Ages 14 +
Conclusion to the historical romantic trilogy.

Margi Preus, Shadow on the Mountain, Harry N. Abrams, Ages 10 – 14
The adventures of a 14-year-old Norwegian boy during World War II.

Alison Rattle, The Madness, Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +  A psychological drama set in the early Victorian era when propriety, modesty and repression were the rule.

Imogen Rossi, The Dark City, Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +  Imagine an Italy where Casanova wanders the streets and then imagine a plucky 12 yr old heroine called Bianca.

Susan Goldman Rubin, Freedom Summer: The 1964 Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi, Holiday House, Ages 10 +   Based on true facts about the Civil Rights struggle to bring about a new political order in the South.

Marisabina Russo, I Will Come Back for You, Dragonfly Books, Ages 5 – 9
An story of great bravery during the Holocaust.

Simon Scarrow, Gladiator: Vengeance, Puffin, Ages 9 +  Freed from the brutal regime of the arena Marcus returns to his homelands to find his lost mother.

Jack Schaefer, Shane, HMH Books for Young Readers, Updated edition, Ages 12 +
A classic western novel.

Ruta Sepetys, Out of the Easy, Speak, Ages 14 +
A compassionate look at the life of a teenage girl in 1950 French Quarter, New Orleans.

Evelyn Smith, Hilary Clare, H. Coller, Septima at School, Books To Treasure, Ages 10 – 14
Set in 1920s England, this second in series follows the adventures of Septima and Tony.

Jacqueline Levering Sullivan, A Less than Perfect Peace, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Ages 10 – 14   Four years after World War II, Annie helps her father recover from his traumas.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Song For a Dark Queen, Red Fox, Ages 9 – 11
Boudicca is the brave Iceni warrior who courageously guides her people to victory.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Simon, Red Fox Classics, Ages 9 – 11
When Civil War breaks out, a Parliamentarian and a Royalist find themselves at odds.

A.L. Waddington, Enlightened (EVE series), Booktrope Editions, Ages 12 +
Continues the series about Jocelyn, who has strange dreams of herself living in the 1880s.

Jill Paton Walsh, Fireweed, Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +
Two teen-age runaways, who refuse to be evacuated, struggle to survive the blitz of 1940.

Ronald Welch, For the King (Carey Family #5), Slightly Foxed Cubs, Ages 8 +  1642, a student at Cambridge is forced to choose between King and Parliament during England’s Civil War.

Ronald Welch, Captain of Foot (Carey Family #9), Slightly Foxed Cubs, Ages 8 +
The trials of Christopher Carey as he serves as a lieutenant under Wellington in the Iberian Peninsula.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, On the Banks of Plum Creek, Egmont UK, Ages 9 – 12
Another classic from the author of the Little House series.

Marcia Williams, Archie’s War, Walker UK, Ages 7 +  When war breaks out in 1914, 10-year-old Archie changes his mind about the kind of memories to preserve in his new scrapbook.

Alex Woolf, Aldo Moon and the Ghost at Gravewood Hall, Scribo/Sterling Childrens,
Ages 11 +  Meet Aldo Moon, from Victorian London, abandoned at birth, then adopted by a wealthy family,

April 2014

Laurence Anholt, Papa Chagall, Tell Us a Story, Frances Lincoln, Ages 7 +
Latest in series about the lives of great artists.

Jessica Arnold, The Looking Glass, Month9Books, LLC, Ages 12 +
Trapped in a 19th-c version of a hotel where a witch killed herself, Alice has to break the curse.

Sara Benincasa, Great, Harper Teen, Ages 12 +  In contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby, teenage girl becomes entangled in drama and is implicated in a scandal.

Gary Blackwood, Curiosity, Dial, Ages 9 – 11  Philadelphia 1835; a young chess prodigy is recruited by a shady showman to operate a mechanical chess player.

Anne Blankman, Prisoner of Night and Fog, Balzer + Bray, Ages 13 +
Blends the terrifying facts of Hitler’s rise to power with a murder mystery in which Gretchen has to investigate the very people she considers friends.

Brock Booher, Healing Stone, Cedar Fort, Ages 12 +
Set in 1950s Kentucky, a 17-year old boy finds out he has the gift to heal.

Teri Brown, Born of Illusion Balzer + Bray, Ages 12 +
A historical suspense novel about a teenaged illusionist set in Jazz Age London.

Rachel Caine, Prince of Shadows, Allison & Busby, Ages 14 +
A novel of Romeo and Juliet in 16th century Verona.

Edward Carey, Heap House (Iremonger Trilogy), Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +
Tempers memories of Dickensian London into a creepy tale of agreeable misfits.

Philip Caveney, Seventeen Coffins, Fledgling Press, Ages 13 +
1828; the 2nd book featuring Tom Afflick and his mysterious Plague Doctor.

Eoin Colfer, WARP Book 1 The Reluctant Assassin, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 12 +
A breathless ride through modern and Victorian London as two resourceful teens struggle to stay one step ahead of their pursuer.

Wendy Constance, Brave, Chicken House, Ages 10 +
Wild Horse and Blue Bird and a saber-tooth tiger cub set out on a perilous adventure.

Andrea Cremer, The Inventor’s Secret, Philomel, Ages 12 +  In an alternate 19th-c steampunk N. America, what if the Americans had lost the Revolutionary War?

Kady Cross, The Girl with the Iron Touch (The Steampunk Chronicles), Harlequin Teen,
Ages 12 +   In London 1897 something not quite human is about to awaken.

Melodie A Cuate, Journey to Galveston (Mr. Barrington’s Mysterious Trunk), Texas Tech. Press, Ages 8 – 12  7th time-travelling adventure for Nick, Jackie and Hannah.

Melissa de la Cruz, The Ring and the Crown, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 14 +
A alternate history fantasy series packed with royal politics, forbidden affairs, shocking betrayals and uneasy alliances

L.M. Elliott, Across a War-Tossed Sea, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 10 – 14
Two British brothers adapt to life in Virginia after being evacuated to escape the Blitz.

Kiri English-Hawke, The Handkerchief Map, Glass House Books, Ages 12 +
During World War II, three characters reveal their most intimate thoughts on the conflict.

Matt Faulkner, Gaijim: American Prisoner of War, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 8 – 12
Novel about a Japanese American boy’s internment during World War II.

Magali Favre, 21 Days in October, Baraka Books, Ages 12 +  Set in 1970, deals with Army occupation of Quebec and imprisonment of French-speaking artists and trade unionists.

Esther Friesner, Deception’s Princess (Princesses of Myth),  Ember, Ages 12 +
A fiery heroine’s fight for independence in first-century Ireland.

Esther Friesner, Spirit’s Chosen (Princesses of Myth), Ember, Ages 12 +
A mixture of historical and mythical with a strong Asian female protagonist.

Leon Garfield, The Sound of Coaches, Red Fox Classics, Ages 12 +  Born in a coach on a stormy night in 18th-c Dorking, Sam hunts for the truth about his parentage.

April Genevieve, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Faber & Faber, Ages 13 +
Fading Gatsby glamour and gothic horror meet in this terrifying romance.

Julie Hearn, Dance of the Dark Heart, Oxford Univ. Press, Ages 12 +  A tale of good versus evil set in Tudor England as a young fiddle player is urged on by the demon in his head.

Dianna Hofmeyr, Zeraffa Giraffa, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Ages 6 – 10
The true story of a giraffe that was sent as a gift by the Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt to King Charles X in 1826.

Anthony Horowitz, The Devil and His Boy, Walker UK, Ages 9 +
A chase through the streets of dirty and dangerous Elizabethan London.

Marthe Jocelyn, What We Hide, Wendy Lamb Books, Ages 14 +
Teenagers in a 1970s boarding school tell very different stories of their experiences.

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Between Two Worlds, Wendy Lamb Books, Ages 14 +
Greenland in the early 1900s, a coming of age story set amidst beauty and great danger.

Mitsuhisa Kuji, Wolfsmund, Volume 4, Vertical, Ages 14 +
Graphic novel historical rendition of the William Tell story.

Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill, Shadow Grail #4: Victories, Tor Teen, Ages 13 – 18
Spirit White and her friends must take on the reincarnated remnants of Mordred’s army.

Robin LaFevers, Dark Triumph: His Fair Assassins, Book II, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 14 +   Sybella’s duty as assassin in 15th-c France forces her to return home to a personal hell she thought she had escaped.

Tanya Landman, Buffalo Soldier, Walker Books UK, Ages 12 +  In the lawless land of the Civil War, where the colour of a person’s skin can bring violent death, Charley disguises herself as a man and joins the army.

Elizabeth Langston, A Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls), Spencer Hill Press, Ages 12 +    Rescued from a life of servitude, a girl escapes across two centuries and is plunged in to a world she’s ill prepared to face.

Lindsey Leavitt, Going Vintage, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 12 – 17
Inspired by a ‘to-do’ list of her grandmother’s, Lindsay decides to ‘go vintage’.

Peter Lerangis, Seven Wonders Book 2: Lost in Babylon, Harper Collins, Ages 8 – 12
The kids turn to the Institute again for help as they head off to Babylon in search of Marco.

Rebecca Lisle, Brightling, Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +
A reworking of Oliver Twist with re-imagined characters.

C. Alexander London, Dog Tags #4: Divided We Fall, Scholastic Paperbacks, Ages 10 – 14
Too young to join the Confederates, Andrew and Dash are welcomed into the Home Guard.

Michaela MacColl, Always Emily, Chronicle Books, Ages 12 +  Before launching into writing careers, sisters Emily and Charlotte Bronte have several mysteries to solve.

Ann M. Martin, Family Tree Book One: Better to Wish, Scholastic, Ages 8 – 12
Four girls, four generations, one family – the first in a 4 part series beginning in 1930.

Ann M. Martin, Family Tree Book Three: Best Kept Secret, Scholastic, Ages 8 – 12
Third in series follows Francie to Princeton, New Jersey in the 1980s.

Maureen McCarthy, The Convent, Allen & Unwin, Ages 14 +
Four women face difficult, life-changing choices during the 1920s, 1960s and present.

Saundra Mitchell, The Elementals, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
Part historical, part supernatural;  two teens set out for Los Angeles in 1917.

Michael Morpurgo, Stories of King Arthur, Egmont UK, Ages 7 +
Two classic stories based on Arthurian legend.

Robert Murphy, A Certain Island, M. Evans & Company, Ages 10 – 14
A 16-year-old boy finds his way to manhood during an adventure in the world of nature.

Val McDermid, Northanger Abbey, Grove Press, Ages 12 +
A witty updated suspense version of the Austen classic.

Sylvia McNicoll, Revenge on the Fly, Pajama Press, Ages 8 +  1912, as the world begins to blame flies for spread of disease, young boy uses ingenuity to become the very best of fly-catchers.

Michelle Paver, Gods and Warriors: The Outsiders (Book 1), Puffin, Ages 10 +
First in a fantasy adventure series set against a background of Ancient Greece.

Shane Peacock, Becoming Holmes, The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Final Case, Tundra Books, Ages 10 +   In London 1870, only one thing can arouse Sherlock from the depths of despair: the possibility of justice.

Richard Platt, Egyptian Diary: The Journal of Nakht, Young Scribe, Candlewick Press
Ages 9 – 12   Witness firsthand what life was like for a boy in Egypt in 1464 BC.

Richard Platt, Roman Diary, The Journal of Iliona, Young Slave, Candlewick Press,             Ages 9 – 12   View Rome through Iliona’s eyes – the luxury, the excess and the politics.

Robin Price, Beowuff and the Horrid Hen, Mogzilla, Ages 7 – 9
Introduces medieval fictional history to young readers.

Robin Price, Cleocatra’s Kushion, Mogzilla, Ages 7 – 9
Introducing the ancient world of Cleopatra’s Egypt to young readers.

Chris Priestley, Through Dead Eyes, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 12 – 17
Alex finds himself sucked into sinister centuries-old Amsterdam after trying on an ancient-looking mask.

Alison Prince, The Lost King: Richard III and the Princes in the Tower, A & C Black,            Ages 12 +  The brief reign of Richard III told through the eyes of the princes’ nursemaid.

Alicia Potter, Jubilee! One Man’s Big, Bold and Very, Very Loud Celebration of Peace, Candlewick Press, Ages 7 – 10   Bandleader Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore keeps up his spirits during the Civil War in 1849 Boston.

Amy Carol Reeves, Resurrection (A Ripper Novel), Flux, Ages 12 +
A rash of gruesome murders has the citizens of London spooked.

Robert Rigby, The Eagle Trail: Who is the Traitor Among Us?, Walker UK, Ages 9 +
After his father is shot in Antwerp during WW II, 16-year-old Paul must undertake a terrifying journey to save his own life.

Rachel Shukert, Starstruck, Ember, Ages 12 +  In Old Hollywood, three teen girls claw their way to the top in a world where being a star is all that matters.

Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, One Step at a Time, A Vietnamese Child Finds her Way, Pajama Press, Ages 8 – 12  This sequel continues the story of Tuyet, an orphan rescued from war-torn Vietnam.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Tristan and Iseult, Red Fox, Ages 9 – 11
Tragic and romantic story of warrior Tristan and his dangerous and forbidden love for Iseult.

Tim Tingle, Danny Blackgoat; Rugged Road to Freedom, 7th Generation, Ages 12 – 16
Danny has escaped the Civil War prison camp he was taken to in 1864 but he faces many obstacles in trying to rescue his family.

Lea Wait, Uncertain Glory, Islandport Press, Ages 10 – 14
Civil war in 1861, a white boy aids his black assistant in a world torn apart by colour.

Gloria Whelan, All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens, Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, Ages 9 – 12  English born-and-bred Rosalind inhabits two worlds in her home in 1920s India.

Marcia Williams, Lizzy Bennet’s Diary, Candlewick Press, Ages 8 – 12
2nd oldest sister Elizabeth Bennet tells the story of Pride and Prejudice in her own words.

Dianne Wolfer, Light Horse Boy, Fremantle Press, Ages 9 – 12
A historical account set in 1914, telling of the fate of horses during World War I.

Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga 3, Kodansha Comics, Ages 16 +
Askeladd captures Canute to become the power behind the Danish & English thrones.

May 2014

Jonathan Auxier, The Night Gardener, Amulet Books, Ages 12 +
More than a Victorian ghost story, it’s a moral tale about human greed.

Megan Frazer Blakemore, The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill, Bloomsbury USA Childrens,
Ages 10 – 14   A mystery set during the Cold War/McCarthy era.

John Ed Bradley, Call Me by My Name, Atheneum Books for Young Readers,
Ages 12 +   Prejudice in Louisiana in the late 1960s is slow to disintegrate until the town gets a black quarterback.

Gennifer Choldenko, Al Capone Does My Homework, Hot Key Press, Ages 14 +
In 1936 Matthew Flanagan lives on Alcatraz because his father has just been promoted to deputy warden.

Gillian Cross, Ros Asquith, The Roman Beanfeast, Frances Lincoln Children’s, Ages 7 – 10  Information about Roman life woven into a humorous tale for children.

Timothee de Fombelle, Vango, Walker UK, Ages 12 +  A mystery-adventure, set in1930s interwar period, about a character desperately searching for his identity.

Timothee de Fombelle, Vango Book Two: A Prince Without a Kingdom, Walker UK
Ages 12+  The conclusion of the mystery-adventure series set in the 1930s.

Maggie di Vries, Hunger Journeys, Harper Collins, Ages 13 +  In Holland, during World War II, two girls go on a “hunger journey” to the outlying countryside, in search of food.

Paul Dowswell, The Red Shadow, Bloomsbury Childrens, Ages 10 – 14
Russia 1940; Misha’s life is transformed when his father is offered a job in Stalin’s inner circle.

Michael Foreman, War Game: Village Green to No-Man’s Land, Pavilion, Ages 8 – 10
Based on the soccer game between German and English troops in No-Man’s Land on Christmas Day 1914.

Morris Gleitzman, Loyal Creatures, Penguin Aus., Ages 8 – 12  From Gallipoli to Beersheba, to the end of the war, this story grows out of some key moments in Australia’s history.

Laurie Gray, Just Myrto, Luminis Books, Ages 12 +  Set in Ancient Greece this is the story of a woman who, cursed with having been born female, discovers the joy of just being herself.

Amy Butler Greenfield, Chantress, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 12 +
In renaissance-era London, Lucy Marlowe discovers that she is a Chantress capable of creating powerful magic through singing.

Amy Butler Greenfield, Chantress Alchemy, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 12 +
Lucy is called back to court when King Henry’s council is convinced that making gold through alchemy will save England.

Jacqueline Guest, The Comic Book War, Coteau, Ages 13 – 15
In 1943 Robert Tourond sees a meteorite fall to earth and is convinced something supernatural has happened.

Julie Hearn, Dance of the Dark Heart, Oxford University Press, Ages 12 +
A tale of dark love, betrayal and revenge in Tudor times.

Mary Hooper, Poppy, Bloomsbury Childrens, Ages 14+
Set in Victorian London, an atmospheric story of sadness, hardship and redemption.

Leslie Livingston, Now and For Never (Never Series), Razorbill, Ages 12 +
Clare and Allie are stowaways on a Roman warship full of looted Celtic gold.

Dandi Daley Mackall, The Secrets of Tree Taylor, Knopf Books for Young Readers,             Ages 10+   Summer 1963, when a gunshot is fired across the street, Tree knows it’s the big story she’s been waiting for.

Marianne Malone, Greg Call, The Pirate’s Coin: A Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure, Yearling,
Ages 8 – 12,   Filled with interesting history and mystery, this time-slip story takes the reader from Modern Day Chicago to Cape Cod circa 1753 and 1830s Charleston.

Sonia Manzano, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano, Scholastic Press, Ages 12 +
Set in New York’s El Barrio in 1969, Evelyn learns important truths about her Latino heritage and the history makers who shaped a nation.

Eithne Massey, Blood Brother, Swan Sister: 1014 Clontarf; A Battle Begins, O’Brien Childrens, Ages 10 +  Three children’s lives are drawn together in this tale of magic and warfare in Ancient Ireland.

Elizabeth May, The Falconer, Chronicle Books, Ages 12 +  In Edinburgh, Scotland 1844, lady Aileana Kameron was destined for a life in Edinburgh’s social calendar, right up until a faery killed her mother.

Cameron McAllister, The Tin Snail, Random House, Ages 6 – 10
The story of a brave little car that helped to win a war.

Meredith McCardle, The Eighth Guardian (Annum Guard Book 1), Skyscape, Ages 14 +
Secret government organization travels through time to change the course of history.

Caroline Meyer, Victoria Rebels, Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, Ages 12 +
Based on the personal journals of Victoria, a fascinating story of intrigue and romance.

L A Meyer, Viva Jacqueline: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Over the Hills and Far Away, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 14 +   Jacky is sent to Spain to spy for the Crown during the early days of the 19th-c Peninsular War.

Page Morgan, The Lovely and the Lost (The Dispossessed), Hot Key Press, Ages 12+ Welcome to 1899 Victorian Paris with its murder and romance and gargoyles…

Page Morgan, The Beautiful and the Cursed (The Dispossessed), Ember, Ages 12 +
A mix of mystery, history and the supernatural combine in this gothic romance set in Paris.

Murray C. Morison, Time Sphere, Lodestone Books, Ages 12+  Teenage priestess, in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, connects with English schoolboy on a visit to British Museum.

Chris Mould, Pirates ‘n’ Pistols: Ten Swashbuckling Pirate Tales, Hodder & Stoughton,
Ages 9 – 11    A collection of short stories based on traditional classic tales.

Shawn Thomas Odyssey, The Magician’s Tower: An Oona Crate Mystery, Egmont USA,
Ages 8 – 12  Second in fantasy adventure mystery series.

Caroline Pignat, Unspeakable, Razorbill, Ages 12 +
Based on the 1914 Canadian maritime tragedy of the Empress of Ireland.

James Riordan, War Song, Oxford University Press, Ages 12 +  1916; inspired by the story of Edith Cavell, twins Floss and Doss decide it is time for them to do their bit for the war effort.

Kathryn Rose, Camelot Burning (Metal & Lace #1), Flux, Ages 12 +  By day, Vivienne is Guinevere’s lady-in-waiting. By night, she’s Merlin’s secret apprentice, indulging in the new mechanical arts and science of alchemy.

Fatima Sharafeddine, The Amazing travels of Ibn Battuta, Groundwoodbooks,   Ages 7 – 11  One traveler’s epic journey from Tangier to Mecca and on to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia in 1325.

Vicky Alvear Shecter, Curses and Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii, Arthur A. Levine Books,       Ages 12 +    Star-crossed lovers Tag and Lucia are thwarted in an attempt to escape Pompeii before the volcano blows their world apart.

Dan Smith, My Brother’s Secret, Chicken House, Ages 10 +
Germany, 1941; 12-year-old Karl Friedmann is eager to join the Hitler Youth.

Elaine Snyder, Anna & Solomon, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Ages 4 – 8
Based on the very convoluted, but true story of a Russian immigrant to the US in 1897.

Park SoHee, Goong, Volume 15, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel, alternate historical fantasy where Korea still has a royal family.

Justin Somper, Allies & Assassins, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
Drawing on pre-medieval Welsh courts for inspiration this is a new adventure, murder, romance series.

Rebecca Stevens, Valentine Joe, Chicken House, Ages 13 +
After visiting Ypres, Rose can hear marching feet of soldiers on way to front line.

Peter St John, Gang Warfare, Silverwood Books, Ages 10-14
An orphan evacuated during the Blitz goes to live with his pious aunt in an English village.

Barbara Stuber, Girl in Reverse, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 12 +
Set during the 1950s Korean War, Lily’s Asian heritage makes her a target.

Sylvie Weil, My Guardian Angel, The Jewish Publication Society, Ages 8 – 14
In Troyes, France, 1096, as the Crusaders burn Jewish houses in the name of religion, feisty 12-year-old Elvina learns tolerance when she has a life-changing choice to make.

Suzanne Weyn, The Haunted Museum #1: The Titanic Locket, Scholastic Inc, Ages 8 – 12
When Samantha and her family take a cruise on a replica of the Titanic, strange things begin to happen.

Deborah Wiles, Revolution, Scholastic Press, Ages 8 – 12,
Set in US 1964, a story that revolves around a nation embroiled in the battle for civil rights.

Edward Willett, Song of the Sword, The Shards of Excalibur, Book 1, Coteau Books,
Ages 13 – 18   In this first in series, Ariane meets the Lady of the Lake and is sent on a mission to reunite the pieces of Excalibur.

Carol Lynch Williams, Cheri Pray Earl, Just in Time Book 3, Wizard of Menlo Park, New Jersey, Familius,  Ages 5 – 10   Third in series time travel mystery adventure.

Marcia Williams, The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice, Walker UK, Ages 7 -10
A graphic storybook introduces young readers to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

June 2014

Sam Angus, Soldier Dog, Square Fish, Ages 9 – 12  A 14-year-old boy joins the army, trains a Great Dane and is sent to France where he hunts for his lost brother.

Emma Barnes, The Girl From Hard Times Hill, A&C Black Childrens & Educational,
Ages 9 – 11  Megan’s father’s return from WW II prefaces an unwanted move away from her family home.

Tracy Barrett, The Stepsister’s Tale, Harlequin Teen, Ages 12 +
A historical fantasy retelling of the classic Cinderella tale, after the clock struck midnight.

Teri Brown, Born of Deception (Born of Illusion), Balzer + Bray, Ages 12 +
Set in Jazz Age London, this is a historical suspense novel about a teenaged illusionist.

Megan Chance, The Shadows (Fianna Trilogy), Skyscape, Ages 12 – 18
A disillusioned 17 yr old girl from Victorian era New York meets an Irish stable boy who draws her into his world of legend and heroes.

Brynn Chapman, Boneseeker, Month9Books, Ages 12 +
When Sherlock’s daughter Arabella cannot fit into the role of a proper 1900’s lady, he procures her a museum job as a purveyor of abnormal science – a bone seeker.

Eoin Colfer, WARP Book 2: The Hangman’s Revolution, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 12 +
Second in series, FBI agent Chevie arrives back from Victorian London and when pursued by secret service police, finds her escape by again returning to the past.

Connie Brummel Crook, Meyers Creek, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ages 10+
In this continuation of the United Empire Loyalist family saga, Mary must come to terms with danger, the survival of her family and love.

Laura Golden, Every Day After, Yearling, Ages 9 – 12  Set in Depression era Alabama, this reflective story reveals the life of a family abandoned by the head of the household.

S.E. Grove, The Glass Sentence, Viking Juvenile, Ages 10 +  Boston, 1891; 13-year-old Sophia lives with her uncle, a cartologist, but his kidnap sends her on a remarkable adventure.

Marie-Louise Jensen, Runaway, Oxford University Press, Ages 12 – 17
With no family left, Charlotte seeks solace in the horses around her.

Y.S. Lee, Rivals in the City, Walker Books Ltd, Ages 12 +
Fourth and last in the Victorian detective series about the exploits of agent Mary Quinn.

Katherine Longshore, Brazen, Viking Juvenile, Ages 12 +  Married off to Henry Fitzroy, Anne Boleyn’s cousin Mary finds herself at center of King Henry’s case against his Queen.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Vol 1), ACOA, Ages 12 +
An alternate history steamship steampunk adventure.

Jennifer McGowan, Maid of Secrets (Maids of Honor), Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +   A secret society of young women make up Elizabeth I’s most trusted royal guard.

Roseanne Parry, Written in Stone, Yearling, Ages 9 – 12  In 1920s Pacific Northwest this shines a light on the cultural upheaval of the Native American tribes of the area.

Joan Payzant, Who’s a Scaredy-Cat? A Story of the Halifax Explosion, Nimbus, Ages 8 – 12
The story of two families in Halifax, in 1917, at the time of the explosion.

Robin Price, Beowuff and the Dragon Raiders, Mogzilla, Ages 7 – 9
Using the familiar ancient tale of Beowulf, historical facts are introduced to young readers.

Bali Rai, The Night Run, A&C Black Childrens & Educational, Ages 9 – 11
Amritsar, India, 1919; young Arjan Singh learns that his wrongly accused father faces hanging.

Jewell Parker Rhodes, Sugar, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12
Slavery is over on the Mississippi sugar plantation, and Sugar is a spirited young girl who inspires others to work towards a brighter future.

Jennifer Roy, Yellow Star, Two Lions, Ages 9 – 12  True story retold of Sylvia Perlmutter, one of twelve surviving children released from ghetto after surrender of the Germans in 1945.

Marcus Sedgwick, The Foreshadowing, Orion Children’s Books, Ages 12 +
In 1915 Brighton, the daughter of a doctor is able to see the future of her brothers on the battlefields of the Somme.

Gerard Siggins, Rugby Warrior, O’Brien Press, Ages 10 +  Eoin starts work on a project about Irish-born `All Black Original’ rugby player Dave Gallaher, who died in WW I.

Shonna Slayton, Cinderella’s Dress, Entangled: Teen, Ages 12 – 17  In war-torn 1940s one girl must deal with sexist nature of the world in order to secure her spot as window dresser.

Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton #14: The First Mouse on the Moon, Papercutz,
Ages 8 – 12  Geronimo Stilton graphic novels.

Ms Laura L. Sullivan, Love by the Morning Star, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
England is on the brink of World War II when two girls are sent to a grand country estate.

Gabrielle Wang, Our Australian Girl: Pearlie the Spy, Penguin Aus., Ages 8 – 12
Follow Pearlie on her adventure in third of four stories about courageous girl in world at war.

Ruth Warburton, Witch Hunt, Hodder Children’s Books, Ages 12 +  London, 1880. 18-year-old witch-hunter Luke Lexton has failed his initiation into the secretive brotherhood and instead has fallen for his ‘prey’.

Anne Westrick, Brotherhood, Puffin, Ages 10 +  1867, the South has been defeated and the Civil War is over as one family is caught up in the social and political upheaval of the time

Adele Whitby, Beth’s Story, 1914 (Secrets of the Manor), Simon Spotlight, Ages 8 – 12
Historical mystery series exploring a family’s secrets throughout generations at the English Chatswood Manor.

Adele Whitby, Kate’s Story, 1914 (Secrets of the Manor), Simon Spotlight, Ages 8 – 12
Historical mystery series exploring a family’s secrets throughout generations at the American Vandermeer Manor.

John Wilson, Wings of War, Doubleday Canada, Ages 10 +  A boy-friendly book set during WW I; Edward makes the decision to join the Royal Flying Corps.

July 2014

Sam Angus, A Horse Called Hero, Feiwel & Friends, Ages 9 – 12
WW II, a young boy is determined to rescue his stolen horse, no matter what the danger.

Sam Angus, Captain, Macmillan Childrens Books, Ages 12 +
1915: 15-yr-old Billy meets a refugee boy, Captain, who teaches Billy what it means to be brave and loyal, and above all, a friend.

Avi, Who Was That Masked Man Anyway?, Scholastic Paperbacks, Ages 8 – 12
As World War II rages and inspired by ‘The Lone Ranger’, Frankie sets out to right the wrongs of the world in 1945 Brooklyn.

Lindsey Barraclough, Long Lankin, Candlewick, Ages 12 +  Debut horror story set in Britain, late 1940s, weaves a chilling spell that will immerse YA readers in this world.

Lindsey Barraclough, The Mark of Cain, Bodley Head Children’s, Ages 12 +  Restoration work reveals something which, once disturbed, returns to finish what it started in 1567.

Nina Bawden, Carrie’s War, Puffin, Ages 8 +  WW II; Carrie and Nick are evacuated to a small Welsh town where they are placed with strict Mr Evans and his timid sister.

Theresa Breslin, Ghost Soldier: WWI Story, Doubleday Childrens, Ages 10 +
A thrilling, poignant story of hope and loss set during World War 1

Stephen Dando-Collins, Tank Boys, Random House Australia, Ages 10 – 12
A WW I story focusing on two Australian boys who capture the German tank ‘Mephisto’.

Matt de la Pena, Infinity Ring #8: Eternity, Scholastic, Ages 8 – 12  With a mix of action, adventure and historical substance, Dak, Sera and Riq embark on their boldest adventure yet.

Susan Dennard, Strange and Ever After (Something Strange and Deadly #3), Harper Teen,
Ages 13 +   A steam-punk historical fiction, complete with supernatural forces, epic romance, and a mysterious 19th-c Egyptian city.

Kathleen Benner Duble, Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice: An Untold Story of Love in the French Revolution, Merit Press, Ages 12 + In 1789 an orphan tries to join freedom fighters of Paris.

Eve Edwards, Dawn, Penguin Books, Ages 14 +
A sequel to ‘Dusk’, the epic wartime romance taking place in 1916.

Susan Fletcher, Falcon in the Glass, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 10 – 14
In Renaissance Venice a boy has just a few months to prepare for a test of his abilities as a skilled glassblower, but noone to teach him.

Julia Mary Gibson, Copper Magic, Starscape, Ages 10 – 14
1906; explores themes of Native American culture, ecology and conservation.

Ann Hood, Leonardo da Vinci #9: Renaissance Master, Grosset & Dunlap, Ages 8 – 12,
The twins travel to 15th century Italy.

William H. Hooks, Charles Robinson, Pioneer Cat, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9  Kate protects a cat, along for the ride in an Oregon trail wagon train.

Various (illus. Jim Kay), The Great War: Stories Inspired by Objects from the First World War, Walker Books, Ages 10 +  A collection of stories by bestselling authors, each inspired by a different object from the First World War.

Deirdre Kessler, Brenda Jones, Born!: A Foal, Five Kittens and Confederation, Acorn Press, Ages 8 – 12  1864 Charlottetown, PEI, this is a book for curious young historians

Eric A. Kimmel, Jim Madsen, A Spotlight for Harry, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9   How the young Harry Houdini discovered his love for performing.

Kate Klimo, Tim Jessell, Dog Diaries #5: Dash, Random House Books for Young Readers,   Ages 7 – 10   The story of the Pilgims, from their 68 day voyage aboard the Mayflower to the celebration of their first harvest festival.

Victoria Lamb, Witchrise, Corgi, Ages 12 +  1555; young witch Meg is unable to foretell a happy future for angry Queen Elizabeth and besotted Lord Dudley.

Susan Hill Long, Whistle in the Dark, Holiday House, Ages 8 – 12,
In 1920s Leadanna, MO, a bookish 13-year-old boy is sent to work in the local lead mines.

Katherine Longshore, Courted, Speak, Ages 12 +
A historical fiction of love and romance for young teens set in the Tudor age.

Amber Lough, The Fire Wish (Jinni Wars #1), Random House Books for Young Readers,   Ages 12 +    A historical fantasy set in the Golden Age of Baghdad.

Michelle Magorian, Back Home, Puffin, Ages 10 – 12
After five happy years as an evacuee in America, Rusty is not keen to return to England.

Michelle Magorian, Goodnight Mister Tom, Puffin Classic, Ages 10 – 12
Evacuated to the country during the Blitz, Willie Beech, a sad, deprived child, flourishes under the care of old Tom Oakley.

Marianne Malone, The Secret of the Key: A Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12   History and mystery clues take young adventurers to 17th-century England, 1930s New York and turn-of-the-century China.

Frederick Marryat, The Children of the New Forest, Hesperus Press, Ages 9 – 12
1647; a classic historical adventure is set against the horrors of the English Civil War.

Patricia C. McKissack, Ol’ Clip-Clop, A Ghost Story, Holiday House, Ages 6 – 9
A spine-tingling tale set in Colonial America.

G A Morgan, The Fog of Forgetting: Book 1 in The Fives Stones Trilogy, Islandport Press,
Ages 10 +  Time-travel adventure in which veil of fog transports 5 children to another time.

Helen Moss, Secrets of the Tombs 1: The Phoenix Code, Orion Children’s, Ages 10 – 14
Ryan Flint finds himself involved in 3000-yr-old murder mystery in Egypt’s Valley of Kings.

Jason Rohan, The Sword of Kuromori, Egmont UK, Ages 9 +
A new adventure series with a mix of high-tech and ancient mythology.

Emily Sharratt, Come Home Soon (Ellie’s War), Scholastic Press, Ages 12+
A moving coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of W W I.

Janice Shefelman, Robert Papp, Anna Maria’s Gift, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9    In 18th-century Venice a young girl, in an orphanage/music school, becomes Antonio Vivaldi’s star pupil.

Jane Smiley, Gee Whiz: Book Five of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch, Yearling,
Ages 10 +   Growing up on a horse ranch in 1960s California, a young girl connects with the calm and curious nature of Gee Whiz.

Joan Betty Stuchner, Cynthia Nugent, A Time to Be Brave, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9  In Copenhagen, 1943, life changes for David Nathan when the Nazi soldiers come to town.

Joanne Sundell, Arctic Storm: Watch Eyes Trilogy # 1, Source Books, Ages 12 +  1908 northern Siberia, Anya is traded along with the huskies she loves and protects.

Theodore Taylor, The Cay, Puffin Classic, Ages 8 – 12,  War has always been a game to Philip until the freighter he and his mother are traveling on is torpedoed.

Mildred D Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Puffin, Ages 8 +  An African American family fight to stay together in the face of poverty and brutal racist attacks in the 1930s Deep South.

Yana Toboso, Black Butler, Volume 17, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel about an earl, in Queen Victoria’s service, and his elite butler.

Gloria Whelan, Tony Meers, Shadow of the Wolf, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9    Michigan 1800s: Libby is reunited with her best friend whose family now lives with the Ottawa tribe.

Gloria Whelan, Next Spring an Oriole, Random House Books for Young Readers,
Ages 6 – 9  A pioneer story of Libby’s journey from Virginia to Michigan in 1837.

Gloria Whelan, Leslie Bowman, Night of the Full Moon, Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 6 – 9    History comes alive for young readers as pioneer Libby is caught up in the fray when soldiers round up the local Indian band.

Gloria Whelan, Leslie Bowman, Hannah, Random House Books for Young Readers,
Ages 6 – 9    Northern Michigan, 1887; a strong-willed teacher convinces parents to let their nine-year-old blind daughter attend school.

August 2014

Tony Abbott, The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone, Katherine Tegen Books,
Ages 8 – 12    First in part mystery, part alternate history and part adventure series.

Irene Adler, Iacopo Bruno, The Soprano’s Last Song (Sherlock, Lupin and Me), Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13,   The second mystery crime adventure series set in 19th-c London when three famous fictional literary characters were children.

Susan Adler, Maxine Ross Shur, Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic Vol. 1
Valerie Tripp, Lost and Found: A Samantha Classic Vol 2
Erin Falligant, The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha
American Girl, Ages 8 +   A young girl’s adventures in 1904

Katie Alender, Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, Scholastic Paperbacks,
Ages 12 +   An adventure with a modern girl and an 18th century ghost.

Lou Anders, Thrones & Bones: Frostborn, Crown Books for Young Readers,
Ages 8 – 12   A fantasy adventure set against a Viking background.

Jane Austen, Stacy King, PoTse, Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice, Udon Entertainment,
Ages 10 + Manga adaptation of the Jane Austen classic.

Pierdomenico Baccalario, Iacopo Bruno, Compass of Dreams (Enchanted Emporium 2), Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13   Combines history and mystery in a magical fantasy adventure.

Lynne Reid Banks, Uprooted – A Canadian War Story, HarperCollins Children’s, Ages 9 +
1940; 10-yr-old Lindy journeys from England to Canada with her mother to begin a new life.

Andrew Beasley, The Battles of Ben Kingdom, Book 3: The City of Fear, Usborne Children’s Books, Ages 9 – 13 It’s spring 1892 and Victorian London is ruled by fear in this historical fantasy world series.

Carol Brendler, Radio Girl, Holiday House, Ages 10 – 14  A girl from a middle class Irish Catholic family living in Newark, NJ, in 1938, finds fame and fortune as a radio star.

H.M. Castor, VIII, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +  A previously untold story of how a charismatic, athletic young man grew up to become the egotistical and petulant King Henry.

Matthew Cody, The Dead Gentleman, Yearling, Ages 10 +
Scoundrels abound in the parallel worlds of New York City 1901 and present day.

Matthew Cody, Will in Scarlet, Yearling, Ages 10 +  Set in England of King Richard I, a young boy helps a drunkard named Rob to become one of the most feared and revered criminals in history.

Susan Cooper, Ghost Hawk, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 10 – 14  Parallel stories of two boys – a Native American and a colonial settler -an eye-opening look at US history.

Karen Cushman, Matilda Bone, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 9 – 12  In the pungent medical quarter of a medieval English village, Matilda is destined to assist ‘Red Peg the Bonesetter’.

Kathleen Ernst, Captain of the Ship: A Caroline Classic Vol 1
Kathleen Ernst, Facing the Enemy: A Caroline Classic Vol. 2
Kathleen Ernst, Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline
American Girl, Ages 8 +    The war of 1812 changes everything for Caroline

Kathryn Erskine, The Badger Knight, Scholastic Press, Ages 8 – 12,
In medieval England a 12-year-old boy yearns to be a long bowman and go to war.

Catherine Fisher, Circle of Stones, Dial, Ages 12 +
Three interwoven, spine-tingling historical thrillers.

John Flanagan, The Royal Ranger (Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 12), Puffin Books, Ages 10 +
An adventure series set against a fantasy medieval background of archers and knights and powerful warlords.

Candace Fleming, Nancy Carpenter, Imogene’s Last Stand, Dragonfly Books, Ages 4 – 8,
Filled with quotes from historical figures Imogene’s fictional tale is a book for budding young historians.

William Gilkerson, Pirate’s Passage, Trumpeter, Ages 12 +
Nova Scotia 1952 coming-of-age historical adventure.

Alan Gratz, The League of Seven, Starscape, Ages 10 – 14  Set in an alternative 1875 America where electricity is forbidden, Native Americans and Yankees are united and evil lurks in the shadows.

Jacqueline Greene, The Sound of Applause: A Rebecca Classic Vol. 1
Jacqueline Greene, Lights, Camera, Rebecca!: A Rebecca Classic Vol 2
Jacqueline Greene, The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca
American Girl, Ages 8 +   A girl’s adventures in the bustling New York of 1914.

Mark Greenwood, The Mayflower, Holiday House, Ages 4 – 8  Chidren’s picture book narrates the journey of 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower and their settlement at Plymouth.

Anselm Grun, Giuliano Ferri, The Legend of Saint Nicholas, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Ages 4 – 8  llustrated book introducing life of patron saint of children.

Charles Harrison, Generals Die in Bed: 100th Anniversary of World War I Special Edition, Annick Press; Special Edition, Ages 14 +   As the world marks the 100th anniversary of World War I, this best-selling novel originally published in 1930, was one of the first to shatter the world’s illusion that war is a glorious endeavor.

Joanna Higgins, Waiting For the Queen: A Novel of Early America, Milkweed Editions,
Ages 10 +  Barely escaping the French Revolution a family travel to New France, Pennsylvania.

Mary Hoffman, The Angel of Venice, Barrington Stoke Ltd, Ages 8 – 14
An adventure set against the backdrop of the last great Mediterranean sea battle in 1571.

Mary Hooper, Ring of Roses, Barrington Stoke Ltd, Ages 8 – 14
In London 1665 whispers are spreading that the Plague is returning.

Victor Hugo, Crystal Chan, Stacy King, TszMei Lee, Manga Classics: Les Miserables, Udon Entertainment, Ages 10 +   Graphic novel rendition of love and tragedy in French Revolution.

Erin Johnson, Grace and the Guiltless, Switch Press, Ages 12 +  Romantic Western revenge epic about young girl turned bounty hunter who ruthlessly pursues gang who murdered her family.

Chris Judge, Mark Wickham, Brian and the Vikings, O’Brien Press, Ages 4 – 8  First adventure of Brian Boru, the boy who grew up to become High King of Ireland. Children’s picture book.

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Legend of the Ghost Dog, Scholastic Press,
Ages 8 – 12  Mystery with inspiration from Nome’s hero-dog, Balto.

Mitsuhisa Kuji, Wolfsmund, Volume 5, Vertical, Ages 14 +
Graphic historical rendition of the William Tell story.

Julian E. Kulski, The Color of Courage: A Boy at War, Aquila Polonica, Ages 14 + Seen through the eyes of Julian Kulski, this is the story of a Polish boy at war from the age of 10 to 16.

Kirby Larson, Dash, Scholastic Press, Ages 8 – 12,  A Japanese American girl is separated from her dog when she is sent to an incarceration camp during World War II.

Jo Macauley, Inferno, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13,  In 1666 fifteen-year-old Beth Johnson is a talented and beautiful young actress who doubles as a spy for King Charles II.

Jo Macauley, New World, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 9 – 13  In 1666, fifteen-year-old actress and spy Beth Johnson must decide whether to leave her life in London and make the voyage to the New World.

Sue Macy, Roller Derby Rivals, Holiday House, Ages 6 – 10  New York City, 1948. the story of two remarkable athletes at the dawn of televised sports. Children’s Picture Book.

Elizabeth MacLeod, Bunny the Brave War Horse: Based on a True Story, Ages 6 – 8
A story of a World War I horse as brave and strong as any soldier

Shizumi Manale, Richard Marshall, Running with Cosmos Flowers: The Children of Hiroshima, Pelican Publishing, Ages 10 +  Based on firsthand accounts of survivors, this is one of the first books relaying the Japanese point of view of this historic event.

Jennifer McGowan, Maid of Deception, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,
Ages 12 +   In the dangerous intrigues of Elizabeth I’s court, Beatrice Knowles is a Maid of Honor who uses guile and persuasion to uncover a rebellion.

Kate McMullan, Kevin Keele, Get Lost, Odysseus, Myth-O-Mania, Ages 9 – 13,
The Trojan War is over but now Odysseus has to find his way home to Ithaca.

Bobbi Miller, The Girls of Gettysburg, Holiday House, Ages 8 – 12  Disguised as a boy, thirteen-year-old Annie Gordon joins the Portsmouth Rifles of the 9th Virginia Infantry as they march north to Gettysburg.

Michael Morpurgo, War Horse: WW I Anniversary Edition, Egmont UK, Ages 8 +
A story of the universal suffering of war.

Belinda Murrell, The Sequin Star, Random House Australia, Ages 9 – 12
A timeslip tale in 1932 when Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression.

Alfred Ollivant, Bob, Son of Battle: The Last Gray Dog of Kenmuir, New York Review
Children’s, Ages 10 – 14  Classic 1898 novel; the story of a remarkable sheepdog.

Shirley Parenteau, Ship of Dolls, Candlewick, Ages 8 – 12  Inspired by a venture in 1926, when US children sent 12,000 friendship dolls to Japan in hopes of avoiding a future war.

Matt Phelan, Around the World, Candlewick, Ages 9 – 12
Graphic novel follows three 19th-c adventurers on trips around the world.

Tamora Pierce, Song of the Lioness. Alanna: The First Adventure, Random House Children’s Publishers UK, Ages 12 +  Set against a medieval background, in a reversal of roles, Alanna yearns to be a page while her twin brother wishes only to learn the art of magic.

Connie Porter, Finding Freedom: An Addy Classic Vol 1
Connie Porter, A Heart Full of Hope: An Addy Classic Vol 2
Denise Lewis Patrick, A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy
American Girl, Ages 8 +   A family plans an escape from slavery in 1864

Joanne Rocklin, Fleabrain Loves Franny, Amulet Books, Ages 8 – 12  Pittsburgh, 1952; while recovering from polio, Franny Katzenback reads and falls in love with the brand-new book ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Imogen Rossi, The Painted War (The Last Apprentice), Hot Key Books, Ages 14 +
A mystical fantasy novel based on Venice in the 1700s.

Madeleine Roux, Asylum, HarperCollins, Ages 14 +  Three students roam the twisty halls and hidden basement of an abandoned insane asylum and uncover the secrets of its dark past.

Dianne K. Salerni, The Caged Graves, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
This suspenseful mystery takes place in Pennsylvania in 1867.

Janet Shaw, The Journey Begins: A Kaya Classic Vol 1
Janet Shaw, Smoke on the Wind: A Kaya Classic Vol 2
Emma Carlson Berne, The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya
American Girl, Ages 8 +   The adventures of a First Nation’s girl in 1764.

Alan Shea, The Amazing Mind of Alice Makin, Chicken House, Ages 10 +
Life is tough for a child growing up around the hazardous old bombsites of post-war London.

Barbara Shoup, Looking for Jack Kerouac, Lacewing Books, Ages 12 +
In 1964, Paul Carpetti discovers Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ while on a school trip to New York and begins to question the life he faces after high school.

Daniel Smith, My Friend the Enemy, Chicken House, Ages 8 – 12,
1941: Peter is compelled to aid a wounded German pilot but doesn’t want to be a traitor.

J.L. Spelbring, Flawed (Perfection, Book #2), Spencer Hill Press, Ages 13 +  2nd in series – an alternate history fantasy where Hitler won the war and perfection is constantly sought.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Oxford Children’s Classics: Treasure Island, Oxford University Press, Ages 9 +  A swash-buckling classic adventure on the high seas.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Alan Lee, The Iliad, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Ages 8 – 12
Homer’s epic poem recreated by a classic storyteller, for young children.

Rosemary Sutcliff, Alan Lee, The Odyssey, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books,
Ages 8 – 12 Homer’s epic poem transformed into an enthralling traveler’s tale for young children.

Lauren Tarshis, I Survived #10: I Survived the Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79, Scholastic Inc., Ages 7 – 10    A young boy tries to escape as the giant Mount Vesuvius erupts.

Valerie Tripp, Read All About It: A Kit Classic, Vol. 1
Valerie Tripp, Turning Things Around: A Kit Classic Vol. 2
Valerie Tripp, Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit
American Girl, Ages 9 +    A young girl’s adventures in 1934 America.

April Genevieve Tucholke, Between the Spark and the Burn, Dial Books for Young
Readers, Ages 13 – 18  Concludes Gothic thriller romance series.

Cynthia Voigt, Iacopo Bruno, Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things, Knopf Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12  First in fantasy mystery adventure series in a 19th–century setting.

L A Weatherly, Soul Song (Soul Mates Trilogy), Barrington Stoke Ltd, ages 12 +
1920s – Finale to the paranormal romance trilogy.

Suzanne Weyn, Faces of the Dead, Scholastic Press, Ages 12 +  During the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette’s daughter switches place with chambermaid and sneaks out of royal palace.

Suzanne Weyn, The Haunted Museum #2: The Phantom Music Box, Scholastic,
Ages 8 – 12   Someone is watching Emma through the mirror on the music box.

Adele Whitby, Elizabeth’s Story, 1848, Simon Spotlight, Ages 8 – 12  A historical mystery series about twins, Elizabeth and Katherine Chatswood, who are about to attend their grand birthday ball.

Adele Whitby, Katherine’s Story, 1848, Simon Spotlight, Ages 8 – 12  Twins Katherine and Elizabeth go to visit distant relatives in Rhode Island only to become embroiled in another family mystery.

N.D. Wilson, Empire of Bones (Ashtown Burials #3), Yearling, Ages 8 – 12
Cyrus and Antigone explore ancient civilizations, secrets and buried treasure.

Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming, Nancy Paulsen Books, Ages 9 – 12
Author’s poems about growing up African American in the 60s and 70s.

September 2014

Tony Abbott, The Copernicus Archives #1: Wade and the Scorpion’s Claw, Katherine Tegen Books, Ages 8 – 12  Picks up where ‘The Forbidden Stone’ leaves off.

Katie Alender, Famous Last Words, Point, Ages 12 +
A thriller featuring Hollywood history and mystery.

Josephine Angelini, Trial by Fire, Feiwel & Friends, Ages 12 – 18  Lily moves between a contemporary and an alternate Salem ruled by powerful women, the strongest and cruelest being Lily’s alter-ego.

Jennifer Armstrong, Roger Roth, The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History, Knopf Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12  American history comes alive in this anthology of 100 stories which define the country.

Annie Barrows, The Magic Half, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 8 – 12  Miri travels back to 1935 where she meets Molly, a girl her own age very much in need of a loving family.

Annie Barrows, Magic in the Mix, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 8 – 12
Miri & Molly time travel to the Civil War era where they risk everything to save two soldiers.

Julie Berry, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place, Roaring Brook Press
Ages 10 – 14   A Victorian romp full of plot twists, mistaken identities and mysterious happenings.

Terence Blacker, The Twyning, Candlewick, Ages 12 +
Alternating viewpoint between boy and rat shows the dark side of Dickensian London.

Tom and Tony Bradman, My Brother’s Keeper, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 12 – 17
An underage boy joins the army in World War I, but the reality of war is very different from his dreams of glory.

Jen Bryant, Melissa Sweet, The Right Word, Roget and His Thesaurus, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Ages 7 + Visual portrayal of Peter Mark Roget and creation of the Thesaurus.

Tim Collins, Diary of Dorkius Maximus, Buster Books, Ages 9 – 11
Dorkius is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome but fighting doesn’t come naturally.

Charis Cotter, The Swallow: A Ghost Story, Tundra Books, Ages 9 – 12  In 1960s Toronto, two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation in their lives.

Jakob Crane, Timothy Decker, Lies in the Dust: A Tale of Remorse from the Salem Witch Trials, Islandport Press, Ages 12 +  Salem 1692 and 1693: young girls accuse others of witchcraft.

Christopher Paul Curtis, The Madman of Piney Woods, Scholastic Press, Ages 8 – 12
Set in Canada, an adventure story about two unlikely friends, after the abolition of slavery.

Natasha Farrant, What We Did for Love: Resistance, Heartbreak, Betrayal, Scarlet Voyage, Ages 12 +  A fictional account of the massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane in June 1944.

Sharon Flake, Unstoppable Octobia May, Scholastic Press, Ages 8 – 12,
A mystery story set in the 1950s that blends history, race, culture and family.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, Back to Blackbrick, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 10 – 14
16-year-old Cosmo journeys to Blackbrick’s past with his granddad.

Kit Forbes, Shadows Fall Away, Month9Books, LLC, Ages 12 +
A contemporary juvenile delinquent finds himself back in Victorian Ripper London, 1888

Joel Christian Gill, Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth, Volume 1, Fulcrum Publishing, Ages 12 – 18  Story of the escaped slave said to be the inspiration for The Lone Ranger.

Jacob Gowans, A Tale of Light and Shadow, Shadow Mountain, Ages 12 +
An imaginative fantasy adventure with vivid detail of medieval life.

Margaret Peterson Haddix, Risked, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,
Ages 8 – 12   Jonah and Katherine journey to 1918 on a mission to save Alexei and Anastasia Romanov from the revolution.

Catherine Hapka, Ruth Sanderson, Jingle Bells (Horse Diaries Special Edition), Random House Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12   Wisconsin, 1915, Jingle Bells is a Clydesdale that faces redundancy with the introduction to the farm of a Model T Ford.

Cora Harrison, Debutantes, Macmillan Children’s Books, Ages 12 +
It’s 1923 and London is a whirl of jazz, dancing and parties which four girls long to join.

Roderick Hunt et al, Time Chronicles: First Chapter Books, The Strange Box, Oxford University Press, Ages 7 +  Historical time-travel adventure series for young readers.

Roderick Hunt et al, Time Chronicles: First Chapter Books, Beyond the Door, Oxford University Press, Ages 7 +  Historical time-travel adventure series for young readers.

Stephanie Innes, Harry Endrulat, Bear on the Homefront, Pajama Press, Ages 6 +
Continues the true adventures of a Teddy Bear, begun in ‘Bear in War’: Children’s picture book.

Elizabeth Kiem, Hider, Seeker, Secret Keeper, Soho Teen, Ages 14+
2nd part in mystery of blood feud involving three generations of Bolshoi dancers.

Kendall Kulper, Salt & Storm, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
Adventure set in 19th –c America about a witch who dreams her own murder.

Victoria Lamb, Witch Rise, (The Tudor Witch Trilogy, Book 3), Harlequin Teen, Ages 12 – 17
Last in series about a teenage witch living in the fanatical and dangerous times of Queen Mary Tudor.

Caroline Lawrence, The Case of the Bogus Detective, Orion Childrens, Ages 10 +
Nevada Territory, 1863 – 4th mystery with PK, the 12-year-old hero.

Julia Lee, The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard, Oxford, Ages 9 +
Adventure in Southampton, UK with an unlikely hero and a motley Dickenisan cast.

Leon Leyson, Marilyn J. Harran, Elisabeth B. Leyson, The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible . . . on Schindler’s List, Atheneum Books for Young Readers,  Ages 9 – 14   This book captures the innocence of a small boy who goes through the unthinkable.

Vicki Lockwood, The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 10 – 13,   A mysterious Phantom is terrorizing 19th-c London and Lizzie has a talent that will let her stop the crimes before they happen.

Gerald N. Lund, The Kingdom and the Crown: Fishers of Men, Ensign Peak, Ages 15+
Inspirational – first in an epic trilogy about the life and work of Jesus.

Gerald N. Lund, The Kingdom and the Crown: Come Unto Me, Ensign Peak, Ages 15+
Inspirational – 2nd in epic trilogy

Gerald N. Lund, The Kingdom and the Crown: Behold the Man, Ensign Peak, Ages 15+
Inspirational – 3rd in epic trilogy

Irene Luxbacher, Mr Frank, Groundwood Books, Ages 4 – 7  Mr Frank, the tailor has spent his life sewing uniforms in the ‘40s, and weird, wild costumes in the 60s and 70s.

Chris Lynch, World War II Book 2: Dead in the Water, Scholastic, Ages 10 – 14
Two brothers are fighting the same war on opposite sides of the globe.

Gregory Maguire, Egg and Spoon, Candlewick, Ages 12 +  Set in Russia during the reign of the Tsar, impoverished Elena and wealthy Ekaterina find themselves on an adventure together.

Jean Merrill, Ronni Solbert, The Pushcart War, New York Review Children’s, Ages 10 – 14
Illustrates how little people can band together to defeat a mighty foe.

Barbara Mitchelhill, A Twist of Fortune, Andersen Press, Ages 9 – 11
An adventure full of twists and turns on the grubby streets of Victorian London.

Jeannie Mobley, Searching for Silverheels, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 10 -14
As the United States enters into World War I dark forces and suspicion are at work in Pearl’s small Colorado hometown.

Marissa Moss, Mira’s Diary: Bombs Over London, Creston Books, Ages 8 – 13,
In the third book of the popular time-travel series, Mira navigates her way through WW I London, meeting famous suffragists and writers.

Jennifer Murgia, Forest of Whispers, Spencer Hill Press, Ages 12 +
Rune learns of a legacy she is bound to – one that is filled with fear, witchcraft and murder.

S.D. Nelson, Digging a Hole to Heaven: Coal Miner Boys, Abrams Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12    Seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old mine worker, a story of the poverty, grueling labor, and dangerous conditions experienced by child laborers.

Christine Norris, A Curse of Ash and Iron, Strange Chemistry, Ages 14 +
In Philadelphia 1876, Eleanor is under a spell, bewitched and enslaved by her evil stepmother.

Joe O’Neill, Sara Addicott, Rebels of the Kasbah (Red Hand Adventures), Black Ship Publishing, Ages 9 – 12  Set in1912, historical adventure transports the reader from Tangier to Morocco to ancient China.

Joe O’Neill, Sara Addicott, Wrath of the Caid (Red Hand Adventures), Black Ship Publishing, Ages 9 – 12  2nd in series – historical adventure set in Morocco, Australia, London & France.

Kenneth Oppel, The Boundless, David Fickling Books, Ages 10 – 14
Fantasy adventure ride through Canadian railway history with a whiff of Steampunk.

Alan Parker, Essential Modern Classics – Bugsy Malone, HarperCollins Children’s Books,     Ages 9 +  In Prohibition-era New York City, a mobster story with a twist.

Michelle Paver, Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #1), Orion , Ages 8 – 12
A legend set in the ancient world of 6000 years ago when the land is one dark forest.

John Rhys-Davies, Brandon Dorman, God Bless Us, Every One: The Story Behind A Christmas Carol, Shadow Mountain, Ages 5 – 8  The story behind Dickens’ most famous work and his discovery of the spirit of Christmas.

William Ritter, Jackaby, Algonquin Young Readers, Ages 12 +
Historical fantasy mystery set in an imaginary New England city in 1892.

Megan Rix, A Soldier’s Friend, Puffin, Ages 7 +
A puppy and a tomcat criss-cross no-man’s land during WW I making new friends.

Margriet Ruurs, Katherine Gibson, A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison, Pajama Press, Ages 6 – 12 A boy’s passion for learning saves him from a life in the coalmines. Children’s picture book.

John Ryan, Gorry Rua Morning (Red Garden Lane), Matador, Ages 10 +
Childhood memoir set in Ireland during World War II. Inspirational

Graham Salisbury, Under the Blood-Red Sun, Ember, Ages 8 – 12
The attack on Pearl Harbor leads to Tomi’s father and grandfather being arrested.

Graham Salisbury, House of the Red Fish, Ember, Ages 12 +
After Pearl Harbour, in 1943, Tomi and his Japanese family have enemies everywhere,.

Graham Salisbury, Eyes of the Emperor, Ember, Ages 12 +  Underage Eddy Okubo joins the army in Honolulu just before Pearl Harbour and discovers Americans now see him as the enemy.

Graham Salisbury, Hunt for the Bamboo Rat, Wendy Lamb Books, Ages 14 +  W W II novel tells of 17 yr old Zenji Watanabe who is sent from Hawaii to Philippines to spy on Japanese.

Shelly Sanders, Rachel’s Hope (The Rachel Trilogy), Second Story Press, Ages 13 +
Rachel and Sergei find their worlds torn apart by violence in pre-revolutionary Russia.

John Seven, The Outlaw of Sherwood Forest, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 10 – 14
Time-traveling teenagers experience a trip to Sherwood Forest in 1258.

John Seven, Stephanie Hans, The Terror of the Tengu, Capstone Young Readers,
Ages 9 – 13    On a trip to Japan in 1595, Dawk and Hype befriend an unpredictable mountain monk who says he is being hunted by a demon.

Peter Sirr, Black Wreath: The Stolen Life of James Lovett, The O’Brien Press, Ages 10 +
A fictionalized account of the life of James Lovett, son of Lord Dunmain, set in 1730s Dublin and colonial America.

Park SoHee, Goong, Volume 16, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel, alternate historical fantasy where Korea still has a royal family.

Victoria Strauss, Color Song, Skyscape, Ages 13 +
15th –c Italy: Forced into a convent against her will, Guilia rekindles her passion for painting.

Robin Talley, Lies We Tell Ourselves, Harlequin Teen, Ages 12 +
1959 Virginia, two girls’ lives, on opposite sides of the civil rights’ battle, are changed forever.

Lauren Tarshis, I Survived True Stories: Five Epic Disasters, Scholastic Inc, Ages 7 – 10
Five true survival tales.

Yana Toboso, Black Butler, Volume 18, Yen Press, Ages 15 +
Graphic novel about an earl, in Queen Victoria’s service, and his elite butler.

Ann Turnbull, Gunpower Plot, A & C Black, Ages 7 – 9
Nov 1605: two girls stumble across plan to destroy House of Lords.

Jessica Verday, Of Monsters and Madness, Egmont USA, Ages 12 +
Retelling of the Gothic horror featuring Edgar Allen Poe and his character Annabel Lee.

Helen Watts and Taffy Thomas, The Ghost of the Trenches and other stories, Bloomsbury USA Children’s, Ages 9 – 11   A collection of ghost stories and mysteries arising from WW I.

Helen Watts, No Stone Unturned, A&C Black Childrens & Educational, Ages 11 +
A mystery with historical detail of Victorian life.

Elizabeth Wein, Rose Under Fire, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 14 +  Pilot Rose Justice is captured by the Nazis and sent to the notorious women’s concentration camp at Ravensbruck.

Ronald Welch, The Hawk (The Carey Novels), Slightly Foxed, Ages 8 +
Harry Carey is a young naval officer aboard one of his father’s merchant ships.

Ronald Welch, Bowman of Crecy (The Carey Novels), Slightly Foxed, Ages 8 +
Set during the Hundred Years’ War, the real story of one of Edward III’s campaigns.

Margaret Wild, Let the Celebrations Begin, Candlewick US, Ages 7 – 10
Miriam lives in a concentration camp hut where she helps to make a special plan to celebrate the day the soldiers open the gates to freedom. (printed in the UK by Walker – Jan 2014)

Dan Yaccarino, All the Way to America: The Story of a Big Italian Family and a Little Shovel, Dragonfly Books, Ages 5 – 9   A story of one man’s arrival at Ellis Island with only a small shovel and his parents’ good advice to pass on to future generations.

Sarah Zettel, Palace of Spies, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
History and mystery intertwine as well-bred orphan, Peggy, poses as a lady in waiting at the palace of King George I.

October 2014

T. Neill Anderson, Horrors of History: People of the Plague: Philadelphia Flue Epidemic 1918, Charlesbridge, Ages 12 +   Based on the great influenza epidemic of 1918 this is the third in this historical fiction series

R. William Bennett, Jacob T. Marley, Shadow Mountain, Ages 12 +
Inspirational; written in Dickensian style, Marley’s back-story.

Linda Buckley-Archer, The Complete Gideon Trilogy: The Time Travelers; The Time Thief; The Time Quake, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Ages 10 – 14
In 1763 London, Lord Luxon only has eyes for time travel’s awesome possibilities.

Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies (Finishing School), Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +   A Victorian Finishing School that turns out lady spies.

Penny Chamberlain, Shack Island Summer, Sono Nis Press, Ages 8 – 12  1960s; an adopted girl seeks answers to her background, encountering hippies, draft dodgers and jet-setters.

Deborah Chancellor, Spymaster, A&C Black Childrens & Educational, Ages 9 – 11
When Kit is forced into Sir Francis Walsingham’s employ he is horrified at the things he witnesses.

Tom Clohosy Cole, Wall, Templar, Ages 4 – 8
Separated by the building of the Berlin Wall, a family struggles to cross it and reunite.

Chris Crowe, Death Coming Up the Hill, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 14 +
1968; when his history teacher dares to teach the political realities of the war, Ashe learns to understand his Vietnamese parents and the wider world around him.

Bruce Edwards, The Age of Amy: Channel ’63, Lambert Hill, Ages 10 – 16
Tuning your TV to a new theme park attraction allows visitors to observe and to talk with people of that turbulent decade.

Jonathan Eyres, The Thieves of Pudding Lane, A&C Black Childrens & Educational,
Ages 9 – 11   With reminiscences of the endearing ‘Dodger’, orphan Sam is recruited from the streets of London in 1666 and taught how to steal.

Susan E Fletcher, A Little In Love, Chicken House, Ages 10 +
Paris 1832; a story of love and friendship and sacrifice.

Kerstin Gier, Emerald Green, Square Fish, Ages 12 – 18
Last in the time travel trilogy, a mix of adventure, romance and historical trivia.

Colleen Gleason, The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Homes Novel, Chronicle Books,
Ages 12 – 18    When you are the sister of Bram Stoker and the niece of Sherlock Holmes, vampire hunting is in your blood.

Colleen Gleason, The Spiritglass Charade: A Stoker & Holmes Novel, Chronicle Books,
Ages 12 +   A new mystery series featuring Sherlock’s niece, Mina Holmes.

Sharon Gosling, The Diamond Thief, Switch Press, Ages 12 +
A beautiful young trapeze artist indulges in a second profession as a jewel thief.

Bethany Griffin, The Fall, Greenwillow Books, Ages 14 +
A gothic and moody reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’.

Alison Hart, Murphy, Gold Rush Dog, Peachtree, Ages 7 – 10
The adventures of a dog in gold-rush era Alaska.

Mette Ivie Harrison, The Rose Throne, Egmont USA, Ages 12 +
Set in medieval England a fantasy-romance with two princesses who must be wed quickly.

Kelly Hashway, Curse of the Granville Fortune, Month9Books, LLC, Ages 9 +
Fantasy adventure in which young JB is caught up in an ancient family curse.

Alyxandra Harvey, Whisper the Dead, (The Lovegrove Legacy), Walker Children’s, Ages 12 – 17   The second in the mystery series about debutante witches in Regency London

Tim Hehir, Julius & the Watchmaker, Text Publishing Company, Ages 11 – 13
A rollicking time-travel adventure set in Victorian London.

John Hendrix, Shooting at the Stars: The Christmas Truce of 1914, Abrams Books for Young Readers, Ages 8 – 12,   A young British soldier experiences an unforgettable Christmas Eve on the front lines during World War I.

Ann Hood, Denis Zilger, Anastasia Romanov: The Last Grand Duchess # 10, Grosset & Dunlap, Ages 8 – 12   Full of time travel and mystery this book finds Maisie and Felix with the Romanov family during early twentieth-century Russia.

Darlene Beck Jacobson, Wheels of Change, Creston Books, Ages 8 – 13
Racial intolerance, social change, and sweeping progress make 1908 Washington a turbulent place to grow up for 12-year-old Emily Soper.

Li Jian, Yijin Wert, Ming’s Adventure on China’s Great Wall : A Story in English and Chinese, Shanghai Press, Ages 4 – 8  An adventure incorporating the 2000-year influence of the Wall on China’s history. Children’s picture book.

Andrew Lane, Fire Storm (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins, Vol 4), Square Fish, Ages 12 – 18  An action-filled puzzle for the teenaged Sherlock Holmes.

Elizabeth Langston, Whispers from the Past (Whisper Falls), Spencer Hill Press,
Ages 12 +   Second in series, Susanna must confront the consequences that her choices have made across two centuries.

Mary Losure, The Fairy Ring, Or Elsie and Frances Fool the World, Candlewick, Ages 12 +
True story of the Cottingley fairy photograph hoax.

Lois Lowry, Number the Stars 25th Anniversary, HMH Books for Young Readers,
Ages 9 – 12  Seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old, the Danish Resistance smuggles the Jewish population across the sea to Sweden.

Chris Lynch, Vietnam #5: Walking Wounded, Scholastic Press, Ages 10 – 14,
When one friend is drafted, his three friends sign up with him and pledge that they will all return from war together.

Lisa Maxwell, Sweet Unrest, Flux, Ages 13 +  A century-old vendetta unwinds as Lucy dreams of a time long ago and people she shouldn’t know.

Joann Mazzio, Leaving Eldorado, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
With her mother and father gone, Maude must fend for herself in Eldorado in the 1890s.

Wendy McClure, On Track for Treasure (Wanderville 2), Razorbill, Ages 8 – 12
The sheriff discovers ‘Wanderville’ and the orphans flee their home and take to the rails.

Glenda Millard, Phil Lesnie, Once a Shepherd, Candlewick, Ages 4 – 8  One young shepherd’s story makes the experience of soldiers in WWI accessible to young children.

Laurie Myers, Escape by Night: A Civil War Adventure, Square Fish, Ages 8 – 12
During the Civil War, a young boy helps an injured Yankee soldier and a slave.

Garth Nix, Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen, Tegen Other, Ages 14 +
Prequel, 4th in series returns to the Old Kingdom in this epic fantasy adventure.

Diana Peterfreund, Across a Star-Swept Sea, Balzer + Bray, Ages 13 +
A futuristic retelling of the classic spy novel The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Linda Vigen Phillips, Crazy, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Ages 13 +
Novel in verse about mental illness, set in the 1960s.

Randall Platt, Incommunicado, Sky Pony Press, Ages 10 – 12  Pearl Harbour; adventure story explores meaning of courage & willingness to do what’s right in face of prejudice.

Elizabeth Ross, Belle Epoque, Ember, Ages 12 +  A lusty novel of romance set at the height of decadence in bohemian Paris (1871–1914) when morality was at its most depraved.

Kate Saunders, Five Children on the Western Front, Faber & Faber, Ages 9 +
A sequel to E Nesbit’s Five Children and It, set on the eve of the First World War.

Augusta Huiell Seaman, The Boarded-Up House, Dover Publications, Ages 11 – 18
Two sleuths uncover information about American life during and after Civil War.

Ted Staunton, Coda (The Seven Sequels), Orca Book Publishers, Ages 10 – 15
Spencer gets tangled up in another adventure from his grandfather’s past.

Wanda Lauren Taylor, Birchtown and the Black Loyalists, Nimbus Publishing, Ages 8 – 12
The settlement and struggle of Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia soil and the enduring spirit of their descendants.

Ben Tripp, The Accidental Highwayman, Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess and Sundry Magical Persons Besides, Tor Teen, Ages 12 +
A swashbuckling adventure set in 18th–c England.

A.L.Waddington, Perception (the EVE Series Book 3), Booktrope Editions, Ages 12 +
A girl in the present has an ‘other’ life in 1878.

Rysa Walker, Time’s Edge (The Chronos Files Book 2), Skyscape, Ages 12 +
Kate must stop a group of time travelers from rewriting history.

Carol Lynch Williams, Cheri Pray Earl, Just in Time Book 4, A Dangerous Day in Georgia, Familius, Ages 5 – 10  Fourth in time travel mystery adventure series.

John Wilson, Broken Arrow (The Seven Sequels), Orca Book Publishers, Ages 10 – 15
Steve is immersed in his grandfather’s shadowy past as a cold war era spy.

Cat Winters, In the Shadow of Blackbirds, Amulet Paperbacks, Ages 12 +,
In 1918, as the world teeters on the edge of an apocalypse, 16-year-old Mary is forced to rethink her way of looking at life and death.

Eva Wiseman, The Last Song, Tundra Books, Ages 10 +  Raised a Catholic, Isabel’s life in a tolerant society is turned upside down with the arrival of Torquemada and his Inquisition.

Eugene Yelchin, Arcady’s Goal, Henry Holt and Co, Ages 9 – 12
Two survivors of Stalinist oppression attempt to forge a new family.

Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga 5, Kodansha Comics, Ages 16 +
After assassination of King Sweyn, Thorfinn loses his sense of purpose.

Suzy Zail, Playing for the Commandant, Candlewick Press, Ages 12 + (Published in UK as The Wrong Boy) A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz is chosen to play at camp commandant’s house.

November 2014

Joseph Bruchac, Walking Two Worlds (Pathfinders), 7th Generation, Ages 12 – 16
Inspirational story of the early education of Hasanoanda, who gained greatness in the white man’s world while staying true to his Seneca people.

Joan Clark, The Dream Carvers, Puffin Classics, Ages 8 +
A Viking boy from Greenland is captured during a voyage to Leifsbudir, Newfoundland.

Michael Camilleri, One Minute’s Silence, Allen & Unwin, Ages 5 – 8
Drawing on true events at Gallipoli, a story about the meaning of Remembrance Day.

Karen Cushman, Will Sparrow’s Road, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 10 – 14
In colorful Elizabethan England, Will Sparrow encounters others who are more adept at lying and thieving than he is.

Melanie Dickerson, The Princess Spy, Zondervan, Ages 12 +
A romantic adventure set in medieval times of castles and suitors, lords and ladies.

Paul Dowswell, The First World War, True Stories, Usborne, Ages 9 +
Ten stories of WW I includes tales famous battles such as Jutland, Mons and the Somme.

Kathleen Duey, Karen A. Bale, Blizzard: Colorado, 1886, (Survivor), Aladdin, Ages 8 – 12
How will Maggie and Haydn survive the freezing nights and vicious winds alone?

Leon Garfield, The Complete Bostock and Harris, NYR Children’s Collection,
Ages 8 – 12  Two delightful tales of Harris and the not-so-bright Bostock, a best-friend duo who’ve been through thick and thin together in 18th-c Brighton.

Elizabeth Goudge, Linnets and Valerians, David R. Godine, Ages 8 – 11
1965 classic reminds children, in this materialistic age, that happy endings do occur.

Ryan Graudin, The Walled City, Orion, Ages 14 +
Fantasy thriller in which Jin Ling searches for sister in underworld brothels of Kowloon.

Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You, HarperTeen, Ages 14 +
Explores the history of witchcraft, pitting good against evil in an earthshaking battle.

Joan Hiatt Harlow, The Watcher, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 8 – 12
Wanda is kidnapped from America by her mother, a Nazi spy, and has to survive wartime Germany in 1942 Berlin.

Joan Hiatt Harlow, Shadows on the Sea, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 8 – 12
Jill is sent to Winter Haven, Maine in 1942 as the war rages between Germany and the US.

Joan Hiatt Harlow, Thunder from the Sea, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 8 – 12
During a terrifying squall in 1929, orphan Tom Campbell rescues a Newfoundland dog whilst he is working as a fisherman’s assistant.

Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken, Delacorte Press, Ages 13 +  Story of Olympic runner, Louie Zamperini’s, breathtaking odyssey during WW II, and courage & fortitude he found to endure.

Lynne Huggins-Cooper, Ian Benfold Hayward, One Boy’s War, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Ages 7 – 11  A young boy’s portrayal of disillusionment and degradation in the trenches of WW I.

Antony John, Renegade : An Elemental Novel, Dial, Ages 12 +  Fans of history, mystery, and adventure will love this conclusion to the series as Thomas battles to return to pirate-controlled Roanoke Island.

Joy Kogawa, Obasan, Puffin Classics, Ages 12 +
The story of Japanese Canadians during WW II told through the eyes of a child.

Bimba Landmann, In search of the Little Prince: The Story of Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Ages 7 +  Illustrated book about famous author.

Robin LeFevers, Mortal Heart: His Fair Assassin, Book III, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 14 +  The conclusion to the Fair Assassin trilogy.

Kimberley Griffiths Little, Forbidden, Harper Collins, Ages 14 +  In the unforgiving Mesopotamian desert, where tribal ceremonies abound, Jayden finds herself betrothed to a boy she doesn’t love.

Linda Little, Oscar T Perez, Work and More Work, Groundwood Books, Ages 6 – 9
Tom’s life in the 1800s countryside makes him curious about what it’s like in the town.

Sharon Lovejoy, Running Out of Night, Delacorte Books for Young Readers, Ages 9 – 12
Set in 1850s Virginia, two girls, one a runaway slave, set off on a harrowing journey pursued by ruthless slave catchers.

Ana Maria Machado, Until the Day Arrives, Groundwood Books, Ages 5 – 8  Set in the 17th –c, two Portuguese orphans are sent to Brazil where they encounter slaves from Africa.

Nicole Maggi, Winter Falls, Medallion Press, Ages 12+  Magical fantasy using real events and historical references about witchcraft & the 16th & 17th –c Inquisitions.

Zoe Marriott, The Name of the Blade, Candlewick, Ages 12 +
An ancient and terrible Japanese evil is awakened onto the streets of London.

Emily Arnold McCully, Strongheart: The World’s First Movie Star Dog, Henry Holt and Co.,  Ages 4 – 8   In the early days of silent movies a Hollywood director wants to put Strongheart in his movies as the lead actor.

Alexandra Monir, Timekeeper, Random House Children’s Books, Ages 13 +
Michele has found the love she lost forever during her time travels but now he doesn’t seem to remember anything about himself from 1910.

Donna Jo Napoli, The Wager, Square Fish, Ages 12 – 17  Set against the stunning backdrop of ancient Sicily, handsome young Don Giovanni wagers his soul against the devil.

Annemarie O’Brien, Lara’s Gift, Yearling, Ages 10 +  Set in Imperialist Russia, Lara is unexpectedly supplanted as Count’s kennel steward, by arrival of new baby brother.

Lila Perl, Isabel’s War, Ig Publishing, Ages 8 – 12 Set in Bronx during W W II; beautiful evocation of New York in 1940s and a girl’s growing awareness of the world around her.

Kit Pearson, The Sky is Falling (The Guests of War Trilogy), Puffin Classics, Ages 8 +
1940: Siblings Norah and Gavin are sent to Toronto to escape the ravages of WW II.

Kit Pearson, Looking At the Moon (The Guests of War Trilogy), Puffin Classics, Ages 8 +
Second installment begins in 1943.

Kit Pearson, The Lights Go On Again (The Guests of War Trilogy), Puffin Classics, Ages 8 +
Third installment begins in the winter of 1945.

Charlie Small, The Hawk’s Nest : The Charlie Small Journals, Red Fox, Ages 7 – 10
11th time-travel action adventure of a boy trying to return to the present for 400 years.

Theresa Tomlinson, Better than Gold, A&C Black Childrens & Educational, Ages 9 – 11
A tale inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold ever discovered.

Carey Wallace, The Ghost in the Glass House, HMH Books for Young Readers, Ages 12 +
In 1920s seaside town, Clare discovers mysterious glass house in backyard of her new summer home.

Dana Walrath, Like Water on Stone, Delacorte Press, Ages 14 +
A survival story of three siblings caught up in the events of the 1915 Armenian genocide.

Nicole Leigh West, The Gypsy Trail, Lodestone Books, Ages 12 +
A captive heiress dives into her past in this modern Gothic fantasy set in a 16th –c chateau.

Eva Wiseman, The Last Song, Tundra, Ages 10 +  Raised Catholic, Isabel does not realize that her family’s Jewish roots may be a death sentence when her father is arrested by Grand Inquisitor.

Pamela Woods-Jackson, Genius Summer, Vinspire Publishing, Ages 12 +
Millie finds diary, written in 1865 by girl her age, which sets her history-loving heart on fire.

Anne Ylvisaker, The Curse of the Buttons, Candlewick, Ages 8 – 12  Civil War: eleven-year-old boy seeks passage to Missouri, disguised as a drummer boy, to find the Iowa First.

December 2014

Lesa Cline-Ransome, Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson, Holiday House, Ages 8 – 12,
Expressive poetry honors the first widely seen integrated jazz performance in 1936 Chicago. Children’s Picture Book

Tim Collins, Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Egypt, Buster Books, Ages 9 – 11
Dorkius is invited by Julius Caesar on a trip to meet Ptolemy and Cleopatra.

Christopher Paul Curtis, The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963, Yearling, Ages 8 – 12,
This reissue ties in with the 50th anniversary of the bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Berlie Doherty, Street Child – Far From Home: The Sisters of Street Child, HarperCollins Children’s Books, Ages 9 +   Second in series – adventure based on the true and harsh experiences of Victorian Mill girls.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Threats (The Steamship Chronicles) (Volume 2), TTO Publishing, Ages 12 +  An alternate history steampunk adventure.

Richard Harland, Song of the Slums, Allen & Unwin, Ages 13 +
Steampunk in 19th–c Brummingham slums where outcast gangs play a new kind of music.

Cora Harrison, Debutantes in Love, Macmillan Children’s Books, Ages 12 +
1924, four girls go to London knowing they must marry well or face being left penniless.

Kirkpatrick Hill, Bo at Iditarod Creek, Henry Holt and Co., Ages 8 – 12,
Bo and her parents move to Iditarod Creek to find work in post gold-rush Alaska.

Nils Johnson-Shelton, Otherworld Chronicles #3: The Dragon King, HarperCollins,
Ages 8 – 12   A historical fantasy adventure with a twist on the Arthurian Legends.

Lisa Mantchev, Ticker, Skyscape, Ages 12 +
Steampunk fantasy: a surgeon transplants a clockwork heart into a girl who is dying.

Alexandra Monir, Suspicion, Delacorte Press, Ages 12 +
A deadly family mystery and a modern-day twist on the classic thriller, Rebecca.

Donna Jo Napoli, Hidden, Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, Ages 12 +
Based on Norse legend, the daughter of an Irish King must learn to survive and find her sister who has been taken captive on a marauding slave ship.

Donna Jo Napoli, Hush: An Irish Princess’ Tale, Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books,   Ages 12 +   Based on Icelandic folklore, medieval princess is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Katherine & John Paterson, John Rocco, The Flint Heart, Walker Children’s, Ages 10 +
Reimagined fantasy about talisman created in Stone Age & its repercussions through the ages.

Alex Scarrow, TimeRiders: The Infinity Cage (book 9), Puffin UK, Ages 8 – 12
TimeRiders are on one final mission, back to Biblical times, to save mankind.

Bianca Turetsky, The Time-Traveling Fashionista and Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, Poppy, Ages 8 – 12   Louise travels to ancient Alexandria where she learns that life as a hand maiden carries risks.

Clare Vanderpool, Navigating Early, Yearling, Ages 10 +
An odyssey-like adventure of two boys’ quest on the Appalachian Trail.

Vince Vawter, Paperboy, Yearling, Ages 10 +
Coming-of-age of a boy in Memphis, summer 1959.

Piere Veys, Carlos Puerta, Red Baron – Rain of Blood, Cinebook, Ltd, Ages 12 +
March 1916; Red Baron earns his first victory as a pilot. Graphic novel.

Eric Walters, Camp X: Enigma, Puffin, Ages 9 +
Sixth in the Camp X series: brothers Jack and George assist at Bletchley Park.

Rob Williams, Simon Coleby, The Royals: Masters of War, Vertigo, Ages 15 +
Graphic fantasy adventure set in 1940 during the Blitz.

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