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Judging a Book in Translation: A Profile of Ismail Kadare

Lucinda Byatt presents the case of Ismail Kadare, winner of the 2005 International Man Booker Prize. The International Man Booker Prize was only awarded ...Read Article

Pioneering Efforts in Christian Historicals

Bethany House, the Minneapolis-based Christian publisher, takes a refreshing approach to historical fiction. Not only do their historical novels sell well, but the ...Read Article

Reflections on the Salt Lake City HNS Conference

Tamara Mazzei: “Saving civilization is a big job. We’ve all got to work at it.” —Judith Merkle Riley When I originally offered ...Read Article

Wilbur Smith: Greatest Historical Novelist of Our Time?

We meet in the Macmillan offices in London, the publishers with whom Wilbur enjoys “an almost family relationship.” He is dashing, in a ...Read Article

The Lure of Celtic Lore

As a doctoral student in the 1970s, I enrolled in every Irish and Celtic literature course New York University offered. And then I ...Read Article

Proud Protestations

[box] “I expect every one of my crowd to make fun Of my proud protestations of faith in romance.” (Rogers & Hammerstein, “I’...Read Article

The Fascination for Sister Fidelma

Peter Tremayne, pseudonym of Peter Berresford Ellis, was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, on March 10, 1943. His father, from Cork City, was a journalist and ...Read Article

Theme and Character in the Historical Novel

From time to time, critics have taken me to task for certain omissions in books I’ve written, particularly when the book was ...Read Article

Twentieth Century Blues

As I was to give a workshop at last year’s HNS Conference I emailed my resumé to the excellent Towse Harrison[1], who ...Read Article

The Horrible Fascination

Most readers of historical fiction will have come across the work of the highly prolific Paul Doherty, also known as Michael Clynes, P....Read Article