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Ask an Agent: Jennifer Weltz

William Dietrich, NY Times bestselling author and Pulitzer-winning journalist, has given us permission to post this piece from his blog about San Diego ...Read Article

The Torch of God

First published in the Winter 2009 edition of Solander magazine – copyright remains with the author. David has a website and blog, and we reviewed ...Read Article

More than a Matter of Words

Lucinda Byatt looks at four Italian historical novels in translation. Walter Scott is generally regarded as the “inventor” of the historical novel, but ...Read Article

The Enduring Specimen

First published in the May 2009 edition of Solander magazine – copyright remains with the author. Jorge Contreras is currently a professor of law in ...Read Article

Sally Zigmond’s Chasing Angels

When Sally Zigmond’s husband took up mountaineering, she began immersing herself in the history of the pastime. While scanning the shelves in ...Read Article

Making the Leap from Fact to Fiction

Popular historian Alison Weir talks to Lucinda Byatt about her first historical novel. Alison Weir is a name that will be familiar to ...Read Article

New Zealand Historical Fiction’s Coming of Age

Historical novel writing can be measured and weighed by the age of a country. The first historical writings in New Zealand can be ...Read Article

Why Anne Boleyn Is the Poster Girl of Historical Fiction

Irene Goodman discusses elements of commercially successful historical fiction. It takes the right combination of an interesting life and commercial appeal to make ...Read Article

Judging a Book in Translation: A Profile of Ismail Kadare

Lucinda Byatt presents the case of Ismail Kadare, winner of the 2005 International Man Booker Prize. The International Man Booker Prize was only awarded ...Read Article

Pioneering Efforts in Christian Historicals

Bethany House, the Minneapolis-based Christian publisher, takes a refreshing approach to historical fiction. Not only do their historical novels sell well, but the ...Read Article

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