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A Star Falls in Memphis

First published in the Winter 1998 edition of Solander magazine – copyright remains with the author from Solander 1998 Michel Faber studied English Language and Literature ...Read Article

The most gruelling, the most pure fantastic hell…

Beryl Bainbridge, whose latest novel Master Georgie has been shortlisted for the Booker prize, recently gave a talk at Dillons, Exeter. Richard Lee ...Read Article

Writing Your Bestseller – tips by Bernard Cornwell

BERNARD CORNWELL gives insights into the machinery of the bestseller. It is, I know, as unseemly as it is ungracious to gloat, but ...Read Article

A Light in the Dark Ages: An Interview with Helen Hollick

My first experience of Helen Hollick’s Arthurian trilogy was as a reviewer for this Society. Despite my own passion for the Dark ...Read Article

Stepping Stones

An interview with Elizabeth Chadwick Elizabeth Chadwick, whose latest paperback The Champion has been shortlisted for the RNA Book of the Year, explains ...Read Article

Still in the Saddle

Where the Western came from, and where it’s going To hear some folks talk, you’d think the Western novel had already ...Read Article

Nathaniel Drinkwater and the British Maritime Novel

The English tradition of Writers at Sea When my first novel was reviewed in 1980, I discovered the introduction of Midshipman Nathaniel Drinkwater in ...Read Article

Roman History Through a Hundred Novels

James Hawking surveys Roman history through fiction I know histhry isn’t thrue Hinnessy, because it ain’t like what I see ivry ...Read Article

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